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18+, #NSFW, Camgirl, Web nerd, Ganja enthusiast, Mediocre video gamer, Artist.

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@camgirldesigns Awhhh thanks 😊 I know I'm in the west coast so it's only like 10 - 11 when I'm getting on. 5 star beautiful babes!πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘™πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ #RT & follow #FriskyFriday @AubriLuv cumming soon! @popes_daughter @KaileyHaze420 http://t.co/9ZFAjAATJs
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@camgirldesigns lol I'm so sorry. I am definitely both of those things lol. Maybe I'll do some day shows this weekend! 😊
I'm online meow. πŸ˜‰ http://t.co/CsSk3q4QR3I'm on cam meow on @chaturbate! Cum release my fun parts! @OberonBone @Hot_Girl_Guide @Onlybadchicks @selfshots_daily http://t.co/jVRZfcMlqS@DJMovie69 no problem at all!@DJMovie69 😊😊😊 http://t.co/LLRFCTLGFt@DJMovie69 of course 😊@mm_legendz that's awesome! I admire your determination 😊@mm_legendz take your time. 😊 we're not going anywhere.To all my lovely ladies on @chaturbate i'll be on a regular schedule soon. Hope to see y'all more often
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@camgirldesigns why doesn't that exist now!?!? I want to do that. Lol.@mm_legendz ahh that is crazy! But you're right, training is always a big scramble until you get into the swing of things.@mm_legendz yep I'll definitely be on then 😊 how's the new job been treating you? Not working too hard, I hope.@mm_legendz but I've been thriving then so I gotta go with the flow lol@mm_legendz I knowww. I get on at really weird times for some people. I've been getting on between 10 and midnight PST every night.Got off cam 3 hours ago, and I'm still working. #BehindTheScenes@camgirldesigns lol I was. You know your moves. I can't quite get it perfectly straight, but I've been getting closer and closer each day@Peeing_Girls yay thank you for following ❀️@OberonBone @Onlybadchicks @PornoBrazil @Hot_Girl_Guide @welshsamurai1 lol dat concentration@KaileyHaze420 talented #ThonglessThursday 😻 #FollowHer @Onlybadchicks @PornoBrazil @Hot_Girl_Guide @welshsamurai1 http://t.co/cj8nkc5fHq
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@KaileyHaze420 you are amazing 😍
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@Peeing_Girls yay thank you 😊@OberonBone 😘@OberonBone lol I know, that one definitely made me giggle 😊@firemartin95 @chaturbate thank you so much 😊@KaileyHaze420 @chaturbate it was an amazing show
Retweeted by HazyEyedKaileyThank you so much again to all the wonderful people who helped with another successful night on @chaturbate! ❀️😘😘😘I love it when people tell me I won’t make it, because that is exactly why I will.
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@OberonBone@OberonBone lol that looked like something else at first
I know what you're thinking. Too many clothes, right? Cum get them off. @OberonBone http://t.co/48G5ZXUSSu http://t.co/MirKLfSIpf@DJMovie69 yep 😊 I should be on in about 15 - 20 mins. Hot & beautiful! #RT & followπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹ #AssWednesday @IsisStarrr @AubriLuv cumming soon! @popes_daughter @KaileyHaze420 http://t.co/4r3CABQ1A5
Retweeted by HazyEyedKaileyThank you so much everyone again for another successful show on @chaturbate! I couldn't be more thrilled right now. 😊I'm on cam meow on @chaturbate! Cum have some fun! http://t.co/48G5ZXUSSu
@eviemoawesome @Shelle_Chelle @peje4u @radionowhere1 lol what can I say? I love pussy.@DJMovie69 @selfshots_daily @Hot_Girl_Guide lol don't worry, I've been distracted by them lately too.@selfshots_daily lol yay 😊@OberonBone 😘😘@GalaxyBlackHat good for youRelax, it's #tittytuesday. @OberonBone @selfshots_daily @Hot_Girl_Guide @Onlybadchicks @TheBoobExpert @PerfectBlondes http://t.co/EtVfVusXsZ@GalaxyBlackHat no because externals are external. You can use the same external for a PC as you can for Mac. You just have to format it.@GalaxyBlackHat lol it has nothing to with apple. I have almost 200GB worth of video@everyday_do Awhhh thanks 😊 I've been taking one too many cleavage shots but I'm still in shock about having boobs. Can't help myself.@KaileyHaze420 my favourite <3 http://t.co/mcOkgedD5P
