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WH: We've ‘Substantially Improved the Tranquility of the Global Community’ http://t.co/1dhtL0Z3BR Really???? lol #tcot #ccot
BREAKING: E-mails Show Lois Lerner Intentionally Sought to Hide Information from Congress (VIDEO) http://t.co/cO6x29Y3lB #tcot #ccot» MAJOR NEWS Muslims Destroy The Tomb Of The Prophet Jonah, The Prophet Seth, And Burn Down 11 Churches http://t.co/nrc9fey9Kb #ccot #tcot» MAJOR NEWS OUT OF ISRAEL: IDF Chief of Staff Approves Ground Offensive Plans http://t.co/0gfedZ2xeA #tcot #ccotBREAKING: Trey Gowdy Gets $3.3 Million Budget to Expose Obama on Benghazi | The Political Insider http://t.co/hh9tVujoCA #tcot #ccot
Video: Pelosi Says U.S. And Mexico Are One Nation: ‘A Community With A Border Going Through It’ http://t.co/M3exJGwKgP #tcot #ccotIslamic State (IS) map of the world: Militants outline chilling five-year plan #tcot #ccot http://t.co/0cuDDMTfm5 via @sharethis» This Country Becomes The First To Outlaw Islam http://t.co/fd3TAmHalx #ccot #tcot
Everyone is talking about Hobby Lobby, but the SCOTUS, by 5-4, also dealt a big blow to public sector unions. It’s a good day for America.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesISIS raises flag at Turkish border: After declaring it had formed the caliphate of all Muslims and changing it... http://t.co/ZOMY2CmWFy
Retweeted by Jackie YatesOh My: Audit Finds Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud in North Carolina - Guy Benson http://t.co/Vrg5dlzJLZ #PJNET #CCOT
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#Obama "I Don't need no stinking congress" All Future #POTUS will be affected from power grab by The 3rd branch. #p2 Arrogant
Retweeted by Jackie YatesReaction To Kidnapping/Murder of 3 Israeli Boys Proves Obama & Dems Are No Friends of #Israel http://t.co/oasUbSPyUk #tcot #teaparty #nobama
Retweeted by Jackie YatesDETAILS: “We will attack and will free our land,” #Ukraine’s President Poroshenko says, announcing end to ceasefire http://t.co/YhVDfC0x0Z
Retweeted by Jackie YatesISIS Mocks Obama in Latest Video: “Obama, Did You Prepare Enough Diapers For Your Soldiers?” http://t.co/xXjdXhj7B5 via @gatewaypundit
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
@brookiepie09 love my baby!@MamawJack 4795- (IBD) Hey, Hillary, #Benghazi Pilot Says We Could've Saved Stevens, Doherty, Smith, Woods http://t.co/9PO6gflSCH
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@MamawJack love my mommy!
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
@MamawJack guess what? Anne Rices new novel , "The Prince Lestat" comes out soon! I thought she was done with the Vampire Chronicles!
Retweeted by Jackie YatesSenior DHS Adviser: �Inevitable that �Caliphate� Returns� http://t.co/ZLJK9Om70U #tcot #ccotLiberal scholar concedes: ‘I think there is a case against the President for exceeding his authority’ http://t.co/fTGlQzD8HUThinking about canceling your gym membership? You may want to reconsider… http://t.co/TPkrJ9GcFE via @glennbeck #tcot #ccot MUST READTed Cruz: Holder Should Be Impeached If He Fails to Appoint Special Prosecutor to IRS Scandal http://t.co/Z2KoHuU1Xn via @townhallcom #tcot
Remember when George W. Bush predicted exactly what would happen if we pulled troops from Iraq like Obama wanted? - http://t.co/BulVsHrypY
Taliban Using Weapons Supplied By Obama's State Dept. http://t.co/fyE9bavQu1 #BenghaziAttack #ImpeachObama #Treason #RedNationRising
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
"Science Deniers": A term invented by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons. #p2 #teaparty #tcot #tgdn #lnyhbt
Retweeted by Jackie YatesOutraged by Bergdahl case, fellow soldiers break secrecy pledge to tell story http://t.co/V9DuyA2ZCx via @DCExaminer
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWake Up America!! This Is Obama's Plan For Our Country!! - @Jarkesy Political http://t.co/gXTMQW49BV
Retweeted by Jackie YatesFALLING AWAY – Southern Baptist ‘Church’ Votes to Keep Pro-Homosexual Minister http://t.co/tfT8iGiw8J
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGovernment considers freeing another Guantanamo inmate, on heels of Bergdahl swap | http://t.co/CIuemzSjMO
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTUNE IN @DineshDSouza "It's ironic bc US gov is surveilling its citizens, but it's preventing surveillance of illegals coming in to country"
Retweeted by Jackie YatesChris Matthews: "Berghdahl swap was a nasty deal, driven by our enemies." http://t.co/iV0DsSlZ6i The tingle up the leg is gone I guess.
