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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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#ObamaCare took away this woman’s medicine for her neurological pain. Her GOP congressman helped her get it back. http://t.co/bDrKKhnREtA NY woman suffered neurological pain for 5 months thanks to #ObamaCare. Her Republican congressman helped stop it. http://t.co/bDrKKhnREtYou need to read this Washington Post editorial slamming Obama for his #KeystoneXL decision. http://t.co/J9hwkvwZf2January 20, 1981: When Ronald Reagan was inaugurated for the first time. #TBT http://t.co/AXSWUYeBJg http://t.co/oskqwD2UmUFirst there was Ross and Rachel, now there’s @RonBarberAZ and @NancyPelosi http://t.co/1qR2Xsnjpi #AZ02 #followthemoney #tbt
Thought that the #IRS couldn’t get any worse? RETWEET if you agree THIS is unacceptable! http://t.co/HaJgsORjDK http://t.co/lmHFiRhA7xCBS: #IRS employees who don’t pay their taxes are still receiving bonuses. http://t.co/BuPUjOZtXgStand with us as we fight to hold the #IRS accountable. Behavior like this is unacceptable. http://t.co/HaJgsORjDK http://t.co/lmHFiRhA7xShame on the #IRS for proving yet again that it has no accountability to American taxpayers. http://t.co/1i2n8ugrAf http://t.co/lmHFiRhA7xThe #IRS paid out bonuses to employees who didn’t pay their taxes. Where’s the accountability? http://t.co/1i2n8ugrAfYou won’t believe what the #IRS gave to its employees who didn’t pay their taxes. http://t.co/1i2n8ugrAfThe newest #IRS scandal: employees who don’t pay their taxes are still receiving bonuses. WATCH: http://t.co/BuPUjOZtXg
Congratulations to Curt Clawson for winning GOP primary in #FL19 tonight! Statement from @NRCC Chair Greg Walden: http://t.co/RZMpOgDvIT“#ObamaCare is falling short on insuring the uninsured.” http://t.co/rm6qXRxhwd“You can’t keep your crappy plans. Just deal with that!” No, we won’t just 'deal with it.' http://t.co/vrc3I5hjzo http://t.co/Mj8UQSCW4kThis Associated Press story pours cold water on Democrats hoping to “move on” from #ObamaCare. http://t.co/rm6qXRxhwdAssociated Press headline: “#ObamaCare Falling Short On Insuring The Uninsured.” http://t.co/1KvBruMhhY http://t.co/AfV0GLV4UmWatch an MSNBC host tell Americans who lost their “crappy” health insurance to “just deal with that." http://t.co/nzQYw1taf1
Sign our petition to demand @BarackObama approve the #KeystoneXL Pipeline NOW! http://t.co/ABPPIZoLmT http://t.co/5QuU1k1e6gUPDATE: Another union criticizes Obama’s #KeystoneXL delay as a “cold, hard slap in the face” to American workers. http://t.co/FBDO55PSJKReason #6 to approve #KeystoneXL: the pipeline will boost America’s energy independence. http://t.co/ZwlcFqAi8oReason #5 to approve #KeystoneXL: Obama’s own allies support the Keystone Pipeline. http://t.co/ZwlcFqAi8oReason #4 to approve #KeystoneXL: the State Dept. determined it will have minimal environmental impact. http://t.co/ZwlcFqAi8oReason #3 to approve #KeystoneXL: the pipeline will create at least 42,000 jobs. http://t.co/ZwlcFqAi8oReason #2 to approve #KeystoneXL: the pipeline enjoys bipartisan support. http://t.co/ZwlcFqAi8oReason #1 to approve #KeystoneXL: 61% of Americans favor constructing the pipeline. http://t.co/ZwlcFqAi8oHere are 6 reasons President Obama needs to approve the #KeystoneXL Pipeline (with GIFs!) http://t.co/IAhFN3SYkiRETWEET to tell @BarackObama it's time to approve the #KeystoneXL Pipeline. http://t.co/IAhFN3SYki http://t.co/5QuU1k1e6g6 Reasons We Need To Approve The #KeystoneXL Pipeline Right Now. http://t.co/IAhFN3SYki“It’s not the oil that’s dirty. It’s the politics.” http://t.co/FBDO55PSJK #KeystoneXL http://t.co/6BdoL0unL3Major labor union slams Obama on #KeystoneXL delay: “It’s not the oil that’s dirty. It’s the politics.” http://t.co/FBDO55PSJKCNBC’s John Harwood: #KeystoneXL delay 100% politics, “not the finest hour.” http://t.co/nL9xZA1MnW
May you and your family celebrate a blessed Easter Sunday.
