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Sunday post. http://t.co/SXi4pDrHlr@davefranklin a lot of Jack And Jill annecdotes for £70Killing pawns is much nastier in a game of Chess-tburster.@moulder5000 Wait, Yellin' 'Bout Ellin got paid advertising?@Big_Pants I saw it as a 4K projection. Can't bare to see less than grand scope.@Big_Pants But the shows they have are described as epic by the channel. You don't watch Lawrence Of Arabia on video.Because you know what DOES have an HD option? Netflix.So this Spike that'll be airing Breaking Bad, Justified and Sons Of Anarchy, can't find information, will it have an HD channel? If not, why@RachelKoz Disaster button, enter monster to fight.http://t.co/gWSSiU5Ztu@DrGMLaTulippe Well, that's how the Beeb done did it. 3 ep mini-series. In 2.40:1, which is kinda neat.I was on a train earlier thinking about funny Harris Wittels foam and then I could feel myself start crying. That's not gonna stop, is it?@TylerScruggs Damn right I'm listening to it at 4am, loud!International fan and all around pal @EthanRunt just bought my WHOLE DISCOGRAPHY. Reverse British Invasion!! http://t.co/DL736a0rWL
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@hitchmichael It Follows Through #ItFollowsSequelsHe has spoken, and so it shall be. @JFGinDigital3D@EthanRunt just be the best Jack you can be. That's all the universe asks.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesI think I have to finally accept I will never be @JFGinDigital3D and that maybe that's not such a bad thing. I am me. I am Not Jack.@iamnotwaynegale I'm as excited for you to watch it as I am for my package to arrive so I can show my parents.@iamnotwaynegale Oh man. You. ARE. In. FOR. a. TREAT.@iamnotwaynegale Oh Jermaine. I can't wait for Shadows' Blu Ray to arrive, ordered the deluxe Australasia set!!! Waititi overload!@iamnotwaynegale I catch it at the right time on Sky a lot, and I get to enjoy the knowledge that Kermie is pals with Trejo forever.It's totally fine to tire yourself out dancing to The Big House from Muppets Most Wanted, right? I'm an adult by the way.@JAdomian Re-write it to be Slum Of Cards?@iamnotwaynegale I can if I choose to. Bought the digital from America, finagled it a bit. Was effort, a lot, but worth it.@RachelKoz I know why there's something happening in an underworld! I feel like I can connect to this due to knowledge of context!@iamnotwaynegale Whereas I'm more Munchkin than John Wick.@iamnotwaynegale I don't trust leaving anything alone anywhere without me. Always clutch my bag, no matter where I am.@iamnotwaynegale A lot of people haven't. When it comes on TV they'll go 'oh, that was actually mostly good'@iamnotwaynegale Can't do that, would never find my seat in the darkness. Plus wouldn't get my head into the film experience mode.@iamnotwaynegale I listen to podcasts through ads, then watch trailers hoping for the movie I'm hyped for to be advertised. #Mortdecai@iamnotwaynegale I watch trailers. Because I go to the cinema. Like a normal person. I am a man of the people. Citizen Jones.I have submitted to BBC Writersroom. I hope to goodness this isn't the least valiant effort of my life. I would like to do something.Woah, somehow I spent an hour writing this tweet.@RachelKoz I got 1. I must be bad at writing. I say that like I'm surprised.Now's the time to release that Short Circuit/Transformers/Real Steel movie we've been waiting for.@RachelKoz I shall try that, since I #amwriting right now.He says, being mysterious. But, fuck it, I'm proud of this project that'll never happen. Years of research.Glad I spent ages writing it as a feature in style but lots of notes and ideas. It's a cool world, I just want to explore it.Having managed to get script revisions done tonight, I now move to writing the outline for a series. That means going back to feature script@hokieblackuni i don't have friends, I have bro's.@EthanRunt I can only hope your comment breeds "Fastourage and Furiourage 8"
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@hokieblackuni The Fourth Kind.@hokieblackuni Shared universe sequels.@PaulEGreenwood Donnie was a human serving tray.@PatrickDane I often worry people think I have the body of a sex god due to my avi.@AchinglyChic Chyna's fuck tapes.@hokieblackuni I like to not think about that.I want positive thoughts about Entourage...the movie version; entourage http://t.co/w9uWz5CasE@hokieblackuni Oh, I didn't mean to insult the King of Queens, I hope I'm not charged with treason. I like my head where it is.@E_Film_Blog But I adore Collateral, Vice and Enemies.@E_Film_Blog Fascinating. I'm always surprised by anything less than 'holy shit it's the best' for that film. Because, it's kinda the best.Film of the summer cemented. He hated BiRDMAN just like I did, so... http://t.co/WhAIJvtALj@hokieblackuni Kevin James' next sequel.@hokieblackuni He's the straightest arrow since Stephen Amell.I'm sorry, hugh Jackman posts a picture of his hands and captions it HJ and NOBODY is making Wolverine handjob jokes? I expect more from you@E_Film_Blog Heat?@PaulEGreenwood @iamnotwaynegale No, more excuses. (Sorry, can't resist a re-punctuated sentence edit)@PaulEGreenwood Love the ending, it means the film is over and I can escape its wretchedness in any cut.Sock puppets, mutation and natural selection. “@EthanRunt: If there's no such thing as intelligent design, explain The Muppets.”
