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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

Full grown, all-purpose woman. Fiercely proud Mountaineer. Original WV Mountain Mama. I love my life.

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Warren G reads Warren G. Harding’s sex letters: http://t.co/KFjPEa04U9 http://t.co/KpygfhIlKj
Retweeted by Jennifer™@drewjross I know you do. #FistBump@dutchdogdad Just a week. But I believe in miracles.I'm going to the beach. Y'all sort it out while I'm gone, right?Just because it always has doesn't mean it always has to. RT @dutchdogdad @OpenBookJen I don't know. In WV pandering wins.We deserve better. And we can do better. Quit tweeting, opining, bellyaching, bitching, moaning, and otherwise doing nothing. STEP UP.Give me a candidate who speaks truth, understands reality, and has an aversion to pandering. Come on WV. I've met you. You're out there.They lie, people buy it because they want to believe, and in the meantime, with no vision, WV's economy continues to hurtle into oblivion.And yet our political candidates will spend hundreds of thousands - millions - telling you how they'll "save coal." They lie. It's over.Coal jobs are disappearing due to "persistent weakness in U.S. & overseas coal demand and depressed price levels." Coal is not WV's future.Just ran another 16 minutes. This is getting to be a "thing." LOL Mind emptied. Bags packed. 6:30 am can't get here fast enough.@dmataconis I've cast a few votes with that same wind at my back.I may have found a new motivation for donating to political campaigns. Spite.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Know what? I AM OFFICIALLY ON VACATION. #FreedomAnne Frank wrote her last diary entry, 70 years ago on this day in 1944. http://t.co/LHH1GpKN46
Retweeted by Jennifer™The minute I started singing the USPS's praises, their site goes wonky, impeding my progress on getting OUT OF HERE. WHAT THE WHAT, @USPS ?
Senator who blocked ambassadors to imp countries likes flying fishing more than being a senator, according to his twitter bio. Sen. Enzi
Retweeted by Jennifer™Which reminds me, have you checked out our website lately? It gets better every day. Look: http://t.co/qcUIWlcQcD
Retweeted by Jennifer™Sending introductory emails to churches in our service area. Yes, at 10:41 pm. Can't waste a single hour when there is work to do!
Retweeted by Jennifer™Who knew Lou Dobbs was still around? Bless his heart.RT @toddzwillich: No. No. Please. Do not go. RT @LisaDCNN NOW: last House vote for five weeks.
Retweeted by Jennifer™I had no idea Darrell Issa was the richest member of Congress. #TheMoreYouKnowThat's pretty damning.INFOGRAPHIC: The "Do Nothing Congress, By the Numbers http://t.co/HKCdwW0JwR
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@Patchy_Beard Best rag on the market. IMHO.This is news to who, exactly? RT @PoliticalTicker MSNBC has 'partisan cranks and hacks' http://t.co/NbBERwX9j2Next POTUS stands snowball's chance in hell of being more than a voodoo doll for oppo party. Welcome to most diminished office in the land.Packing for the beach, JWagg-style. http://t.co/TA8Z3NwB11We're ruled by idiots. Que sera. RT @AP BREAKING: House authorizes GOP-led plan to sue Obama alleging he exceeded constitutional powersIf going out to dinner two nights before vacation is wrong, I don't want to be right.The Guardian front page, Thursday 31 July 2014: ‘The world stands disgraced’ http://t.co/KG8foRd8xG
Retweeted by Jennifer™House Rs have closed mtg tomorrow AM at the Capitol Hill Club. They will ask Rs to cut checks to NRCC, which is getting killed in $$ race
Retweeted by Jennifer™The World is burning and the GOP House is voting on whether or not to sue the President. #Priorities #Unserious #WhereHaveAllTheGrownUpsGone7/31 50% off coffee & espresso drinks and 50% off Hot Caramel Ice Cream Sundaes & Hot Caramel Frozen Yogurt Sundaes!! #thriftythursday
Retweeted by Jennifer™Oh, dear. It's sad when your political dickery gets you so shook up you can't type a literate sentence. #LOLHey CRW officials: RT @ABCWorldNews COMING UP: UCLA campus floods with over 8 million gallons of water after a 90-yr-old water main breaks.New Edgewood school a learning tool in itself - WV Gazette http://t.co/LdECXiGb2Y http://t.co/SuZ9NdOnJH
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@aliceinthewater *nods vigorously enough to earn a scoop*Been here. It was raining. No mention of the joyously not-to-safety-code slides, but fine rendering of the ennui. http://t.co/70zR1tZkoF
Retweeted by Jennifer™@MajorCBS Wow. That's so sad, it's beautiful.I ran 16 minutes tonight. I haven't run that much on purpose since I was four years old. #C25K #WeekFourDayOne"Everything in West Virginia is political, unless it's politics. Then it's personal."RT @MichaelJFoxOrg: All you need to know about the 10% brain myth, in 60 seconds http://t.co/QNZh19jcfl via @WIRED #brainhealthRepresenting Faith in Action of the GKV at the Faces of Leadership Conference. Learning lots! @… http://t.co/gdGqrZkLQL@shortstack81 It truly rankles me in the worst of ways.I do not like it when people post random shit to my FB wall. I will delete you. There. I said it. #TuesdayTruthing
@kimsamsin Thank you! It's exciting times!@kimsamsin I loved my collection of booky stuff. But I work full-time, just started a nonprofit, and have a life. Something had to give.Deleted my tumblr. Feel 5-7 pounds lighter.Tex Williams’ museum debuts with cavalcade of #WV sports heroes http://t.co/KH7Ar1siZb via @TomBraggSports http://t.co/55iduKkOuC
Retweeted by Jennifer™Here selfie in mirror by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (born 85 years ago today) with JFK & Ethel, 1954: #Mcinnis http://t.co/ILcI8pprut
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What an amazing weekend. #SoBlessedThe Touching Moment When Nicholas Winton Met the Children He Saved During the Holocaust (1988) http://t.co/A1UkCwZ11A http://t.co/P8YG9gl61V
Retweeted by Jennifer™Nailed it AND just beat the rain. Must be the shoes. Or maybe it's Maybeline. Either way... C25K… http://t.co/HZ1BtCtyLm
Saturday. http://t.co/SgI3lBX9Rp
Be a voice, not an echo.
