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@PaulRidd Each to their own, I connected to the journey of the apes.@PaulRidd Apes films are individual creations, although feel more like directors experimenting rather than trademark highlights.
@Movieguy32 Some folk don't care for starwars. Boxing Day is prime real estate.@rosstmiller That's got much better/funnier Stephen Root than Selma.@Film4 HE SINGS IN THAT! And what a voice.@Movieguy32 2 weeks after is prime time, your trailer played on Star Wars at all cinemas, that played out, time for new movies.@Film4 This is all build up to a Jack Reacher broadcast I assume.@RobGirvan Anything satirical is surface level, or worse discovered by the audience by accident.@nia_loves_films Grab a pizza and a drink and gather the gang, movie night just got cray-cray!@joereid Count how many times Kiefer screams "Kill Them! Kill Them All!" Command+C/V was good to that script.@The_Shiznit @adamhopelies But get it, women in spy films are super promiscuous, ahahahahaha@jramjee How is that newsworthy? Mo'fuhker does that to me every week.@Gwailofilms Might as well add "video lines" and go full stupid.Seeing a dapper Colin Firth in a room with Sun headlines all over is just skincrawling synergy. Also Sky News forcing chyrons into scope.@ChrisHewitt Drops a star.MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE: FIVE hits summer now, I don't have any reason to care about winter now.Did I miss a Flemyng appearance in Kingsman? I thought there was someone in the church, but doubt it'd be so short a beat.@iFlicks I condem you.@ChrisHewitt Look, all those planes, it's a clear explanation of how 9/11 was an inside job. Hashtag Truther@ChrisHewitt I am pretty intimidating.@iFlicks Not ALL the C words.For all the talk folk had of Kingsman's violence I was sad to see what felt rather tame and, ultimately, bland in content.@RealMattDamon Many happy returns sir.@LukeWhiston People didn't see it so no one noticed. Far better than MoS.45Years is complete @andrewhaighfilm. 3 years of hard work, creativity & collaboration now lives on a hard drive. Thank you to all involved!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@BrianWCollins That would require the giving of a shit on set.@blinkbox She's multiplied and everywhere. She's Lucy.One day you'll be browsing cheap crappy talking animal live-action films on Netflix and see one's just a Fritz The Cat adaptation.@maxwellhubbard Good idea.@DapperDan If my feed remains silent all night it's because I am looking at Layer Cake and wondering what happened...@squat_betty Sadly these are my genuine opinions. I'm a bad person.@PatrickDane Not about content here, I'm talking form and function rather than specific mechanics.@marcfc Everyone does poor greenscreening these days. The system is a crutch filmmakers lean on.@DapperDan But hopefully the script won't be as, again to me, full of bad humour and dull characs.@marcfc Slightly more, but not in any way a good film.Trivia: Samuel L. Jackson is hosting the spirit of a ten year old boy that died in 1990 and used his Make a Wish request flawlessly.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@squat_betty Better than the first.@DapperDan I fear this. I've seen people say this. I hope it's at least funny and thus superior to Kick Ass, to me.@marcfc I fucking hate Kick Ass.@PatrickDane Both films I mentioned are adaptations with specific genre skewering.@DeusExCinema Still, bridge-dwelling questionmasters.Six seasons and a movie. @Tini_Mahlo_: @JeffBryanDavis will we see more Seasons of Teen Wolf? More than 5? TEEN WOLF is my drug 😅
Retweeted by Andrew JonesVideo: THE TALES OF HOFFMANN 4k Re-Release Trailer http://t.co/mIwxIIuKgU
Retweeted by Andrew JonesCatching Kingsman later, so very worried it'll be more Kick Ass than Stardust.@DeusExCinema So not troll trolls? Lame.@DeanDeBlois and I were friends for 20 years - until we became mortal enemies. http://t.co/KQLKujv7Lq
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThis is getting serious. http://t.co/exWCjN0S5j
