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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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@AmySwartzz thanks Amy!Of course on his own bobble head night, Puig would go yard. just hit a triple. I'm here. Not a coincidence. Hamels was the man. Stinks his Philly run ends this way but a building block to the future. We'll always have 2008.@JamesMoodyJr +1Cole maybe gone but the Phillies still got this guy. Hamels joins Bert Blyleven as the only pitchers in the modern era (since 1900) to throw a no-hitter in their final start w a team.Most Wins by a lefty in Phillies History Steve Carlton 241 Chris Short 132 Curt Simmons 115 Cole Hamels 114First trip to Chavez Ravine of most inspiring stories you will see ahead on @espn @SpecialOlympics @LA2015 at 7p eastern.Great advice from the great one.
@AnishESPN @BradTBuchanan its so messed up.@Jill_Montgomery thanks Jill.Just finished my run, tired but no better motivation to start the day than seeing @KNegandhiESPN update the @SpecialOlympics. Thanks Kev ❤️
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThis #cecilthelion story is just sad. And the big game hunter has lied to the Feds in the past about legal zones. I'd say the perfect guy would be aware of the fan base and clubhouse comments@rushishah he's gone. So yes.@ZIMM07 he wasn't. Lidge was. Lidge was perfect.@ZIMM07 Barkley was a franchise great. Papelbon never was. No matter what records he holds.@ZIMM07 completely disagree. Charles gave the Sixers a lot.@realankurbhatia let's face it. He signed up for the $$ when Phillies overvalued the market.@themagneticfool there's a lot more than numbers.I never came across a philly fan that considered Papelbon a Philadelphia Phillie. And it had nothing to do w his contract.Papelbon's career in Philly is so bizarre. Great numbers. Enormous disconnect w fan base that wanted to embrace him but he never allowed it.The Phillies will be getting a AA pitcher in return for Papelbon according to source #Phillies #Nationals
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhicourt case could work out well for Brady in this regard: it will take forever and he could play while being adjudicated. See Starrcaps case
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@NicoleRenee_ @lindsayczarniak @espn yes it was. Powerful. Its on
On ESPN2 rt now RT @joezydowsky: Props to @espn for giving update on @SpecialOlympics world games. Nice job @lindsayczarniak @KNegandhiESPNGet a personalized @ESPNTheMagazine cover photo with @KNegandhiESPN & @lindsayczarniak at @USC Festival now until 7p!
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThis is awesome MT @MartySmithESPN: Special Olympics US triathlete Ben Heitmeyer is BOSS. My piece about him. -->... @JeremySchaap piece. My inspiring @specialolyUSA #Tri piece. @KNegandhiESPN & @lindsayczarniak. @ESPN! Right now!
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiSee you at the top of the hour @espn @SpecialOlympics @LA2015 to be a part of the @SpecialOlympics movement w/ @KNegandhiESPN The story shared by @DustinPlunkett tonight at 7pm@ET is so important
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiESPN's @LA2015 @SpecialOlympics coverage continues tonite -7p ET w/ hosts @lindsayczarniak & @KNegandhiESPN.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiMeet @lindsayczarniak & @KNegandhiESPN today at @USC festival village in @espn tent, 6:15-7pm! #LA2015 #SOInspiring
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiBugs Bunny is trending.. for a moment, I paused, hoping he wasn't part of a scandal.. Thankfully, a birthday and carrots don't offend@MrChuckD smooth. Bring it back.
Celebrating The Life Of Eunice Shriver With The Best Dates Around 💗 @KNegandhiESPN @lindsayczarniak @MartySmithESPN
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@TehGreatWhite appreciate it.@killabeas21 that's my guy. Good dude@killabeas21 Matalon?@killabeas21 yessir. Send those pics my way. Always kept an eye on your career. You repped us right.@killabeas21 we sure were. The Pistons. You were a baller.Ahead at 7p ET on ESPN2, our @SpecialOlympics @LA2015 nightly recap show @lindsayczarniak @LegsESPN "I want 5 shooters around the perimeter."Royals get a much needed ace in their rotation with Cueto. KC starters ERA is 4.30. KC bullpen ERA is 2.13.@marcisenberg @NaismithLives @SpecialOlympics all a blur. All memorable.
