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Today from 10 - 2, (RACC) will be hosting a rabies clinic at 507 E Southside Plaza. $10 rabies shots! http://t.co/6vGSFQabYuThe #ukrops10k kicks off today...good luck, runners! Streets to avoid & where NOT to park: http://t.co/C5mmuQrt7r http://t.co/jf6yXDqccJ
updates on standoff in S. Richmond & P'burg fire coming up on #NewsAt11 w/ @Christina8News & @juanconde8News. WATCH: http://t.co/kgr3wC57CdPatchy rain approaching the area, but snow in SW Virginia right now. Weekend Forecast at 11 ~jb http://t.co/oUBtyULfFECrews, neighbors rescue residents rescued from P'burg apartment fire http://t.co/FPtWZS9xaPPetersburg wants to train workers to provide advanced ambulance care http://t.co/wjltFtKPZT http://t.co/qpQgf33qnVsuspect who barricaded self inside South #RVA residence captured after 4-hour standoff http://t.co/ufdCqGtMHx http://t.co/YtELuPTvdmGOOD LUCK to our 8News viewers hitting Monument Ave tomorrow~ You'll do Great! MAYBE next year I'll join you for the 10K... :) ~ChristinaHeads up: here's the complete list of street closures for the #ukrops10k tomorrow: http://t.co/C5mmuQrt7r http://t.co/9C4dHcoKlyMonument 10K organizers & supporters gearing up for "big day" http://t.co/SFPVJc6tYW http://t.co/K6Wwx8TLejGov. McAuliffe vetoes #TebowBill http://t.co/Oip0N7y6zt http://t.co/SFkrLHBmKARPD Police Chief Durham also on the scene here off Stockton St. Stay w/ @8NEWS for updates. http://t.co/fhw5FXcYoI
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondIt's now almost been 3 hrs. Police hoping to contact man barricaded in home & get details on shooting. Several streets still blocked off.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondPolice using explosive device to try to open door of house where man has barricaded himself following shooting. SWAT team still here.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondYikes! This is what parents saw when they were stuffing Easter Eggs for their child's party. http://t.co/yzKPwbLGco http://t.co/CoeocE66UTMedia waiting for updates as RPD tries to contact man barricaded inside home following shooting. @MikeNBC12 @jerritap http://t.co/JPsFGRYkc2
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmondstill awaiting update on man who has been barricaded in home 2-plus hours after shooting http://t.co/ufdCqGtMHx http://t.co/fdSqUghgTWHere is a look at John's forecast for the weekend. It could be rather cold on Sunday morning! ~jb http://t.co/DKfXtzCif5
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondRichmond swat team surrounds home off Stockton St. where man associated with shooting has barricaded himself. http://t.co/0xI1wcNd1w
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmondcrews rescue one from apartment fire in Petersburg http://t.co/HLbhQfeU1p http://t.co/oLDwWQagzzComing up #8Sports @8NEWS 6pm: @KentuckyMBB #36andWon, #NDMBB to face them. @RichmondKickers begin season tomorrow! Hear from HC Cowlishaw
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondMan associated with shooting in South Richmond has barricaded himself. Heavy police presence on Stockton St. Watch at 6 for details.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondWe've paired with @8NEWS to provide monthly segments "Cancer Answers". Check out our 1st segment on #colorectalcancer http://t.co/NEjbDfnYwX
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondThere are dozens of Richmond police officers --swat, K-9 unit, investigators--responding to Stockton St. http://t.co/Elj1NQTPwZ
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondAnother Swat truck just got here. We haven't been able to confirm what's going on. Stay with @8NEWS for updates. http://t.co/PB5sl4xjvq
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondSwat truck has arrived to scene on Stockton St. in South Richmond. Waiting for details from police. http://t.co/v3x6yfeODZ
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondHappy Friday #RVA! Celebrate the weekend by joining @amylacey8news & @juanconde8News on 8NewsAt5, LIVE NOW: http://t.co/kgr3wC57Cd#BREAKING: Heavy police presence blocks Stockton Street in south Richmond. #8News is currently on the scene. http://t.co/1SWrsmKh4UI'm dying...I love this! “@8NEWS: WATCH: Kids' dance moves to song 'Happy' go viral http://t.co/mUNz3qlhsQ http://t.co/SAicb7VGu6
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond@8NEWS is about to begin. Check out today's news where you live with me @amylacey8news and @Christina8News starting at 5.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondWATCH: Kids' dance moves to song 'Happy' go viral http://t.co/jhmCEH3gTk http://t.co/lfrVC3Vub2Germanwings co-pilot may have hidden illness; was excused from work the day he crashed plane http://t.co/OALn6T3PAC http://t.co/kWFk133OPYUpdate: Accident: SB on I-95 at MM91 in Hanover Co. No lanes closed. Delay 7 mi.3:40PM
