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I have nothing to declare but my bewilderment. On the plus side I'm not using Twitter to peddle anything

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How odd that religious types love to describe themselves s a "flock". Why be proud to be a sheep? I much prefer to be a wolf.Why is it that the word "relationship" is only ever taken to mean one thing these days? When did people's vocabulary become so limited?@JasonLeopold To ensure his friends continue to look after him and his family...@JasonLeopold @guardian Web fragmentation is an inevitable consequence of increasing surveillance & every Govt's attempts to control/subvertSaving Private Ryan is based on several real life stories, 1st of which was 17yrold Brit Wilfred Smith of the Royal Flying Corps in WWIEx-CIA Dir Leon Panetta defends drones as better option than sending troops to strike AQ. Says nothing abt civilians http://t.co/xHBHp2EL2M
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@JasonLeopold It's a position that puts soldiers above civilians who have no choice in being present & no means of defence at all.#MakeItLikeYourBirthday? You mean, don't tell anyone, treat it like any other day and ignore the whole damned thing? No problem.@MsLGrant To me that sounds like getting into position with soft support...@Ebenwolfe A thank you for today: http://t.co/iGSAU2SSm7
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe#WhatFootballerDoYouPlayLike The mascot.@Boothacus @gravewriter71 Cynicism is my default position.@MsLGrant Video. People pay real money to see that kind of group activity....@weswee37 @DebbJay I'm a bloke. In certain situations we're in denial of the existence of all other males. & we never think about fathers.@weswee37 @DebbJay How do you know his DNA isn't suppressed?@DebbJay @weswee37 Everyone's entitled to the odd mistake...@DebbJay @weswee37 Runs in the family..@gravewriter71 @Boothacus I'm going to respectfully bow out at this point. There's no way any of this can be fathomed in 14o characters.@Boothacus Or utterly cynical.@Boothacus Completely different. Darwin Awards are for acts of crass stupidity. In matters of romance all older single people are stupid.@gravewriter71 @Boothacus I don't know the fella or the particulars of the situation, but there are lots of ways to see this.@gravewriter71 @Boothacus And maybe he had a really hard day? Or was having a hard week? Maybe he was knackered but was making the effort.@gravewriter71 @Boothacus Because he wanted to spend time with you no matter what? Because he was trying to be interested in what you are?@gravewriter71 @Boothacus One person's "amazing" is another's crushingly boring. All art is subjective. You know that.
@Boothacus A perfect example of what i believe Americans like to term an "asshat"@lammylott "Gone"? "Sconce"? English is full of idiosyncrasies. [And it's no amount of pie charts ARE going to change that].#RejectedHobbitTitles Thankyou For Smauging#RejectedHobbitTitles How to Make a Mountain Out of A Molehill#RejectedHobbitTitles From Children's Story to Wagnerian Trilogy In One Exercise of Movie Studio Profiteering. [Or: There And back Again]@milesbrignall found some of your work on BT online. be interested in speaking with you if possible. http://t.co/w54cLQDo2B@edvaizey With so many problems connected to BT shortcomings & an impotent ombudsman who ignores the public why have you not weighed in?@DebbJay The moral of this story is Don't Be Sneakyhttp://t.co/KTGMzIgGDT i have no idea why this is stuck in my head today. Possibly early onset senility....http://t.co/v90kFwXFpS I could swim in this.#sconefilms Raisin Arizona#sconefilms Cream Tea With Mussolini#Sconefilms Scone Golden Pond@lammylott According to Oxford Dictionary that is entirely a matter of debate http://t.co/mpK80ATJfE#sconefilms Sconeheads#sconefilms Scone Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest@Boothacus Cliven or Ted?@Boothacus The British invented queuing. We instructed St Peter on how to admit the masses. Yet there are morons trying to beat trains.@Boothacus "There's no fool like an old fool"@Boothacus Or because there's a sense that girls can be taken advantage of but boys are just "lucky"@Boothacus If i ever wake up and find my polyester waistbands are under my armpits I'll put myself out of my misery.@Boothacus Adult is overrated.@Boothacus What they lack in emotional depth they make up for with enthusiasm and vigour....@Boothacus Precisely. Most social perception is pretty skewed & built on preconceived prejudices.Whenever I see "One Direction" trending my immediate thought is "That's incredibly limited..."@Boothacus Age gaps don't bother me. Getting on, being mutually interested having lots to discover & talk about etc is far more important@Boothacus @gravewriter71 Perhaps it was a particularly weak show...RT: @DebbJay @DebbJay http://t.co/Yyh6ikvCQsIbiza [It's pronounced IbeeTHa, America, not EyeBeeza] has become a very loud toiletThose vids of near misses on level crossings The train takes 45 seconds to pass. What the hell are people doing that can't wait that long?German Whip sounds like something sold under plain cover via the internet.Its a few weeks to the Euro elections & I have no clue who any of my local candidates are. Not one word or piece of literature. Useless.Yes! #PreOrderJedwardFreeSpirit Prove PT Barnum correct!