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Care too little...you'll lose them. Care too much...you'll get hurt. It's a trap.
Retweeted by CarmenLife becomes more meaningful when you realize the simple fact that you'll never get the same moment twice.
Retweeted by CarmenThe worst feeling is when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you hanging, and you have to act like you don't care at all.
Retweeted by CarmenI always appreciate honesty, no matter how harsh it is.
Retweeted by CarmenGood or bad, just smile. You have a lot to be thankful for.
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.@laurennews @HuffPostEnt YES! We wanted a wedding!!!! We still do!!!!!!! ;) #GilmoreGirls #Reunion #GilmoreGirlsMovie @thelaurengraham
Aaaaaw that's cuuuute! :D https://t.co/gmarfkN63q @JohnStamos #GrandfatheredWhy crushes never seem to amount to anything - Wise words! #loveit http://t.co/xXx1ixs1EC via @hellogiggles#RoryGilmore ♥ God I cry everytime during her graduation speech! :D @alexisbledel #GilmoreGirls http://t.co/oxIzy0IgHO via @hellogiggles
@JensenAckles This is hilarious! So so good! Could not stop laughing! And the end of course...such a great cast! :D @cw_spn #SupernaturalWhen I was a kid, I hated going to bed. Now I cherish EVERY hour of sleep.
Retweeted by CarmenGirls over think.Boys never think. 😒
Retweeted by CarmenTHIS IS SO SWEET AND MADE MY DAY 😍😭 http://t.co/QII98ggkfS
Retweeted by Carmen@usweekly I like that.... :) #TeamDean @jarpad #GilmoreGirls #REUNION #ScottPattersonYou guys, a #GilmoreGirls reunion is in the works: http://t.co/Rzk5Q6UrRB http://t.co/dh6nfVUZ4M
Retweeted by CarmenOy with the poodles already!!! Fingers crossed for a #reunion! :) ♥ #GilmoreGirls @thelaurengraham http://t.co/FGJBDhlQu8 via @hellogigglesThat's amazing!!!! Thank goodness for TOMS!!! https://t.co/LqhyPizliD
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Retweeted by CarmenMichael Patrick Kelly. Wahnsinnig sympathischer Mensch. #meylensteine #vox
Retweeted by CarmenIch finde ja Michael Patrick Kelly hat eine extrem schöne Stimme! #meylensteine
Retweeted by CarmenGregor Meyle präsentiert Meylensteine (#1 Paddy Kelly): http://t.co/4e7WgylpqI über @YouTube
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When I say "I won't tell anyone" my best friend doesn't count
Retweeted by CarmenLast night was a dream sequence. I never forget that you're the reason my life is like this. Thank you for all of it. http://t.co/QiWrrLFRNI
Retweeted by Carmen[#VOTE] Keep on voting guys! Céline is now 2nd place... grt job so far! #bestdressed #celinedion #BBMAs #billboard http://t.co/uKOwD8OwGL
Retweeted by CarmenI found myself inexplicably jogging past my ex's house this morning. (@BritishMonarchy, you still haunt my dreams.) http://t.co/TTlkbIJJ43
Retweeted by CarmenYes. A big one: do not exit the aircraft until AFTER it has landed. (I learned that the hard way). https://t.co/KEfMLieTYV
Retweeted by CarmenNice! “@_artistiq: Goodbye Elena :( 😭😢😭 Drawn with colored pencils. @ninadobrev #TVDFinale http://t.co/NREdDKdH07
Retweeted by Carmen@1PhoebeJTonkin @vampirestalkers @danieljgillies @paulwesley haha :D poor you ;DHello, Twitter! It's Barack. Really! Six years in, they're finally giving me my own account.
Retweeted by CarmenOMG I've tried to be featured in the rehash for SO LONG and now my "dream" came true! #TVD #TVDrehash YAY :P http://t.co/5cgjlnB0Rb
Retweeted by CarmenHappy Birthday my love. Me and the world celebrate you and hope all of your dreams come true. I'm in… https://t.co/f65oiKwD6Z
Retweeted by CarmenToday’s #GirlsCan shoutout goes to COVERGIRL @Pink, who earned the President’s Award at last week’s #BMIPopAwards! 👏👏 You go, girl.
Retweeted by CarmenHey guys! It's official. The Season finale of @TeamTVDRehash #TVDrehash is up! Thanks again for ur love & support! https://t.co/oPdGLc1yzF
Retweeted by Carmen@FriendsShow Germany! ;)Love Story http://t.co/Zec7u4q6sT
Retweeted by Carmen
Baby and Grandparents 😍💞 http://t.co/S6lvPd1UqW
Retweeted by CarmenA smile can hide so much,...
