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Humanist, news groupie, concert addict and pescatarian foodie living the champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

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Join me for cocktails and fireworks on the roof deck Wednesday to celebrate my new fellowship: http://t.co/Omq0E4unF5These non - hyphenated name changes after marriage have me confused.“Most of us have jobs that are too small for our spirits.” #studs #laborday
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This 60 y/o man is running across the US in 46 days (!) and they need individuals to run 5k next to him along the way http://t.co/M0sHiWsf4h
Retweeted by Christina GaceHave you bought your tix to the Wings of Hope Gala on 9/20 benefiting @ImermanAngels? Tix: http://t.co/LrIJn5OcDY http://t.co/NGB6YuQRPU
Retweeted by Christina Gace.@jenusellis @kickstarter Hopefully, I just started what will be an avalanche of backers. http://t.co/BQeYwH4EvCI just backed Klingon Pop Warrior Music Project on @Kickstarter http://t.co/0OlAi1dtaO
RT to WIN 2 VIP tickets to #AVFest PLUS $200 @HotelTonight credit! @TheAVClub @hideoutchicago http://t.co/I4Wo0Gpbjf
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@ellieINchicago @adriana9diaz @aprilscissors You had me at female entrepreneurs.Commitment: The revolutionary concept of when you say you're going to do something, actually doing it.
Retweeted by Christina GaceRooftop + Fireworks + Summer Cocktails = One Awesome Night. Join us to raise funds for our @StartingBloc fellowship. http://t.co/Omq0E4unF5Here's details on today's #JRW parade and rally http://t.co/MSgpSrrhtP Also check our 8-page commemorative section http://t.co/ZwjXUt3gZ0
Retweeted by Christina Gace@ItsKatieKendall No bueno? I was considering joining.
25 Women to Honor on National #WomensEqualityDay >> http://t.co/NFy3k3VTUD via @Dailyworth
Retweeted by Christina GaceThe #RealRauner says he is "adamantly, adamantly" against raising the minimum wage. http://t.co/wK5CpkahXN: http://t.co/PweKwJbymS“How slow life is, how violent hope is.” — Guillaume Apollinaire
Eminem & Sia Release Full ‘Guts Over Fear’ Duet: Listen « http://t.co/AAkTmhX7QH http://t.co/PPlBxw3uFTJoin us Wednesday, Aug 27th as we celebrate the accomplishments of the #JRW team at their Homecoming Parade. http://t.co/GapUU05T5j
Retweeted by Christina Gace.@Uber_CHI @lyft & @Sidecar exemplify the #innovation that keeps #IL at the forefront of emerging technologies http://t.co/G4gIALelWJ
Retweeted by Christina GaceHow fast food companies use geographic data to decide where to open new restaurants: http://t.co/pd2e1P0Zh8
Retweeted by Christina Gace@redeyechicago @northcoastfest Kid Cudi! I'd love to see him live. #REgiveawayQuinn nixes Uber bill, says it would be a disservice to consumers http://t.co/08NKyOFeR3
More pictures from @robynkonichiwa's show: http://t.co/TDmZbRrg2r@ellieINchicago @MLvS Autocorrect fails me again! #NLCCHICAGOFront Row at Pritzker watching @robynkonichiwa http://t.co/NIGeW1CKv9@ConorAltier seats or lawn?Mr. @ConorAltier are you at the @robynkonichiwa show?I'm calling the #ARACHICAGO BBQ a great success. W/ @ellieINchicago @MLvS http://t.co/pofwnRLxZuFor the record, Montreal is another planet. .. They sell calamari chips. http://t.co/JhOkJdPPlK
@leanimpact Are you planning anything in SFO for the Lean Start-Up conference?Love it! #HelloFearless RT @EntrepreneurQ: Fearlessness is like a muscle — Arianna Huffington http://t.co/JRUCSWMfue
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Next book club pick: @ourblackyear. What do your say @adriana9diaz? I met Maggie tonight and it reminds me of many of our conversations.May I just say I love my girlfriends who are nerds and make shit happen? I'm talking to you @ellieINchicago and @adriana9diaz.Meet this year's @inc5000! Everything you want to know about 2014's fastest-growing companies http://t.co/TJdcv2jRkc http://t.co/nVx9mU3rys