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@JoeCunningham14 Shameless plug for my review: http://t.co/T4LFYIJyle@JoeCunningham14 Terry Crews' wastage in that film is disgusting. It angered me.@JoeCunningham14 It is 2 hours long. It has 0 jokes. It wastes a Barrymore/Sandler collective. Grown Ups 2 is better.@JoeCunningham14 #Blended@stephensajdak You know it'z good coz it'z newz rather than 'news'.@AJ_Crews @RobGirvan I mean, Judi Dench is kinda down for returning, we've seen her sing and dance in Nine, she's got this.@AJ_Crews @RobGirvan Well, they're wondering how far the Siamese cat casting is allowed to go for Aristocats, so yes.@RobGirvan I'm excited for them to remake Dumbo except this time he talks and it's a Happy Madison production Zookeeper 2.@Mullane45 It's amazing. Also Alfred Molina, ya know, from Rick And Morty.For those who have seen it, how long does the National Lampoon doc at Sundance deal with Senior Trip? 2 hours?@MarieMJS No, i really cannot, I'm looking at an audio edit that I'm 1/5th into at 30 minutes edited and this is my best.@MarieMJS Oh, Chris Evans has created a lot of wank over the years.@TimonSingh @JoeCunningham14 I watched 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer yesterday, we were let off a little with that one. No Mo Thames Tho.@TimonSingh The White House didn't even take this much damage, why is London less important than one building?@ianloring Ok, well, maybe not too incentivising.@ianloring I refuse to believe this, even when I see it in practice so often. I know they want to incentivise digital orders, but fuck that.@EthanRunt That's what happens when they squeeze out a 3 month cinema to home entertainment window
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe lack of Paddington extras in the press release is saddening. Hoped for a commentary.@scottEweinberg http://t.co/AfGRwwLGkl@EoinMason I flick on every so often and I just don't know what's going on, in the sense of it never seems to be heading anywhere.@EoinMason And you wonder why you couldn't get someone else to go with you? WWE is really a load of shit.Adrian Grenier Says 'Entourage' Movie Sequel Is Sure Bet (Exclusive Video) http://t.co/1rPdxIrZFj
Retweeted by Andrew Jones
@JoeCunningham14 No worries, I'm a one-man public service announcement for cinema #Mortdecai@rosstmiller He voiced the horse in True Grit.@RobGirvan @LukeWhiston The show's demographic is old people looking to die with a companion.@robbiereviews But not Piranha 3D?Upload speed is higher than download speed, I don't think I've ever seen the likes. Not good day for Virgin Media...@JoeCunningham14 Because it's so fucking good? Because it is so fucking good.I'm sure Shoah is very important and necessary but I can't be doing that on a night like this. SNL time.@ericszyszka #Mortdecai also works.@filmthug Hell yeah.This year's Sundance movie is last year's Sundance movie but edgier. Read my review: http://t.co/ETipT7Msvs@moulder5000 Tammy?@moulder5000 Because you hate good things?@DavidHughesTwit Accept no imitations.Screenjabber Podcast: A most film-filled year http://t.co/ByhxfDoIj5 @Mark_Searby @awarmann @EthanRunt
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@androoshaw Erm, Hiccup's battled the worst armies in Berk.@SDCain I like both films mentioned in this tweet.@Slippery_Jack eCheers for that.@jramjee A shame, but I get it. No one needs another Kate McKinnon Does An Ethnic Voice skit.There seems to be real lethargy to last night's SNL. Neither Hulu nor less-good services have it up.@MarieMJS That makes me angru@EDouglasWW That sounds like disrespect. #Mortdecai will find you.I have DMed @NicholasATorres all the lyrics to the Entourage theme because we need to remember what it means. https://t.co/5rWyfHQmsdPaddington hits $40m in the US on second weekend of release.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesI can now join the national conversation and say that American Sniper is garbage.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesHey, Twitter geeks! I am selling my sealed copy of the Futureshop Blu-ray steelbook of GOTG. Contact me for details. http://t.co/ibUQyT0NSN
Retweeted by Andrew JonesSo, is everybody passing about the fake baby clip under "fair use" terms or something? I don't recall that being issued by the studio.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@K_imbot It's fine, #Mortdecai will keep you safe, #Mortdecai will stop the nightmares, #Mortdecai #Mortdecai #Mortdecai@K_imbot It was everything. #Mortdecai is our god now.@TheMilesJackson The release of #Blended?@PaulRidd I exploded in the cinema watching that opening. My favourite birthday film ever.@teamzizzou LORD PORTLEY-RIIIIIIND!
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