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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 70,000 women in 240 countries.

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If I had the powers of a SUPER HERO --> http://t.co/nGbReg8NIB
I am a Super Hero in a magic red cape! http://t.co/nGbReg8NIBSans #travel partner? #Single girl #getaway tips from @Forbes @GenerationMeh @20sTravel @Journeywoman! #TravelTuesday http://t.co/Emkpqr1DZs
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BE AFRAID - VERY AFRAID! Under my bright red cape I am SUPERHERO 'Urban Wpman,' http://t.co/nGbReg8NIB
@MindfulAarti Yes! Absolutely:)@MindfulAarti Absolutely! We need as many URBAN WOMEN as possible. And you get a really great silver badge!@MissPointless Hmmm... did you read the article? It wasn't about age:)So U think I'm a little 74 year old gray-haired lady? WRONG! I am Urban- Woman SuperHero ... http://t.co/nGbReg8NIBU think I'm a little 74 year old gray-haired lady? WRONG! I am Urban Woman Super Hero ... http://t.co/nGbReg8NIBA little secret about me -> Under my red cape I am URBAN WOMAN! http://t.co/nGbReg8NIBYou #divorced? Now you are ready to try another kind of bliss: http://t.co/8p40SDYZPl@JL_Laurie You got it!
You divorced? Now you are ready to test another kind of bliss: http://t.co/8p40SDYZPl@Tackk @CanvasOfLight Take time to enjoy and appreciate different cultures. We're all the same under our skin. #travelingSpecial deals this month on the Rocky Mountaineer luxury train ride across Western Canada: http://t.co/myj1u2CKC1
#TORONTO Maybe we need this regular announcements on public transport... 'Look around. Is there someone who needs a seat more than you do?'@TheUrbanMum With so many new and diverse cultures coming together in cities often school is where the discussion w/youngsters begins.@TheUrbanMum Absolutely. And classrooms!@Cemonde I am a FB friend already but based on your thoughts about 'Best Blogger' lists I'm now following on Twitter, too:)Maybe we need intermittent announcements on public transport that say, 'Look around. Is there someone who needs a seat more than you do?'
These women are challenging the stereotypes of aging @stylecrone @alexiaparks @Journeywoman @BoomCindyJoseph @CarolOrsborn @sixtyandme
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#FF @DrKimFoster Her thrillers are a #mustread: http://t.co/gwc0kyd66C But hold on to your jewelry...
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonMy #FF Ladies:) RT @vivianvassos @adventureista @raewhiteaus @kimizzo @suzanne_boyd @Journeywoman @zoomermag @wendy_squires @AndiPerullo@LAYFFPRODUCTNS @BoomingEncore ????? What the heck?Know a 'helper' who stands out in their CDN community? Nominate them in #ActsofKindness campaign to win juicy stuff. http://t.co/Er8avajSyJIf U R a #teacher or #parent of an elementary school child this is a gr8 way 4 kids to REALLY know their grandparent: http://t.co/5CDv77IhsI@Journeywoman Our review of @ElPalaceHotel , an Old World #luxury gem in the #Barcelona hotel market. Enjoy! http://t.co/iUI9lwjDXT
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What You're Afraid To Say About The ALS #IceBucketChallenge http://t.co/6Hp0xcVCf8 via @YummyMummyClub Something to think about?So simple. So smart. Back to school tip - How to make #school supplies last as long as possible plus lots more: http://t.co/DWhG5aqFZh #YMC#TBT Erica Ehm (@yummymummyclub) Leslie Ehm (@leslieehm) and Mama @journeywoman). Universal Studios.1971. #Vintage http://t.co/wwL71jllaG#TBT 1994! First Journeywoman 'Letters to the Editor' right at the beginning of women's travel blogs: http://t.co/2OugIaZzfpSo thrilled for our award from #GoMedia2014 - Best Online Video @ctccct. Great work by @LorenChristie & @Katie__J http://t.co/SkfQhTu9HJ
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonGive a 13yr old boy a camera+this is what you get: http://t.co/iYeNxHOPbb@sammysunshine That was the very beginning of spreading the word about 'women and travel,' :)Look what I found! Our 'Letters to the Editor' 1994-1997. See what the web was like then-> http://t.co/2OugIaZzfp"A book of life, the challenges and rewards that follow" The Promise of Provence @patricia_sands http://t.co/6Q9yfJA0Fc #99cents #amazoncart
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Journeywoman Loved your #Paris Post so I shared it on our Live Feed #GeoTravellers @MikePenrod http://t.co/Az9ArSTPzJ
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@GeoTravellers @mikepenrod Lovely! Thank you. And... I RTed your tweet so we're even:)She made me cry. It was a good cry. Just sayin... http://t.co/koJzlQNDH6
Win a yummy $150 prize pack to help get veggies into your kid's tummy. http://t.co/A2Iy4aja50 #giveaway #YMCHiddenVeggies
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon20 sensible ways to feel at home in a new #culture: http://t.co/VCmgc2kfMTYou want #penguins? I'll give you penguins. Lotsa them and you will smile: http://t.co/VzUZmFeKRm #Antarctic #nature@Travelanswerman XoXo All good, thank you:)Sigh ... How can I resist? RT @Travelanswerman @Journeywoman Evelyn offers the largest online travel resource for #women! #traveltips12 helpful #tips for women doing #business abroad: http://t.co/gLFByhhtpT #travel@Travelanswerman Hey John:)These 24 household items can improve your #travel experience: http://t.co/wFR9ZGYu3M12 female #mystery writers introduce their unique female sleuths: http://t.co/VCi5cyRXSx #books #writers100+ tips to help you plan your trip to #Paris: http://t.co/A5yw420FECCool new things I learned about #SanFrancisco: http://t.co/wFh9TSiGR6The bank was robbed and I was there in the midst of things (2 yrs. ago today): http://t.co/xV55hbPeMAHow a teacher unknowingly gave @Journeywoman one of the best gifts she's ever received. http://t.co/INzuBxsG83