Retweeted by Christina GaceThe @YWCAChicago TABOO Panel: Moderator, Christie Hefner with @rebeccasive, @ourblackyear and @DrStreicher http://t.co/pThINgdBMB@formanellie You are here? I would love to meet in person before the night is over.Saying it here first, I want power, I seek power, and I'm doing it on behalf of women and humans. Thanks for the inspiration @RebeccaSiveSign the @Eventhescore petition. Now. RIGHT NOW! Doctor's orders, per @DrStreicher
Retweeted by Christina GaceA thought: Are decisions like Hobby Lobby pushing women into entrepreneurship?Did you know most leases of doctor's office prohibit abortions on premises IN CHICAGO!? Even 680 N Lakeshore Drive. - per @DrStreicherLegality and access are not the same. - @DrStreicher on women's issuesA shift of 2-3% of spending to black owned biz for those with HHI of $75k + would create 1mil jobs. In one year. @OurBlackYear
Retweeted by Christina GaceI'm so enamored listening to @ourblackyear I can't even live tweet her quotes. @YWCAChicago #taboo"No one has the right to take your dream away from you." one of my favorite lines in @RebeccaSive's book. #GirlPolitics
Retweeted by Christina GaceLadies, vote in November during mid-years. No excuses. #empoweredWhen women vote, women win. - Christie Hefner #expowered #tabooDid you know Christie Hefner was the longest serving female CEO of a publicly traded company? #expowered #tabooWatching a much needed @YWCAChicago panel: TABOO with Christie Hefner, @DrStreicher, @RebeccaSive & @ourblackyear. http://t.co/PkMA5RorehThe Top States For Female Entrepreneurs http://t.co/x4k8nYD2Gr via @forbes
Retweeted by Christina GacePro tip: Asthmatics do not forget your inhaler, the air quality is horrible today.Uber Launches An Open API With 11 Partners, Including OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and United Airlines http://t.co/HOmGhpOg6U
.@Uber hires top Obama adviser @davidplouffe as new “campaign manager” http://t.co/9HDQaeBDGv by @karaswisher
Retweeted by Christina Gace@jenusellis Sticking with my original statement. Owls are cooler than tweety bird.@jenusellis Hootsuite > TweetdeckA breakdown of hometowns of all of the people arrested over the past two days #Ferguson http://t.co/YivYtwQ0qP
Retweeted by Christina Gace@emilymbadger ... there are a special few who can do both.Retweet to say hardworking Americans deserve a raise, then sign the petition: http://t.co/G8qCxgl6zX #RaiseTheWage http://t.co/FKuUxIsxHH
Retweeted by Christina GaceThe lovely @jenusellis has officially launched the #KlingonPopWarrior Kickstarter! Check it out: http://t.co/xYMOThvZZ8What the gay rights movement learned from the civil rights movement http://t.co/sOz2kh5ubmCharli XCX Breaks the Internet With 'Break the Rules' http://t.co/tQDKfqjVQC cc: @ConorAltierBehold, the Redevelopment Plan for Logan Square's Mega Mall http://t.co/dpP0ozPRcNGoogle Music Subscription Service Set to Launch http://t.co/3RTfrpm7t8Good news, that is what we all need to hear today. Tell me yours.Uber tests 'Corner Store' for deliveries http://t.co/T1xNKvmHgc
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@AMD_1975 Thank you! We are hoping to see you at the event. @ellieINchicago#OnRepeat: Violinist fiddles with a smart bow to help his brain surgery http://t.co/vg8vLHxM6e http://t.co/jvt7bHHLwD
Retweeted by Christina Gace@lizstrauss What are the 6 you would recommend?@jenusellis Hold on, what is happening?RT to enter to win 2 tickets to @iamwandasykes at The @ChicagoTheatre on 10/18! NoPurNec50US/DC18Ends8/25 http://t.co/vFgjWQ7paZ
Retweeted by Christina Gace.@ellieINChicago and I are hosting a "Bloc Party" to support our @StartingBloc fellowship. Help us shake things up! http://t.co/e9Xbyf8vdTVia @nprmusic: First Listen: Kimbra, 'The Golden Echo' http://t.co/7GA6Gku1OrFellow @chicagoideas members, ticket sales are open! http://t.co/Xj9z9yKVfF #CIW
@mhapriso The same can be said for advertising Sold Out concerts. It is taunting.
