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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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@TheBandBlake It was gorgeous. Truly it was.Hurray for HERE LIES LOVE at the Dorfman Theatre! Go see it, whether in London or New York, whichever side of the pond you happen to be on.
Just watched @TheBandBlake sing "Fields of Gold" on TV. Beautiful singing, you guys! I don't think it can go better than thatBackstory's out! -- http://t.co/Aj0w3ZUBB0@dayle0720 This never happened. Let's just call it fan fiction.@doyguwapo @neiltyson You'd have to ask Pope Francis himself. I will not project that onto him.Not a bad place to hand out while waiting. #Bournemouth #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair http://t.co/TCxw7ww15NThe show is about to begin. #Bournemouth #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair http://t.co/I32nLyT9HY@neiltyson @Peter_Lockyer It's a Jesuit thing. Where a God, science, reason, and spirituality go hand in hand.Pope Francis announced that he now embraces the science of Evolution & the Big Bang. Hmm. I wonder if he just watched Cosmos?
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Next up: THE FLASH. @grantgust is wonderful in it, as is Jesse L. Martin. Hurray for musical theater!!!I wish i could warn you again of how temporary power is but i guess you will eventually find out the hard way- humility comes to all
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@xesypebowumi Mukhang medyo matagal pa ang hintay mo.@ThisIsGeeCee I'm a gladiator in a gown.And I am officially all caught up with @ScandalABC.Call me a glutton for punishment... downloading S04 of Scandal now. #Gladiator #ItsHandled #IAmFineSeason 3 of @ScandalABC, done. I need to steep my soul in isopropyl first before tackling Season 4.
@johndirection25 For Halloween, aim for class. And grab some mp3 files to play as you trick or treat. Lip sync if you must. Have fun!@iheartLeaS I must've hit the Follow button by accident during #AskCoachLea. I wasn't always looking at where my fingers were going.@iheartLeaS They're strangers. I don't know who they are. Makes no sense for me to follow them. I follow celebs I love and people I've met.A wig like that would cost upwards of $5,000. That imbecile had better return it. http://t.co/qWEdqXFCJh@jeanne06alvarez Not angry, but if I don't intend to do something, I have to undo it. I don't follow people I don't know.The person that stole the wig is NOT A FAN. -- http://t.co/qWEdqXFCJhIt's nice to be back in London.@dialadike Woman, you are not going anywhere. =)Why is my profile following people I didn't intend to follow? No offense, but I'll be unfollowing you, nothing personal.@michaelarden @grantgust @andymientus I guess he's a quadruple threat: singer, dancer, actor, and superhero.Wow, @grantgust, wow. -- The Flash - Extended Trailer http://t.co/2gn6iutwk3@RobbyTarroza Could be a transcription of an ambush interview. Doesn't look like something I wrote.@RobbyTarroza Bobby, what's wrong???@Kitz_Katz101 And, there's no need to advertise good deeds done. That's all.@Kitz_Katz101 Oh you're mistaken. TOFA asked how to get in touch with Darren. And I think they found connections on their own.
@TJANDREi Auditions are over and teams are formed.@Kitz_Katz101 He's had this done and his vocal health is good. But, the body can only take so much.@com_com1013 @ildivoofficial @Carlosmarin @DivoDavidMiller @sebdivo Welcome to my world.@iam_LeweLeweL @ildivoofficial No. I sang Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Memory, A Whole New World, Music of the Night, Time to Say Goodbye.@iluvleasalonga @iam_LeweLeweL @ildivoofficial What on earth? Sun and Moon wasn't sung. The show has remained unchanged since North America.@bianca_morris @ildivoofficial Calm down!!!@EndaMarkey RIIIIIIIGHT????Yeah, it's THAT day. But not until after work is done. #threeinarow #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair http://t.co/WYZQq9zEvJMy little friend. http://t.co/p5wWac9W5ZTime to get my head in the game... sleep deprived, caffeinated, and very excited! #Dublin #ildivo #AMusicalAffair @ildivoofficial@iheartLeaS Yung mga nagnanakaw ng gamit na hindi kanila. Ganoon.@freaky_Holmes Attitude.@TimmyPavino Dude, you chose me. Thanks for letting me be your coach.It's been an hour....... Thanks for your questions! Today's #AskCoachLea comes to an end. Good night!@Iammimiace He really is. The good kind.@rsl4ever Oh God, never.@simplemeweng Huwag na. Ayokong makita. Tapos, according to others that were at the taping, tinabihan ako sa isang segment. Ang kapal!
@transedmuggle Biology.@chattyfangirl Gordon Ramsay.@angel_aguilar05 Yes...And no.@leaco91 Nope, I had a boyfriend.@leamourxx a They can hope all they want. Doesn't mean it's going to happen.@iheartLeaS Mga taong bastos lang ang gumagawa ng ganoon.@dayle0720 Hindi rin.@chayt33 A little.@RafieDjin There is no good reason to take what doesn't belong to you. Period.@FaithEngracia Wish lang niya.@YouSonofaMiitch Nope!@krysselmndoza My imagination.@Dawntlessxx If it looks good, then cool.@raziellebrj Sleep and sleep.@daniellajoanna City to live in, nature to look at.@trishawesome_ Hindi ko kilala. Ayaw kong makilala. Dahil fan daw niya ako kaya niya kinuha? Hindi yan fan. Walang respeto.@jeanne06alvarez I can't remember... 19-20? Forgettable kasi.@itsmeabhieeee Feeling lang kasi.@RafieDjin Only to friends and family. Outside of that, you get one shot. Squander it, and you're dead to me.@trishawesome_ Hanggang ngayon. Hindi ko yun mapapatawad. Ang sama eh. Napakasama ng ginawa niya.@ranjinksss I think throughout Blinds, there will be at least one. They were all so funny!@Salongafied Steal. And it's happened. Idiot.@simplemeweng I wasn't single at the time though... bad timing.@Darlynicious Hilarious.@rsl4ever 3 solos, 5 duets.@Salongafied And certain pieces of jewelry. Sentimental value.@Salongafied My scarf comes to mind.@freaky_Holmes He doesn't want one.@czamantah Badass.@samanthaalyanna Makulit.@xtine18joy Very. She's doing well in school and her singing has improved.@JeanneErika15 Wala na. Maybe very little Spanish. Verrrrrrrry little.@jeanne06alvarez I'm irritated & angered when their being fans pushes them into doing bad things. (Stealing that fan keeps coming to mind.)@chattyfangirl Chandelier is my favorite.@asdfg143u I don't call her Tita. I use it when the person I'm talking to refers to her as Tita.@zeebee05 Shock. Complete and utter shock.@YouSonofaMiitch He's an idiot.@hellolaureana At my mom's.@samanthaalyanna I'm closest to David. But Seb is awful cute.@leamourxx You don't want to know.@itsmeabhieeee Angelina Jolie.@shaynesational Unique.@25_asher Collect and collect... then select.@FaithEngracia Prague, Ljubljana, Berlin, and Vienna. Of course I love London, but that goes without saying.@andrewyamon Depends on who the singer is.@leaco91 Sneakers.@itsmeabhieeee Mukhang wala.@iheartLeaS Yung original, siyempre!@TaleonGomez Anything she does is amazing.@angel_aguilar05 I think it's Aga. No holds barred ang usapan, harap-harapan, walang itinatago.@wanqiho Seeing places I've never traveled to. That's the best part of it.
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