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From the staff of CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley (@crowleyCNN). Watch Sundays at 9a & 12p ET on @CNN.

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Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry has died. @CornelWest says Barry understood the downtrodden -"god bless his soul."Remembering Marion Barry - up next on #CNN.President Obama has offered concrete support for #Ferguson says .@SIfill_LDF Has the president done enough since the killing of #MikeBrown?.@SIfill_LDF says Obama has marshaled unprecedented federal resources in Ferguson case. #cnnsotu.@SIfill_LDF says it is a misperception that African-Americans are rushing to judgement on Ferguson. #cnnsotu.@Sifill_LDF asks where is justice in #Ferguson? What does it mean when a community doesn't trust its law enforcement asks @jimwallis ?.@CornelWest says a federal prosecution is needed in #Ferguson case.#cnnsotu.@SunnyHostin says the #Ferguson grand jury has been "overwhelmed" with evidence. She says this is a dodge by the prosecutor.ON #Ferguson @JeffreyToobin says not much can be read into the grand jury taking additional time - seem very appropriate.The president is rewriting law, says @RickSantorum on @BarackObama #immigration executive orders. Will the orders help or hinder the crisis?.@RickSantorum: Obama re-writing immigration law. #cnnsotu.@RickSantorum says Obama has opened a "Pandora's Box" with his executive order on immigration. #cnnsotu"It should scare every American" says @GrahamBlog on Obama's immigration actions.Senator@GrahamBlog says Obama has "failed miserably" on immigration. #cnnsotuOn #ImmigrationAction @GrahamBlog says @BarackObama did not take any action deserving of impeachment.Senator@GrahamBlog: "I'm disappointed in my party" on immigration #cnnsotu.@RepAdamSchiff says Republican focus on Benghazi about politics. #cnnsotuIf @HillaryClinton wasn't a candidate, @HouseGOP wouldn't still be pursuing more inquiries into #Benghazi says @RepAdamSchiff on #CNN.House intel committee member@RepAdamSchiff says panel's Benghazi report vindicates Obama administration. #cnnsotu.@RepAdamSchiff says new #Benghazi vindicates the administration. Did the intell community miss something? Don't have a definitive answer..@GrahamBlog: House Intel committee doing a "lousy job" of policing its own when it comes to #Benghazi. #cnnsotu.@GrahamBlog says new report on #Benghazi is "absolute garbage" "I don't buy the idea that the agency didn't mislead Congress.".@HouseIntelComm is doing a "lousy" job according to @GrahamBlog with their #Benghazi report. Do you trust the new bi-partisan report?#Benghazi : no conspiracy, no cover-up says new Hill report. "I think the report is full of crap" says @GrahamBlogSen@GrahamBlog says House Intel committee's #Benghazi report is "full of crap." #cnnsotuHow's the going it alone on #immigration working out for President Obama? @GloriaBorger asks @GrahamBlog now on CNN.No cover-up but plenty of confusion. Sen@GrahamBlog and @RepAdamSchiff react to the House Intel panel's Benghazi report @12PET on @cnn.With liberty and justice for all... but is there still racial inequality in America? @GloriaBorger discusses #Ferguson next on #CNNHouse Intel panel Benghazi report says no W.H. cover-up. Does Senator@GrahamBlog agree? Tune in at 12pET on @cnn.House Intel committee member@RepAdamSchiff talks to @GloriaBorger about panel's #Benghazi report @12PET on @cnn..@Cornell West@SIfill_LDF@jimwallis@Locs_n_Laughs talk Ferguson, Obama's handling of race and Marion Barry at 12PET on @cnn.What should we read into no decision yet by the Ferguson grand jury? @SunnyHostin & @JeffreyToobin offer their take at 12PET on @cnnHow should Republicans respond to Obama's executive order on immigration? Senator@GrahamBlog and @RickSantoru join @GloriaBorger at 12PA bipartisan House Intel Committee says there was no W.H. cover-up on Benghazi. Senator@GrahamBlog responds @12PET on @cnn..@jimwallis "Ferguson needs to go from a moment to a movement." @Sifill_LDF : local elected officials have "gotten off the hook" #FergusonHas President Obama said enough about #Ferguson and the death of #MikeBrown ? @Locs_n_Laughs says yes. What do you think?"There's #Ferguson all over the country. There's #MikeBrown all over the country" says @jimwallis now on CNN..@CornelWest "We need a serious federal investigation" on #Ferguson. Should there be a federal investigation into the killing of #MikeBrown?.@CornelWest @Sifill_LDF @jimwallis @Locs_n_Laughs live now on @CNN on #ferguson..@GloriaBorger @JeffreyToobin @SunnyHostin now on #Ferguson What does the length of time it's taking for the grand jury to decide mean?Will the @WhiteHouse efforts on #immigration help or hinder a long term solution for those living undocumented in the U.S.?Today on #cnnsotu.@RickSantorum: president just slapped every member of the House and Senate in the face w/ #immigration exec. actions. live on #cnnsotu.@GrahamBlog says @BarackObama is"not a very good leader" and that the @GOP has "failed on #immigration."+"I'm so dissapointed in my party."Sen. @GrahamBlog tells @GloriaBorger: #Benghazi Report "Full of crap" on @cnnsotu.@GrahamBlog doesn't believe the new GOP led House Intel cmtee report on #Benghazi that exonerates the Obama admin. Do you believe it?
