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5 feet 10 inches tall measurements 38D-30-53 Former WSHH Adult Cam Model ,Super Squirter, Ametuer Porn Star for bookings contact purethickness@gmail.com

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Tryin 2pay 4 ur rent a center furniture ridin around w/a boppy pillow & a compression garment sellin pussy from city 2 city #foxytoldme lolThese hoes have 9 abortions , 8 evictions and $0 dollars in they pockets lolIf you're already selling pussy in Cleveland and you just had plastic surgery & not fully healed you are a broke bitch lol #bossyalifeupMad ❤️❤️❤️❤️ from Chicago so I'm going to stay til Sunday last city of my tour may as we'll enjoy it💋 http://t.co/L5DcX5YCbP
“@WangWorldHD: @Anisa_So_Thick when's the next time you'll be in Atlanta?”/ it's going to be a while babe, I'm so blessed 🏧The females in Chicago are so petty & I'm loving it all the way to the bank😘😘😘😘@Anisa_So_Thick DAMN!!!!! The best body on Twitter!!!!! U looking damn good baby........
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyDem hips! 😳 RT @Anisa_So_Thick: True confidence needs no caption,surgery or photoshop 😘 http://t.co/P67nq4lErE
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@Anisa_So_Thick hands down... u da best!!!!!
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@Anisa_So_Thick everybody dream woman
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@Anisa_So_Thick Damn!!!awesome
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyThat part ✔️ mate @ Chicago http://t.co/j36nPy2gRsKnow the difference in those who will carry you & elevate you and those who are just their for the… http://t.co/YTHYTFbUefStay Humble , Focused and keep your priorities in tact and you will go far in life!!Don't be fake when I wasn't popping I didn't hear from you so make yourself exempt!Watch them snakes cause they watching you!!@ezduzit510 lol@Anisa_So_Thick got me like.. http://t.co/lOVmxHe6k0
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy"@BOSSMANMEECH: @Anisa_So_Thick GOTDAMMMMMN!!"/ Funeral tears lol Goodmorning@Anisa_So_Thick ✔️💯
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy"@Coeryjchambers: @Anisa_So_Thick o my god you look so sexy"/ thank u :)"@Invxsxble_Bxlly: #wcw @Anisa_So_Thick"/Thank u bae"@LongStrokah: @Anisa_So_Thick thick as fuck plus a squirter omfg 🔥🔥🔥💦💦💦😘""@Anisa_So_Thick: The 💰💰💰shot from my shoot in #Atlanta last week💋 http://t.co/itG81coCXm"hottttttt
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy"@MikeLowery_BB: @Anisa_So_Thick I want to be with you"/lol#humpday #shoutout @AshleyOneil @KoreGoddess @Sitcums @Anisa_So_Thick @WAXLASVEGAS @RicoShades @Ashlee_Chambers @beautydiorxxx
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy
So I took the train from the airport because I wanted to experience once in my life 😩😩😩😩😩 #Chicago you… http://t.co/kWNyHIUWEuReady✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ coming to a city near you , thank u for the love Detroit I sold 11 more copies of my… http://t.co/VVQetOe2ybSpecial s/o to my NY boo for making me his #wcw ladies follow him 👌 http://t.co/9nFbmAjcVOs/o to @strattag for making me his #wcw 💋💋💋💋 follow him ladies @ Detroit http://t.co/VDvECHvdmn@Anisa_So_Thick just lovely
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy#perfectionwithoutwords @Anisa_So_Thick
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@Anisa_So_Thick them hips omfggg Ik that ass phat asf please let me fuck the shit outta you
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@Invxsxble_Bxlly lol@Anisa_So_Thick 👅
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@Anisa_So_Thick wow lovely
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@Anisa_So_Thick natural beauty !
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyDamn @Anisa_So_Thick! Detroit never had it so good in there city!
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@Anisa_So_Thick good morning Ms Anisa...nice piece of art work I'm looking at
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@Anisa_So_Thick =)
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyThat part I go to bed at 11 to be up at 3am #HustlersAmbition💵💵💵 @ Detroit http://t.co/9Gqxh5OCt7#Censored for obvious reasons aside from the fact bitches stay stealing my pics 😏 @ Detroit http://t.co/wvd2Eot3cX
Don't complain about life be thankful you still have one #blessedI definitely understand why they call #Detroit the "D" 😜😜😜☺️If @IamDEELISHIS tells me where she got her chest pasties from I may stay and rock this to KOD Detroit tonight 😉 http://t.co/722u2wJK5DTrue confidence needs no caption,surgery or photoshop 😘 http://t.co/m78uAE8pD4S/O to bad_bitches_only_bbo for the love I like this pic 👏👏👏👏 http://t.co/2woEWpTZBYRise & Grind #Detroit I'm not feeling this snow may leave today 😩😩😩😩 http://t.co/iqxMIcV0qJ
@Anisa_So_Thick Adult #CamModel ,Super #Squirter,4 bookings contact purethickness@gmail.com #TeamAssSoFatEnt http://t.co/JNR4M2TSVy
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyI have a few minutes of free time so if u have purchased my squirter video or my anal ass fetish video & have not gotten it please email me!@Anisa_So_Thick @xxxKakey @RealSelenaStar @therealpinkyxxx @MonroeSweets EXACTLY but you can't tell these pretty BLACK BYTCHES that... SMH!