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@EmptyScreens BONBONS!
Discover the real #TheLadiesMan https://t.co/5rWyfGZz41 http://t.co/GDuS9AA9ic@DrGMLaTulippe I can't see this but I have an imagination and I can't stand up for an hour now.@brucemadelost I wish he were doing things. I liked The Box. I love that he pushed for World's Greatest Dad to exist.@jaykayell_ Tell you what, next time you see me, give me a tight five. Why don't you hit me with your best shot.Thanks to @jamieandaston for the Now TV box 6 month Entertainment Pass info. Buying one now in time for GoT and Silicon Valley.Editing next week's Yellin' 'Bout Ellin podcast ep. It is in 4 parts. We went LONG. It is packed with facts. And true trues.@EmptyScreens It's quite incredible that a film that good is allowed to exist and be as popular as it is. True success.@Swill_i_ams @film_quiz You lasted 40 minutes? Twice as much as I.Easy A is on TV, my father is watching it. I walked in to say hi, began quoting and sat down for 10 minutes. Dangerous movie.@carnojoe I'm nodding and shutting up.@bloodonthedice Aye. They'll get theirs in the end.No wonder I've had Southland Tales on my mind all day. It's Richard Kelly's 40th birthday.@leewest82 It's just one of those days.@leewest82 Do it all for the killie.@leewest82 Robert Durst?@iamnotwaynegale I'm the same with The Flash.@hide2k10 Bond is an attempt at incest-producing-clones? Genius.@hide2k10 Twist, she was aunt whilst Waltz hid her shame.Thank you van driving cunt who throw some liquid at me whilst driving slowly. Crash.here's the youtube link for the teaser for my new show (blunt talk): https://t.co/MYr8kXCFHx
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@ThePCCLondon @MovieUmpire A likely story.If there's no such thing as intelligent design, explain The Muppets.@EthanRunt THE SMOKING GUN!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@hide2k10 Or mother.@brucemadelost @TomCruise McQuarrie, Pearce & Cruise is pretty crazy levels of genius.@Cinemartyn I want to go to a TCM "We're just showing like Dodgeball and stuff cos why not" festival.@cameronesposito @meltdown_show Did you perform the entire movie "Thumbsucker"?@MovieUmpire @ThePCCLondon WALL-E logo but no WALL-E?@moulder5000 She's adorkable, but she lied to save our feelings.@PatrickDane Miso dumb@brucemadelost @TomCruise So good. Roll on July 31.@PatrickDane You are dumb video game.@moulder5000 https://t.co/pXG4n37mAo@david21cummins Take a train to Upminster, I have an iPod and some cracking alt rock beats to jig to. I'm a millenial going on oldie.@jupin I'm doing it ironically, before the land is cool.One day any tweet I post will get 5 favourites immediately. Except one like this. This kind would get 200.@carnojoe That sounds stupid in my young opinion.@followthelemur Aww, if we could have had Simmons versus Postelthwaite (in Aeon Flux costume though)@PeterBradshaw1 Grab hold to something or you'll fly off like a regular Bullock.Fear The Mulaney
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