What's the political reaction to #ImmigrationAction? Ask CNN's @ananavarro and @sallykohn at http://t.co/RtRRTjA8q8 http://t.co/qJAOzx67NG
Join @ChristineRomans and @a_rossi on Reddit at noon ET for a live Q&A and tune into #IvoryTower on @CNN 11/20 9pET http://t.co/868xbDWEEs
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Can #Obamacare survive a GOP House and Senate? @secupp @Locs_n_Laughs @pennyleedc @mercedesschlapp slug it out on #cnnsotu.Sen @alfranken tells @crowleyCNN: @SenTedCruz is ‘completely wrong’ in characterizing net neutrality as "Obamacare for the internet".@repbecerra said President withheld action on immigration to give the GOP-controlled House a chance to pass a bill and it failed to do so.Former L.A. mayor@villaraigosa says his city is the epicenter of America's undocumented population. #cnnsotu.@argonzales says it would be "ill-advised" for President Obama to take executive action on #immigration now. #cnnsotu.@senatordurbin says Senate one vote short of #Keystone Pipeline approval. #cnnsotu.@senatordurbin tells @crowleyCNN "Republicans can't have it both ways" on immigration. #cnnsotu.@senatordurbin says u.s. ground troops to fight #ISIS in #Syria would be a "serious mistake." #cnnsotu.@senatordurbin talks #ISIS, #immigration & #Keystone pipeline @12pET on #cnnsotuThis morning: net neutrality talk on cable news! @AlFranken's on @CNNsotu (http://t.co/pAj7qqvOC8) and then @Superwuster's on @CNNReliable
Retweeted by State of the Union.@NicRobertsonCNN joins us on apparent beheading of American aid worker Peter Kassig by #ISIS. http://t.co/RL8pEB4GsrSen @teamfranken2014 joins crowleycnn on @cnnsotu to talk #netneutrality and #politics at 9aET on cnn http://t.co/A58VReNJ5qWho will win the #immigration showdown? @villaraigosa, @argonzales & @RepBecerra join @cnnsotu – 9aET on @CNN. http://t.co/v7sDregHrUSen @alfranken to @crowleyCNN: @SenTedCruz ‘doesn’t understand’ #netneutrality. VIDEO: http://t.co/5z0sTLSNeH - see more at 9aET on @cnnsotu
RT to spread the word — tune in to @CNNsotu tomorrow morning for a discussion on #NetNeutrality. http://t.co/gmCDYeijh9
Retweeted by State of the Union.@SenTedCruz says “Net neutrality is ObamaCare for the Internet” @alfranken says he’s ‘completely wrong’. http://t.co/4kKN8IBxOZ
SUNDAY: Sen @alfranken in his first @CNNsotu interview to discuss what he calls “the free speech issue of our time” 9aET on @cnnsotu.@SenatorDurbin, the #2 Dem in the Senate, joins @crowleyCNN on @cnnsotu for his first post-election interview. Sunday at 9aET on @CNNWhat does @TheDemocrats' big loss & Obama’s comeback plan mean for the Senate. @SenatorDurbin on @CNNsotu. 9aET on @CNN.CNN-DC studio. #behindthescenes @cnnsotu http://t.co/rFW45RbTek
You heard it here first -- #JonStewart: CNN is "the best." Watch more of his interview on #TheLead at 4pm ET https://t.co/mRMAAPEMP8
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Some people get #VeteransDay and #MemorialDay confused. Here's what you need to know: http://t.co/boXj6tLNrQ http://t.co/8o1r4A8wmjWho are you honoring today? Here are 5 simple ways to honor our veterans this #VeteransDay: http://t.co/hDJjXNqsve http://t.co/hsATxsQ6An