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@everyday_do agreed 😊@camgirldesigns lol of course there is! I like to keep my sexiness organized 😊@everyday_do lol I do workThis is just from 2014 videos. If anyone wants to get me an external hd, that'd be amazing. https://t.co/pDVj2US8cQ http://t.co/GUi9y9UmJMThe sun is shining bright! (And I look like a bum.) πŸ˜ƒ http://t.co/OGZP2irhUa. Camgirl hotties! #RT & followπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹ #TittyTuesday @IsisStarrr @AubriLuv @popes_daughter @KaileyHaze420 http://t.co/FmHZF75vQq
Retweeted by HazyEyedKaileyThanks for hanging out with me on @chaturbate! See you guys tomorrow night! 😊@DJMovie69 I think I'm back up and running 😊@DJMovie69 I know so annoying πŸ˜–
Aaaaand I'm back! http://t.co/48G5ZXUSSuI'm on cam meow on @chaturbate! Cum hang out with me! http://t.co/48G5ZXUSSu@DJMovie69 I do every time 😊51,336 blog page views, 120,067 tweets, "promoting" 744 cam models; today celebrating our 3RD YEAR, we are StayReady/CAMabis #promoTeam
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@DJMovie69 @chaturbate @Hot_Girl_Guide the next one should be in about 4 or 5 hours 😊Go follow the lovely @KaileyHaze420 :) Check her out on #Chaturbate http://t.co/8K5g75R0Np ツ http://t.co/IO0jpP7GnV
Retweeted by HazyEyedKaileyYayyy! Getting ready to shoot custom videos! πŸ˜ƒLmao I always love when girls post "no make up pics" when they're clearly still wearing mascara and fake lashes. Why say anything at all?@DrRyanMoore @susy_sex @SexyJane99 @lookintohavefun @buscMujeresBsAs @NatashaAnal @OberonBone: β€œ@KaileyHaze420 http://t.co/WkU6AsL7T6
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@Shelle_Chelle could have been a combo of both. Sunday night must be update night@Shelle_Chelle no it was my internet. Even pandora and netflix stopped working@Shelle_Chelle it's not CB πŸ˜” it's my internetBack on cam.😊 http://t.co/48G5ZXUSSu
If you guys were ever wondering what my BJ skills are like, log onto @chaturbate to find out. I'm with @xErockx420x! http://t.co/48G5ZXUSSu@_nike_for_life_ sometime tonight@peje4u lmao! I almost wanted to post it for the humor, but it won't bother me of that one isn't floating around lol@OberonBone Awhhh thank you 😊@SANCHEZJERRY2 Awhhh thank you 😊@BellaStylz thank you 😊@Hot_Girl_Guide I'm starting to get better at them 😊@SANCHEZJERRY2 I'm good, you?Can't forget the embarrassing mid-dance shot. At least I look happy. 😊 @OberonBone @Hot_Girl_Guide @selfshots_daily http://t.co/PQLzEznihRScreen caps from last nights show. I'm gonna bust out the oil tonight.πŸ˜‰ @selfshots_daily @OberonBone @Hot_Girl_Guide http://t.co/1NSkCeXeNz@PlayableAngelJr my 360 is on it's way out too πŸ˜” definitely got my use out of it thoughCan we get 800 followers today? :P Retweet guys! Fan signs from @JordiJae and @KaileyHaze420 RT ツ http://t.co/vRITuzl1cB
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@Shelle_Chelle anytime 😊 have a good night!Well guys, despite the site crash, the show tonight on @chaturbate was a complete success! πŸ˜ƒ Thanks mods, tippers, and followers! πŸ˜ƒ@DBTSfan13 yay! So glad you had fun! Happy birthday!@Tsans5 not for me still πŸ˜” it won't load yet@zuzuyam what kind of surprise?@HoliHurricane lol I know. Every time I'm actually doing well I swear.For my mods! πŸ˜ƒ thanks guys! πŸ’œ http://t.co/8RIrlA3wBu@PlayableAngelJr ps43000 people in my room and then this! http://t.co/3fsJA3k0Sv
I'm on cam on @chaturbate right meow! Cum get these clothes off of me. http://t.co/48G5ZXUSSu @Hot_Girl_Guide http://t.co/9XafflTxTG@peje4u @xErockx420x lol it was cold!I luvv when @KaileyHaze420 stretches in front of the tv! Lol. Luv u babe. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ http://t.co/qokeTXT9lC
Retweeted by HazyEyedKaileyI will finally be back on cam tonight!πŸ˜ƒ@KaileyHaze420 Boobs for the World #FollowHer @Onlybadchicks @sexy_shoutouts1 @TheBoobExpert @TETASPERFECTAS http://t.co/bzPVFu60wy
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@peje4u @xErockx420x I'm sure if we have seen it you have@peje4u omg! Yes! Have you ever seen the site with zombie apocalypse knives and shit? I wish I knew what it was. @xErockx420x would know@peje4u I can't even tell you how much fun that looks like
@camgirldesigns thank you 😊@OberonBone it does make the boobies pop so 😊Either the world is getting bigger or I am getting smaller. @OberonBone @Hot_Girl_Guide @selfshots_daily @SexyPicsRTs http://t.co/TgdO7TI0AM
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