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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Lanny Davis popularized the words and phrase "misspoke" "mistakes were made" during the Clinton terms@EDinCali @ChristiChat @WAGNERGIRLE Obama wants to do the same with Iran, a rogue nation supporting terrorism!
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @GretchenInOK @lannydavis you're acting like you stand to go to jail with the clintons I would suggest you keep your mouth shut
Retweeted by Ed The tale of the Comanches: The battle for Texas http://t.co/RUSBjU7Z1T via @TheEconomist@legendsamerica what an interesting site packed with American historyThe new Jim beam commercials=50 shades of hangover@Crimsontider give them same as other business, no more no less@Crimsontider when you say subsiding, are you referring to normal business write offs/expenses/that all US businesses receive?Smiling Lanny......its all a false inferenceSmiling Lanny will tell us everything is good with the Clinton's....nothing to see here, just move along now #UraniumOne #tcotHow much does George W Bush get for a speech? #tcot #UraniumOneHow is that re set button of Hillary's working out for us? #UraniumOne@Crimsontider sounds good to me as long as I don't have to finance/subsidize it@Crimsontider you`re preaching to the choir@badenhorst The greatest joy in life is having kids. The second is finding a good babysitter.LOL-"distinction between honest graft and dishonest graft" Clintons ran Tammany-like money operation http://t.co/kfKaUFCXP0 via @nypost@Crimsontider Exactly...without me subsidizing it. Power your own house without the gimmickshttps://t.co/T2DhV7yOzK @MrLTavern @SarahPalinUSA @BristolsBlog @EDinCali WeHveYourBack #Waiting4Palin #PoliEQPAC @MJosephSheppard @mboyle1
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Lets end electric monopolies as well. Monopolies violate free market principles.
Retweeted by Ed @Crimsontider there you go :)@Crimsontider yeah sure...just take all subsidies and gimmicks away from the propped up energy industries and see what stands@Crimsontider true conservatives don't back crony green "capitalism" and I don't back most govt subsidies.@Ster24080753 @BarracudaMama yes a true champion of the leftists ideals@Ster24080753 @BarracudaMama perhaps a future Darwin Award candidate?@Crimsontider I agree that we need to end the taxpayer/ratepayer subsidation of the artificial and corrupt crony green energy "industry"@recoveringlibrl @lulubelle56 Saul Goodman?......Is that you?Putting psychologically confused people in charge of teaching our kids? Nothing "noble" about this. Hell no! https://t.co/FN6l4hmy9g
Retweeted by Ed @JoeNYLaw @EDinCali "The evil create for those under their dominion a miniature sick society." ~Scott Peck's 'People Of The Lie'
Retweeted by Ed I liked the aristocracy better when I wasn't paying their salaries.
Retweeted by Ed Because #BaltimoreRiots so... https://t.co/As1DFmHhgD
Retweeted by Ed Hey look its John Kerry committing treason and undermining Reagan. #47Traitors #47treason #traitors http://t.co/KDBCZJfKEo
Retweeted by Ed Of course he does, a free press is a danger to them https://t.co/uo5fRvM0qv@RWWWB @tensing334455 Merle Haggard wrote a song about that years back it was called "Rainbow Stew"Hillary forgot to declare $145 mil on her tax form. She was just too busy looking for the $6 bil she misplaced at the State Dept.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Peck sure got that right.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali I watched him a couple of times justifying the unjustifiable actions...very mind-boggling.
Retweeted by Ed @SoulSurvivor60 I've had my fill of his perfidy over the years...I see right through himSmiling, Lying, Lanny Davis, will explain away the clinton corruption #earsbleeding #tcot@JoeNYLaw Scott Peck wrote about those evil ones who use a church as their cover in "People of the Lie"and when is the catholic church going to let women be equals? They should be priests/cardinals/bishops and yes, the popeAnother lefty hypocrite protected by the msm https://t.co/00ujU2oUdh@JoeNYLaw Bono recently saw the light and I must point out...He has a worldwide audience: Capitalism is the surest way to cure poverty@JoeNYLaw Yes and appeals to the lowest denominator class envySo why is it that those duped by Climate Change Junk Science don't give a damn about Islamic terror murdering people? #Leftists #Pope
Retweeted by Ed @JoeNYLaw It's a definite sign Joe...I soured on this guy after he started regurgitating leftist talking points@JoeNYLaw @LegInsurrection Poppa Lefty, is interested in state sponsored redistribution of wealth...Is also silent on Christian slaughter@VOICEOFCHID @blackrepublican Since Jack Bauer started talking in a hushed/muffled tone...they are all doing itA necessary and critical component of the Progressive will to power is stripping language of any real meaning.