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond#RVA police ID teen killed in early morning double shooting http://t.co/G3PDRDC6PZ http://t.co/0f2FKNMWcLPatchy rain will continue into the evening over us. Weekend is looking 50-50 with Sunday the better half. ~jb http://t.co/pMDigLuYQiAaron Hernandez’ fiancée testifies: Witnessed gun in home http://t.co/vOEaPtwMim http://t.co/ZnsuUHmOlkMAJOR DELAYS on I-95S at MM 191 in Hanover Co. due to accident http://t.co/yrtvB9SxW1Update: Accident: SB on I-95 at MM91 in Hanover Co. 1 travel lane closed. Delay 9 mi.2:50PM
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond#RVA RT to share the list of road closures for Ukrop's Monument Ave. 10K tomorrow morning. http://t.co/RjMsIfMl2M http://t.co/MsomZ2sZPMEarplugs: I KNEW I would need them, and I KNEW I would forget them. #NASCAR http://t.co/QyccZ2b3S7
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondTrial date set after suspect in 2013 #Virginia state trooper shooting found competent: http://t.co/1FmMjKVrj5 http://t.co/gdThgEAk45Happy Friday #rva! How's it going? Catch up today's top stories and more on #8NewsAtNoon: http://t.co/kgr3wCmJ0NAuthorities say #NoahThomas case now death investigation; urge public to beware of rumors: http://t.co/ByMFhviYn0 http://t.co/JhwGYZLNUKDominion #Virginia Power customers will see monthly electric bills decline April 1. MORE: http://t.co/uLKrWtwCwK http://t.co/HMtDdXImlUEzekiel deserves a good home! Both a lover and a player, he's a handsome 2 year old available at the @RichmondSPCA http://t.co/wzDQXZaJWr
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondTaking a tour with the best morning news team. @8news #rvawx #weather http://t.co/wN2NWSByyB
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondLet's hear a woop woop for Friday #rva! #8NewsAt9 is live right now... WATCH: http://t.co/kgr3wCmJ0NSailor surprises sister in class at Highland Springs High School after 3-year deployment: http://t.co/ubh74utlet http://t.co/4ZrMp2GS2HSenate Minority Leader #HarryReid announces he won't seek re-election: http://t.co/sNfTmZY2rr http://t.co/6F1CM67cLJJUST IN: #Germanwings co-pilot #Lubitz may have hid illness from employer, prosecutors say: http://t.co/utqBOvJVW1 http://t.co/TWcOvOZAT9Why everyone is wearing yellow for this little boy today: http://t.co/OS2GwFLlSK #WearYellowForSeth http://t.co/XchyrYRQ3OProsecutors: Woman accused of removing baby from mother's belly won't face murder charges: http://t.co/JUkvkexsQt http://t.co/DYBp0CQP4iBREAKING: German prosecutors: Indications Germanwings co-pilot hid illness from employers.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond**7:00AM** An accident is blocking the left lane on I-64 West on the Shockoe Valley Bridge--expect delays! http://t.co/nfM3NCsxtFChief of #Chesterfield Police pushing for more officers in county budget: http://t.co/H4s7g0f4RC @CCPDVa http://t.co/gsiAQtxeHRTGIF! We are excited for the weekend! Join the #GMR team for your news, weather and traffic. 😃
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondTeenage boy killed, one man injured after early Friday morning double shooting http://t.co/wbbIYafY6K
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondFor those running, volunteering, working or cheering on the runners for the Monument Ave 10k it will be cold. #RVA http://t.co/STZzx3yoH0Showers for the ride in and ride home from school.. Much cooler than yesterday, jackets needed. -MattyD #RVA http://t.co/O8nuDUjdFaFriday....Friday....Friday!!!!!!! #RVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondTeenage boy killed, one man injured after #Richmond double shooting overnight: http://t.co/do7aVLHmVY #rva http://t.co/Yu72SCQEj3Showers will be off and on today with upto a 1/3" of rain. Temperatures falling into the middle 40s. -MattyD #RVA http://t.co/8p0MNspwbjWe made it to Friday #rva! Can we get a woop woop?! It's time for #GMR with @Amanda8News & @Morgan8news! Join us: http://t.co/kgr3wCmJ0N
Updating the forecast for Tomorrow...looks like a slow fall in temperatures is on tap http://t.co/lTSS9QPRBvRain is slowly increasing over Virginia. Still in the 60s outside but much cooler tomorrow. See you at 11 ~jb http://t.co/yvyfNkdJ6ILate UNC coach Dean Smith leaves players $200 in will http://t.co/47FI7QR0Gw http://t.co/NE5VtOeaZB🍭👶💍!!! #Scandal http://t.co/bSyvuGva0t