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Challenges to new Congress. @ChrisCoons @RepSteveIsrael @MicheleBachmann @BrendanBoyle4PA @carloslcurbelo @RubenGallego @leezeldin 12pETNew to Congress & full of hope for change. @Boyle4PA @carloslcurbelo @RubenGallego @leezeldin join @crowleyCNN – 12PET on @cnnsotuWhat will the new Congress do with a new @GOP majority? @SenJohnThune & @ChrisMurphyCT on @cnnsotu – 12ET on @cnnWill a @GOP Senate majority mean the end of gridlock or more of the same? @SenJohnThune & @ChrisMurphyCT on @cnnsotu at 12pm ET.What does North Korea want? Harvard Professor and former Under Secretary of State @RNicholasBurns is on @cnnsotu @12PET.Senator@ChrisCoons says Obama should only hold off on executive action on immigration if there is a commitment from #GOP to vote on issue..@RepSteveIsrael says he wants the current House Democratic leadership to stay put. #cnnsotu.@ChrisCoons says Republicans need to realize the Affordable Care Act isn't going anywhere. #cnnsotu.@MicheleBachmann says the president didn't hear the message of the election. He needs to listen to the will of the people. #cnnsotu.@MicheleBachmann says Americans' message in last Tuesday's election was to put up a big #stop sign. #cnnsotu@CNNsotu: Its a full house for our @CNNsotu post-election special. http://t.co/MwDGEF5w6BIncoming House members @Boyle4PA @carloslcurbelo @RubenGallego @leezeldin say message from voters was frustration with Washington. #cnnsotuNew guard comes to Washington. Watch now on @CNNsotu @CNN http://t.co/TxRZrNJQqm
Retweeted by State of the UnionThe @cnnsotu control room. #behindthescenes http://t.co/kxesESAwI44 members of 2015 Congressional class are on @cnnsotu next. @RepBrendanBoyle @carloslcurbelo @RubenGallego @leezeldin http://t.co/IfDQdAkqTE.@ChrisMurphyCT says he wants @SenatorReid to remain his party's Senate leader. #cnnsotu.@ChrisMurphyCT optimistic that tax reform and infrastructure spending can get through GOP-controlled Senate. #cnnsotu.@SenJohnThune: We can do big things in a time of divided government. #cnnsotu.@SenJohnThune says current U.S. strategy to fight #ISIS isn't going to get the job done..@ChrisMurphyCT says Obama doesn't have authority to send additional 1,500 U.S. troops to Iraq without consent of CongressFormer Under Secretary of State @RNicholasBurns says #North Korea is looking for attention. No major shift in U.S.-North Korea relations.Former Under Secretary of State@RNicholasBurns says release of two Americans by North Korea may signal #Kim Jong Un wants to talk to U.S.Getting ready to join @crowleyCNN on @CNNsotu this morning. Tune in!
Retweeted by State of the UnionTune in to CNN today to watch my live interview just after 9:00AM on @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionI’ll be on @CNNsotu with @crowleyCNN at 9am talking about the prospects for progress and bipartisanship in the new Senate.
Retweeted by State of the UnionI will be on @CNNsotu at 9 am. Tune in
Retweeted by State of the UnionFormer Under Secretary of State @RNicholasBurns on #cnnsotu to talk about why North Korea freed 2 Americans. 9amET on@cnnWe are only moments away from our @CNNSOTU post-election special on @cnn. #CNNElection http://t.co/TPrt3LxCGdChallenges to new Congress. @ChrisCoons @RepSteveIsrael @MicheleBachmann @RepBrendanBoyle @carloslcurbelo @RubenGallego @leezeldin 9aET4 of the newest members of Congress meet veterans on @cnnsotu – 9aET on @cnnsotu.
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