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A rich bit of ad copy from Paypal: "We the people want our money safer than our selfies. PayPal, protecting the people economy." #orlyMethinks someone's a little nervous. http://t.co/Ug8lajqOWS@Hay I think we are seeing the initial wave of people who are upgrading from the 5.4 million iPhone 6 pre-ordered in first 24 hours. How much higher would that number be if the online store ran smoothly?Anyone want to buy my share of Mojang so I can move on with my life? Getting hate for trying to do the right thing is not my gig.
Retweeted by Lessien@bsage23 Ugh.A bit of context: When I interviewed Notch last year, he pretty much told me he had lost interest in Minecraft. http://t.co/ehx8ukVuWf
Retweeted by LessienDon’t worry, everything will be fine. Nothing will change. But we founders are outta here, effective immediately. Peace out. Good luck!
Retweeted by LessienI'm sure already enthusiastic McDonald's drive-thru employees will be ecstatic about this. http://t.co/Sz8Vyrt9wV #ApplePayHow you'll pay w/your iPhone at a @McDonalds drive-through http://t.co/ofSUy0XjLv by @DelRey @Recode http://t.co/VAxoarSt2m
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JJ Watt is catching touchdowns. As a WR. Not a typo. #HOUvsOAK
Retweeted by LessienType Safari in Brooklyn (this is awesome) https://t.co/XjIbawFFAS
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The Selfie Hat. OK, aliens, that was your cue. We’re ready for that invasion now. http://t.co/nYiNL7y15d http://t.co/4sVskC4wbh
Retweeted by LessienThis is easily IOS8's killer feature: http://t.co/dwjFOnyxoS
Retweeted by Lessien45 minutes later and the website is still down… Wow, that's #fail@flyosity Keep going. You have to plow through the errors to purchase. (I know…)@reneritchie Right, right.@verxion You too!@reneritchie What'd you get?@reneritchie Might as well go 100% gawdy. :)BTW, try the iPad app. The iPhone app and website are borked.Gold 128G 6 Plus. 9/19. Night guys.Are you fucking kidding me… How broken are these apps?!?What the hell! The apps live but showing no stock.Live.Well, guess this gives Samsung material for a new ad."Pre-orders begin at midnight, we said. We lied." http://t.co/dmLohIg4Dk
Retweeted by LessienWake up, server guy…
Sure is early for the East Coasters…The Sony store is up. #justsaying
Retweeted by Lessien4.7 or 5.5? 4.7 or 5.5? 4.7 or 5.5?
Retweeted by Lessien@stutsmansoft I haven't decided yet.So. Who's ordering?BlackBerry, please no. Just stop it RT @mashable: BlackBerry may be working on a smartwatch of its own http://t.co/smXdqPa5Af
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A personal announcement: I'm leaving Macworld after 17 years. http://t.co/gozwnjN0z5
Retweeted by Lessien@jsnell Wow, Jason. End of an era. Good luck!
According to PandoDaily, Apple set to acquire Path in an attempt to bolster iOS social cred http://t.co/XKOxoWAgA4
Retweeted by Lessien@mantia @fields @dmunsie Sure they will. The chip sets at least will be rev'ed annually (S1 -> S2, etc).@emd @gte @drance Thanks.@gte @drance And notice that Tim mentioned that he uses it to control his Apple TV. How? Voice or Touch?@gte @drance But more seriously, I think it becomes powerful when paired with HomeKit and HealthKit.@gte @drance Share your heartbeat. :P@flyosity Rose gold is typically more expensive. Wouldn't be surprised to see prices between $2K to $5K.@scottdot 18 carat gold, man. That's not cheap.Wonder how much an Edition series will cost – especially with a high-end band? A few thousand?@MichaelOransky Sorry, I don't follow…@mantia I cringe when I think about how much the gold one with some of those fancier bands will end up costing. Not an impulse buy at all.
Retweeted by Lessien@drance I applaud the innovation – and believe me I'm going to buy one – but there's work to do to prove the "value" of this thing.@GrumpusNation you're killing me, man. :)@drance That said, Apple gets that first the Watch has to be a fashion item. Buys them some time for the software to develop.@puppetdark I think people forget how Steve positioned the iPad. http://t.co/DQ5BrJtvNu@ppetrovski Punchlines can be powerful. 7 years on and for me that slide remains one of the most powerful images of the iPhone keynote.@arguementclinic The iPad had the netbook to go after. Remember?The watch is a refined product in 2014. But if they could have waited another year, they'd have had a slide full of false starts to show.With iPhone 1 it felt immediately obvious what it rendered obsolete. It had an enemy. http://t.co/rei51u3roA Not so for the watch.I have similar feelings about Apple Watch as I had with the original iPhone. Beautiful, but it doesn't do very much (yet). Apps change that.How does Minecraft fit in Nadella’s strategy laid out in the July memo? http://t.co/tbr84W1nrFThe End (of an era) RT @verge: Update: @notch will leave Mojang after transition to Microsoft, Bloomberg reports http://t.co/NmVP3oJEI9
Retweeted by Lessien@Lessien https://t.co/NSndWMoUnK Let us know if you have any questions about the launch.
Retweeted by Lessien@therumbler You misunderstand. The fact that there is _any_ non-apple content is the measure.On the day of an Apple keynote, Techmeme has non-apple content on it's front page. A clear measure that today was disappointing.Starts at $349. Folks you know that's not the one you're buying… ;)Watch starts at $349, available early 2015
Retweeted by Lessienok. how much and when?@phonescooper For real? Ugh…Yeah, special Bimmer functionality!@danielpunkass I can just imagine the tweens will (ab)use this. Gawd!Sharing heartbearts? Erm, that's weird."Tap" is the new "Poke."I sense a new playground (and app category) for designers: Apple Watch faces.@scmprofessor No. How do you grow the iPhone business? Create a second desirable product that requires one.Notice Lynch's aside – an iPhone is required for the Apple Watch.Think the engineers are sweating in the front row for this demo? #nod-to-2007Very clearly a product that acknowledges that there's a world beyond male geeks.Accessory makers must be excited.Yeah, so about that Pebl…OoooooOoooooooooStripe, Paypal, any many others… See you…What a tasty san-nich…This adds a new, literal twist to the "Take my money!" meme.
Retweeted by LessienGood on the online payment aspect. That is painful.The smartphone has slowly made most things in the wallet & purse obsolete: photos, loyalty cards, now with Apple Pay, cash & plastic.
Retweeted by LessienI'm not sure it's a good idea for me to spend more with _less_ friction…@dnanian Restart the stream. It'll jump ahead. Looks fixed for now…ApplePay is Apple's plot to destroy traditional credit cards.
Retweeted by LessienLet's hope the TV Truck team is not also in charge of handling the servers during the pre-order.
Retweeted by Lessien6 Plus is costly but that is the point. Will be viewed as super premium and will be hugely sought after by premium buyers in Asia.
Retweeted by LessienThis lifestream is a bust…Here are the new updates to the iPhone 6 battery. http://t.co/s3AUitzucC
Retweeted by LessienSO. EXCITING. http://t.co/1hx4omeJ6Y
Retweeted by LessienJames May, iOS developer
Retweeted by LessienDo the vampires sparkle in sunlight?Ok… So cool name, lame game.Is she talking more softly or have they lowered the volume on the second audio track?The iPhone is being treated the way Apple treated the iPod in 2007. That’s new.
Retweeted by Lessien@nichtlernfaehig Apple TV…The second audio track is aggro.No update on retail or financials. Moving fast…Live blogs don't let you down…
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