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Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Donor is an Iranian-Tied Ukranian Oil Baron http://t.co/cq9eU3G8sU via @theeagleirising
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@seanhannity @edhenry Earnest told JonathanKarl to contact StateDept to see exact wording of Hillary/Foundation memorandum. WH has no copy?!Why Can't Barack Hussein Admit ISIS Beheaded Christians http://t.co/60iyb28oP5 http://t.co/zffhmlzNsK @RebelMouse - http://t.co/zffhmlzNsK
Retweeted by Nouvelle353,000 Refugees On Food Stamps http://t.co/FOofKx5iWz via @BreitbartNews #immigration
Retweeted by NouvelleIn June 2010 Bill got a $500,000 speaking fee in Russia. Putin personally thanked Bill. http://t.co/7PJHJGrDVL
Retweeted by NouvelleI agree with @BobbyJindal: America did not create religious liberty. Religious liberty created America. #tcot
Retweeted by Nouvellehttp://t.co/52CtyHUtgn
Retweeted by NouvelleWhen the most basic pillars of our country are viewed as extremist by the left, you have to wonder what their goal is http://t.co/9IzFFZpcWD
Retweeted by NouvelleThe 1st #EarthDay was in 1970. Here are 18 of its most flagrant INCORRECT predictions: http://t.co/PF8q2vRABY #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAARWounded #ISIS leader,Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,replaced by Abu Alaa Afri, caliph’s deputy & former physics teacher. http://t.co/D9XJohon86 #TCOTHypocrisy on #EarthDay Flaunted by Bill Nye and O: http://t.co/q0XRivJj6X #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAARHer first duty is to prosecute you, Congressman Rangel: @cbrangel Congrats #LorettaLynch! Looking forward to fighting for justice w/ you..Thank You! @SenatorWicker I voted against #LorettaLynch’s nomination to be Attorney General. Here's why: http://t.co/XJNOU07Rvw #TCOT #PJNETPlease ask her for the #FastAndFurious indictments: @JoaquinCastrotx Congratulations to the talented, capable #LorettaLynch for her AG.#TCOTWhen will she show us the #FastAndFurious indictments? @repcleaver Senate confirmed Loretta Lynch for AG..great news for our country.. #TCOTThank You! @SenShelby Today, I voted against the nomination of #LorettaLynch for U.S. Attorney General: http://t.co/Vp6QlwOTSZ #TCOT #PJNET@SenatorDurbin I wish you targeted #Waste #Fraud #Abuse in gov't as much as you assail private businesses. #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAARMI voters should reject any tax increase proposal that doesn't first eliminate film subsidies and corporate welfare. I'm voting no on May 5.
Retweeted by NouvelleOn their way to the WH ceremony, the Patriots stop to visit Walter Reed Hospital: http://t.co/N7yHWKhEah
Netanyahu's statement on the phony Obama-Iran nuke "framework" http://t.co/e4CRFf1QvN
Retweeted by NouvelleBill Gate's foundation was funded by Bill Gate's personal $$. Clinton Foundation was funded by foreign countries and big Corps.
Retweeted by NouvelleFournier: Democrats 'Scared to Death' over Hillary Clinton - Breitbart http://t.co/FueNQAlpA6 via @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by NouvelleMUST READ: Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Ryan: Putting Congress in Charge on Trade. https://t.co/As20vD0GrT #TGDN #CCOT #PJNET #tcot
Retweeted by NouvelleMSNBC's Latest Tax Cheat @Touré Has the Taxman on His Case *If your work had 4 Delinquent Tax Cheats would IRS Visit? http://t.co/4rCpTpbjfm
Retweeted by NouvelleHow Florida Is Trying to Push Back Against Federal Government Overreach. http://t.co/kNSSCSTd1l #TGDN #CCOT #PJNET #tcot
Retweeted by NouvelleDem New Hampshire Gov. Refuses To Endorse Hillary [VIDEO] http://t.co/NEUOzu3JwP http://t.co/2v04tSDhib
Retweeted by NouvelleJeb Bush named GOP nominee most like to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform. http://t.co/h6AUzQq3ok #TGDN #CCOT #PJNET #tcot
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@FoxBusiness @PeterRoskam -Close it down! Flat tax or consumer tax. 60% of calls unanswered is a tragedy.
