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I have nothing to declare but my bewilderment. On the plus side I'm not using Twitter to peddle anything

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@tsetse97 A flaky chocolate burp
Bad Teacher is a collection of thudding cliches in stilettos.@MsLGrant Some people find Gervais unerringly hilarious. I am not one of them.@tsetse97 Or perhaps this is a residual ripple from one of the kitten slaying puns of months ago.@Boothacus Perhaps he ate the child who was holding the frisbee...@tsetse97 Rather depends on how many pay attention...@YoutuberFans7 @PointlessBlog Oh I couldn't possibly. I have a life@tsetse97 Because you cracked another joke?#welovealfiebecause he knows what it's all about? [Who is Alfie?]@MsLGrant Oh no. Those are kept in jars on shelves in IDS's Pit of Despair.@MsLGrant @EricPickles I often imagine that his Red boxes are now filled with tuck.@weswee37 @DebbJay It might work if he vagazzled the M16@weswee37 @DebbJay What on earth was he thinking?@MsLGrant @EricPickles In all fairness to Master Bunter, That could apply to any of the bastard vermin who infest The House@DebbJay No way those shoes go with that bag@driverminnie http://t.co/ohV1UFsp9w@Boothacus My idea of a "bodega cat" http://t.co/Uaoj8iXkqe@DebbJay Seen them in shops. I don't understand who would buy the damned things.. I get boiler suits overalls & jumpsuits. Onesies baffle@DebbJay http://t.co/IZVES9yJ2j@DebbJay Reserved for the unsound of mind & body, or those with a certain fetish.@Boothacus @Factsionary Ladybirds. They have quite a vicious little nip.Bums Rushmore http://t.co/AaY7RzaJSyNote to Alex Salmond: If there's a "yes" vote EVERYTHING will change. It must. Otherwise what's the point?Cherry blossom [sakura] in the Kondō (Golden Hall) courtyard of Daigo-ji Buddhist Temple in Kyoto Japan http://t.co/FYWsqcdv2J@_ouisa Everyone has a point at which they snap & the pressure from massed idioots can be relentless. Obliviousness may be the best option@KieranRx3 That failure at MUFC is firmly Ed Woodwards since all transfers are his responsibility. His failure undermined Moyes' credibility@KieranRx3 Suarez this year has done what RVP did last. & who will take title as all around falter? Liverpool. All marquee targets were lost@KieranRx3 No. Last year was won because RVP played out of his skin & opponents imploded. Neither happened this year & frailty was exposed@ManUtdRedArmy Absolutely correct. Failure to find successors to Scholes,Giggs,Vidic & Ferdinand have told. This is Ed Woodward's failure@AgenteEspanol @RobGGreen Really? You don't see Lukaku as one of Everton's best for the season?@_ouisa In my experience the loudest noise comes from the emptiest vessels@SpiderMom72 Indeed@tsymes44 :o)No one said it better than William Shakespeare Happy St George's Day http://t.co/bCZtU3oskLSaw "Tony Blair" trending. Hope blossomed momentarily. Hopes now dashed. It's Wednesday...Tampa Trib picks up my @GuardianUS rpt on James Mitchell, architect of CIA torture progrm, & obtains this pic of him http://t.co/OFZLGUwKE4
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@JasonLeopold It's a trap#thingsbetterthanthechelseagame Grass growing, paint drying, party political broadcasts, any programme featuring Ben Fogel...
