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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

Full grown, all-purpose woman. Fiercely proud Mountaineer. Original WV Mountain Mama. I love my life.

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Well, that's kinda rude. !! || Charleston Gazette Endorsements Need a Little Perspective http://t.co/DUBqAqEje8 via @rollcallLOLI'm starting to think that Kevin Durant is ashamed of his legs. http://t.co/GwIw4BLkRG
Retweeted by Jennifer™@nateclaydiller My pleasure! Great stuff!Any musician son of Brian Diller's has a fan in me. :-) Go! RT @nateclaydiller The video for #LiveThisWay is out!! http://t.co/N1fdu5R23lMy gratitude to all of you volunteers who are handing out copies of WILD today in honor of World Book Night. Go team books!
Retweeted by Jennifer™I need a photograpgher. http://t.co/7cH0JKFJoOI am a little overwhelmed by the goodness in my world at the moment. It's all so amazing. I am blessed beyond belief.Is there seriously a risk of @nbcparenthood *not* being renewed? Because I'd quit broadcast TV forever if that happened. #RenewParenthood@rachelmolenda @stevenadamswv @drewjross NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.@stevenadamswv @drewjross Have to travel for my beloveds too. It's cool. I've been exposed to music I never knew I liked by just showing up.@drewjross @stevenadamswv Thank goodness, right? Else I'd never get a decent seat at the shows I want to see! LOL@stevenadamswv @drewjross Listen to some of their music on the interwebs and then decided. The Truckers rock. Period.@stevenadamswv @drewjross Oh, good grief. Go listen to some bad karaoke. We'll appreciate the good stuff without you. LOL@stevenadamswv You should give them a shot. They've been making beautiful music since 1996 and they flat rock.@stevenadamswv Calling the Drive by Trucker 'hipster' is like calling Lynyrd Skynyrd a grunge band. Just sayin'.@stevenadamswv If the answer is no, don't tell me...@stevenadamswv Ever heard of Jason Isbell?@stevenadamswv Drive by Truckers are legit A-teamers. Should be a great show.@stevenadamswv @AP I've been PREACHIN' THIS for years! Alleluia, say I.@iboudreau Me, too! It's so bold and badass!
PHOTOS: In Memory of Pat Tillman http://t.co/NYQBpFl89c http://t.co/DQlWAc8WvZ
Retweeted by Jennifer™The #newrivergorgefire day 3. Not out yet, but it looks better than 24 hrs ago. http://t.co/runbjTTpNh
Retweeted by Jennifer™That's pretty true for all facets of life, no? "Success trains. Failure complains." Yep. #NutshellWisdomhttp://t.co/RDEd8tqfsq
Retweeted by Jennifer™@EllensIceCream Your Curried Chicken Salad is one of the loves of my life! #TrueConfessions@VeronicaLewis True. But tulips need love, too.1/4 cuo of vodka in the water makes for stand up blooms. #ProTip http://t.co/nPZOLeaQ3HDinner. Except with crab, not shrimp. http://t.co/slNpx2Z3yrPhoto: Indeed. http://t.co/ACPWahtSBMThis week. God bless it. #JenmentumContrary to the art on the walls, the dentist's chair is not my happy place. http://t.co/etDoJhJyrq@bethanew HA!!@JustBethanne I'm sorry you were disappointed. But you know what? Often, challenges are truly just opportunities in disguise. xo@JustBethanne Hope everything is okay. I feel like I must have missed something significant! Thinking of you.@ZackHarold I know. It's so annoying.@ZackHarold I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS DAMMIT!