Retweeted by CarmenLena: Mama können wir heut in die Disco? Doris: Was ist das für ne Frage, ihr könnt alles wenn ihr an euch glaubt. :D #TürkischFürAnfänger
Love this so so so so so so much. ♥♥♥ https://t.co/fyfM2McmS4 #Perfect @PinkCongrats @Pink! ♥ You ARE special! Thanks for all your songs & stories & all that you are! You deserve this SO MUCH! https://t.co/aSpDPgAoYw
Thank you to all the fans who have loved these two characters for six wonderful years. We are forever grateful. #TVD
Retweeted by Carmen@vampirestalkers @mkmalarkey #TVDFinaleParty "Enzo" starting the finale for us:) http://t.co/gVFOH08ZMQ
Retweeted by Carmen@vampirediaries Stefans goodbye got me the most. This love should've never ended! #TVD #GoodbyeElena #Stelena @CW_VampDiariesThe end was just..I don't even have words for that! What the heck?! This wasn't the Elena-send-of that Nina deserves. #TVD #TVDSeasonFinale
Retweeted by Carmen#TVDFinaleParty Now watching the finale in front of the Mystic Grill in "Mystic Falls" with hundreds… https://t.co/tAfOxMg1S2
Retweeted by CarmenJust when I thought it wouldn't be possible to fall more in love with Stefan...HA! BAM! @vampirediaries @CW_VampDiaries #TVD #GoodbyeElenaSingle Man Tear Alert. #GoodbyeElena @paulwesley #TVDFinale
Retweeted by CarmenThat's it. My heart just broke. For good. #StelenaForever #StelenaMemories @vampirediaries @CW_VampDiaries @paulwesley @ninadobrev #TEARSOh the feathers!!!! The feathers!!! #GoodbyeElena @vampirediaries @CW_VampDiaries #TVD"Heads it is." teeheeheeheeheeheee #fuckyeahDamon #TVD
Retweeted by CarmenTEAM SALVATORE FOR LIFE. #TVDFinale
Retweeted by Carmen'You were soulmates' ♥ ooh my god #TVD @vampirediaries @CW_VampDiaries #GoodbyeElenaI don't know about you but I'm feeling really bad for Alaric! #TVDFinale
Retweeted by CarmenThat badass jerk Kai is so funny I love him! :D #sorrynotsorry @vampirediaries @CW_VampDiaries #TVD #GoodbyeElenaShould have turned off my humanity before watching this episode😭 #epicfail #TVDFinale #ElenaGilbertForever
Retweeted by CarmenMine too! How much can he take???? :'( #PoorAlaric #TVD #GoodbyeElena @vampirediaries @CW_VampDiaries https://t.co/B1T9iadyoAI think my heart just stopped when Alaric put the gun on his head. Don't you dare Ric!!! #TVD #GoodbyeElena @vampirediaries @CW_VampDiariesIt's finally that time EAST COAST ... The finale begins now. #TVD http://t.co/3kAFuuushi
Retweeted by CarmenThat was...werid. Tyler just kills her?! #TVD #GoodbyeElena @vampirediaries @CW_VampDiariesNow let's see how we all handle this... #TVD #GoodbyeElena @CW_VampDiaries @vampirediaries @ninadobrev @julieplecDid I mention? I'M NOT READY FOR THIS! #TVDSeasonFinale @ninadobrev 💔 NINA I'm not ready to loose Elena‼️ you're an outstanding actress! xo
Retweeted by CarmenPlease join me in the farewell of a very loved character #TVDFinale
Retweeted by CarmenI think a certain fandom might break Twitter tonight, @vampirediaries. #ElenaGilbertForever #GoodbyeElena #TVD
Retweeted by Carmen#TVDTBT ❤️❤️❤️ And I COULD NOT do it with out all of you. Thank you so much for all the love and positivity from you… http://t.co/XWs5wCLLF9
Retweeted by CarmenTune in tonight. MT @cwtvd: See how Elena's journey ends in the season finale of #TVD tonight at 8/7c. #GoodbyeElena http://t.co/HA7EhhRbP0
Retweeted by CarmenTvd tonight. Finale. I have yet to see it. But I'm sure it'll be a tearjerker. Goodbye Ms. Dobrev- see u on the flipside.