What a message from Jamal Charles right now on @espn @SpecialOlympics @LA2015The view of the big stage @SpecialOlympics @LA2015 from the best seat in the house. @lindsayczarniak @SpecialOlympics what a night ahead StephaniaAn amazing night ahead @lindsayczarniak, @RobinRoberts, @dustinplunkett for @SpecialOlympics @LA2015 Opening Ceremony cohost tonight @KNegandhiESPN is hot.... Literally. #SpecialOlympicsWorldGames
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiWhat a bunch #SpecialOlympicsWorldGames Opning Ceremony @knegandhiESPN @MartySmithESPN @JeremySchaap @DustinPlunkett
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiCarlos Ruiz's 4th no hitter. Choooooooch.Thank you Cole. What a way to go out.@JasonRomano so ugly.Russell, Fowler, Bryant on deck RT @CJNitkowski: Last no-hitter vs. Cubs, Sandy Koufax, 1965. Last no-hitter at Wrigley, Milt Pappas, 1972.T-minus 3 hours until @SpecialOlympics Opening Ceremony w/@RobinRoberts @lindsayczarniak & @KNegandhiESPN on ESPN
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiIf this is his final start wearing Philly red, what a way to go out.@gonzoCSN now this is a smooth look.@nacht_up yupLooking forward to what's going to happen inside this place tonight. @SpecialOlympics @LA2015 look inside the making of Straight Outta Compton. Can't wait. much appreciated. But look at bodenheimer's story. Vitale's driver and eventual ESPN President. It can happen.@BIGSPORTSWRITER shorties, herrs chips and iced tea on me.@BIGSPORTSWRITER I know you're speaking in hyperbole but some people will actually believe this tweet.
@Stats_Dude @espn @ESPN_Colin excuse me?? Never made a joke like that. Check yourself before you make a false accusation like that.With @SpecialOlympics global messengers. @LA2015 opening ceremony tomorrow night! @lindsayczarniak @dustinplunkett soldier who fought for our country needs your help. Please read his fight vs cancer and pass it on. We need a match new cafe!@ESPNMichele while you're stealing my paper, I'm stealing this Cali sunshine. I win.@clintmania who's pretending?? Every stadium has bad behavior.@hbryant42 and if those rumors turn out to be true in this instance- congrats!This makes me laugh. As if every other city is exempt from this kind of behavior. So cliche. but how long has Pluto been married to its moon?Chip Kelly's life is all cloak and dagger. We know more about Pluto.
Great news! Congrats @wingoz and @suzynfl32
At @lacoliseum for #SpecialOlympics Opening Ceremony rehearsal. Gonna b quite a show @KNegandhiESPN @DustinPlunkett
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiCan't wait for Saturday's @SpecialOlympics @LA2015 Opening Ceremony at LA Coliseum. keep doin your thing. Proud of you every single day.@sharriffloyd @jemelehill haha! Jemele is good people too. She has her own thing outside of SC. She'll take my gig when she crosses over.@sharriffloyd favorite current SportsCenter anchor?This team drives me nuts. Seriously. congrats man. You deserve it.If you grew up in the Philly/South Jersey area, you've known for a long time this is the GOAT.
@napier03 @Buccigross while wearing an orange Bobby Clarke sweater. Seriously though, Wawa isn't for everyone. More for us who love it.@jp_melle @PabloTorre you have to be prepared for anyone. Landscape has changed. No one can predict who says yes.@ShahinKhoygani @PabloTorre no. Progress has to be made next summer towards a competitive roster for 2016-2017.@DerekBodnerNBA they're making a mistake w Nola. Doesn't make any sense to pitch him in the big leagues this season. Lose out in 2022. $$$$@DerekBodnerNBA @PabloTorre the price every Philadelphian has to pay. You don't take wins for granted when they eventually come.@PabloTorre if they get 2 more lottery picks in next draft. Plus Saric. Then use cap space for a couple good vets. Then we're talking.@PabloTorre and to be honest, I see both sides. You can't ignore bomani's suggestion. Sixers can't be in this position a year from now.@PabloTorre fingers crossed before management screws that up at the deadline, see Cliff Lee.@PabloTorre you need more heartache and pain. I suggest watching every single Phillies game this season. That will get you up to speed.The conversation on "the process". I enjoyed this @PabloTorre
Zach Johnson champion golfer of the year giving us a memorable postmatch interview. Real emotion > robot cliches.Kinda of an anti-climatic finish but congrats to Zach Johnson - a tactician.<Jamie Lee Curtis voice> Louie!I wanted Jordan and Jason in that playoff.I'm rooting for birdies on 18. I want the drama.
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