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I act some. Dig variety acts, Pixar, puppets, theme parks and great meals.

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I guarantee Heineken Light is the #BestTastingLight you’ve ever tasted. Err, I can't personally... I should explain. https://t.co/IKP7o4kOKd
Happy One Year Anniversary, @HedwigOnBway! Glad to see the old cat still has her claws! #imissthoseheels
“@7paws: @ActuallyNPH you were a puzzle on @WheelofFortune last night” Th_t'_ Aw_s_m_!
This I Love: the podcast @Radiolab. It's fantastic. "A show about curiosity", as they put it. Intelligent, creative, witty. Do listen.I keep finding things to recommend. So, I'm starting a new thing called 'This I Love'. Not paid endorsements, just random stuff I dig.
“@elsiete: @ActuallyNPH thanks in advance for helping out!” My plezsh. Hope he gets an A.“@elsiete: 1) fav animal? Dolphin 2) what do you miss about ABQ? Green chile 3) what's the 1st magic trick you learned? Nickels to dimes” :)“@elsiete: @ActuallyNPH My son chose you for his 4th grade paper "famous people from NM" he has a few questions for you...” Okay. Go.Watch #BreakingBorders (@travelchannel): @MVoltaggio travels the globe cooking meals for people with opposing views and films their debates.Had a stellar time last night on @itvtakeaway with the brilliant, kind and classy @antanddec. Excited to bring this show to the states!
Loving London. Soaking in all of the behind the scenes producing of my new variety show, based in Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.
Congrats @Davidburtka and the entire cast & creative team of @ShouldaBeenYou for a job well done at their first preview last night! #success
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Look out for leprechauns! http://t.co/wZ0aH31mNx
Just realized it's Friday the 13th! All makes sen-Wait, someone's at the door. I'll let him in. Hmm. He has a hockey mask and a machet-OHNO!I picked up a face down penny, stepped on cracks in the pavement, a dog started howling and a bird flew in my window. Today be crazy! Hmm...Blurg! There's a water leak in the living room! Oh wait, here's an umbrella. I'll just open it up and use it to protect the couch. Hmm...Ug! I'm trying to eat lunch and this darned salt shaker keeps dropping onto the floor! There's salt everywhere! Hmmm...@ActuallyNPH #lookout http://t.co/mLYIUr3myd
Retweeted by Neil Patrick HarrisFollowing the kitty. Under a ladder? Okay crazy cat, if you insist! Hey, look there's a mirror. Hope it doesn't fa- oh, it shattered! Hmm...Happy 13th, everyone! What a lovely Friday. Oh look, a cute little black kitten just walked right in front of me. Hmm. What could that mean?
Spectacular night with the kids. Karate class, dinner with Daddy, sneaking in to see him sing and dance at his @ShouldaBeenYou rehearsal. :)
I'm loving this downtime with the kids - taking them to school, preparing meals, reading books. Lots of work but so worth it. #grateful
Just saw The Audience on B'way. All hail Helen Mirren! Phenomenal! Reignited my love for the theatre. #masterclass #bravo
Surreal. Just had the honor of introducing @BillClinton at an event for the amazing Clinton Foundation (@ClintonFdn). http://t.co/mP28Rx1OMmGo to @funnyordie and watch this video of me shouting at some seriously #ThomasObsessed kids! http://t.co/tnBYYjbNNR http://t.co/c6yMUyDj7I
I kinda like that this winter storm is called Thor. #avengers
Here's a taste of the madness you can expect from my new video out today on @funnyordie. #ThomasObsessed http://t.co/xKsm1iS5zJ
Now that I'm back in NYC, I want to thank the @MontageBH for my LA digs. Such a remarkable place to stay - awesome room, great staff. #loved
So first I saw the dress as white and gold, and only that. Now, it's absolutely blue and black. How?!? Does this make me bi-dress-ual?Hilarious. An R-rated version of Scattergories! Oh, how I love Kickstarter. http://t.co/5tmOu2DH7p #pledged
My iphone shattered the morning of the Oscars. I probably should have read more into that. #harbinger
It's the day of the show, y'all. #Oscars @TheAcademy
Hey, I know that dude! @TheAcademy http://t.co/f3t9ooOMhM
I'm super appreciative for the group of writers we hired for my #Oscars content. If only they could write everything I say always. #proudMy brain hurts from all the #Oscars overthinking. It's time for the fine tuning, rewording, and 3rd guessing. So much minutiae! @TheAcademy
No turning back: Dropped off my official #Oscars predictions to the two people in charge of the ballots at @pwc_llp. http://t.co/WXawVsDcbu
Congrats, SNL - 40 years of classic, cool, courageous current comedy. Well played. @nbcsnlQuestion: what you're favorite movie that wasn't - and shouldn't have been - nominated for an #oscar? My choice: The movie Clue.So fortunate to see You Can't Take It With You today on B'way. Closes 2/22. Wish it could play forever! Absolutely loved it! @CantTakeItBway
“@Obliviouswb: @ActuallyNPH From EW- CLUE?! I LOVE that movie! The cast, the quips, and multiple endings!” Right?!? Best. Movie. Ever.May this heart be with you! http://t.co/mYv5NzjG0A
Retweeted by Neil Patrick HarrisI am giving everyone a big kiss for Valentine’s Day!! http://t.co/nRz1B2OOGU
Retweeted by Neil Patrick Harris“@Davidburtka: I’ll think about it okay yes!” Yes! If my Valentine's night was now up for an Oscar, it'd be for Best Original Score!Hey @Davidburtka - Will you be my Valentine? Ok, I realize you're already my husband, but a 'yes' would sure make my day/night/life.Congrats to the North Carolina Powerball winner! Way to make winning an #Oscar seem that much less impressive. @TheAcademy
Rehearsals are intense for the Oscars. And by rehearsals, I mean me singing into a hairbrush in front of a mirror. #Oscars2015 @TheAcademyHad a tremendous meal last night at @MVinkLA. Massively impressed by food is both exquisite to look at and delicious. http://t.co/YS1IckPucT
Tonight, I'll be joining the hilarious @PaulGreenberg1 in the season finale of @IGIHollywood at 8:30e/p only on @AudienceDIRECTV #haunted
Looking over the preparations for the #Oscars set. After last night, we've installed a second layer of Kanye-proofing, just in case.
