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#DWTS is TOMORROW at 8PM. Who are you cheering for? http://t.co/s5PyFT4qbSTomorrow is the first day of fall and it sure doesn't feel like it! Today reached 90 degrees! 8News at 6 is on NOW http://t.co/LsBMtTZpMP“@Claudia8News: Chief Longo says Matthew went to police yesterday to speak w/lawyer. Streaming LIVE on @8NEWS” WATCH: http://t.co/xjQg3A25cyJohn & Susan Graham are speaking at press conference. Watch live online @8news. http://t.co/q5z07EWKBx
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondWarrant out for the person police want to speak with about Hannah's, charged with reckless driving. Sped when left police station. @8NEWS
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondThe buses are waiting to take volunteers to their search areas for the day. #BringHannahHome http://t.co/qun3hj7uht
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondVolunteers slowly starting to show up 4 2nd day of massive search 2 find Hannah Graham. #BringHannahHome http://t.co/OXuugF5zDk
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond
Want to know how much this community cares about Hannah Grahm? Look how many volunteers came out to tonight's meeting http://t.co/Zjs5zzSc6K
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondPolice say Hannah had iphone 5s in a pink case. Chief asking volunteer searchers to keep eyes open for it. @8news
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondI love that the players are trying to hold the coach back. @FauxPelini #TheU
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondHappy Saturday! We're in for sunshine & warmth today, highs in the low 80's. #RVA http://t.co/I4RxCnDTXg
From Chesterfield, to Henrico, and the Tri-Cities, bringing you News Where You Live, its #8NewsAt11. Join Us Online - http://t.co/yUxmHyaYuaHere is a look at the forecast fo the Hokies vs Georgia Tech game tomorrow in Blacksburg. http://t.co/QMNgcGDPkhJUST IN: Video shows man breaching security perimeter, running to White House: http://t.co/vUXMaInjyK http://t.co/EOZPhsY7fu
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond"How many of you thought Elizabeth Smart was dead?" Asks search coordinator to volunteers. Tells them to keep faith Hannah is alive. @8news
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondHere is a look at the forecast for the Spider's game tomorrow afternoon! http://t.co/RVfTUtI5Q9IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Charlottesville PD Chief Timothy Longo speaks with @Parker8News - WATCH http://t.co/8v3S6jlXkY http://t.co/Xzb56zpkMbLess than an hour away from #7 Freeman vs. #2 Atlee and other big games. @Chip8News will have a live #8SPORTSBLITZ report next on @8NEWS
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondSomeone walked out of Richmond City Hall with boxes of ipads and tablets @8NEWS exclusive coming up at 6 #RVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond$48,000 dollars worth of items stolen from inside Richmond City Hall @8NEWS at 6 #RVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondA rash thefts inside City Hall, wait until you hear what was stolen. @8NEWS exclusive at 6 #RVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondPerson of Interest that has been identified has had police contact previously. #HannahGraham
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondDetective Sgt. Jim Mooney has "no reason to believe" Hannah knew person of interest. WATCH: http://t.co/XiGF6uNVCi http://t.co/2EwgsbMZUaCHIEF: "We need your help to find Hannah" - (434)-295-3851 - Watch the press conference live on #8News - http://t.co/XiGF6uNVCiVideo shown from jewelry store shows this person walking with Hannah Graham, police had originally said this was a reflection.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondSurveillance vid shows black male dressed in white w/ long dreadlocs w/ hands around Hannah's waist: http://t.co/XiGF6uNVCiPolice: "We have every reason to believe Graham was in that vehicle." #HannahGraham
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondChief: The investigation is productive, cannot share what was removed from the home during search today.Chief: No probable cause to arrest man who drove 1998 Chrysler coupe, lived in searched apartment. Not releasing name http://t.co/Fe57P6Ul6SPolice: #HannahGraham may have gotten into a '98 Chrysler coupe. Burnt orange in color. More @wric.com
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondWe believe it's possible Hannah Graham got in the car with this individual
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondWATCH LIVE: Charlottesville PD Chief Timothy Longo speaks on Hannah Graham search - http://t.co/0zeydwX7NP http://t.co/fBgQSyJKUyCVILLE CHIEF-"This press conference is about one thing, finding Hannah."