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Ted Cruz: ‘I Do Not Think the Way to Deal With Terrorists is Through Releasing Other Violent Terrorists’ http://t.co/h8o3zqIWlq #tcot #ccot
Sometimes were so busy asking God to fix things that we forget to thank Him for all He's done!
Retweeted by Jackie Yateshttp://t.co/JcIbSTelFn have house Democrats no shame they are lower than pond scum, a slap in the face of those veterans who served us SAD!
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Remember when people who wanted a Public Option in ObamaCare were pointing to the VA? http://t.co/WDI2m7NLuo Good times. #VAScandal
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWake up America! #VAScandal is a glimpse as to how Americans medical care will be under #ObamaCare! Coming atcha full force after Nov2016!
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHouse votes 390-33 to speed up VA firings - http://t.co/JFwT9vCHdm via @TheHill Those 33 who voted against > ALL DEMS! #VAScandal
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@GrahamBlog: 'Cooking the books' is NOT only dishonorable, disgraceful, it's a crime. @BarackObama is a day late & a dollar short #VAScandal
Retweeted by Jackie YatesLow information voters aren't smart enough to realize that VA Healthcare is Obamacare. @KLSouth http://t.co/3fajeCUBC8 #VAScandal #TCOT
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Harry Reid blocks Benghazi investigation in Senate... http://t.co/eYkVdsU9Up
Retweeted by Jackie YatesCourts Have Ruled Bible Can’t be Banned in Public Schools http://t.co/6Vr5OSLAUJ http://t.co/oFSfXSQtI3
Retweeted by Jackie Yates9/11 Museum Refuses to Censor Al-Qaeda Film | FrontPage Magazine: http://t.co/7pmr61ZcMO #Sept11memorial
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAmerica is 4% gay, 2% atheist, 1% feminist. 75% Christian & 94% hetero. #JustSaying #REALStatistics :)
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGovernment is Not the Solution. #tcot http://t.co/Z4Ueof76ff
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAs Islamists Gain Influence, Washington Reassesses Who Its Friends Are http://t.co/tYrjWVWgHF
Retweeted by Jackie YatesLifeSiteNews Mobile | Federally funded Children’s Hospital gives 12-year-olds Plan B without telling parents http://t.co/tJqPATb3JiJEWSNEWS » Canada Has Only Government On Earth That Truly Supports Israel Right Now http://t.co/JSOzOY6Mu9
I can't wait to be lectured about my gun rights by an Administration responsible for giving #Guns to ... ⇒ http://t.co/DHTo6MFzHT
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIf God is for you, nothing can be against you http://t.co/YmqyMgy0ds http://t.co/hx4RsFVbVm
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@JihadistJoe @a_truthsayer hey Joe, thought you might appreciate this handy diagram http://t.co/orLVjcLmFI
Retweeted by Jackie YatesEgypt's Counterterrorism War Undermined by US Insistence on Muslim Brotherhood http://t.co/teA6coAYaM
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#God expose & remove from office those unfit 2 serve, ungodly in word & deed, those in office 4 own aggrandizement & personal power.
Retweeted by Jackie Yates....Median Family Income Under OBAMA Has DROPPED by About -$4000 the Last I Checked. NOT GOOD Barack!! lol
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMoscow holds 1st May Day parade since USSR split. Don't think it's a big deal? Don't make me quote myself from "Hunt for Red October". #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie Yates"If Everyone would immediately Stop looking for Work the Unemployment Rate would be 0%. DO THE RIGHT THING!!? lol
Retweeted by Jackie Yates"End Times Today" a meaningful discussion about Biblical Prophecy with @WalidShoebat http://t.co/NRgvgjHmwU A must watch Series #tcot #ccot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTexas Is Permanently Shutting Abortion Clinics and the Supreme Court Can't Do Anything About It http://t.co/1Hz1GyfrPh
Poll Shows Problems for Obama, Peril for Senate Democrats http://t.co/hAxzvOODvW via @nationaljournal #tcot #ccotBig chill: Feds want to scour Net, media for ‘hate speech’ http://t.co/9VJcwNUkkb via @worldnetdaily #tcot #ccot03/11/2013, Harry Reid breaks ground on Solar Project 30 miles w/ of Bundy Ranch. #bundyranch #BLM http://t.co/Imosxw5x9E
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGenocide of Armenian Christians, Obama breaks promise to acknowledge Armenian genocide http://t.co/pvk1qvm17MDem Politician Appointed by Obama Defends Muslim Airline that Bans Israeli Jews http://t.co/9tAFMOOlnw via @sharethisCruz: Kerry Should Resign Over Comments on Israel http://t.co/UFd3XF17mj via @Heritage #tcot #ccot
