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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Hypocrite Reich Warns Against Reconciliation, Fails To Mention Dems Used it To Pass ObamaCare https://t.co/yApLlcrDZnStill hasn't learned her lesson-Lewinsky Blames Humiliation on Drudge Report, Internet, Ken Starr, NY Post https://t.co/1W3BFmP9OAOur biggest failure is have him as AG-Eric Holder: My Biggest Failure Has Been Not Passing Gun Control https://t.co/QxwcTroljCDoes it give you confidence that our president uses al sharpton as a close confidant?rinos/socialists-In the new Senate, will independents rule? http://t.co/NSVIGMP3VS via @POLITICOIs this the Best and Most Heart Warming Rendition of our National Anthem Ever? - Eagle Rising http://t.co/d8lXotblZu via @theEagleiRisingRonald Reagan’s Devastating Critique of the Left’s Addiction Entitlements (+video) http://t.co/OprZy8HTYw via @joewmillerAll we are saying....is give peace a chance-ISIS Massacred Every Man And Boy Over 15 In Muslim Town http://t.co/KOzJk05TRJ via @joewmillerPast commanders in chief would hit our enemies w/shock and awe....this president does that to our alliesObamas shock & awe-CONFUSION: U.S. Air Dropped Weapons to Islamic State by Accident (+video) http://t.co/h54i1wS1Ak via @joewmillerDoes This Video Show A Hispanic Activist Openly Committing Vote Fraud? http://t.co/JHvIhyOVZL via @joewmillerTax Dollars at Work: Mountain Lions on Treadmills http://t.co/CyVZ1WPcvSJudge rules on student punished for criticizing lesbians http://t.co/PnGMZpLcWV via @worldnetdaily
Royals are getting roiledThe royals are getting rolledNovember 2014 Voter Guide http://t.co/ecFsNaKvv5Bush Didn’t Lie ... So Why Did His Administration Sit on the Evidence of Saddam WMDs? - Conservative Byte http://t.co/yMkV2A7zWtAmerica suffers under tyranny of corrupt big cities-Voting Machine in Chicago Hardwired to Vote Democrat http://t.co/3YoW5x7DWR via @po_stWith 73% Of Americans Against @BarackObama #Bo Using Executive Action For Amnesty, Dems Will Pay At The Polls. #NoAmnesty #RedNationRising
Retweeted by Ed The media's lying concerns me more than that of politicians @EDinCali
Retweeted by Ed Doesn't want the truth-Sharpton Doesn’t Buy New Evidence Backing up Officer Darren Wilson’s Story in Ferguson https://t.co/thko5cjGiXPerhaps it was ballots, the Chicago Way-Appearing Confused, Obama Takes 6 Minutes at Voting Machine To Cast Ballot https://t.co/xkTA18qo3UDem Proud Mark Begich Refuses To Say if He Voted for Obama https://t.co/IU6BQiuRm4We keep making excuses-Ferguson Protestors Punch, Spit on Rams Fans After Parading Upside-Down U.S. Flag https://t.co/mrACYv2BD9Florida GOP Women Ask Charlie Crist To Return Money from Strip Clubs https://t.co/TbmE9w44ELOf course you wouldn't, you are a protector of obama-Holder Rips Panetta’s Book:That’s Not Something that I Would Do https://t.co/XaA8hekGF9And a lot of self serving-O’Reilly: The Only Reason Any Americans Vote for Democrats Is ‘Emotion’ https://t.co/BDzUGwbsvNLeftists are leftists-Obama: Dems Running Away from Me Still Support Me and My Agenda https://t.co/faPwesVRby@Tierrah46 Everyone in the whitehouse and associated with it is a serial prevaricatorDick Morris: Texas Photo ID Ruling Slows Obama’s ‘Power Grab’ http://t.co/j9TK7cT8xL via @joewmillerPay for play, mired in ineptitude/corruption-Politico Poll: 64% Believe America is ‘Out of Control’ http://t.co/vyUoaBc8wS via @joewmillerKerry, Campaigning Against ISIS Ideology, Meets With Muslim Leader Who Enforces Shari’a Punishments http://t.co/HkaLODYGCD via @joewmillerUnionization + civil service protection-Thousands of Federal Workers Are Being Paid to Sit at Home http://t.co/1yfH7SXXit via @joewmillerAll we are saying, is give peace a chance-Police Say Driver Who Hit 2 Soldiers Before Being Shot Was ‘Radicalized’ http://t.co/dajTjI9ccn@Tierrah46 Yes he has a deep history in epidemiology doesn't heSurveillance Video Apparently Catches Guy Doing Something at the Ballot Box Tha... http://t.co/0VgSnjpeqq via @theblazeThe plot sickens-Sources: Klain in line to succeed Podesta http://t.co/U0gCv2DfgN via @POLITICODude, where's my czar? http://t.co/XPWc1ShXzt via @POLITICOUS Ordering 34 Million Green Cards for Illegal Plan http://t.co/3hKiWV0CPc via @Newsmax_MediaFarmer’s Harassment Claim Against Green Group to Get Airing http://t.co/9Krxpg23qZ via @KevinMooneyDC @DailySignalCalifornia Winemaker Seeks to Tap Wider Message for GOP http://t.co/gZ4NOnlo6c via @WSJPolitics @edincali @hipechik @bettinavla
Retweeted by Ed
@EDinCali @Po_st Hmmm. Maybe #DemonRats shouldn't have wasted 1 Billion dollars on a Crappy #ObummerCare website huh?
