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Technology writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse.

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@Robndamtns none of those either! But in fairness none of those were on the cards either.@toothlesslover @Forbes it's going to be fascinating to see what happens...iPhone 6S Leaks Deliver Triple Bad News Blow - one concerns me more than all the rest... @Squawka didn't take long! @Forbes that's any interesting qu. Would at least expect new terms & conditions required?! Hope MS finds voice to respond...@NUFC_Index hmmmn. Concerning. "Passion" is great after last season, but he's got totally carried away with fan reaction to his rep.Windows 10 User Spying Added To Windows 7 And Windows 8 @Forbes it went around twitter yesterday that this was the 5th red of his career. Garbage?
@FantasyFootyFix and after I gambled too... on Benteke!Last time W Ham won at LFC: Beatles were No1. JFK was president. Top-flight footballers' avg weekly wage was £29.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@MarcJobling doesn't my FF team know it! #pointlessWCplayedNo no, remember it's "cool" that he has "so much passion"... #inevitable #nufc what's wrong with him?! Too pleased with cult rep we've given him? Was he sent off/booked so much for Anderlect last season?
@spiderm4tt Benteke. Such a terrible start I have to go for a differential... #bettertoburnoutthanfadeaway@MarcJobling me tooTouchdown Bordeaux! Loving the view from our living room... the vin+run training begins now. #marathondumedoc *pretty@brianfagioli I think Android 6.0 running Android Lollipop with speed/efficiency of Android KitKat would be prey revolutionary to me :)
@FinValko @webtvmedoc indeed! Though some light training with it will be done in advance :)@tomwarren it's phonetic - Keh-bahb. You're both wrong :)@TheMoochersPost and iOS has a long press to reorder the home screen. Force Touch is different to long press.Apple Reveals Massive iPhone 6S Launch Details @Forbes @Windows @surface how strange. Here's a direct link: iOS 9 Code Confirms Biggest iPhone 6S Change - one big surprise has now gone!
@JohnRPerales European delivery only ATM sadly: ah. I switched to Drive, Docs, Sheets a year ago and I'd never go back. Actually using a Pixel 2 for most things now, so fast!@killyourfm ah, sharing with others using Excel? I'd still keep my own in Sheets - saves every keystroke!@NUFC_Index pretty sure we can trot this Most Goals line out about many forwards... Rooney? Walcott? Etc!@killyourfm Google Sheets FTW!Windows 10 Fightback: 3 Ways To Stop Forced Updates - ALERT! You have options... up for #Marathondumedoc - 26km London run completed last night. Next time I need to add wine! cc @webtvmedoc @NUFC thought it was unlikely to be good governance!@MikeAshleyLies @NUFC though surely a large part of that is due to the increased revenue from the new TV deal?Look out Nike, here come Finnish super shoes!
@fplhints @FlorianThauvin scored once and assisted THREE times tonight! :)
@SpaceMonkeysFPL I had Wilson first sub... and every one of my outfield players played! (Francis and S Taylor the other two benched)Did you see @TaylorandBesty absolutely annihilate @IAmJermainDefoe today? #nufc #safc
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@amarshsa @GOVUK @HMRCcustomers yes, and that's only one of the funny elementsI love this! Seamless government interaction... cc @GOVUK @HMRCcustomers got through on the hour mark. Seems accountant submitted incorrect account details. Thanks!@Haaziq @HMRCgovuk @HMRCcustomers didn't seem to.@HMRCcustomers I was issued a self assessment refund over 2 weeks ago, but no sign of it in my account. Would like to know where it went!@joannavos @HMRCgovuk @HMRCcustomers *fingers crossed*Waiting to speak to @HMRCgovuk - 44 minutes and counting... (Looped music HELL!) cc @HMRCcustomers oooh. Have fingers crossed for you! Great news :)@NUFC_Index two stonking qualifiers in there. But Aarons, De Jong and Tiote need run outs.@HannaManna bah. Tease :p@HannaManna oooooh. Details... *rushes to check Facebook* :)@FPLGhost @myFPL @FPLTracker that works for me :)@FPLGhost @myFPL you know @FPLTracker does them in real time, right? ;)@mhardysport thanks. Seems Amazon has it as 2 separate listings, when normally one with option to choose version. Great stuff!@mhardysport do you know if a Kindle edition will be coming out?@paddypower @MarcJobling always thought he got a raw deal at NUFC!@dissimile agreed, though if no ads and no datamining there's no income. Atm web is crappy ads & mining. No privacy > £ to most users
