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INSTAGRAM @djdelve KICKS/HI • SAINT ALFRED ARCHITECHS • SUPERHANDSOME I break bread, ribs, hunnit dollar bills...

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@ceeseancee @Fourcolorzack @dvone puhlease tell me someone recorded tonight!!@caaaaaitlyn damn. 💩🎯@caaaaaitlyn I think its time to go home (,-.-,)@elle_kae same (,-.-,)@caaaaaitlyn is she 9 years old? (,-.-,)@kurokumomusic GR8 SONGPhoto: I’m always there to compel the ladies to dance. 5/23/15 📷@fuckinghonolulu #isthatallyougot... http://t.co/pSyLiwG61sEND OF THE LINE, SONNY JIMIf you got your tongue stuck in a mousetrap, you'd pronounce it as "mouth trap" which is also what it would be
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@KillerMikeGTO this seems impossible! They be puffing mad trees there!Photo: New shaka enhancer. #YSL #np Wu-Tang “Pinky Ring” http://t.co/Nrz4hCUet0SO I DID WHAT I HAD TO DIDPhoto: SATURDAY A.M. STANDARDS. 5/23/15 #fromwhereistand #outfoodgrid http://t.co/CEhTOXbClvnot smiling makes me smile
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@BeatsByESTA also one of the best live shows.Photo: Fried thangs at the farmers market with the fam. 5/23/15 #fromwhereistand http://t.co/P9Dt5M0h6u@djbcause YES!!!
@KIMPSSBLE WHERE THEY DO THAT AT??!!This is the funniest voice over ever http://t.co/kQduRMwmbB
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSwalk up in the club like hey what's the wifi password
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: Let’s kick this summer off proper tonight! #SUPERHANDSOME at @themanifest w/ JON C @jcabarteja,... http://t.co/ieTy0AaO5XThat Beautyrest champagne shower commercial is screams.Photo: #protip The new ikura + pickled ogo + chicken fat rice bowl on The Pig & The Lady is stupid good. So... http://t.co/Rzb7LRFDFtPhoto: WHEN U WET AND SURROUNDED BY THIRST. 5/23/15 #fromwhereisquad http://t.co/bQBoISrnLthttp://t.co/A4r3lHmAtH
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@JosephAbad one off for now.Thank you! Bevy is really awesome cos they let me play whatever I want. https://t.co/Qwxh7hfzW9WAIT. WUT. "RT @mrjza: They just played trap queen at Disneyland. You must know."@btchface how is it?
@Fourcolorzack moar HO99O9: https://t.co/greIsGUEjc cc @flyingcoffin@Fourcolorzack that hardcore/rap band I forgot the name of is: HO99O9. https://t.co/dlEAXO8uYJ@_mtea 2008 was a good year.Tonight (5/22) will be my debut DJing at @bevyhi! Can't believe it took this long but anywhooo... I… https://t.co/T8S4ieY2lCI will be spinning a bunch of Moz, indie dance, new wave, disco & house at @bevyhi tonight (5/22) starting at 9P w/ @supercw closing!teh gud newz iz dat itz fridai teh bad newz iz dat ur ugli
Photo: Txt me before 9P so I can put you on the list for tonight’s first night jumpoff, orrr you can just... http://t.co/cgP4DlaIT9Man, Awful Records is really missing out by not offering download/purchase options on their music.Mark Jackson commentating Warriors games is like you DJing your ex's wedding
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSAustin Richard (pre Post Malone) doing an acoustic cover of Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" https://t.co/TmBqlWh10z. Its GR8@hippieturtles this https://t.co/TmBqlWh10z@makanaalia FUKDEM DO YOU KBYEI'M DED. D-E-D. DED. "RT @Yassir_Lester: I just saw Akon sneeze and motor oil came out?"@Yassir_Lester man you're really on one today LULZ@nikkijagerman that's what she said@stephstonenails if you were eating 🍕🍕🍕 too my brain would have exploded@stephstonenails in a TMNT outfit too! #goals@alyshanett @USATODAY @AmericanAir this is why I try to only fly @HawaiianAir whenever the option is available. Great service & on time.@docadam bizarro world, Adam.@docadam if I didn't know you as a real, live human male, who knows what i would know... Or not know. #whoknowsGot a new party starting tonight at The District & it would be tite is you all came thru. #hitfti http://t.co/KgCFtKiSM4@docadam we live in a perception as reality based world. Its weird.@Yassir_Lester you snapped! LOLPhoto: #goals 5/17/15 http://t.co/DZejMxveA3Photo: Mercury in red-trograde. 5/17/15 #fromwhereistand http://t.co/3rnOH4YUp9Hawaii survived the rodeo. 5/17/15 @trvisxx @ogchaseb @easyotabor @bamparmyhttps://t.co/ibaGZNjVJxGucci Mane accomplishes more in jail than I’ve accomplished in my whole life. He needs to write a self help book.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSTAIPEI TO A HUNNIT... REAL QUIK. "RT @Fourcolorzack: Stole the aux cord in this Taipei pool hall, playing DJ Quik"🐾 <---- eves boobs
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@djtara its a collective lost cause for everyone at that hour lol
Bitch I think I'm Gretchen Weiners!!!!!