Retweeted by Nouvelle@FoxBusiness @PeterRoskam Congressman, Please #Abolish the #IRS and implement a #FairTax. Thank You!@SpeakerBoehner Can we please see the results of the #FastAndFurious investigation?I proposed 10 amdts to cyber surveillance bills, #HR1560 & #HR1731. Leadership will not allow a vote on any of them. https://t.co/Edo17bCQLu
Retweeted by NouvelleDisqualified. https://t.co/MhiDwwlLjO
Retweeted by NouvelleLaura Ingraham,"The Clintons are now one of the richest couples on earth..by giving speeches..what, exactly, are they being paid for?" #TCOTMarco Rubio Endorses Executive Amnesty In Spanish #tcot #ccot #teaparty #pjnet http://t.co/qhztcr7CaO
Retweeted by Nouvelle@lisalecallie @Norsu2 @IngrahamAngle LorettaLynch also favors same sex marriage,& partial birth abortion.She filed 2006 AmicusBrief in favor@Norsu2 @IngrahamAngle http://t.co/Q13pcJw2AG
Retweeted by Nouvelle@AK_TWEET @DR8801 Jeb blamed Repubs for not confirming LorettaLynch,instead of blaming Dems for holding up SexTraffickingBill. Jeb is a RINOEnd the #Bush #Clinton dynasties... #NoHillary2016 #NoJeb2016 http://t.co/zCPpoikbtM
Retweeted by NouvelleWhy we need #FairTax: @CounterMoonbat Never ceases to amaze, ppl who get rich leeching political system, demonizing ppl who actually produce#BENGHAZI GET AIRFORCE TO PROVIDE FLIGHT MANIFEST 4 #BENGHAZI EVAC C-130 @TGowdySC @Jim_Jordan @RepMarthaRoby #WhyImNotVotingForHillary
Retweeted by NouvelleThis is Wild Bill's take on the "Second Biggest Lie in America." http://t.co/541cwppO6Z #PJNET - - http://t.co/tZgkffaaPs
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If I can be required to show ID to exercise my #2A Right to buy a Gun. We can require #VoterID for our Right to Vote! #PJNet #VoterFraud
Retweeted by NouvelleConcealed Permit Holder Stops Attempted Mass Shooting in Chicago http://t.co/vzhJVmHw67 http://t.co/lzV6dEIBpa
Retweeted by NouvelleFILIBUSTER Loretta Lynch & demand an Attorney General who will uphold the U.S. Constitution! @HouseGOP @SenateFloor @Senate_GOPs #HAction
Retweeted by NouvelleO's AG nominee, Loretta Lynch,filed Amicus Brief in 2006 supporting Partial Birth Abortions: http://t.co/RtPtaOyfBp #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT#LAW #TCOT Texas judge refuses to lift block on Obama immigration plan http://t.co/b3QDQop63W
Retweeted by Nouvelle@jensan1332 @BNLieb Jeb said O should have right to nominate AG....IGNORING that Dems are stalling Sex Traffic Bill: https://t.co/cSUAgk0YpPWe c who supports lawlessness n @OrrinHatch @LindseyGrahamSC @SenJohnMcCain @JeffFlake @SenatorCollins all thinking about supporting #Lynch
Retweeted by NouvelleMisuse of Taxpayer $: Dem FEC subsidizes forum promoting women in politics,just as Hillary announces presidential bid http://t.co/aaW67iIrKxIf you support #freeallfour - tell Congress now! https://t.co/DcnIa64JK4 - Please Share/RT/Post/Blog #FreeAmirNow http://t.co/6EPUAB5sKj
Retweeted by Nouvelle@WhiteHouse @SenSchumer 35 'errors' (lies) in Gore’s movie, 9 listed by the judge in the High Court in London: http://t.co/KDm6VvOQDh #HOAX@SpeakerBoehner When can we see the results of the #FastAndFurious investigation?@ChuckGrassley Thank you for your Patriotic Service,Senator Grassley! Your hard work & commendable integrity is very much appreciated! #TCOTI met w Ambassador of South Korea to discuss our FreeTradeAgreement and our mutual defense treaty https://t.co/wJkwTWKdmO
Retweeted by NouvelleI voted to repeal the death tax bc my constituents & their kids- not pols- shd benefit from the fruits of their labor http://t.co/7FQ43Y2VXT
Retweeted by NouvelleOver last 5 yr we spent $3.7 Trillion on welfare that 5 times what we spend on nasa, education and transportation together!