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@jamiemclennan I went down fighting:) https://t.co/oBE6QNmZ6GDear @i_ambassador Are u sure U want to follow me? Others will tell U that I can easily lead U astray! #blogger #tourism@jamiemclennan I feel your pain. Really!@jamiemclennan http://t.co/wOlrZ25683@jamiemclennan http://t.co/PRt2cXIjAB@reidnak You are SO right. I hope other teachers decide to give their students the same assignment. It's a WIN-WIN situation:)@fraueibl Thx, Lois. 'Cherished' is the key word here.LADIES Whether you are 26, 36 or 66 doesn't matter. WHEN you are a grandmother I hope you will be treated to this: http://t.co/koJzlQNDH6@Journeywoman HI EVELYN, we do African eMaps for tourists and generate funds for conservation per download, many thanks Nic A
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@yummymummyclub - I sent you an email . Plse read and forward.@goldenroad66 @marcygordon I believe you:)@Breathedreamgo Didn't let me know in time. #27 on the waiting list. Oh well:)U an elementary #school #teacher? U should try this --> http://t.co/koJzlQNDH6@anis_salvesen Thank you for reading and commenting. Appreciated:)So true! Put your phones away, people! RT @marcygordon #Writers: Read it and weep-- Nothing is Selling - http://t.co/Y8yU7lRNWsMy granddaughter asked me life questions that made me cry: http://t.co/koJzlQNDH6 #HowDoIAnswer5 tips for #traveling with #food allergies -- http://t.co/LVWG03Qfqp #travel #traveltips #ttot @ariela_rossberg
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@TheUrbanMum Thx for reading:)RT @larakatz: Win $150 Tropicana Basket! Tell us your best tip to get more veggies into your kids #YMCHiddenVeggies http://t.co/WKGilb09av
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonMy granddaughter asked me about my life and it made me cry: http://t.co/HTNfYicblc #GrandmotherDo you have a child in #elementary school? I think you will enjoy this: http://t.co/koJzlQNDH6 #BackToSchoolValidation! @estherkane @MairlynSmith @mleithwood @Journeywoman @Donnaantoniadis Suspected this, see no reason 4 it http://t.co/n0ehUqnJeE
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@MissPointless Awww... that's why they never covered my little abode:)Why my home will never make Architectural Digest: http://t.co/x9oBDufcs3Spotted in Summerside #PEI #ehmclanheadseast #roadtrip #familytravel #vacation http://t.co/zBdJ7sBoes
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonAfter the high of our trip comes the low of the laundry. #drowning
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonRosie, are you+I now inlaws? RT @RosieSchwartz Congrats to @alyssaschwartz for being named Editorial Director @YummyMummyClub @YMCbuzz
Every month I post women-centered tours at the journeywoman website: Check 'em out:) http://t.co/fH8IAHHu1P@Tactile_Travel You just made me SMILE. I so agree:)@WanderingEric Thx. I've bookmarked it.@Journeywoman are there responses from women who prefer not to travel solo? I’d like to hear their viewpoints.
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Tactile_Travel There is a time for solo experiences+a time for tours that offer company+the expertise of the area you are travelling to.@WanderingEric Glad you weren't hurt. Teaches all of us to never let your guard down.@Tactile_Travel I plan on holding that discussion tomorrow. There are plenty of travelling women on both sides of this coin:)@WanderingEric Ouch! Serious robbery or just a bit of cash?@WanderingEric Thank you. Lots of guys travelling solo in Asia?@WanderingEric Thx for that. Why do you think? Safety in numbers?@WanderingEric Wondering ... Did they set off with others or did they meet on the road?From your own #travel experience - do you find that women are more apt to travel #solo than men? Why is that?#TMOM For my 65th birthday I invited my family to Disney and had my party in Cinderella's castle: http://t.co/2ZuEBPNJ3GBut just because I travel solo when I feel like it, I also love the company of like-minded folks on tours that offer plenty of me time.Not to prove anything but bc I wanted to. RT @Journeywoman: Re: #solo #travel Has any woman done it just to prove she can? How did it feel?
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Journeywoman I love that! Before I had kids I solo'd India,Egypt,Thailand. Hope to do it again one day and not have mommy guilt
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@redscorpiomade @TMFproject Yes, it will be awesome! Remember we have lots of tips at our http://t.co/51sYfQsSCh website. Safe journeys:)so funny you should ask. I am about to take my first solo trip ever, at age 48. going to be AWesome! @Journeywoman @TMFproject
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Journeywoman Yes! ❤️#solo #travel did it in my 20's thru Europe and last year went to NY solo ... Loved it!
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonI #travel #solo because I want to talk to and meet as many people as I can. Easier when you are #solo.@GetUpAndGoNow Why do you #travel #solo?
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