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Just discovered that @aneurinBarnard is reprising his role as David Bailey in the new Krays film Legend. Even more of a reason to see it!@TaronEgerton and Tom Hardy look hard in snap from Krays film Legend http://t.co/u673VxajIN via @DailyMailCelebClearly the Broadchurch writers had never been to Nando's! http://t.co/atQlDsU4VG via @MailOnline@ShowbizSimon @JoeCunningham14 @EthanRunt Ron Swanson is no more. Nick Offerman has shaved his mighty moustache.@JoeCunningham14 @EthanRunt Is that Ron? RON WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!Great casting of @EmWatson for the role of Belle. I mean Beauty is basically the Hermione Granger of the Disney world http://t.co/HKE2OH2Eo7#Facebookdown set to be the next action blockbuster http://t.co/CPGIlx7lM7Benedict Cumberbatch just ruined his Oscar chances! But as the Academy is mainly white males his 'coloured' faux pas may work in his favour.
Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool: "We get to make the movie we want to make": http://t.co/LveKITD8T4
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintGreat fun at the @Debretts 500 party! Nice to chat to @DGandyOfficial about shoes and cars!
Fitzpleasure to see you again Alternative Jay. #altj @ The O2 http://t.co/AWi7hJ8ytzDining at Meat Mission tonight... Minus the Meat. #veggieprobs@jo_elvin magic.CBB have declined to comment on whether Jane Pountney is going in the house... http://t.co/aMyNaCaFvI via @DailyMailCeleb #katiepriceCongrats to @PixieGeldof1 who just signed a record and publishing deal with @StrangerRecords http://t.co/i5viGUFFtP via @DailyMailCelebthis one's for you @MinnaAttala 17 Fab Things For The Hip And Cool “Crazy Cat Lady” http://t.co/bSImi7yU7k via @buzzfeeders"I think it is fair to say our dear Amy has become an "internet sensation." http://t.co/9yfoJqIibb #HoldAmysHand
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintTwo sleeps until @mattgoss rocks the Dorchester, Park Lane, to raise money for http://t.co/q19W9tRWPt #holdamyshand what an utter gent!!
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintAmy Watts is battling stage 4 cancer and needs to raise £100k for lifesaving treatment http://t.co/KdZNa2wrfE #HoldAmysHand RT
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintOur friend Amy needs a hand to hold. Can you give yours? www.holdamyshand #HoldAmysHand #imholdingamyshand x
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintWoke up to the news McDreamy is back on the market. #HiPatrick
Just desserts lepeepboutique http://t.co/dHMcPFxKEcThe Hunger Games. #maythechopsticksbeeverinyourfavour lepeepboutique @mannyuk @nixolite @officialmasonhttp://t.co/tAgYVvRyEQThis is not just a truffle risotto this is a lepeepboutique truffle risotto. http://t.co/MIuQwQdOrPEnjoying ten courses of Japanese at lepeepboutique! #yummy #sushi #hungry http://t.co/k8RvwpRWrCAll Quiet On The Sausage Rolls Front #AddSausageRollsToABookTitleAngus, Thongs And Full Frontal Sausage Rolls #AddSausageRollsToABookTitleTo Kill a Sausage Roll #AddSausageRollsToABookTitleSense And Sausage Rolls #AddSausageRollsToABookTitle❤️👍✨RT @CelebIntelUK: #BREAKING - @mattgoss announces an emergency show at The Dorchester Ballroom on Jan 26 in aid of #HoldAmysHand
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintMy incredible friend Amy is only 37 and needs your help to beat stage 4 cancer. Please share #holdamyshand http://t.co/MV6pBgEAQX
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintLOOK! @SimonCowell is Mr Nasty NO MORE! #holdamyshand @Holdamyshand - (via heatworld) http://t.co/x3NKYzKmLj http://t.co/of3cuTXczq
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint.@SimonCowell and @mattgoss join forces with showbiz journalists to support the @Holdamyshand campaign http://t.co/DNChyBTy2v #holdamyshand
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@dvanboom @DailyMailCeleb From Passion to Temptation, Joaquin is picking up the mental mantle. http://t.co/IxCYGUdGFJ@dvanboom @DailyMailCeleb He also said in the Guardian interview that he wanted to turn Christ into a superhero. #classicJoaquinJoaquin Phoenix says 'you lower your standards' in big budget films http://t.co/RdgDdSvnQ9 via @DailyMailCeleb@KimberleyDadds @BuzzFeedUK The Dadds is back on top form!Right that's it. I'm taking my Dumbledore's wand out on a night. http://t.co/a3BZUq5LTj@BuzzFeedUK Good one @KimberleyDadds@louise_saunders @MailOnline They LOVE the beige.MT “@louise_saunders: @MailOnline posts record 199.4m global monthly browsers http://t.co/26Slxb646H” I reckon my Chantelle story tipped it.I definitely feel like Mindy Lahiri would have the MailOnline app on her phone. #MindyProject #showbizfixI don't want to live in a world where Alan Partridge doesn't make an appearance at this year's @BBCR1 Big Weekend.Amy Watts, a lovely young woman I first met more than 10 years ago needs our support http://t.co/r74BeWgPOl #HoldAmysHand @Holdamyshand
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint£100,000 appeal launched to fund cancer surgery for journalist Amy Watts http://t.co/3rnW2nYTxA @holdamyshand
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@ShowbizSimon @SophieT this has actually made my Friday. Though not sure about Alexandra shipp after Aaliyah film.Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan and Alexandra Shipp join X-Men: Apocalypse as Jean, Cyclops and Storm: http://t.co/jdcCR8V7bb
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint
Poker. @ The Hippodrome Casino http://t.co/vGPhT1ve9z@VictoriaPeckham 👹 does his demonic facial hair count?This is basically the most depressing thing I've read today. THANKS @psmith http://t.co/foTZGwgRZO via @buzzfeednewsOur friend Amy needs a hand to hold. Can you give yours? http://t.co/Uv7imtQMcJ @holdamyshand #holdamyshand #imholdingamyshand RT PLS
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@smashboxuk @angelascanlon @jo_a_hamilton Chic.@mehdirhasan @lukemcgee I love that you're having this debate while your profile pic is a selfie with Jack Bauer.@louise_saunders @Femail @bianca_london This is FANTASTICI get celebs posting private jet selfies but why pictures of them taking the Tube? https://t.co/0yyeIHVxKHFarage just isn't happy those Portuguese chickens are stealing British chickens' jobs. http://t.co/Fe6mMkNRmZ #nandos #DavidCameron@robbiereviews I can't remember the last time I was happy to see Johnny Depp on screen. Maybe his cameo in 21 Jump Street?Well The Sun just mugged journalism off today. #page3@grimmers If ONLY they got paid enough for the effort they put in. Poor little guys.Isn't it great hearing movie stars complain about junkets?
