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Marcos_El_Malo @Marcos_El_Malo SMA, GTO, MX & L.A.,CA,USA

Rabid music fan, dog lover, adventurer, now living in Mexico. I guess I should mention that I'm a writer, too.

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And with that, I think I should go to bed. I feel stupid and terrible.@TrancewithMe I hate to bring in a 3rd party, but might you please express an apology for me to pantophile. I won't trouble her again. Thnx!@PantophileXXX I didn't intend to make light of your valid and serious complaint. I am sorry if it came across that way. #wrongfooted@PantophileXXX Shall I unfollow?What the hell, I'm going to (respectfully, of course) follow @PantophileXXX unless or until she says not.@PantophileXXX @TrancewithMe Is it gauche to follow someone after she complains about creepy followers?Why do complete strangers feel like they have the right to talk dirty to me when I have neither requested nor consented to them doing so?
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI realize I post sexually provocative photographs, but consenting to one sex act is NEVER consenting to every possible subsequent act.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo“It was never about the money” always means it was about money.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@EugeneCheeks @IndigeniusIdeas @jfkeeler Good luck on finals! Or, as we say in theater, "Rip a blue book"@IndigeniusIdeas it's rice, beans, and tortillas for the rest of the month so I can visit a friend next month.@IndigeniusIdeas OK following @the_lame_sauce now. Wish I had the money to buy stuff!Best part of #myNYPD = pics of dogs being frisked http://t.co/vHfmQHIHds
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@IndigeniusIdeas @Klamathriverguy @jfkeeler I think @WhatTRIBE is a genius. I try to pay attention.@Klamathriverguy @jfkeeler @IndigeniusIdeas I laughed so hard earlier when @WhatTRIBE tweeted "Decolonialize your ego".I wasn't a bad person. My intentions were good. But I was certainly an asshole.I mean actual fist fights. Even if a friend was in the wrong, or even if I didn't understand the situation.I don't know if this has anything to do with anything, but in my younger days, I jumped into fights without knowing why, just for loyalty.@Klamathriverguy @jfkeeler @IndigeniusIdeas LOL, there was four a few minutes ago. I think Herbert is a stalker for some con org.If I could host dinner for any five people from history, I'd pick a person who severely wronged me and the band The Eagles, then I'd leave.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@jfkeeler @Klamathriverguy @IndigeniusIdeas notice the followers of that guy? Did any one of the four followers jump out at you?#HeavenIsForRealMovie http://t.co/De4Qa7ecfw
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloBy the way, @EugeneCheeks , I don't think we've met. Howdy! @cayden @TheTinaVasquez@cayden @EugeneCheeks @TheTinaVasquez Omfg. I liked the Wolverines, but those are amazing, too. Y'all gonna make me lose my shit.So long as we are under the control of disturbing emotions, real happiness is hard to find.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@AndyRichter #HeavenIsForRealMovie http://t.co/o3Gcrkp0l0
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Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo“@ElizaBayne: #HeavenIsForRealMovie http://t.co/omSahuySgr” Be are be, dying of laughter.
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Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#HeavenIsForRealMovie harv was there too http://t.co/bLczChwDJ3
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#HeavenIsForRealMovie http://t.co/dXRyEjYypz
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Maloif god doesnt exist how did they film the #HeavenIsForRealMovie then huh explain that athetits
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#HeavenIsForRealMovie http://t.co/qmv9Fs1Iof
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Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo“@KellyraspBerry: Yay! It finally arrived! http://t.co/uWAyS7t1z2” #HeavenIsForRealMovie
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Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo[brings up twitter follower count in an argument with parents]
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#HeavenIsForRealMovie http://t.co/aarJp4zSGU
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloGoing to hashtag everything #HeavenIsForRealMovie
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#HeavenIsForRealMovie http://t.co/pBXfxbwYQv
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo“@AndyRichter: #HeavenIsForRealMovie http://t.co/gMeY7MkL35” Andy Richter lives in an alley in Toluca Lake.@xodanix3 Hey, I consider myself a @jfkeeler supporter, and I think you're a great person. Current kerfluffle is temporary, don't worry.Sadly, I don't have a kitty right now. When I moved to Mex, the cats stayed with the house. @TheTinaVasquez @cayden@cayden Somehow, that doesn't surprise me. @TheTinaVasquez@jaythenerdkid Already did. I am sorry you were mistaken for being white earlier. It's happened to me before @IndigeniusIdeas @feministlady@TheTinaVasquez #truestory before I got dogs, I used to take my cats on drives when I was emotional. They didn't like it.LOL @IndigeniusIdeas so, @herbert45r reeeeally needs attention and also likes uses humiliation as a weapon. Tries to us it, I should say.@herbert45r @IndigeniusIdeas you are trolling hard. Too hard. You grow boring.@jfkeeler So, did you ever apologize for colonizing? 😜@herbert45r Actually, it has a lot to do with it. Based on mistaken ID. My accuser was actually vile, though @IndigeniusIdeas @feministlady@jfkeeler This guy is some kind of SP-Troll?@herbert45r One of the anti-Keeler peeps called me George Zimmerman because if mistaken ID. Apologize to me! @IndigeniusIdeas @feministlady@herbert45r @IndigeniusIdeas @feministlady more personal attacks. Lie harder, Herbert.@herbert45r @IndigeniusIdeas @feministlady @jfkeeler Oh, brother. Oh, sister. You trying to gas us with propane? Cos it smells like methane@herbert45r @IndigeniusIdeas @feministlady Yup, dude is the attack. Changing the argument cause he got nothing. Picking on a mistake.@herbert45r @IndigeniusIdeas @feministlady you're clutching at straws, buddy.@herbert45r @feministlady @IndigeniusIdeas @jfkeeler Was that like the time I was compared to George Zimmerman?@AtlasSmugged Yes. The good news is they can be managed in remission, too.Does anyone else feel like their self-harm or suicidal tendencies never really go away, but rather sort of go into remission?