An @NRCC staffer applied to be this Democrat candidate’s communications director. Read his application: http://t.co/nKRJ6myAxlA day after Obama demands you “move on," a Democrat Rep. admits they’re going to lose seats thanks to #Obamacare. http://t.co/qS5xO5J6AE
President Obama has delayed the #KeystoneXL Pipeline - yet again. No more stalling, Mr. President. http://t.co/0otWCxmYENNo, @BarackObama, we won’t just “move on.” http://t.co/Kn9zTVtZx7 #ObamaCare http://t.co/UQYQ2Tvi7aDemocrat Congressman admits that House Democrats will lose seats in 2014 because of #ObamaCare. http://t.co/M6Fx7gGCulDemocrat predicts they will lose seats in 2014 because of #ObamaCare. Retweet if you agree. http://t.co/qS5xO5J6AE http://t.co/ceMsElST1YVIDEO: Good morning @DCCC, according to @Politico your map is shrinking and you’re in “triage” http://t.co/e4rxO2JZZ7
President Obama just told these 1,800 NJ families whose children lost insurance because of #ObamaCare to "move on." http://t.co/NfBNcqet0OPresident Obama just told these widows who lost their health insurance because of #ObamaCare to “move on.” http://t.co/KsXQFTJLO2Only 28% of ObamaCare enrollees 18-34? FLASHBACK: “Kaiser Report Says 25% Is WORST-CASE Scenario.” http://t.co/cD8BtdzKLXRT @rorycooper: Hey, did you lose access to your doctor or hospital because of Obamacare? President Obama says "move on."No, we can’t. RT @ZekeJMiller: Obama: "I think we can all agree that it's well past time to move on."#ObamaCare is canceling widows’ health insurance. So wrong. http://t.co/KsXQFTJLO2July 24, 2013: When Obama called the #IRS targeting a “phony” scandal.” #TBT http://t.co/sAmdwhpUq9 http://t.co/xqBjUsJovTWATCH: Republican Evan Jenkins launches new TV ad against vulnerable #WV03 Democrat Nick Rahall. “Backbone.” http://t.co/GHViXkttj3
One of our @NRCC staffers applied to be @SeanEldridge’s communications director. His cover letter: http://t.co/nKRJ6myAxl #NY19These are 6 people who should apply to be Democrat Sean Eldridge’s new communications director. #NY19 http://t.co/0S1tQUeJXn6 People Who Could Be @SeanEldridge’s New Communications Director. http://t.co/0S1tQUeJXn47 People Who Will Apply To Be @SeanEldridge’s Communications Director. http://t.co/asNQvUa6opTwo of @BarackObama’s top Lieutenants in his #WaronCoal are funding @RepNickRahall’s campaign. http://t.co/IZLSod0gfp #wv03 #wvpolREAD: "Democrats Get That Sinking Feeling In #FL13.” Via @powerlineblog http://t.co/BE0GCfzLWO
A year later, we still remember the victims & the heroes of the Boston Marathon. #BostonStrong http://t.co/UOwMwDAK7ZPoliticizing the Census Bureau to protect Democrats? http://t.co/KlAE0tLLMx RETWEET to tell @BarackObama he is wrong. http://t.co/5oGweaUk3aIs @BarackObama politicizing the Census Bureau to help #ObamaCare look better (and help Democrats in the midterms)? http://t.co/tj2z15UWd7BREAKING: Obama’s Census Bureau is changing question wording to hide effects of #ObamaCare right before midterms! http://t.co/tj2z15UWd7Tell the Democrats that Eric Holder’s refusal to investigate the #IRS is unacceptable: http://t.co/sAmdwhpUq9 #TaxDay http://t.co/4cMaa3ThN9Remind the Democrats this #TaxDay that the #IRS Scandal is still a HUGE deal: http://t.co/CaiBBTbhQ0 http://t.co/Q830QzISPHToday is #TaxDay. Check out these 5 easy ways the government can start saving your money. http://t.co/PgbX5pNgNf
A Minnesota House Democrat is holding a fundraiser hosted by a convicted child molester. #Shameless http://t.co/Drb3N8jUhAObamaCare is killing job growth at a local grocery store in Democrat @ChrisVanHollen’s district. http://t.co/Lf4T5x7Ir8Does Democrat @ChrisVanHollen care to comment on this story about ObamaCare killing job growth in his own district? http://t.co/Lf4T5x7Ir8Maryland grocery store in top House Democrat’s district no longer hiring due to #ObamaCare. http://t.co/Lf4T5x7Ir8RT @amylutz4: Especially the James Madison gear. Obviously. Nicely done @NRCC https://t.co/r6qlxIV6mDRT @amylutz4: Loving the #OriginalConstitutionalConservative swag from the @NRCC https://t.co/K1d2Egl3miANOTHER House Democrat is fundraising with this convicted child molester. http://t.co/EBKNWijoqe