Retweeted by NouvelleRev. Jeremiah Wright’s Daughter Is Sent to Prison: http://t.co/cVG5vWu6oe Just as Jesse Jackson Jr is being released: http://t.co/5YdKDi3N8H
White House to Top Fence with Spikes – 2 Comments; Water Moat Will Be Next, LOL http://t.co/Pm4bzusmnI
Retweeted by Nouvelle@willis9189 O won't put up #BorderFence that was MANDATED in last #Amnesty Bill,but plans to spike WH fence....b/c a fence CAN be effective.Gowdy Demands Halt To Refugee Resettlement In His District http://t.co/dTotrf5QmZ via @dailycaller
Retweeted by Nouvelle@baptistpress @erotao I still don't understand how our gov't public servants think they can RE-DEFINE a religious sacrament: marriage. #CCOT'The stakes are high.' Russell Moore urges prayer for Supreme Court's deliberations on marriage http://t.co/JqDrTH8d6E
Retweeted by Nouvelle#DemandDrops 80% for Food Stamps As Maine Imposes 6hr Work Regm't for Able-Bodied Childless http://t.co/143tWpQeLh http://t.co/dpG5ajykh7
Retweeted by NouvelleThey blamed the lighting for the disgusting appearance: @NowTheEndBegins Would You Eat This Nasty MichelleSchoolLunch?http://t.co/12bf3k4FnwThanks @rushlimbaugh for mentioning my hashtag! #WhyIAmNotVotingForHillary http://t.co/xOABoNKQnD
Retweeted by NouvelleDemocrats import poverty into America and then complain that poverty is increasing. Yeah, they're that stupid.
Retweeted by NouvelleBy 51-39 pct voters say WH knowingly lied about Benghazi to help re-election http://t.co/zDAk7iS1g7 #tcot #pjnet http://t.co/DsPzoRWuuC
Retweeted by Nouvelle@NouvelleNom 541 - (IBD) Obama Leaves U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati Behind In Iran http://t.co/lbAf508AAh - #FreeAmirNow
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Maine Coach Forced To Resign After Sharing Facebook Post About Islam: http://t.co/qPgzig7VJy Dems are NEVER respective of OTHER'S opinions.Judge Orders #IRS To Turn Over 298 Names Of Targeted Conservative Groups: Opens The Door For A Class Action Lawsuit: http://t.co/4uMSetlJZkAmerica Wld Never Have Heard of #Obama if MSM Had Done Their Job + Fully Vetted Him in an Impartial/Umbiased Way. MSM Betrayed The USA #tcot
Retweeted by NouvelleVery informative! -> Meet the Staff of Occupy Wall Street's Downtown Manhattan Offices http://t.co/rKkZcK1eob Thanks @heritage
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Immigration Reform 2015: Loyola University Votes To Increase Fees To Support Undocumented Student Scholarship http://t.co/8Tv3YcGEke
Retweeted by NouvelleHomeland Security let 166,000 CRIMINAL #Illegal #Aliens stay in this country: http://t.co/RuKfWKxOLh #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR #BorderDOJ officials may have shared taxpayer info with WH: http://t.co/iWlw3jFGlu #IRS #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR #Corrupt #BananaRepublic2014 DOT IG report discovered as much as $3.6 million had been lost to purchase card #ABUSE: http://t.co/GoU5dkxKUy That's the DOT, alone!Nearly half of all credit card transactions by federal workers,over $2,500,are for illegal purchases: http://t.co/9BE6wLuAIS via @DCExaminerDEA employee created fake workers in order to get 32 gov't credit cards, then withdrew $113,000 of taxpayer $ at ATMs http://t.co/nSXbjJlJcOIt's the #StandYourGround rule:) @JonathanHoenig The @SEIU Union member protesting McDonald's just bought a coffee there. #FreedomOfExpressoDems never had a problem with big Unions contributing to political campaigns,but now rail against businesses doing the same.Dems=#Hypocrites@ELM_LiveWire @Redeemed1952 @RedScareBot @RFILTD @wpear @roosterpisces @WSCP1 http://t.co/HXw5cTzwon http://t.co/vrAWIidBoq