As always, unbelievable respect for the crew working backstage at the Grammys. Changing out set after set - their work is amazing.GAH! Our best of friends just had a child! Sorry Grammys, but the godfathers have to meet themselves a new baby! #goodnightHmmm. Jamie Foxx reading braille next to Stevie Wonder. Not sure how to feel about that.Amazing. Beck and Chris Martin sure did... stand there super well. So much energy!Sam Smith is awesome.Who knew Kristen Wiig was such an amazing dancer! Wait. I think someone put something in my drink. This ain't right. #whatishappeningShia Lebouf sure knows how to read a teleprompter.Prince is so shiny..!Sam Smith is awesome. Add Mary J. Blige- just wow."This would be a real good tiiiiime.. to take a nap."Just loving the Grammys. Thanks to CBS and Jack Sussman for creating such an amazing show, year in and year out. If you get a chance, GO!Usher can sing. But did that harpist come from the Ariana Grande school of hair design?It's Ga Ga Game time! http://t.co/z8cYAQOT95Wow. That was awesome. @katyperry as Princess Leia has never sounded better.Pharrell just can't stop wearing shorts..! Is this a Wes Anderson movie? Does he work at the Grammy Budapest Hotel?So @Davidburtka and I have agreed that if Nick Jonas responds to this tweet, our wedding vows will sort of kind of change a bit.Annie Lennox is awesome. Not only can she sing, but her bird calls worked! They are everywhere! #don'tcare #standingovationAnnie Lenox makes everything better. Especially church.Adam Levine must be some sort of super hero person. Doesn't he want to have my baby?Gwen Stafani must be some sort of super hero person. Didn't she just have a baby??I thought Beyoncé had a middle part, not a beehive. #goodtoknowJosh Duhamel is everything.Madonna is losing the Running of the Bulls. Oh wait, here comes a gospel choir. She's good. Oh, no. She's dead. She lost.Sam Smith is awesome.Who knew Miranda Lambert's set designer was her biggest fan? She's hot, but cool.Pharrell is actively disrespecting everyone on the frozen East Coast by wearing shorts in the winter. #howdareyousirMarion Cotillard is up for an Oscar AND singing on the Grammys with Tom Jones? What can't she do?!?Ariana Grande's eyelids seem really heavy.Anna Kendrick looks hot. No bra. Well played.I'm one envelope away from seeing Taylor Swift's lady parts.LL Cool J is talking. All I can hear is ringing in my ears. I think they're bleeding. #oldpersonjokeAC-DC opened then show, and now everyone is effectively deafened. And I think six people had seizures. And 50+ got 3rd degree burns.I gotsta live tweet the Grammys! Get ready: as a non-winner, I'm eleven drinks in.Aw, nerts..! We didn't win a Grammy for @HedwigOnBway. Kudos to Beautiful, but @stephentrask's music still rules my rock-ish world.
Thinking of going with a solid gold tuxedo for Oscar night. Thoughts? #chafing @TheAcademyIn honor of Birdman, we’re going to do the whole #Oscars broadcast in one continuous shot.Calling all foodies: Watch my bud @ChefAntonioPark's debut on Chopped Canada tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT - Food Network.
Oof. I am knee deep in #Oscars rehearsals. Why, oh why did I ask for a wading pool...Good on us, Lance and Michael. Represent! -- Why Lance Bass’s Big Gay Wedding Matters http://t.co/64ypKfbyFk via @kpfallon
Here's a wrap up of today's #oscar nomine luncheon: http://t.co/J3u9Dl84Ln + a pic. They all look so white! #toosoon http://t.co/WtM3EFAUZZ
@katyperry just crushed it at the Super Bowl! But, umm, that was my entire opening number for the #Oscars. Soooo, uhhhh... @TheAcademy
Here's one more #OscarAnagram: Throb Sex Toll 😁Let the #OscarAnagram continue: Valid EnemaAnother #OscarAnagram: Whoopee ReinsertsNext: Trachea Drill Rink #OscarAnagramsWell played. Next: Anal RuderMore #Oscars Anagrams! (Late Night Edition) Who dis: Let Sperm Rye
Prepping for the Super Bowl. This is my first attempt at a Super Plate. #nachos http://t.co/Lfb0jrTob3Thanks, Mr. Verizon Man, for your inspired work installing the phone lines for my production office. Worth the wait! http://t.co/JBcjjKoazJPrepping for my #Oscar night party. Anyone know a good onion dip recipe that serves 3,000?Super Bowl revelers: Do drink. Don't drive. May I suggest Uber? First ride's free (up to $20). Try it: https://t.co/TZ67uy2GSa
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