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondBREAKING: Press Conference on Hannah Graham expected in minutes, Watch Live on #8NewsAt5. - http://t.co/yUxmHyaYuaMan dragged from NFL news conference yelling "don't take me to an elevator!" - WATCH: http://t.co/hBu3CGUWMD http://t.co/S7pWq8FrDH
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondWe will be carrying the Hannah Graham press conference live at http://t.co/k9A0wTJvkl we also carry it live during our 5 o'clock newscast.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond"Passenger shaming" exposes questionable behavior on flights: http://t.co/pThbErd87I @PassengerShame http://t.co/V6KvUBmaWYThe last hurrah for summer is setting up for this weekend. Hope you get to enjoy the heat whatever your planes are! http://t.co/Ij12gKsFeoGoodell: "I'm not satisfied with what we did; I let everyone down, I let myself down." WATCH: http://t.co/JhQC7HlsmM http://t.co/otpm3EEPhX@kevinclay speaking w/ @kristin8news about @OutRVA! Check out the segment on @8NEWS tonight at 5:30PM. #LGBT #RVA http://t.co/AVsX1pxJZv
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond"There will be changes to our personal conduct policy; I know this because I will make it happen." -Goodell WATCH: http://t.co/JhQC7HlsmM"For our part, we can and we will do more to prevent domestic violence." .@nfl Commissioner Goodell, WATCH: http://t.co/JhQC7HlsmMGoodell: Domestic Violence, "affects all of us." NFL has entered into partnership with domestic violence groups.Goodell: "We will get our house in order first." Watch his remarks right now on #8NewsGoodell on NFL: "Same Mistakes Can Never Be Made." WATCH LIVE ON 8NEWS: http://t.co/JhQC7HlsmMGoodell: "I got it wrong," in Ray Rice matter..@nfl Commissioner Goodell speaks out on conduct policy, takes questions....WATCH LIVE: http://t.co/JhQC7HlsmMUPDATE: Charlottesville Police to hold press conference on #HannahGraham search at 5, watch live on #8News: http://t.co/XiGF6uNVCiJoin the search to find #UVA student, Hannah Graham. @VDEM needs volunteers tomorrow. Register here: http://t.co/AjUaLsx2ER #RVA @8News @UVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondTeen faces multiple charges in #Henrico shooting: http://t.co/PPgEcBh2n7 http://t.co/ffbdgrgWAL@hrhqc That's awesome, thanks for downloading it!Police recover 3rd bag of evidence from Hessian Hills apt. in search for #HannahGraham @Parker8News @TimWronka8News http://t.co/r3zIxMTqC9@hrhqc @Parker8News Yes we will, you can watch here: http://t.co/XiGF6uNVCiHANNAH GRAHAM BREAKING: 2 large brown evidence bags were just brought out from apartment being searched.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondComing to #diggityFEST this Sunday at @WCCommons? @amylacey8news will be there with a stack of pics to sign! Join us! http://t.co/swhzFHtHXZUpdate: A person matching the description of the person of interest in the Hannah Graham case was at the apartment police are searching.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondPolice holding press conference on #HannahGraham search at 3 p.m. Watch #8News for the update then.@Parker8News is LIVE at Hessian Hills Apartments, scene of search for #HannahGraham. Stay with #8News for the latest http://t.co/I8EzZA1mhsNorth Carolina waitress gets a big boost after a long day's work. Can anyone say $1,000 tip?! http://t.co/NT3wERSD3U http://t.co/9sXMejE8SVLIVE: #8NewsAtNoon is on now. Tune in for the latest updates on #HannahGraham, #McDonnell acquittal request & more: http://t.co/yUxmHyaYua.@TimWronka8News awaiting start of police presser on #HannahGraham search, LIVE report @ Noon: http://t.co/XiGF6uNVCi http://t.co/cfOc79THyqPolice abt to hold press briefing at Hessian Hills Apts. w/ #HannahGraham search update...watch #8NewsAtNoon for details. @TimWronka8NewsPolice in Hannah Graham case told me the search of the apartment could take a while, they will comb through every inch of that place.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondPowhatan Sheriff seeks 2 suspects in stabbing. Here's one of their pics sent to us from police http://t.co/ZYFPpqMBZJ http://t.co/NR9TXIMrpc@MissAviation Thanks for watching with us :) @MattDiNardo does an awesome job!RT @Parker8News: #BREAKING: C-ville Police Chief tells #8News affiliate that this is big break in #HannahGraham case http://t.co/yvBdaOuQ6DRT @Parker8News: Just got off phone w/police in #HannahGraham case. They say search of car produced probable cause, led them to search apt.Bob #McDonnell, Maureen ask for acquittal from federal corruption charges: http://t.co/hgO3RZGG9E http://t.co/MVbissVxVGBREAKING: @BobMcDonnell and wife Maureen are asking federal judge to throw out their convictions more @8News at Noon #RVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondGas leak at Stratford Hills Mall on Forest Hill, evacuated Rainbow store