@happyappalachy DMd you a link!DETERMINATION. Plus seven laps around the first floor. #ToppingOut @ Waggmore Manor http://t.co/wyJO3loN2TGary Busey commercial ... no words. I'm not at all convinced he understands his own self-deprecation.Congratulations to Team Hoyt as they cross the finish line for their last Boston Marathon! Job well done gentlemen! http://t.co/jfYuS3DZ4l
Retweeted by Jennifer™@LATignor Even having a mailing address in South Charleston would be a ... kinder, gentler option.@Candace07 https://t.co/RpMK99rS7i It's happenin'.My mom will be there! I wanna go! || Hillary Clinton to speak at UMW Assembly - The United Methodist Church http://t.co/UwzFli5Utv@Candace07 :-D@LATignor LOL - crazy, right?Life may never be the same. And I mean that in the very best of ways.We are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and do a whole lot of good in the process. Nonprofit registration paperwork = filed.After mtg @BarackObama @Sen_JoeManchin @GovTomblin @NCAA Champion @WVURifle members added #MMS to their #VictoryLap http://t.co/mCSt98Qonk
Retweeted by Jennifer™I am talking to you, @charlestoncity. FYI.Instead my city sent me a, "You started a business and we want our cut or else." What the hell kinda way is that to encourage entrepreneurs?Registered for a business license with the State and my city sent me a little nastygram of discouragement. No, "Congrats! Welcome!" Nope.@JamilSmith <3 Love it!"You are what you eat" has evolved into "you are what you tweet." #TruthTwitter can be a sad repository of desperate trolls way too often. Save yourself. Tell me what wonder you witnessed in the world today!When setting a goal or creating a vision 👀 be mindful not to have an Escape Route-a Just In Case Clause or compromise your desired outcome 🙏
Retweeted by Jennifer™Bill Clinton headlining Gabby Giffords' group fundraiser in NYC on Wednesday http://t.co/RVWnzXMpif
Retweeted by Jennifer™Congrats to @ShalaneFlanagan for a strong run! I'll be cheering you on forever and a day. Until you win it and beyond! #BostonMarathon“The fans were deafening,” Shalane Flanagan said. “It was like a stadium lining the whole course. I’ve never seen Boston so special.” @WSJ
Retweeted by Jennifer™RT @BogsWBZ: BREAKING PHOTO: American Meb Keflezighi WINS the 118th #BostonMarathon #wbz http://t.co/Rig0RJKC62
Retweeted by Jennifer™BREAKING: Meb Keflezighi has held on to win Boston Marathon men's race in 2:08:37; 1st American to win since 1983. http://t.co/amwDG4q4kM
Retweeted by Jennifer™Breaking news! Forest #fire in the #NewRiverGorge directly under Endless Wall. @ New River Gorge http://t.co/7izIq2KtXy
Retweeted by Jennifer™Misty eyes, swoony heart. || Community: 26 Times That Tim Riggins Was Pure Perfection http://t.co/au1PlWr2ao via @buzzfeedersYou guys? It's gonna be a beautiful day. My heart is full. <3
My Easter bear. @ Waggmore Manor http://t.co/T6hoiVnqPh@UWRiverCities @ASourAppleTree Sweet! I just meant I was # 300. :-)@UWRiverCities @ASourAppleTree I think it's me! :-)Mercy, Boston. #Lu'It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown' starts in 5 minutes! @Snoopy will be live-tweeting all hour long! http://t.co/dsz1zsEQy6
Retweeted by Jennifer™@BeingHolli LOLI'm plotting for a Mother's Day date featuring three films (2 w/subtitles) and burritos. Think I can pull it off? #WatchThisSpaceIf you haven't checked out the @WVIFF schedule yet, get on that. Some amazing films coming to town that week! http://t.co/VXUZaIIv39@eJoelWatts @smhyde Yes.@LaurenLMcGill It's Loiusiana gold. Delicious.K-cup nirvana. @ Moorehead, KY Kroger http://t.co/b79rTeIckAHappy Easter! http://t.co/umW1XibiL4Christ the Lord is risen today. Alleluia! @ First United Methodist Church http://t.co/mLBr5Lt60X
@mdawriter I wish someone would still make me one. LOL@mdawriter Heh. My kids are 31 and 25 and they still get Easter baskets.Heaven on Earth. @ Fresh Market http://t.co/fnRYvtjFouRecord Store Day shout out to Sullivan's on the East End http://t.co/OC4vTOFPoq
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"What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it." - Gabriel... http://t.co/0os4WY5DRf@trickyfish @charlestonwvnow if u r EVER in Charleston WV u must eat the hush puppies at @trickyfish ....OMG #yum http://t.co/wNQJ4enpgc
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"And perhaps the most important form of technology is right here in front of you, you’re looking at it..." http://t.co/8vGJACEFb8Inspired Maundy Thursday service tonight. “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."BREAKING: Gabriel García Márquez has died http://t.co/OYgN2XorUt
Retweeted by Jennifer™Archaeologists say these cave paintings indicate that early humans had “some pretty heavy stuff” on their minds http://t.co/6AcTfqDORE
Retweeted by Jennifer™FABULOUS news!! RT @wvpublicnews Theater W.Va. Will Return for 54th Season http://t.co/dvZCGpJU8T http://t.co/HXzTvaFAia@BrandeewineB Awww! Happy birthday to your boy!
@helgagrace That's beautiful.You guys. I just put my money where my mouth is. I'm a little verklempt and a lot excited. :-$@ErinLShaver Geez. I'd say. Go home!It is completely impossible to take anything Eric Cantor says seriously. Someone give him his animal crackers, some milk and his nap mat.Totally changes a song for me sometimes.Listening to my "faves" channel on Spotify. Struck by how many songs that made the cut because I've seen them performed live.Midweek Creek. Time to crack the wax. http://t.co/gDZoxToZo4
Retweeted by Jennifer™5 Reasons Why Indie Bookstores Are Perfect Models for Small Businesses "The secret ingredient is love" http://t.co/BP2ObUewoW@MindBodyGreen I did appreciate it. But it is not long, was my point.Via @nprnews: 43-Year-Old Cold Case Closed: South Dakota Girls Died In Accident http://t.co/SUlSRxrd8Q25 Happy Faces Of WWII Veterans As They Arrive In Washington D.C. To A Huge Cheering Crowd http://t.co/mEit7HHBZw
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