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond"I have a position, you have a job!" -Mellie (Drops mic) #ScandaI #TGIT
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondDallas woman arrested for allegedly giving patients 'Kim Kardashian' rear ends w/ out license http://t.co/V6BLjJm0k0 http://t.co/9o6SPtRuhZPulaski Co. Sheriff: 5-year-old Noah Thomas found in septic tank, no arrests made http://t.co/BpSK5mUFEX http://t.co/MM94c4OH8tHere at Manchester, #Cosby forward Parker Pawson has the Titans up 1-0 on the Lancers. http://t.co/H6WEPbPxjL
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondGov. McAuliffe expects report from VSP regarding #MarteseJohnson arrest in 'week or two' http://t.co/NwwtRZaDBu http://t.co/Zu4KFPInO3Do plane crashes make you re-think trusting a pilot and boarding an airplane to travel? http://t.co/zHdyk1aDJc http://t.co/stcN6MFvMHAttorney General wants changes in pay-day and title loans process http://t.co/OwOzfQrXZd http://t.co/N1p7a5nfSjTeam coverage on captured sex offender who escaped custody coming up on #8NewsAt6. WATCH: http://t.co/kgr3wC57Cd http://t.co/0AIpM7FUHCsupporters for #MarteseJohnson fill courtroom on Thursday http://t.co/eB3nDXSSMs http://t.co/yXAtylr8JS#8NewsAt530 is starting now! @juanconde8News & @amylacey8news have a lot of news to share with you. LIVE: http://t.co/kgr3wC57Cd@stephanietega Hi Stephanie...send it to ireport8@wric.com. Can you DM us please?Standing by. @amylacey8news @Christina8News @8NEWS at 5. http://t.co/ESbrwgxXx1
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondUPDATE: FDNY says 3 people in critical condition, 9 others injured after 7-alarm fire in NYC: http://t.co/2Vj0CVs3To http://t.co/Z6JOWX9nE0
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondBusy Bees. @8NEWS at 5 starts in a few minutes! @amylacey8news @Christina8News Join us! http://t.co/jOety9KG0p
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondMan was able to overpower his guard today before making a run for it. How did this happen? What we've learned about guards @8News at 5 #RVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondBREAKING: Missing Pulaski Co. boy found dead http://t.co/6fgBNhUURI http://t.co/qq3JInl31kThe am showers left, the warm air is here, but next is chilly weather into the weekend. Details at 5. ~jb http://t.co/FSashiWoiVHeavy police presence, crime scene tape surround home of missing Pulaski boy http://t.co/6fgBNhUURI http://t.co/2Tz8q4ooqjLIVE: @ABC7: Building in flames after explosion reported in Manhattan: http://t.co/0nuzHcvr2J http://t.co/mrnFkm6Izy
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondChesterfield man arrested after leading police on vehicle, foot pursuit http://t.co/9iArMXm9O0 http://t.co/6fOLCYPnwUOne suspect caught, another sought after after shots fired at RPD officers http://t.co/9kbHm2bqed http://t.co/9cmPhpB0vX.@8NEWS producers @MandyGSays & @KTshelor trying new @Starbucks bday cake-flavored frappucinos! Have you grabbed one? http://t.co/nZ8wjMirpf
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondPennsylvania man gets $7 million lottery ticket in get-well card http://t.co/6LPPaFQEMA http://t.co/kwsQe7SRGmWoah! Two #GMU students say that they've invented a way to extinguish fire with sound: http://t.co/Kmzf8bGz6o http://t.co/V0ijLfWv04Lockdown at Thompson Middle School and Huguenot High School lifted. Schools will release as normal. http://t.co/xNtRXIzsLN #rvaUPDATE: Escaped inmate and convicted sex offender Robert Hanna is in custody.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond#BREAKING: Convicted sex offender Robert Hanna in custody after escaping early Thursday: http://t.co/xNtRXIzsLN #rva http://t.co/Kr7D61AQA2BREAKING: Police have captured the escaped sex offender, near Lansdale and Forest Hill Ave. Awaiting details.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondStudents re-enter Tuckahoe Elem. after evacuation due to unidentified foul smell: http://t.co/3R4EXG3y52 #henrico http://t.co/vCa7h69SwQ.@TimWronka8News about to go live from scene of search for convicted sex offender who escaped facility in C'field. http://t.co/SVIoyKow7c
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondIt's that time #RVA! #8NewsAtNoon starts now with @Kerri8News. Lots to catch you up on. Tune in: http://t.co/kgr3wCmJ0NDo you think you'll try #Starbucks' new birthday cake frappuccino? Vote in our poll: http://t.co/Ui6lDCV7og http://t.co/gtvnCaHdQKBicyclist struck Thursday morning outside Carver Elementary in #rva; injuries unknown: http://t.co/jw51yPJRWw http://t.co/Riy4g5hQtz
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