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint
And the best last line in a movie this year so far goes to the #weddingringer @SonyPicturesUKReally annoying when media outlets credit my MailOnline interviews as Daily Mail - we are a separate editorial team!@JonHornbuckle I know right! Are you NTAing? XThat would be The wedding Ringer tonight! West end cinema.. free ticket up for grabs and my excellent company!@Mullane45 autocorrect's a bitch!Anyone fancy seeing The Wedding Singer tonight? Got an extra ticket!Everyday Russell Brand becomes more and more like a Beano character. He'll be TPing Northcliffe House next.We've teamed up with @moshimoshimusic + @summercampband to offer a discount on the excellent @beyondclueless OST: http://t.co/v4Uh3jyuaz
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All about those YSL lips. #ysl #yslbeautecelebration #beauty #lipstick http://t.co/Vn6FpFAiNc@MannyUK yes yes! The whole crew is all about that Shorebeach! @IsaacCarew @YnnadNahc @BeastModeLdn@BeastModeLdn @IsaacCarew @YnnadNahc @melbellend @evaksalvi GASMARK10@IsaacCarew @YnnadNahc @melbellend @HannaInes @evaksalvi Who's gassed for this? #BeastMode http://t.co/WBvMDBpPrm
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flintminnaattala getting beautified! #yslbeautecelebration #ysl #beauty #party @ The Boiler House Food Hall http://t.co/WbvnBZli27My lip plumper extraordinaire! #ysl #yslbeautecelebration #beauty#redordead @ The Boiler House Food Hall http://t.co/yjiqY12e2wGetting No. 1 lips at the YSL Beauté Celebration. @ The Boiler House Food Hall http://t.co/dizE9019wB@bexlewis361 Thank you!Had a great chat with Domhnall Gleeson about Ex Machina (and a little about Star Wars!) http://t.co/U1amWIY0Wp via @DailyMailCelebx vb 😏 https://t.co/sc8cU0LcCl
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint'The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority' - John Dalberg-Acton #DemocracyDay #AlexisdeTocquevilleWentworth Miller, 42, is quite the silver fox http://t.co/IjlqzT5pg9 http://t.co/YGEmmqB7da
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Kingpin comeback. #winner #bowling http://t.co/cr2VgBiCM8Mickey jut felt my bum. #disney @ Ham Yard Hotel http://t.co/AUsVWSXAPyBREAKING The Sun planning to drop Page 3 after 44 years, I am told http://t.co/24CVT6AHMP … But Sun won't comment.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint“@RonniVergona: Come on world, help me out! http://t.co/G06nINBkWw” does the sister have a say in all this?
So glad to have experienced @OfficialRunDMC tonight live. What an absolute moment... up there with The Cure & Bruce #30yearsvodafoneNow Peter Piper Picked A Pepper But Run Rocked Rhymes #rundmc #30yearsvodafone #thiswentdown @ Scala http://t.co/kKbxpbIb24DMC photobombed us. #rundmc #30yearsvodafone @ Scala http://t.co/aQCoKnC1s4Whose house? #rundmc #30yearsvodafone #itstricky #itslikethat @ Scala http://t.co/xHpcVklvYoDrinking Rum DC watching Run DMC. #30yearsvodafone #scala #oldschool @ Scala http://t.co/yKzF6R1swpRaleigh Ritchie warming up the stage for Run DMC #wormgotvocals #gameofthrones @ Scala http://t.co/BWowCPXbfc
A dame to kill for. @london_scout @ Lansdowne Pub, Primrose Hill http://t.co/x8XO2uZAS6@GeorgiaBronte I just don't know how they ordered online without my billing address?@FinneyFitness yeah to pay those overdue fines on Credit Card Fraud for DummiesJust found out some fraudster maxed out my credit card at Microsoft... Clearly had some Excel spreadsheets to make by Monday.Happy Birthday Kate Moss! http://t.co/p6Wsg6rGBWStill seething over Keira Knightley's Oscar nomination. In what world does she get one over Rene Russo in Nightcrawler???
@jessieware #brits15 britawards @ ITV Studios http://t.co/WyRZDDGoPyJames Bay britawards #brits15 @ ITV Studios http://t.co/prLMzo7loT@fkatwigs #brits15 britawards @ ITV Studios http://t.co/izCqVFmotP
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