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@herbert45r @feministlady @IndigeniusIdeas What slander? Can you point it out? I would be honored to be considered a @jfkeeler buddy, btw.@feministlady No offense intended, but I'm going to mute you, ok? @herbert45r @IndigeniusIdeas@herbert45r I never attacked Dani. I have no problems w/ her as a person. @IndigeniusIdeas @feministlady@IndigeniusIdeas The reason I understand this behavior is that it's my natural reaction to feeling threatened. @feministlady @jaythenerdkid
@kima_jones currently doing a lot of meatless days, saving up for some travel. Lentil stew. Rice (always rice!) Beans.@kima_jones I adore asparagus. I need to do a better job. Spinach is good too. Sautéed in oliveoil w/garlic and bacon crumbles. Or raw.@IndigeniusIdeas They can't say "maybe I was wrong, can we talk about it?" They have to attack. @feministlady @jaythenerdkid.@feministlady @jaythenerdkid So two white feminists are bashing some Native women and then won't talk to them about why-so brave-smh
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@IndigeniusIdeas You know how some people, when they get defensive, go on the offensive? @feministlady @jaythenerdkidI'm cooking dinner for all of you Twitter get over here
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@kima_jones there are times when my only source of vegies are the radishes, cucumbers and onions at a taco stand.@kima_jones I mean, beware in a good way. I like picante, but these orange chiles make me cry.@kima_jones If you ever seen the red onions and the orange chiles marinated in vinegar, beware of the chiles. The seeds in particular.Gotta judge a taco truck by how many storage containers full of vegetables they put out for free.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malohi new followers sometimes I make jokes but mostly I just talk about anal
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@TheTinaVasquez As a friend I need to tell you to stop taking your cat to Denny's after midnight. It's not fair to the cat.Why does my cat make me yell? Why can't he just chill the fuck out one fucking time?
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo“@skullmandible: eat it quick before it gets cold http://t.co/jO5xGy3Mfe” tastes better when made in a cast iron pandon't be lazy, kids. Don't just think about the end goal. It's about the journey.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo"how do you make your work popular" is probs intended the same way as "how do you get exposure" but it still makes me go >:|
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@MORNAFAN93 You're welcome? I'm doubly out of touch: no TV and in a foreign country.IT IS US. IT. IS. US.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Maloagain, for the 100th time, abuse in endemic in our workplaces and the tech community. We need to let go of the precious fear that *ITS US*
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloHe was a skater goat, he said see you later, goat. http://t.co/hqM5QMhTaI
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo“@MORNAFAN93: #VOICE SAVE TJ!!!” Are you referring to this? http://t.co/BzxiK5Efh8“@CoryBooker: Consider adopting a pet: http://t.co/pmZi6gW5zp” Completely agree!! Consider fostering, too. (But what is tht hand squeezing?)@shanley They’re upset that they can’t be the center of attention and the voice of reason in an issue that isn’t fucking about them.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo.@juliepagano oh you mean like they're scared we will treat their words like they treat ours.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo"people who are not cops can act in ways [that reinforce] the prison-industrial complex" - @deanspade
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo“@karentozzi: Gary Busey Pity Party” What's the Nolte angle? Nosy neighbor? Host? Embodiment of The Voices in Busey's head?I rebuke okra in the name of spinach RT @StevotheSnowman: @stereowilliams c'mon Bruh you know you gotta fry it, or put it in gumbo or som"
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo+1 RT @OccupyWallStNYC: The saddest part of #MyNYPD is it will be seen as a brand comms failure rather then failure of a system and policy.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo16 year old son... Coming in to tell me that 17 year old daughter is crazy and irrational. Get used to it Son.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#GreenTVShows @midnight The Dukes of Hazardous Waste
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloWhat I've been trying to say for a while now. Revolu won't change anything. We have to build our own society. http://t.co/CJTLAIZB8v@NWO_NOW You can tell the old man is an anarchist because he's wearing a North Face jacket.Thank GOD for #myNYPD. They stopped this dangerous 84 yo man from crossing the street. http://t.co/fWH32IRD97
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