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@gwarizm think pieces are stink pieces many-a-time.@keysnkrates "Wait. You're saying they DON'T wear this on the beach in Hawaii?"A close examination of the life and times of DJ Screw. http://t.co/U7KZgDvPoV #RBMADaily http://t.co/mbBbOt5Byp
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS🗻🗻MAUKA🗻🗻 Mountain ridges that formed a natural camo pattern. K/HI "Mauka" box logo sticker… https://t.co/uL8z8ItY76@goosey91_ @SERPDOT its definitely a "thing". What that "thing" is? No clue, but like "Hi mom I'm a model!"TWEET OF THE DAY. https://t.co/WXr1LdWzmL@LyanRau disturbing (,-.-,)🌊🌊MAKAI🌊🌊 K/HI "Makai" stickers will also be available this Saturday (5/23). Let's get wavy!! #ykwws https://t.co/oFnueOiln2Couldn't Snoop have had more of a sense of humor for that "California Roll" video by having Stevie driving tho?DED "RT @softest_hard: this movie isn't out yet and I already wana kill myself http://t.co/7UJxzPWhpG"Photo: Starting a new weekly at @thedistricthi tomorrow night (THURS 5/21) with @debin. I’m not going to... http://t.co/5jX4J8rfc1Photo: #mood http://t.co/0r4LYfC5l0@TatiOnYourRadio YUP DAS HAU! TIL THEY NO CAN SEE!!@Fourcolorzack SEN DING
#NP TOWKIO f VIC MENSA "involved"#NP CURRENSY f FREDDIE GIBBS "fetti"#NP THE DREAM "black magic"get this guy to narrate every sports event every non-sports event every video on the whole internet forever http://t.co/ILAGJz8XLn
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS#NP CAM'RON f JUELZ SANTANA "I just wanna"Photo: To kick off summer with some island vibes, we will releasing our @kickshawaii Mauka/Makai sublimated... http://t.co/D8ugbI6PcXTo kick off summer with some island vibes, we will releasing our KICKS/HI Mauka/Makai sublimated… https://t.co/FzaP6q360RK/HI beanie vibes from Japan! ✌🏻 📷@sasarisa0110 https://t.co/OO9KWGheD2what idiot called it dadbod and not father figure
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSHow did that skateboard get through security http://t.co/tuy3MDOS4v
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSLast night's #IN was like a movie! Line down the block past 1AM! @OGCHASEB murked his guest DJ set & @SSSOLUTION went APE SH!T!If CNN really cared about black people they would have covered Bobby Shmurda’s missing hat as extensively as those lost planes.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSDay 206: Bobby Shmurda’s Hat still hasn’t been seen or touched back down on Earth. Beginning to lose hope.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@djdelve x @oxblood freestyle B2B set last night http://t.co/DnuEC5if57 http://t.co/p4H6KcEI4Z
@AntNoir TRUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuu@AntNoir there is also the "and I dare a muthafucka to come in my face" line too. OUCH@AntNoir when the song dropped, didn't think twice about it... after the "PAUZE" era, DEFINITELY cringe every time I hear it!@AntNoir tell me I'm wrong! HAHA@johnhammmi @jeffmon FEED ME SEYMOUR.#NP N.E.R.D. "rock star" (minus the "we swallow guys" line LOL) https://t.co/o7ZD3R6EZWPhoto: Tonight (MO N 5/18) #IN will be blessed by a special guest DJ set by the homie CHASE B @ogchaseb... http://t.co/KfduDTBn6hTonight (5/18) we got the homie @OGCHASEB spinning a special guest set at #IN w/ myself & @SSSOLUTION! http://t.co/2hqjMMStQGPhoto: WHEN THE CROWD IS COOKIN’ AND THE CHEFS ARE IN THE KITCHEN LIKE. Honolulu survived the rodeo! Thank... http://t.co/tL7IH8HiQJ🎶Makin' Me High Rise🎶 (w/ @djlindsey) https://t.co/h89IiLI3oS
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhilly's mayor's name is Michael Nutter?! Why did I not know this until this instance??
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