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@androoshaw Yes. Monsters. Those who dislike things like the Daredevil movie.In quick succession every plan I had for my birthday weekend seem to have crashed and burned. It's why I try not to celebrate things.@CSkinner Awesome. Cheers. Now I have to wait to buy a new mac...RE LRT that's the most worrying thing one can imagine with the way of modern media. Don't wanna miss out, now it's all just in the ether.As it is, I’m sweating over throwing down hard cash for a ps4 now so I can get a free demo before it’s pulled. Our glorious digital future.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@unklerupert He needs some facial hair #Mortdecai@movie_mad Schedules made that all so, and the way they did it meant too much time to ideas, skits and characters that needed 2 mins max.@JessyCritical Tis a strange, frequently beautiful, film.Have any external blu ray drives been configured to work with macs yet? Last time I asked someone was back in 2009.@movie_mad Oh you poor thing, ignorance with that is bliss. Don't bother with S4.@adlow76 Why would they? Now he's out of it, more time for fun characters not tethered to actual families, just 'family' and brawn.@movie_mad Re-watch You, Me & Dupree instead, or their Arresteds or Communitys or Happy Endingses.@androoshaw You're one of THOSE then? Eugh. I'll watch the F4 movies more times than I'll see any modern superhero movie.@androoshaw We had the fantastical FF already, and that was fun and joyful and still exists. Better to try things then offer a dull platter.@androoshaw The idea of moving things into a different direction that looks at finding the real in the weird is interesting.@androoshaw It's taking soft sci-fi into hard sci-fi.@androoshaw Yes, because it sounds like a different thing for once. Cinema being DIFFERENT! Imagine that, Marvel.@androoshaw I like this approach.Will @Daredevil appear in other Marvel shows or films? We chat to Charlie Cox about @NetflixUK’s super series: http://t.co/6A9NVrCDm7
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Oog Looks more like someone went to a comic book store or Marvel shop. No traces of Disney here.@GlenOliverAICN Purely exterior casing, same ol' disks.@ManMadeMoon Tron Vampires@Film4 Really didn't want to programme anything for Sunday evening so found the longest film you could?@GlenOliverAICN Steelbooks you mean? Zavvi are just a general retailer, nothing else.@DeusExCinema #DontTellHarry@DeusExCinema But they're fun former lovers and neither is a creepy weirdo.Guys, if you're not watching ParaNorman on Channel 4 you're totally missing out.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@DeusExCinema All of them are great. Pancakes, jazz, Fever.@FilmFan1971 I put the audio on hoping to hear you scream out *DARKNESS!*@DeusExCinema But many blockbusters that open weeks later that are less than decent are ignored if already flops.@DeusExCinema It's a successful practice. Battleship, for instance, did much better overseas when it opened a month before US.@brokentv I live to make others feel bad.@cjnew Nice one sir.@brokentv Mid-90s onwards, some of us early 90s kids saw late night Channel 4 shows and knew which ones were good.@DeusExCinema Which is why they open worldwide early, makes them feel special and then go see it eagerly.@louisabradshaw You named your ice cream? Doesn't that make it much harder an ordeal to devour the food?@TheChewDefense @A24 Nice, a great film is succeeding.@DeusExCinema Love that film so much. It's a wonderfully bizarre, silly movie. Steve Martin really just goes for it.@BradBirdA113 The Cloning machine worked! Unfortunately the two cannot stand to write on the same draft.Cecily Strong repping women's rights at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner http://t.co/zuncMhVILC
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@WEIRDCHRISTMAS Modern people (The Millenials) shorten those two words of course. Ittsti@PaulRidd https://t.co/yIiHnZ7weU@WEIRDCHRISTMAS Pritt Stick never did work.@LDN The new Bond opening is rather less specific than the last 22.@WEIRDCHRISTMAS And he'd frequently fill it with petroleum and tie it to the pier, for fun-t.@david21cummins Forrest Hump? Cos he runs a lot.@david21cummins This one felt too easy. I really want to get a better joke in. The Horniness Of The Long Distance Runner maybe?@david21cummins 28 Gays Later?@WEIRDCHRISTMAS See his name is Ethan Hunt, but Hunt rhymes with many words, although I didn't know some as a kid. Stunt. Blunt. Alan Funt.Knew I should never have unwrapped my Ga'Hoole blu ray: http://t.co/eFIi5IuRn7@FilmFan1971 @NetflixUK I see, go the easy route to avoid answering the real questions. Don't think I still don't suspect you.@MrCamW I have that same feeling with Miss March@FilmFan1971 @NetflixUK Unless you see 2015 as last year & are operating on a 2016 head. In that case, how amazing was the Entourage movie?@FilmFan1971 @NetflixUK How did you see it in 2013? How did anyone not related to the project see it in 2013? Wait, do you time traveller?@ollyog Yeah, it's ridiculous. Can't find much of a way around it.@Y2Neildotcom Oh boy, are you a Uciper- Un-Cronenberg Idealistic Person? (That was a stretch for my mind this morning)directors, don't be afraid to work with writers. can be wonderfully exciting & fruitful experience. no shame in not writing film yourself.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Y2Neildotcom By putting him in a teleporter with the insect?@EthanRunt Dug this t-shirt out of my wardrobe. http://t.co/2c9gHp1aQH
