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Coochie @KaeChris Maybe its Bcuz' Im a LONDONer

I support these 2 goons @chrisbrown @karrueche #thatsit.PROBLEM?! #FanOfAFanTheAlbumn OUT NOW! http://t.co/YF427HQmOA?…

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@karrueche Happy Sunday ❤️ “@bombblackgirlss: PERFECT http://t.co/k6ODV53frEAlright Zendaya wins http://t.co/lwOsPDqYyF
Retweeted by Coochie“@Leo_Tweets: A #Leo is a great analyst. Problem is they cant help but recognize and correct the bullshit.”N💜RTH! http://t.co/GcCxhiUHEnL💜VE!#Leo's are able to find humor in virtually everything.
Retweeted by CoochieFunfetti Ice Cream Sandwiches http://t.co/fDFS71RFIx
Retweeted by CoochieWhen you trust in God you are always safe and provided for.
Retweeted by CoochieGet ready for the #iHeartRadioAwards show tonight! Don't forget to catch chrisbrownofficial… https://t.co/LSTMf9iNo4
Retweeted by CoochieHey @chrisbrown, we want to get some of the best #TeamBreezy fans on TV during our #iHeartAwards! LET'S DO IT > http://t.co/WOo4HQ9mFa
Retweeted by CoochieTONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! The #iHeartAwards LIVE 8/7c on @nbc! http://t.co/edj07ECsyV http://t.co/q5QHCiRR6L
Retweeted by CoochieOh baby…. http://t.co/NtieCkh5xk
Retweeted by CoochieTomorrow night on NBC chrisbrownofficial takes the stage with Jamie Foxx for the 2015 Iheart Radio… https://t.co/YbPItbIZWv
Retweeted by Coochie@karrueche @OmniaLasVegas look back at it 👀@smilesNlove14 @cthagod go to his twitter bitching like a girl as usual!Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.
Retweeted by Coochie@TreySongz tanaya?We want the fans to pick the next single for #FanofAFanTheAlbum! #TeamBreezy let your voice be heard!!!!
Retweeted by Coochie@karrueche @OmniaLasVegas freakum dress 👀😍@karrueche I love me some @ItsDonBenjamin
Retweeted by CoochiePhoto: Dinner with friends #vegas http://t.co/LSbo0KRJKg
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Understand who's down for you. And who's just down for the moment.
Retweeted by CoochieAquarium that doubles as a kitchen island 😍🐠 http://t.co/bLsU4wTnZ3
Retweeted by CoochieChristina Milian is dating a nigga with 6 baby mommas. WHAT ADVICE COULD SHE GIVE??? She need a iyanla chat too.
Retweeted by CoochieEither @cthagod's got a vagina or he loves him some Karrueche... Nobody told him to watch this interview 😄#Leo's love to eat!
Retweeted by CoochieI told Kae will never bash CB never ever she too loyal@karrueche Christina is NOT your "friend" Coochie ima keep telling you this!@ChristinaMilian but girl u ain't Seiko you've only known Kae 5 mins, how u gonna speak on something/one u ain't known from Day1 GTFOH!if anything, Seiko should be on this interview. Christina just got here.
Retweeted by CoochieI know Christina Milian ain't on here giving advice when all she wants is Nivea's sloppy seconds.
Retweeted by CoochieI like girls like Karrueche. She's a rider. Bruh. She's so dope. #KarruecheOnOWN
Retweeted by CoochieThis for me is torture not being able to watch this interview 😩No link so I can't see it 😩😄👀@ShakefieldCasey @YolieTheJew no I don't Hun sorryAt the end of the day the only thing that really matters is that your real friends and family have your back front and side @karrueche 😊❤️No Karrueche slander.
Retweeted by CoochieBe careful with your words. Once they are said, they can only be forgiven, nor forgotten.
Retweeted by CoochieI hate flip floppers! 😠🔫#Leo gets irritated by knowing when they're right and the other person won't admit it.
Retweeted by CoochieDo everything in love.