Retweeted by Carmen
I really hope they didn't ruin Elenas 'end'. If nothing OH MY GOD like happens, it wouldn't be #TheVampireDiaries. So, let's wait and see.I hope I get a card like this one day http://t.co/vCdIOZ9rKU
Retweeted by Carmen1 day to go... #TVDFinale #ninadobrev @vampirediaries @CW_VampDiaries
I'm over you I'm over you I'm over you I'm over you I'm over you I'm over you "hey" ...great, just great.
Retweeted by CarmenThis tool could have saved a family a lifetime of heartache http://t.co/wWvl8VL8X1
Retweeted by Carmen
I overthink the most at night.
Retweeted by CarmenThank you UK! #Asylum14 #SPNfamily yall were amazing. Thank u for your stories and hugs. #inspirarion @jarpad http://t.co/thPxDgjONn
Retweeted by CarmenI want to say happy mom's day to the best mother on the planet. Some may think she is the typical… https://t.co/Goow41GPjw
Retweeted by Carmenaccidentally said Happy Mothers Day in person instead of writing a paragraph about it on social media 😕
Retweeted by CarmenPhoto: How beautifully written! ❤ #Repost via @hartluck I want to say happy mom’s day to the best mother on... http://t.co/gmeuHMoEQp
Retweeted by CarmenYou + Me just won the Sirius XM Indie Award for Songwriter of the Year! Wooo hoooooo!!!!!! Thanks guys:) congrats @cityandcolour
Retweeted by CarmenTo an amazing cast and crew, to the fans who kept us going for 3 seasons, from my heart , I thank you. @TheFollowingFOX
Retweeted by Carmen
I am Ross http://t.co/pOusCvSSBd
Retweeted by CarmenThanks @Nike for the hookup on my hiking program today. See @JeanetteJenkins I wear color!!!!!! http://t.co/fcjjiGnHVB
Retweeted by CarmenThere are some moments you just can't forget. Don't miss the #TVD season finale Thursday at 8/7c. #GoodbyeElena http://t.co/VbfQqvbXEx
Retweeted by Carmen
OMG 😍💞 http://t.co/CB1GNY18pO
Retweeted by CarmenI wish I lived in California 🌴🌊☀
Retweeted by Carmen
Fuckboys 101 http://t.co/ahK69FcKcv
Retweeted by CarmenWhen boys play with your hair. 😍
Retweeted by CarmenOne of my favorite scenes for sure ♥ #RossAndRachel @FRIENDSshowsays @FriendsShow http://t.co/Nl4Y1yjLNMALWAYS. #11YearsAfterFriends http://t.co/4f5plfakka
Retweeted by Carmen@APreciousMettle i LOVED it. painted a true picture of what some endure. #JenniferAniston #CakeonDVD @CAKEtheMovie http://t.co/H3emU9otYk
Retweeted by Carmenhttp://t.co/2n0B5Z8dcF
Retweeted by CarmenStill makes me fall in love... 😩😍🙏 http://t.co/kq6z1KiccI
Retweeted by CarmenHey #Brazil! Enjoy Your #CAKE And Let Us Know How Was It! #JenniferAniston #AnnaKendrick #SamWorthington #nowplaying https://t.co/5iX3ORB7dS
Retweeted by CarmenEverytime I watch the Friends finale #11YearsSinceTheFriendsFinale http://t.co/Nv0wac1U3h
Retweeted by CarmenWe love you. @CourteneyCox @MatthewPerry @LisaKudrow @DavidSchwimmer Jen Aniston Matt LeBlanc ♥ #11YearsAfterFriends http://t.co/vkezNcpNLU
Retweeted by CarmenStill hoping for a reunion... 🙏 #11YearsAfterFriends http://t.co/2AJPduyJUP
Retweeted by CarmenThe one and only @EllenPompeo #1123 @GreysABC BTS selfie http://t.co/sOsn91fGVQ
Retweeted by CarmenRT for Friends finale Fav for How I Met Your Mother finale http://t.co/OrH3G7Qwz2
Retweeted by CarmenThe Last One #11YearsAfterFriends http://t.co/jomlwpSnkB
Retweeted by CarmenWe should be the ones bowing before them. http://t.co/HTdtmkBrtE
Retweeted by Carmen#11YearsAgo today. We STILL watch and love you! http://t.co/r7v9G7Fhrr
Retweeted by CarmenYes yes we do! ♥ @CourteneyCox @MatthewPerry @DavidSchwimmer @LisaKudrow #MattLeBlanc #JenniferAniston #friends https://t.co/PntK3SdpQX
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