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@xxxKakey Bitch yesssss that part !!Suck dick like you are dying and cum is the cure
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyA lot of you are hypercritical. Yet will never be in position to be judged like those you scrutinize.
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyI'm sorry ya'll bitches judging @MimiFaust still got ya'll pride & dignity in tack but ya'll pockets is empty and ya'll wack I understand!I'm not hatin on MiMi 4 what she did, she is getting over 100k a yr from that show some of you bitches judging her don't make $100 in a dayI really can't with my followers today going in on @Mizztwerksum like that mann *covers face*@DJKayyOhh Ya'll hell today going in on that girl let her twerk until she 50 I just hope she is getting rich ;)Tweksum looking at her mentions like http://t.co/CcUqRLmSZQ
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyBefore you try to throw the next bitch under the bus for her dirt make sure you clean your shit up first!!*appt*The same married mf tweeting about loosing respect for Mimi are the same ones in my dm's talking about can they book a private apt w/me lol@KINGJAH357 @xxxKakey @RealSelenaStar @therealpinkyxxx @MonroeSweets because it's no real money in it for women of color in hardcore scenes@Anisa_So_Thick the famous porn stars like @xxxKakey @RealSelenaStar @therealpinkyxxx @MonroeSweets don't get down like that ya dig...
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@DJKayyOhh Bashing people is not my thing I only fuck with you if you come for me!!! A female can call me what ever she wants, except broke@Anisa_So_Thick YEA, but you not out here bashing people either . thats why you bae
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@PatNasty24 @MizzTwerksum Well damn *falls the fuck out *See @Anisa_So_Thick , like i said... @MizzTwerksum has no room to speak. http://t.co/xCJHfDMosv
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyThere is not enough money in hardcore porn for me to put myself out there like that!! but if that's how you get your $$ I'm not knocking youLet me make something clear I have never done any hardcore porn scenes and I probably never will!! POV, oral, girl on girl & fetish I love!!@DJKayyOhh you and @patnasty24 going in on that girl lol comical #thesehoesisforeverybodyWhy Twerksum trying so hard to look like she above stripping or porn? she been doing soft porn for 5+ years now
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@PatNasty24 No the innocent bitches are hoes or jelous of the hoes because they have to pretend to be innocent & broke lol!!@Anisa_So_Thick Twitter is funny. everybody upstanding & innocent virgins lol. oh & rich... smh
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyPut in work and you'll see the results... #IceWaterGeorgia
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyAt the end of the day if you getting money and you handling your business I will never judge nor hate on you shit I'm not Jesus!!!@PatNasty24 Right people so quick to judge others when they own shit be fucked up smdh!!!Y'all kids done seen 5 niggas faces in ya crib in '14 but you judging a sextape w/ a woman & her FIANCE? oh , ite. lol
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N Juicy@PatNasty24 Definitely why play with the dick?? #Handsfree is all I know lolLoving the "D" but glad I finally have a little downtime about to hit this gym for 45 minutes then soak in a nice hot bath!!Sometimes I feel like the only chick that enjoys anal sex in the world #yallheauxsbescaredGreed will get you hurt or in trouble!! know that all money isn't good moneyIf you use your hands to give head you are fucking cheating and being lazy #stepyourgameupThat part✔️✔️✔️ http://t.co/d5iHR04W2VBreakfast is served & don't worry that's turkey sausage I don't eat pork 😉 and who want these hash… http://t.co/uukCrm0Cqi#GoodMorning #Detroit💋 http://t.co/yBuc69gIjS
#Nofilters #Nomakeup #Goodblackdontcrack 💋 http://t.co/C2xQhtRiJnTouchdown✈️✈️✈️ @ Detroit, Michigan USA http://t.co/cWL4v3hvUUFollow my boo kelli_mfn_staxxx look for a girl on girl collaboration from us this Spring ✔️mate on… http://t.co/eMAXqGb0diHad my driver take me to the overlook so I could see the city Pittsburgh is really a beautiful city… http://t.co/nggpE9mfY7Thank you for all the love Monroeville for getting me closer to my dreams now off to the airport… http://t.co/OSLBpJHxY4
1 more city, 2 more nights and 3 more flights before I get to lay in my own bed of my own home, I miss my family :(Leaving tomorrow 4 my last city before finally heading home , I have had a great time & def did #'s beyond my wildest dreams! #BlessedBitch I'm in my lane fresh as hell no stains 💯 had a great day about to step out for dinner & a few… http://t.co/jD2tkaoeTV@_FabDLSass You are on point today w/your tweets I feel you babe <3I gotta stop entertaining petty people. Im out here playing monopoly with real money....👸👑💸💸💸
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyNiggas can't even get an apartment....we shouldn't even be in the same sentence....
Retweeted by Ms.Thick N JuicyI used to get offended when people said I had #DSLs now I own that shit💋 http://t.co/qBH97MvB6wI'm in competition with no one I hope we all make is the biggest lie ever wrote & the ones Saying it pray your ass don't make it 💯@radar4523 I get that a lot 🙈🙈
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