Retweeted by Jennifer™I just made kale, garbanzo bean, tomato salad and I think I will eat it every day for the rest of my life. SO GOOD.@espn the WVU Mountaineer!! #BestLiveMascot http://t.co/K9QjkpyILq
Retweeted by Jennifer™Who? RT @MONTECRI5TO @WVUfootball @WestVirginiaU where is Pitt??Future non-conference games: BYU ‘16, VT ’17, UT ’18, NC State ’18-‘19, Maryland ’20-‘21, VT ‘21’-22 & PSU ’23-‘24 http://t.co/3PzaVWzp0O
Retweeted by Jennifer™.@tomcolicchio and other anti-poverty leaders inc. CAP's @mboteach respond to Paul Ryan... http://t.co/VzJpv8ijWQ #TalkPoverty
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For every retweet of this photo in July, @DominoSugar will donate $1 to @NoKidHungry, up to $15K. #DominoSugarDonates http://t.co/DJ5wOZkqBD
Retweeted by Jennifer™Tell @Forbes why #WVU is a top college! Post and tag a photo with #MyTopCollege to participate. http://t.co/dSqLzPyiJf
Retweeted by Jennifer™@ryrivard I'd settle for *clean water*.Paul Ryan, who called Ayn Rand "the reason I got involved in public service," can't figure out why no one takes his poverty tour seriously.
Retweeted by Jennifer™@HoppyKercheval No.Nice backdrop on the fields here at the Greenbrier! http://t.co/MUVFTpQnHp
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Photo: penamerican: “Back before it all began, when the 2011 football season was just a lush, sweet section... http://t.co/0VdExhv3sEWhat Writers Can Learn From 'Goodnight Moon' … http://t.co/m7YVXDSHfNBroncos owner Pat Bowlen is stepping down. Bowlen has been privately battling Alzheimers. http://t.co/dt5JLKgf0g http://t.co/GKtDYj975d
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@Candace07 Go, you!!Hot damn day for a run. C25K Week Three : Day 1 : DONE. http://t.co/sTlvsbeRNWWe're such a disposable society.My Goodwill is so packed w/junk I couldn't donate my stuff. MT @peterdaou Americans produce 40% of world's garbage. http://t.co/fYoDJWKs0iPEOPLE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU STOP LEAVING OLD PEOPLE/KIDS/BABIES/DOGS IN HOT CARS
Retweeted by Jennifer™At the End of Death Row: @rajiniv's @BBCRadio4 documentary on the current state of the US #deathpenalty http://t.co/1rokeifcIe
Retweeted by Jennifer™cc: @cgoodwoman MT @ScienceNewsOrg Just when you thought quantum physics couldn’t get any weirder... http://t.co/LB1gcpMvzMHappy birthday, Bob Dole. The BPC co-founder and Senate Majority Leader is 91 today. RT to wish him a happy birthday! http://t.co/jax0R1JfRn
Retweeted by Jennifer™MT @Beingtweets: This week's show: @DrMayaAngelou's advice to us all, when guests collide; serendipitous virality... http://t.co/ljhZqe96ANWoke up this morning to some great news and now determined to keep the momentum going all day. :-)Grafton Turns Out for Turn This Town Around: http://t.co/zsqKJg2rVD #TTTA http://t.co/ivkymUKU71
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@RobertSBoone That's why the album is called his Greatest Hit. LOL@RobertSBoone I own this: http://t.co/QlnIRGZ1Gf@LaurelMK I think that's the problem! I was too groggy to drink my coffee! LOLThere is a stunning array of locally owned, ethically diverse, wonderfully delicious restaurants within walking distance of my house.@amyboggs The best kind of gifted! Early and often! :-)Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who are willing to work for it.
Retweeted by Jennifer™@amyboggs Happy belated!!@LaurelMK Holy crikey! I may never go to the doctor again. LOL BTW, I slept for 4 hours and have self-diagnosed myself with dehydration.Good advice for all tweeters, really. MT @HuffingtonPost: "Moving forward I need to not be stupid" -- Jason BiggsCoca-Cola Consolidated is working across Appalachia to restore “ghost murals. Details at http://t.co/XrK8vn1zwX
Retweeted by Jennifer™@toddgunter No worries. You never piss me off. But you are wrong from time to time and I don't mind telling you about it.@toddgunter Am I harassing you? I thought we were conversing.@toddgunter Right back at you.@toddgunter Nope. Just keeping it real. I'm still allowed to have opinions, right?@toddgunter Shoulda said that if it's what you meant. Bow ties on men under 60 suck too, but that doesn't make me question your worth to WV.@toddgunter What's dumb is publicly denouncing someone on the basis of disliking her art. Poetry is one piece of who Crystal is.@toddgunter You picked the wrong poet, for the wrong reasons.@toddgunter Here's a truth for you: @cgoodwoman "does" more for her state than 95% of WVians on Twitter.Starting a new venture here at @wvpublicnews. Give our new show at follow @ViewpointWV! Hitting the airwaves Sept. 5!
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