Retweeted by Andrew JonesJack and Jill (2011). Pacino won a Razzie as "Worst Supporting Actor". The film won 10 awards. #Pacino@75 http://t.co/287qf57M3q
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIn gaming sex categories you have the button mashers, elite levels, those who pay for premium content & the campers satisfied by themselves.@TheGMcConnachie Oh, they made a new Dredd I didn't see? Baboosh!This might be the best random purchase I've ever stumbled upon. http://t.co/rmdunOIy7x
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@MarieMJS @petrolhead176 Oh, Toy Story 3 disease? Where to fit a plot characters do things they'd never do since we knew them?Avengers On The Buses@MarieMJS @petrolhead176 Even with Soldier, they threw Widow in bard because otherwise they couldn't work the movie.@MarieMJS @petrolhead176 Well no-one's managed to make jacked Steve interesting on screen yet, they just surround him with folk.@BethN21286 @movie_mad Ghostbusters meets MCU ££££@Movieguy32 Does he wink to the camera? Does he knows he's on camera? Is he now just a real-life superhero?@JonathanHatfull Tis a strange beast, effective and sometimes beautiful.Spoil Avengers 2 for me, is Harry Dean Stanton back?@Big_Pants Say bye to my ol' stomping ground.@Big_Pants Ew, why ARE you in Beckton? Wave to my university if you see it.Watching OUT OF THE DARK, in which Stephen Rea plays Joaquim de Almeida.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@AmazonUK 88 Minutes, Righteous Kill or Jack And Jill. Hard to decide.THE AVENGERS 2 - The tyranny of formula; an auteur submerged by boilerplate. A lumbering Marvel juggernaut; Whedon reduced to grace notes.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesNeed we say more! #AlwaysInThePresent will have its #premiere in #London courtesy of @StAlbansFF! #Film by @O_G_W http://t.co/50J9fat82j
Retweeted by Andrew Jones“People say ‘Are you worried about being on a hit show?’ No, it’s the dream!” We chat to Charlie Cox about #DaredevIl http://t.co/1GXR8kjaqB
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@teamzizzou You can eat by a radiator?A mainline train starting to leave the platform just stopped and opened for a group of old folk. The weekday monster is a weekend knight.@teamzizzou Not a single Frisp or Disco?Middle of my town, hate speech carriage of UKIP campaigners hanging around. Hard not to go over and do something.@PaulRidd Liked it until about 30 mins in then realised it didn't know what it was. Wasn't Melquiadis Estrada."And on the back of my neck, I'd like the Chinese symbol for HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I AM A VILLAIN"
Retweeted by Andrew JonesI have been up for about 24 hours now. All in service, tonight, of doing hardcore #Entourage podcasting. EDIT POINT@Mark_Searby Wake me up when you get to 2010.Some of those smaller indie films from 2014 are hitting Netflix now, did you catch these ones? https://t.co/WMqXqZIQED@Zack_Parks Focus, Zack.@unklerupert I can't post photos on here anymore, but this brings me to Mickey Rooney As A Girl https://t.co/AZd2UImFCmSo this new Joker, he fucks Anastasia Steele super hard, right? That's the gist? Or is the gist one of his toys?@unklerupert It's like I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue is back already. Grab your kazoo.@DKsMum From Sliders!@unklerupert I went to a school where we learnt handwriting by making bucket lists. It doubled as a hospice.@DKsMum A sorry state of affairs. I remember when I first saw it it was on a wave of folk calling it the underrated genius entry.@joshbrunsting Everyone ate asses. First ledger photo.@unklerupert Buckets are amazing, you have the Fabrigee, the Clipton-Tongue, the Sophistcarer, then there's Moreena's Surprise, a classic.@DKsMum Fragments, but ultimately nothing ever feels memorable or fun about the film. Like everyone on set was sad to be there.@scottEweinberg It's a shame clowns only exist in circuses now, back in the wild they were a proud species.@DKsMum Scre4m is the second best of the franchise. 2 and 3 are equally lazy, dim, dull experiences.This is horrible. I gave @sabeen a tour of the Panic office in 2011. She was super smart, nice, inspiring. Jesus. http://t.co/AmH1mpP4qr
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