Retweeted by CoochieJust like I've supported CB though his ups and downs Ima support Kae PERIOD! 💯I won't get to see your interview on @OWNTV tonight but I'm gonna be supporting you now and forever @karrueche ❤️Supporting you tonight @karrueche on #FixMyLife @OWNTV
Retweeted by CoochieOk I see you RTin shit! 👀 block party about to start yupThis is a classic case of judging and giving opinions off of something you haven't seen or heard yet!!!!@karrueche love you mochichi
Retweeted by CoochieDon't knock what you don't understand, let her live!Bruh Sheldon always had me dead 😂😂😂 #TheBigBangTheory they need to do a movie! #SheldonHowardRajLennardRedemption and Forgiveness! 💯Nearly forgot the clocks go forward tonight 😩 one less hour in bed! Lord knows I love my sleep as well 😴😄Some people are just so shady
Retweeted by CoochieTriangl 😍😍 http://t.co/xx271CvLHO
Retweeted by CoochieA bunch of weak internet thugs that would never come at Karrueche face to face! Fake ass thugs that's what we call em' 😄Photo: #karrueche ;) http://t.co/rTJcvtfIot
Retweeted by CoochieSia's trying to hide her identity huh #thevoiceukThey gonna eat her alive 😩😒😴This why I don't follow people back on here, don't give me a reason to unfollow and block you if I do! 👀 #staytru@karrueche no matter what the circumstances are, i'm already ridin for you, Kae 💋
Retweeted by Coochie@karrueche You have a right to speak your truth. I love you and will always support you.
Retweeted by CoochieThis why I fucks with the baby hair queen 💯😄Some of y'all be too broke and too bored and too negative because of it.
Retweeted by Coochie@SkyeTownsend @karrueche real hair and those baby hairs be poppin' that's why their mad! 😩Will is funny 😂@karrueche you live and you learn kae nobodies perfect! ❤️❤️❤️"Weak as internet crips" this why I love you @SkyeTownsend 💯😄❤️So y'all haters ready to see lil bae's interview today I know you've got ya pop corn ready! 👀That tgi's was everything 😋A TRUE friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over & over again.
Retweeted by CoochieDon't forget to watch lil bae's @karrueche side of the story on @OWNTV today with @IyanlaVanzant ❤️ http://t.co/MfPPW5dRy7Have a great day!@chrisbrown #iHeartAwards his going to give us a hell of a performance y'all ready for it #TeamBreezy 🙌MARCH MADNESS: Future
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I could sleep rn 😴😩@chillinwbreezy looking forward to watch Fast 7 next week, Wbu?@karrueche girl u just be everywhere huh? 👀😄#FF @karrueche @chrisbrown @ChrisBrownPromo @ilovechrae @KaeChris @rdoghro @ShanBreezyy (cont) http://t.co/cl2YtB3GzQ
Retweeted by CoochiePost to be... Everything good like it's post to be 💃Meanwhile... #brickthemag #launchparty http://t.co/G2m6H5umxi http://t.co/YXGzB6YLUc
Retweeted by Coochie@ChrisBrown x @AugustAlsina will be in South Africa April 2nd & 4th! Get your tickets at http://t.co/Za6PU1fPaf NOW ! http://t.co/hVxB1pYglH
Retweeted by Coochie#Leo's are good friends.
Retweeted by CoochieIf you Fav or RT their shade from my page YOU WILL GET BLOCKED! Is that clear now scabs?! 😄👀Let me set this straight if you try shade one of my faves you will get BLOCKED! If you at me with shade you will get BLOCKED!....They be watching my comments like CB be watching Kae's page but it's all good tho 😂😂Amber got named and shamed she should of embraced less filter and more realness!You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward.
Retweeted by Coochie@smilesNlove14 me too I think they will get back together in the near future it's clear they love each other but he fucked up big timeHave a great day Tweeps :)Chocolate Brownies http://t.co/6VUaC7QOvS
Retweeted by Coochie@smilesNlove14 I know but he caused it@smilesNlove14 check his page@smilesNlove14 he is hurting so bad you can tell it's actually sinking in now@smilesNlove14 JLeonLove he Fav'd my tweet the other day I knew he was gonna holla at baePICTURE: @chrisbrown posted on his IG ! http://t.co/RujMMRKiDo
Retweeted by CoochieYup his hurting! 😴@JLeonLove CB don't own Kae she's her own person who makes her own decisions! Your brave tho 😄 u know he's gonna be mad!
No mistakes in life ever, only lessons! 🙏
Retweeted by Coochie👀 I knew it was coming 😄😏TGIF#Fast7 out next week 😑
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