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondHow does your grandma's quilt stack up to these? Watch my interview: http://t.co/18EZ4UyWLq The Richmond Quilt Show heads to @RIRinsider.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondBREAKING: Charlottesville Police execute search warrant in search for #HannahGraham at Hessian Hills Apts. @Avajoye heading to the scene nowMeet Vera! This 6-year-old Labrador is our @8NEWS Pet of the Week. Be sure to tune in to see sweet Vera in action. http://t.co/rEemfatpL0
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond14 High School Football Game forecasts and UVA, VT and UR all by clicking on this link. -MattyD #RVA https://t.co/WMyPNP7iBK
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond#8NewsAt9 is live with @Amie8News & @Morgan8news! Joins us for a Friday celebration, along with news where you live. http://t.co/xjQg3A25cyI spoke briefly with Beschler who says "he's ready to go." Wouldn't say whether he'd accept position permanently if asked to.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondOnly 6 council members were present. Reva Trammell was not there.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondA multi-vehicle accident AND a tractor trailer accident on 288N causing big delays Midlo. Tnpk to Huguenot Tr. #8news http://t.co/6c9doZMA5kJoin the search to find #UVA student, Hannah Graham. @VDEM needs volunteers tomorrow. Register here: http://t.co/AjUaLsx2ER #RVA @8News @UVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondIt's now official: City Council votes to approve Mayor's appointment of Christopher Beschler as acting CAO. #RVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondThe Amazing Raise campaign brought in more than $1.7M in just 36 hours. #RVA, you deserve a big woop-woop for that!! @GiveRichmond #AmzgRz
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondMom of 5, serving life in prison for son's death, given chance at new trial: http://t.co/sBb3WApliK #HannahOverton http://t.co/82uVyZDIhxHere's the live VDOT cam @ Mechanicsville Tnpk. An accident on Shockoe Bridge is causing delays I-64 West http://t.co/fl9AHC1eKY
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondAt least 2 mile backup on I-64 west near mile marker 191 (just before 1-95/1-64 exchange) in #RVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC Richmond#Richmond Police on scene of shooting at Decatur and 28th St. Stay with #8News for the latest: http://t.co/YweGpNsUCT http://t.co/BVNKokbFhBBREAKING: @RichmondPolice investigating a shooting in the city's southside. We're there live on #GMR. @8News #RVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondHello Bianca Brevard! You are an @8News School of the Day. Enjoy your weekend. -MattyD #RVA http://t.co/jrxUAAp7t1Good Morning Donavan. You are an @8News School Kid of the Day. Happy Friday. -MattyD #RVA http://t.co/OW6iX0yYQOTOP STORY: #Charlottesville Police describe person of interest in search for missing @UVA student, Hannah Graham. @Evanne8News has new info.
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondHappy Friday Ethan & Nicholas. You are both @8News School Kids of the Day. Have a great day. -MattyD #RVA http://t.co/yMBHeRNB4k#GMR is live w/ @Amie8News & @Morgan8News. Bound to be craziness this Friday, as if there isn't always some! Join us: http://t.co/xjQg3A25cyWishing the @RichmondKickers all the best for tomorrow's big game! They take on Harrisburg @City_Islanders at 7pm at City Stadium. #RVA
Retweeted by 8News WRIC RichmondThe new #iPhone6 is released in stores today. People have camped out at stores overnight! http://t.co/ClUJJqjXsh http://t.co/m6Dny6o57pHello Gavin! You are an @8News School Kid of the Day. Have a great weekend. -MattyD #RVA http://t.co/OwVsqBYrm5#1 LC Bird vs James River; Perfect weather for football. I have 14 local High School Football Forecasts on GMR! #RVA http://t.co/8dV4KNQPd2Good Morning Hailey Frank! You are an @8News School Kid of the Day. Enjoy your Friday. -MattyD #RVA http://t.co/yS0hFHTce3Happy Friday Haylie & Krystabelle. You are both @8News School Kids of the Day. Have a wonderful day. -MattyD #RVA http://t.co/She3GdmuTiAs of 5:16am, there is an accident at the intersection of Leigh & Harrison in #RVA expect delays http://t.co/41HShow6WmHello KK Timberlake! You are an @8News School Kid of the Day. Have a great day. -MattyD #RVA http://t.co/0zSxSYnpIEGood Morning Kourtney LaBelle. You are an @8News School Kid of the Day. Happy Friday! -MattyD #RVA http://t.co/jt0e0DxC7b
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