@jtlovell1979 @MsLGrant You mean they're * The Biggest Testicles.... In the Wurrrld*@MsLGrant Just some decent voice coaching in drama schools would be favourite.@MsLGrant It's worse in theatre. Most young actors can't hit the second row.@Boothacus Has he used the phrase "Of course, in my day..." yet?Ron Perlman appears to be the coach of Atletico Madrid....@HappySadCross Precisely my point.#NationalSendYourManNudesDay No. Don't. Be more creative in your seduction.@Boothacus I can live without visiting US again. It's not my loss.@Boothacus It's all just dumped on the big arsed NSA database along with everything else that'll never be read or looked at. Not the point.@Boothacus of cheek swabs etc. No one is printing & cataloguing me. Ever.@Boothacus It was always n agreement. Brits don't need Visas etc to visit the US. Now you're fingerprinted on entry & I've heard stories >@Boothacus Thats true of all really clever things. Simplicity is everything@Boothacus If your country ever decides to stop DNA testing its allies on entry I'll consider it.@Boothacus @gravewriter71 So it's like a spin on the sweet potato pie? I became pretty adept at that@Boothacus I've worked QE2. Not the same though. I'd like to do the New Orleans jazz thing.@weswee37 It is an exercise in scapegoating on an epic scale.@weswee37 To my mind the wrong man has been fired.@weswee37 Precisely. He has failed spectacularly in the transfer market. It's his failing that undermined Moyes in the eyes of the players@weswee37 Sorry that was a short answer. He was a merchant banker with Pricewaterhouse & oversaw the Glazer takeover. He has no football BG@weswee37 He was an accountant.@weswee37 Instead they got a panic bought Fellaini, last minute for £4m over his buyout. That made Moyes look foolish.@weswee37 Look how Arsenal responded to Ozil. Had 2 good players arrived at MUFC that summer it would have been different.@weswee37 Ferguson didn't plan well for the future, but the real problem was the undermining of Moyes in the quad's eyes by Ed Woodward.The subtext of Ed Woodwards failure in major transfers was MUFC board had no faith in Moyes & wouldn't back him with marquee signings. ErrorDavid Moyes' fate was sealed when Ed Woodward failed to make major signings in 1st transfer window. The team was never established as Moyes'It is not David Moyes who should have lost his position at MUFC but Ed Woodward, who clearly could not find his arse in the bath.@Marmy261 His name was Preston Flores. I'm trying to imagine what kind of situation would put a small child near free flowing petrol.Aw hell. The little boy who was set alight a couple of days ago has died. What the hell is wrong with people?@DebbJay When I was a kid we called that an oyster.This http://t.co/UcKxabrG5y to this http://t.co/Qlu8QGMITv How many people made the link, do you reckon?@RobGGreen It would brighten up my Tuesday Morning.@RobGGreen To my knowlege David Moyes was not fired for snorting cocaine from a hooker's arse crack@RobGGreen Precisely. All I feared would happen but hoped would not has. Short termism and money. That's all that matters to anyone.@RobGGreen The shallowness of Daniel Levy, Dave Dennison et al.@RobGGreen MUFC are now the same as every other club in the PL. Utterly disloyal.@RobGGreen To be honest I thought he was out at the end of the match against Everton. It doesn't change my opinion that it's the wrong move.David Moyes to Spurs? #BringBackMoyes@tsetse97 @SimplyS1mon He married Michelle Dotrice & had a heart attack. I feel the tw may be linked somehow...@CalBeach The most moving literature always reads so.@tsetse97 @SimplyS1mon Sad for Moyes. Decent bloke and a good manager who deserved better. The real failure there is Ed Woodward.@tsetse97 @SimplyS1mon I doubt the twist have ended, for sure. Who would have thought the Chelea home record would be busted by Sunderland?@tsetse97 @SimplyS1mon You forgot the implosion at Chelski and the deterioration at City, none of which looked on the cards a month ago.If The Glazers new anything they'd replace E Woodward whose failure in transfer dealings has led to the deterioration at MUFC.I find #MoyesSacked by Ed Woodward ironic, since it was Woodward who failed to sign any of the main targets in Moyes 1st transfer window@tsetse97 @twitchingphil @JonathanHaynes Personally, sick of the whole damn thing. Someone put the kettle on. I'll fetch cake.@driverminnie "The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment." Elbert Hubbard@Boothacus @gravewriter71 The Creole experience is one of the ffew things that would lure me to US were it not for the airport barcoding.@Boothacus @gravewriter71 The idea of using it in a bread/pie intrigues.@Boothacus @gravewriter71 Yes. Over here there are many Carribean & Asian shops that carry them. Flesh is like courgette or marrow.@gravewriter71 @Boothacus I had to look that up too. Now I'm intrigued.@gravewriter71 Quality@CalBeach Entirely my pleasure.@CalBeach Why embarrassed?A Lot of Americans Fear the Federal Government, According to a New Poll http://t.co/WZQdsq0ziE
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@JasonLeopold With good reason. They appear to be the Son of StasiSomething for MUFC Board&fans to consider. Van Gaal & Klopp would be stop-gaps for a few seasons only, not a foundation for long term future3 shows all grown up SF fans should watch. Space: Above and Beyond, Stargate Universe, & Farscape.@RobGGreen Of course that doesn't make Moyes perfect. In many ways he is still thinking like Everton manager, & that MUST change.IMO Rocky, Rocky II & Rocky Balboa are a perfect trilogy. [III Iv & V should not have been made.@RobGGreen That makes Ed Woodward the liability in my view, not David Moyes.@RobGGreen Ed Woodward did not secure a single priority target that Moyes outlined for him & Fellaini cost £4m more than his buyout clause.@RobGGreen When Moyes joined MUFC he needed 2 great midfielders & 2 defenders to succeed Giggs,Scholes,VidicYFerdinand. He got Fellaini
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