America, please don't hold small group of looters against hundreds & hundreds of peaceful protesters.Rather hold small group accountable.
Retweeted by Christina GaceNow is a good time for listening to the wisdom of the late Maya Angelou on facing hate and fighting racism: http://t.co/bSUB3rTGxW
Retweeted by Christina Gace@affiniahotels I've spent my summer enjoying my city's skyline. #AffiniaSummer http://t.co/4zWs3igNJ2
I'm curious, @GA when do you plan on opening the Chicago office?
I just entered to meet top tech execs in #SiliconValley w/ @GA. You should too (or don’t, it’ll decrease my chances) https://t.co/lpRVmVFJGhThis is the very first red state/blue state electoral map: http://t.co/hrugYkVWNn
I met so many fabulous, talented and inspiring women today at #ARAChicago. Thanks for hosting @ARAmentors @OrbitzTalent and @MsTechGroup!Party people, I'm looking for a place to host a fundraiser on September 7th. Suggestions?@Expedia A6: Ceviche and Pisco! #Expediachat@Expedia @peru A5: Eat ceviche... and go hiking. #ExpediachatRT for a chance to win @FoodNetwork in Concert tickets! Sponsored by @Citibank. #Sweeps Rules: http://t.co/2Fwb7GxQuB. NoPurNec48US/DC21
Retweeted by Christina GaceRestaurants can make you choose a salad over a cheeseburger. Here's how. http://t.co/yM0sKdnXcgSpecial Sauce for Measuring Food Trends: The Fried Calamari Index http://t.co/Z7vPA0JV6Q
@AmericanAir Mong Kok madness! When in Hong Kong... #ChooseYourHongKong.@CaptainandClark say to explore Sao Paulo by metro. A ticket costs less than $1 and it is both safe and clean. #ExpediaViewfinder.@HelloFearless Design is sharp, message is on point, and you are building a bad ass community for women. I'd say that is a great start!Major congratulations are in order for @saradavidson for her launch of @HelloFearless . Check it out! http://t.co/pUkCQQSsVG
"We Can Code It!" FANTASTIC photo from #GWCVerizon's Rosie the Riveter Day!!! http://t.co/GPRQdHnnE6
Retweeted by Christina GaceWait, #SWSW Panel Picker is already live!?Women-led startups have trouble getting VC funding. Crowdfunding might be the answer http://t.co/TSEnrXAx7JConfession? I'm a multiple tab addict. Giving this a shot this week. The first-hand case for single-tasking http://t.co/vqpinuw6GT
These are the companies abandoning the U.S. to dodge taxes http://t.co/mztAU1GyhY via @washingtonpostHealth News: Pager, billed as an Uber for doctor visits, says it will launch in Chicago http://t.co/xiBPASKYjb
Overwhelmingly busy is a much better state to be in than overwhelmingly bored.I'm entering to win a trip to Vegas and 2 tickets to the @iHeartRadio Music Festival! http://t.co/tOi6PPbEy3 #iHeartWinning #contestentryHi @BillyDec saw you on ABC TV's WCL http://t.co/DQDl4KR0IH & want to win your FREE TIX to @NorthCoastFest - Summer's Last Stand!Leaving to cycle around Lake Michigan in THREE DAYS! 1,000 miles to cover and I need your support to give the... http://t.co/EirfbW4d1c
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