@KateRobbins Can't help feeling you'd be more of a fawn. Or possibly buff...@tsetse97 Changes the meaning of that sentence entirely!@DebbJay Once I got to the age where I could make my own choices & had the means to do so it was uber trendy Italian & French designers.@DebbJay 3 words. Snow. Washed. Jeans.Tony Blair, Middle East "Peace Envoy", advocating the rest of the world holds hands & gangs up on the Middle East. #Irony #TragiComedyLove Japan http://t.co/j8xmiFnx0J@DebbJay Or #AnnoyedTeacherTweet?@nativeaudio Appreciate the conversation.@nativeaudio Production here isn't too much fun anymore, live or TV/FILM. The Jamiaca Inn issue is barely the tip of a very big iceberg.@nativeaudio Relocating has been on my mind for some time. If the opportunity presents itself I'd have to consider it seriously.@nativeaudio If anything comes to mind, I'd appreciate a pointer. It's something I don't know enough about.@nativeaudio Oddly not. Could be a Brit thing but people tend to guard their knowledge. I'll help anyone but it's not a shared philosophy@nativeaudio I have Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures. I'd like to know more about soundstage setup, live in situ recording/balance etc@nativeaudio Can you recommend any "must read" books on sound for film/video. I'd like to know more from an elementary tech standpoint@nativeaudio I thought it was so there's be no witnesses to me bludgeoning cast & crew with the blunt ends of their own egos....@nativeaudio How do you manage to synch all that audio without having a nervous breakdown?@Boothacus What amuses me is that this is considered "sexy", but reverse Male & Female positions & it's "perverse"@nativeaudio You should watch Jamaica Inn. ADR would be requesting retakes of entire conversations.@JasonLeopold Some critics can be so harsh....@nativeaudio So things must be clear & crisp in performance. Yes?Now the Cornish have been declared a minority people, I expect Cornwall to begin the push for independence once Scotland goes.@tsetse97 http://t.co/sD2VaxE6vw Remember my words on Cornish independence? Pebble-->Avalanche@nativeaudio Out of interest, what would you say are the most common errors & the most basic essential practices for performers/directors?However if a drama goes through editing & post production & director fails to spot inaudible dialogue you have to question their competenceCORRECTION: it wasn't the director/producer of Jamaica Inn but BBC Drama Controller Ben Stephenson who has no command over correct English@CllrJonSHarvey Instead everyone expects the man with the microphone to work miracles. Something @nativeaudio is better able to speak on.@CllrJonSHarvey The most common weakness in modern actors is an inability to project & enunciate. Basic skills that are barely taught now.@CllrJonSHarvey The 2 most common flaws in modern TV production are neglect of audio & weak director unwilling to challenge cast.@TrevorMLambert Bottom line, one of those in charge of this production was interviewed on BBC news & failed to string a sentence together.@CllrJonSHarvey It's a powerful story & deserves to be well told. BBC's unofficial "policy" of jobs for mates often backfires though.@nativeaudio Audio is often neglected in a CGI driven media world, but worse, we are forgetting the basics of good performance.@CllrJonSHarvey Nope. No idea who was in charge. Can't say I care either.@TrevorMLambert Then it was the producer. That many flaws in spoken English caused me to switch off.@CllrJonSHarvey This was a flagship production with a decent budget. It's unacceptable that someone with these frailties is at the helm.@CllrJonSHarvey If Director is ignorant of region & incapable of seeing problems or confronting cast on them they should not be in the job.@CllrJonSHarvey Generally if a director takes an actor aside & tells them of a problem the actor will work to fix it.@nativeaudio In my eperience if a director takes an actor aside & tells them of a problem the actor will work to fix it.@nativeaudio Don't forget the prog. went through post production editing & test screening & at no point did director say "not good enough"@nativeaudio Actors do things for effect. If it doesn't work it's the director's job to correct that. If things fail the buck stops there.@nativeaudio No. The real issue is the cast not speaking up or enunciating & the director not having the balls to call them on it.@CllrJonSHarvey It's the "generic" thing. IMPO Director was not up to the job. Failed to pay attention to detail or call the cast on faults@nativeaudio Original accent/dialogue has nothing to do with poor performance & bad direction.Accents can be tough but they're not inaudibleNote to BBC. If a cast is "mumbling" it's the director's job to instruct them to speak up & enunciate. Stop scapegoating. Cretins.
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