Retweeted by Ed Outrageous: Government Is Forcing Islam On This School In An Unbelievable Way http://t.co/3953cAde4I via @po_stLeft Tries To Blame Ebola Crisis On Republicans http://t.co/A3ZXlgEO06 via @po_stMike Brown's Blood Found On Darren Wilson's Gun http://t.co/DUtCTuJIiL via @po_stScience: We're not really sure what this Winter's going to be like. Me: But you're sure what the climate is going to be like in 100 years?
Retweeted by Ed @EduardoBaz just writing like it is here incali@EduardoBaz I hate your country?....that's loco talk@EduardoBaz if I could I would make anyone wanting to enter my country have to do it legally...just like your country@EduardoBaz wth u hablaing abt?@EduardoBaz mucho@EduardoBaz some have, repeatedly@yviemarie88 @JoeWMiller That's the spiritWe are an exceptional country, in spite of what obama and the left claim and in spite of the damage obama/left have done@EDinCali He will never do it. It would make America 'exceptional' and he can't have that.
Retweeted by Ed @daphneyuhas @JoeWMiller I just googled it@daphneyuhas @JoeWMiller It is actually a song@MissGulchKS :)Hey obama! Let my energy people go!...Lets develop our massive deposits of carbon energy and become the dominant energy force in the world@daphneyuhas @JoeWMiller It's a mixed up jumbled up shook up world :)@daphneyuhas @JoeWMiller In LogicLand, that is the hard and fast rule....In utopiaworld...anything goes@EDinCali @JoeWMiller The time to offer aid is AFTER I kick your azz, not before! SMH!
Retweeted by Ed @daphneyuhas :).@EDinCali: Tavis Smiley: No Good Reason To Vote for Democrats ‘if You’re Black or Brown’ https://t.co/NzeqY5lDiT
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @JoeWMiller The Bible also taught of David & Goliath, & Lot's wife.
Retweeted by Ed @daphneyuhas :)...I didn't see the light until I felt the heatHas divided rather than united-MLK’s Niece: Obama’s Presidency A ‘Moral Bankruptcy’ – http://t.co/u5uQaIiwSEWoke up & smelled the incompetence?-Maher: ‘I’m Pissed off’ About Ebola, ‘People Are Nervous and I Don’t Blame Them’ https://t.co/u1EikzF9klSo he can spend more time w/his persimmon trees-Cruz Predicts Republicans Will Retire Harry Reid https://t.co/WKZn7YkcL4Tavis Smiley: No Good Reason To Vote for Democrats ‘if You’re Black or Brown’ https://t.co/mBRv7YmzqeA Spider this size would surprise anyone, anywhere-PuppySized Spider Surprises Scientist inRainforest http://t.co/Na7PxTpQvS via @joewmillerThe Bible says if your enemy is hungry, feed him US Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS http://t.co/c3ylUu8cUF via @joewmiller101st Airborne Won’t Get Hazmat Suits for Ebola Mission in West Africa As Obama hits the Links-http://t.co/tGxB9ssyLFPOLITICO poll: Alarm, anxiety as election looms http://t.co/I2KsTvug2g via @POLITICOThe gargantuan leftist wealth redistribution scheme-‘Disadvantaged’ counties fight for cap-and-trade dollars http://t.co/2tbf46lLd7@Bobbysox8 Bingo!@EDinCali I've never driven an electric car but heating the cabin would shorten the operation range. A watt is a watt !!
Retweeted by Ed @MissGulchKS Even though I have been called pumpkin many times..I have been soured on them
@Bobbysox8 How about an electric car?Much more economic/environmentally feasible to fuel cars w/natural gas from your own meter than to spend billions on electric cars #tcotObama Makes Rare Campaign Trail Appearance, Crowd Walks Out http://t.co/2qgTXPkSyy via @punditpress@KatWomanUSA @hale_razor Then you are a racist or a misogynist for daring to call them out...works like a charm@dpmoran1962 @ott_deb Or your state@brunota2003 @dpmoran1962 @ott_deb Yes it closes off multitude layers of fraud possibilities@chuckdevore I think I saw the endangered spotted frog next to the 4 x 4 post you sank into his home@dpmoran1962 @ott_deb It cuts off the leg of the corrupt 3 legged voter fraud stool@EDinCali @ott_deb But that's not it. To not require one, means one can vote several times and all can come in and vote without proof.
Retweeted by Ed @dpmoran1962 @ott_deb Those podunk lib dominated eastern states see their border cities swell on election dayIf you are too stupid/incompetent to have a valid ID in order to vote...you are too stupid/uninformed to voteLeft behind in California w/ the quadruplicate environmental impact studies & the enviro remediation payments. @EDinCali
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Private businesses don't want to lose money, and, therefore, they don't want to lose business. Govt could care less about either.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Just makes one crazy when you realize that private industry/consumers would do this ever so much more effectively & efficiently.
Retweeted by Ed @tammytabby they don't even want to pay for the electricity they suck from the grid@EnzoEdmonton I don't have to defend anything and am not getting paid by the taxpayers for promoting your fraud...now run alongI'm tired of czar of this and czar of that...How about a tsar?Fauci tries to calm US after missteps on Ebola, amid concerns Americans have lost faith | http://t.co/FfaoGSuz8Y@EnzoEdmonton @JoeWMiller No facts would convince me & you have none..After 17 yrs of no temp increase and record ice sheets...now run along@EnzoEdmonton "Climate scientists"...Uh where is that degree handed out and whose payroll are they on@EDinCali @FranklinCenter Unionization is bad for employer/employee relations, but government employee unionization is dangerous to freedom.
Retweeted by Ed @EnzoEdmonton @JoeWMiller Really where is the petition signed by your 97% of all scientiss agree there is man caused global warming..waiting
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