Retweeted by Ed Professor Michael Mann, notorious author of climate "hockey stick" graph..Will rue the day he sued Mark Steyn for speaking the truth #tcotThe "science" has been manipulated-CBS News Admits Earth ‘Not As Warm ... as the Climate Models Predicted’ https://t.co/spiVVFJWQDRight Again-Maher: If ISIS Is So Anathema to ‘Moderate Muslims,’ Why Aren’t Any Going & Fighting? https://t.co/tgBkLBD4zANot a "shred"-Axelrod: ‘No Doubt’ There’s ‘Smoke’ Surrounding Clinton Foundation Donations https://t.co/av1ngmGYzyBut Jimmy was only 4 years-Rick Perry: ‘We Lived Through Jimmy Carter ... We’ll Make It Through the Obama Years’ https://t.co/Xziz3FTZpoClinton Foundation A ‘Gigantic Access Influence Machine’ | American Action News https://t.co/cHPmRUsUlX via @sharethis@Poet_Carl_Watts Palm Springs@WAGNERGIRLE But clintons say there's not a "shred" of evidence....left@moderncomments @tahDeetz @Slate It's how many politicians make their living always in a state of running for some sort of elective office@eaaknighterrant He doesn't believe that charity should be a personal choice...big govt is his answer@eaaknighterrant He fakes right, but forever goes left. He is all for income redistribution via govt forceIs hillary becoming repugnant even to the dem party...Last time this started to happen they dished us up obama@EDinCali liberals always go after the easy to manipulate, voting Hillary simply b/c she is female sets feminism back 100 years
Retweeted by Ed @sonodoc99 @CarlyFiorina Perhaps, lets see how the primaries treat themLove the sound of a P-51 Mustang buzzing my house...without the accompanying noise of rockets and machine gunsSeldom do I pay attention to her, but she is right!-Kim Kardashian urges Obama to call Armenian massacre a genocide http://t.co/XB2PTPevJy@Daggy1 ....No please carry on! :)There you go again, thinking/speaking logically https://t.co/ayOTFJjs9THillary will try to bypass the average thinking American by triangulating/appealing to women for the sole reason she is female and ilegalsAh yes...I remember it well https://t.co/A7zdQP8gVL@ookiee @DailyCaller That's the 1st, smiling #lannydavis rule.....Dont get caught@brunota2003 @BarracudaMama Follow the clinton model, for that matter most politicians...always on the govt dole one way or the other@WayneRoot and so it begins? When will they start issuing "certficates" instead of the depositors own cash?@SharylAttkisson OMG Waxman did enough damage as a congressman...when did he sneak into the senate? #signoftheendtimes#AlinskyTactics https://t.co/6udmjOMb1K
Retweeted by Ed @WAGNERGIRLE :) I thought you would agree Erin@brunota2003 @BarracudaMama NO! Keep working on it and watch the gummint $ keep rolling in...Ask tesla@brunota2003 @BarracudaMama You'll make millions....in govt grantsSomething you NEVER, EVER hear from these pundits is who might be the best person for the job, who would actually GOVERN & lead us the best.
Retweeted by Ed @VRWCTexan Lanny Davis is back on staff@WAGNERGIRLE and most of all love@brunota2003 @BarracudaMama But they landed their craft on the sun during the nighttime, when it wasn't hot #leftleaningscienceThe clintons reverting back to their 90's strategy...blanket us in scandal until the public becomes numb to it #lannydavis@hipEchik @tomdelbeccaro ...I will support him.@tomdelbeccaro Has Officially Announced His Candidacy for U.S. Senate (Barbara Boxer's Seat) in CA http://t.co/rFZowCs1qj #CAsen
Retweeted by Ed @WAGNERGIRLE The Rosenbergs/Left gave the soviets our nuke secrets because they thought it wasn't fair that only we possessed nuke techLook at this utter, brazen, corrupt, depravity-The real sources of Bill Clinton’s speaking fees http://t.co/BI3ERPvDvY via @worldnetdaily@brunota2003 @BarracudaMama It will be fine as long as the rocket is aimed in the general direction of Uranus...Nobel TimeROFLOL!!! Following Lying Lannie Davis script! https://t.co/c7sJU1hAp3@brunota2003 @BarracudaMama Yes definitely...You should be in charge of nasas next rocket launch, if the left has its way@mindfulhorse I do appreciate horse "sense" AND I do appreciate tesla tech as long as I am not subsidizing the 100K cars they put out@brunota2003 @BarracudaMama ..But you get extra curricular points added to your gpa if your heart is in the right direction@Doobydoobydo @penguinponders Sometimes it takes quite a bit of heat before you see the light@Doobydoobydo @penguinponders I think a lot of it is starry eyed idealism not yet tempered by reality@brunota2003 @BarracudaMama You evidently need to be sent to a leftist re education camp@mindfulhorse Language with the Horse is sensory. Titled, Riders Position its grammar is refined by the saddle. WOWBono knows that capitalism is the only way to raise the world out of povertyThe liberal keeps telling us there is no difference between men and woman.... so why then is it so important to have a woman President?
Retweeted by Ed Dumba$$ Of The Year ➠ Angry Liberal Shows Us How To Do Math! #MemoriesPizza – BB4SP http://t.co/JvyVxiDtH2 http://t.co/LNJq98eP6X
Retweeted by Ed Muslim Police Chief dishonors Flag👉 like Obama😡Does she hate〰Under God💫or America🇺🇸 @ROK_1T http://t.co/mtgo2Xk4Oi http://t.co/xEkW2L3221
Retweeted by Ed @Doobydoobydo @penguinponders I think journalists churned out of left leaning universities..They dont know what they dont know@penguinponders @EDinCali They're not rubes. They're collaborators. Otherwise, they're reporting on dog attacks in Flyover, USA.
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