The Chair of the @DCCC this morning said he thinks the Republican base is motivated by racism. http://t.co/7IwotZmye8.@DCCC Chair Steve Israel just admitted this morning that he thinks some House Republicans are racists. http://t.co/9VOAlD8dri
Thomas Jefferson 2016? http://t.co/pvw5Bcj9oqThomas Jefferson didn’t have campaign buttons, but if he did, they would have looked like this. Grab one: http://t.co/pvw5Bcj9oqJames Madison was the ORIGINAL constitutional conservative. Honor his legacy with this awesome tee: http://t.co/1VnR1wUzANCheck out the latest line of @NRCC “constitutional conservative” gear: http://t.co/JRSSqezM5c
George Washington: the ORIGINAL American patriot: http://t.co/zmrDuLpwmZAre you a constitutional conservative? Prove it: http://t.co/wcuOkQ6j5qGeorge Washington cannot tell a lie. He really digs this tee shirt. http://t.co/zmrDuLpwmZLAUNCHING TODAY: exclusive line of buttons, mugs & shirts celebrating our original constitutional conservatives. http://t.co/JRSSqezM5cYou HAVE to read this epic letter-to-the-editor this man wrote to Democrat @SeanEldridge. #NY19 http://t.co/yO17Q5jm70Woah - @PressSec did NOT like getting asked about @Sebelius leaving today. WATCH: http://t.co/YJPFMWKnuy11 worst moments of @Sebelius as HHS Secretary. http://t.co/pQ7TMnmaT7Analog Error 404: Page Not Found: http://t.co/8pOvsjTEJt h/t @sebeliusFarewell, @Sebelius. Your resignation is a good start - but it’s not enough. http://t.co/zZU28oNc7M http://t.co/kmgR581gzUShe’s resigning today, but let’s look back at @Sebelius 11 worst moments as HHS Secretary. http://t.co/pQ7TMnmaT7
BREAKING NEWS: Kathleen @Sebelius is resigning. http://t.co/xXXifz0Nz9#Breaking RT @AP_Ken_Thomas: WASHINGTON (AP) - AP source: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigning after rocky health care law rollout.Stand with House Republicans as we look to find answers and ensure the #IRS scandal never happens again. http://t.co/wBnYBoBIDBLois Lerner just got held in contempt. Here are 21 dates you need to know about the #IRS scandal. http://t.co/JkeJOsQkiuThe House Oversight Cmt just held Lois Lerner in contempt. Stand with the GOP & help us fight: http://t.co/eTuVICHmHr http://t.co/F3KCswCNBPThe Democrats didn’t want this to happen. Click here to stand with the House GOP: http://t.co/eTuVICHmHr #IRS http://t.co/tDgWHSfXJlHelp us fight and stand by the GOP's decision to hold #IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt: http://t.co/eTuVICHmHr http://t.co/9c1JeMTVImBREAKING: The House Oversight Committee just voted to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress! #IRS http://t.co/e5XdrV4IskWhen @NancyPelosi gave up the Speaker’s gavel to the Republicans after their defeat in 2010. #tbt #throwbackthursday http://t.co/ZqkxN9uc56May 10, 2013: Lois Lerner misleads public by blaming the Cincinnati #IRS office for the conservative targeting. http://t.co/qzKj5U12YcJan. 31, 2013: Lois Lerner attempts to influence an independent appeals process. http://t.co/qzKj5U12Yc #IRSJan. 24, 2013: Lois Lerner email wonders if she could get an job with @OFA. http://t.co/qzKj5U12Yc #IRSJan. 4, 2013: Lois Lerner organizes a meeting that begins her series of actions that target conservative groups. http://t.co/qzKj5U12Yc #IRSNov. 4, 2012: Lois Lerner sends a misleading response to TIGTA investigatory audit. http://t.co/qzKj5U12Yc #IRSDec. 14, 2012: Conservative group’s #IRS application is leaked to ProPublica, a violation of federal law. http://t.co/qzKj5U12Yc #IRSJuly 27, 2012: Democrat @SenCarlLevin sends letter to #IRS seeking probe of conservative groups. http://t.co/qzKj5U12Yc #IRS
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