#Obamacare class-action suit opens a new legal front http://t.co/WaKzYoNzMj #teaparty
Retweeted by Jackie YatesKay Hagan broke her promises. I will keep mine and I will keep my Oath. #Oathkeepers Repeal #ObamaCare http://t.co/dRMTuMsnYI
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Obama-backed Jihadists in Syria: ‘Our Youngest Hostage’ - Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs http://t.co/iRz0ondM1n #tcot
Isn't the entire country a free speech zone? http://t.co/TNoBiEFw10 #tcot #ccotUS Postal Service Joins in Federal Ammo Purchases http://t.co/dbwoEkOeyX via @Newsmax_Media #tcot #ccotNew York judge: Jurors can hear imam's comment that 'everybody was happy' about 9/11 attacks http://t.co/A8HabFtt1L
The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else http://t.co/kWCDMLZBta #tcot #tiot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesLike She Bailed On Benghazi, Hillary Clinton bails on San Diego appearance after Benghazi protest scheduled http://t.co/sksP0g3wpC
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHi, my name is #BoweBergdahl, a US Army soldier in the captivity of the Taliban since June 2009. PlZ don't 4get me! pic.twitter.com/gSdUL1sV
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAsked to list her accomplishments as Sec of State, @HillaryClinton can't. But she wants to be President: http://t.co/A1JopDV1Dn #Benghazi
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHHS “Started” Individual Obamacare Applications Prior To Deadline Without Consent, Obtained Personal Info From States…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesLeftists, you will never eliminate or replace God. No matter how hard you try, He will be here when you are dead and gone. Have a nice day.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAll the multitude sought to touch him [Jesus], for power came out from him and healed them all. - Luke. 6:19
Retweeted by Jackie Yates"End Times Today" a meaningful discussion about Biblical Prophecy with @WalidShoebat http://t.co/NRgvgjHmwU A must watch Series #tcot #ccot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesShadow Stats = The REAL UnEmployment Numbers http://t.co/BmeZkNie4O #PJNET #CCOT
Retweeted by Jackie YatesFor God have not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBloodmoon: IMAGES from Earth of rare lunar eclipse http://t.co/LNMvJVnWId #BloodMoonEclipse http://t.co/aHV9GqZitH
Retweeted by Jackie YatesVideo: Real Bundy Ranch Story shows confrontation and Feds Retreating from the ground http://t.co/GuCnPdVsF5 #tcot #ccotObama Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ And The Bible / Video / Obama Is Not ...: http://t.co/pqmcUEcGpo via @YouTube #tcot #ccot» THE ULITIMATE HUMILIATION: Hamas Conquers The Temple Mount On Eve Of Passover http://t.co/k6R9P36ztH #ccot #tcot
W.H. has been 'infiltrated' - very compelling video http://t.co/Q7MtvuQscm #tcot http://t.co/sglP0J7vyM #tgdn #PJNET #RedNationRising
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBitter melon extract may have potential to fight head, neck cancer http://t.co/pbq3W0z42V #ccot #tcot» Simple Plant Kills Up To 98% Of Cancer Cells – And Stops Diabetes http://t.co/E1eeuydDp2 #tcot #ccot» Where Are The Best Locations For Americans To View The Blood Moon Monday Night http://t.co/DyropYUMbc #tcot #ccot
Leftist Thought Police Target Condoleezza Rice | Truth Revolt: http://t.co/aqpctcNxNg
Retweeted by Jackie YatesUS issues scathing attack against UNHRC for singling out Israel http://t.co/Hx9JGLUbxr #tcot #ccotSenators: Iran-Russia Trade Deal Opens Floodgates for Nuke Materials, Weapons http://t.co/rp5LCuXM4D #tcot #ccot
U2’s Bono Is Refreshingly Honest About Faith And Answers ‘Who Was Jesus?’ http://t.co/GGWpJiP1lc #ccot #tcot Great Interview“@billhorne1360: @hankishtwit @allen_colvin @Jahbalon @SeanParnellUSA # please don't be mad at us, Mr Putin.” http://t.co/Fz6q5GLx1m
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
» A Stunning Scientific Claim About Noah’s Ark http://t.co/Nc63FKe7rt #tcot #ccot» Massive 3,800-Year-Old Fortress Uncovered In City Of David http://t.co/Jo63fQQJc0 #ccot #tcot» Are We Being Microchipped Withour Our Knowledge http://t.co/yrwHWcaloy #tcot #ccot» IDF Soldiers Dance At The Western Wall…Priceless http://t.co/N7QKEaXOHw #tcot #ccot» Mystical Secret Of The Western Wall http://t.co/MolFZv37MM #ccot #tcotWestern Wall cleaned for Passover http://t.co/9C7Ho19tOC via @timesofisrael #ccot #tcotIs Praying In Jesus' Name "Revolutionary"? http://t.co/0SC7nk5vaW via @po_st If so then I am a Revolutionist! #tcot #ccot
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