Retweeted by NouvelleOne more reason NOT to confirm Loretta Lynch: Al Sharpton Launches ‘Hunger’ Strike Until Loretta Lynch Is Confirmed: http://t.co/8s10DYZu1F
Justice Department charges former Export-Import Bank official with bribery http://t.co/5Tcd15MiKW via @WSJ @GOPoversight. Hearing tomorrow
Retweeted by Nouvelle@JrcheneyJohn @BlissTabitha Our gov't won't even address the #Waste #Fraud #Abuse already identified in the #BowlesSimpson & #GAO Reports :(When Does this Government STOP 🚫 It's over spending and start operating on a budget, 18 Trillion over spent is a death to USA @BlissTabitha
Retweeted by NouvelleHillary Clintons foreign policy:: Empathy with these savages. http://t.co/X1y65sKqon
Retweeted by Nouvelle@hitman0321 @PhxKen ALSO, why aren't these racist: BET; NAACP; Miss Black America; Nat'l Black Chamber of Commerce; UnitedNegroCollegeFund..SO WHY ISN'T IT RACISM WHEN 94% OF BLACKS SAY THAT THEY AREN'T VOTING FOR THE WHITE GUY???? http://t.co/1byl6JW4fm
Retweeted by NouvelleAbout Cuba, Obama says if something's not worked in 50 years, it's time to try a different approach. Isn't that true of the war on poverty?
Retweeted by NouvelleMore O fakeness:60% of the 226,838 ACA FacebookPage comments were posted by just 100 ppl:at least 1 was DemOperative http://t.co/PabJ1vmH0bKerry fails to sway senators against Iran bill: http://t.co/amDmvKngNi #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR#VA Officials Retaliate Against Whistleblowers by Illegally Accessing Their Medical Records: http://t.co/sRbBQvCVxo #TCOT #PJNET #CCOT #WAARObama Declares Equal Pay Day, Despite History of Paying Women Less http://t.co/cwNsopR0xM http://t.co/5hNZ4dOBIe
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Uh Oh: Russia opens way to missile deliveries to Iran, starts oil-for-goods swap: http://t.co/IWRTCfgMr2 #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR#IRS doesn't have time to answer phone calls,but makes HouseCalls? @RepSinema Get help w/Fed agencies at #MobileOfficeHours 4/16,10:30-11:45.@SenScottBrown: "If you look at @RandPaul, he makes it look cool to be a Republican again." Do you agree? #Kennedy http://t.co/B0NvfIHW7a
Retweeted by NouvelleNothing more ridiculous than @HillaryClinton, America's #1 elitist, bemoaning that "the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top."
Retweeted by NouvelleHillary has learned that it's better to have people think you're lying than to give up evidence that proves it http://t.co/KhMFseV4p3 #tcot
Retweeted by Nouvelle.#HillarySoOld She killed a pony express rider to keep her mail secret. #tcot
Retweeted by NouvelleHey @HillaryClinton you think everyday Americans need a champion... Then why do you charge students $2,777/MINUTE for speeches? #tcot
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