@dissimile I suspect users would care if date (relatively) anonymous and no ads. Privacy remains horribly undervalued by most.iPhone 6S Carrier Leak Confirms Date Sales Begin @Forbes it's never been free - it's a data trade. Perhaps users agree to more mined data in exchange for no ads.Corporate social media in a nutshell... yep, though there needs to be a halfway solution. Most users don't want ads or only amateur blogs. Next phase incoming!@dissimile in broad strokes I suspect these are our respective opinions: & - interesting times@fplchat_dan @CalledItFPL absolutely. Been inside top 100k for last 5 seasons and top 30k for 3. Though was 1.6m before this happened!@_FPL_Addict @CalledItFPL I can imagine many things! Of course Bournemouth was the obvious selection ahead of Man U this GW... FF's crazy,
@dissimile I don't expect you to concede, but some attempt to recognise it and not be deliberately obtuse would help! Goodnight.@dissimile really? Goodnight Hugo.@dissimile one is not classified as theft yet the end result is the same. Perhaps the law needs to change.@dissimile concede when you're wrong. (Argue longest = right?). I see that hasn't changed!@dissimile you continue to fail to understand the fundamental differences in industries. This is pointless. You're famed for refusing to@dissimile again, you make no sense.@PaleoHidalgo @CalledItFPL thanks for that :)@dissimile & how would you advise that with iOS? Unite millions of publishers in a lawsuit? Far harder to enforce. Been good faith until now@dissimile you think you have the right to deny a business its earnings AND consume its product. Tried that with any other industry?@dissimile nothing is hijacked. Don't like the ads, don't visit. Same as any business: don't like what you're served, go elsewhere.@dissimile that's the point though: technically both rob their respective industries of a living, but one isn't illegal. It should be.@dissimile you can't see the difference between a company in control of its operations and being hijacked by another?@ImagineDzn @saltman84 @premierleague @NotApplicabeel you wouldn't have complained... @saltman84 @premierleague @NotApplicabeel best do same reading now that didn't even make sense.@dissimile you think they'd have survived it if was built into iOS? Think.@fplhints @CalledItFPL oh I've had some corkers! Usually top 30k, but was 1.6 millionth BEFORE today...@CalledItFPL 29 points by my reckoning!. Last minute bench for Shelvey...@saltman84 @premierleague @NotApplicabeel didn't score from a set piece in 2 YEARS at Newcastle. #ItsNeverPardewsFault@CalledItFPL I can beat that! it doesn't deserve ANY of the transaction. It's like cutting off the air supply and wanting a micro transaction of every breath.@dissimile block ads or torrent. But the majority don't... until you bake it into an OS running a billion devices.@dissimile users torrent, but integrating Popcorn Time into the heart of iOS would be catastrophic to TV and film. Those annoyed enough@dissimile ads will return - publishers won't be allowed to die - with Apple taking 30%.@dissimile without government intervention (like Google News before it) the revenue control will move to Apple which will dictate terms. And@dissimile marketing and now it will block others from doing the same. Conveniently Apple no longer uses web ads.@dissimile already exists a natural order: good sites and bad sites succeeding and failing and ads evolving. Apple was built on its global@dissimile and if a rival offered a completely free alternative MOST would use that. Accept it, despotic removal of ads is awful. There@dissimile they'd have no business! No paid subscribers & no advertisers if the ads could be blocked. & no say in it. Blocked at OS level.@BonusFPL @shiteseats I did. To make point that it isn't just me who hates it. Man U is shorter btw!@dissimile imagine if Apple could block Spotify ads. It would kill Spotify. Doesn't mean it had a fundamentally failed business model.@dissimile if ads are as terrible as you think why is Spotify dominated by free accounts with ads? Free and 'more' free always win.@BonusFPL @shiteseats pervades (potentially unintentional) disrespect.@BonusFPL @shiteseats they're known as Manchester United, Man U, Red Devils, etc. United stems from lazy pundits and...@BonusFPL @shiteseats I'm not tagging you ffs! I'm saying it's really annoying in general and a behaviour everyone should stop. Ditto "City"@dissimile and if they could not pay for items from Amazon with one easy app?@BonusFPL @shiteseats the fact everyone just says United, irritates supporters of every team with United in their name.@BonusFPL @shiteseats 1. I didn't unfollow you I've always had you in a list. 2. It's not about obvious, it's about respecting other Uniteds
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