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Thinking of ending your marriage or relationship? Here are five things to try BEFORE you throw in the towel... http://t.co/ssy43bKUgJ29 Ways to Increase Your Feeling of Self Worth http://t.co/q6Y8K7PKftOver 85 percent of couples will call it quits. Find out why here: http://t.co/4Tih0vnuPMHere are some of the typical misconceptions about suicide that are NOT true: http://t.co/5NoSFv2aHa
READ about the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship: http://t.co/Kdac6veq8h"Letting go of habits that once protected us, but now limit us, is one way to help us stick it out in a relationship" http://t.co/c158qAyOL8Finding Your Cure for Depression http://t.co/lgl9wg2Ys7
"If you and your partner choose to have a monogamous relationship, be clear about what that means to each of you." http://t.co/vAw1L45jXn"One of the biggest challenges for us as parents is remembering that our children are not us." http://t.co/laTSF6Y85u
"The distinction between self-esteem and narcissism is of great significance on a personal and societal level." http://t.co/o47ej3gfwQ"No matter how connected we may feel to someone else, we will always be 2 separate people with 2 sovereign minds." http://t.co/PgUFs9Rzl5Understanding a person in suicidal crisis: http://t.co/FQGMDhbyMl
I Hate My Life http://t.co/u4Oo1WkFxjHow to Build Self-Worth http://t.co/bKNhqmi7Vo"With the invention of mobile information technology we have become accustomed to instant hits of dopamine." http://t.co/tqFLFqzyVu
The Inner Voice that Drives Suicide http://t.co/cQ1JgfrKfLRead about the MANY therapies are being used to successfully treat #depression: http://t.co/HJg8sVO0G9"The fear of failure can become a very powerful force in each choice we make and each endeavor we undertake" http://t.co/S6A6D5nxcvSo WHY do we enter into toxic relationships? http://t.co/l6Wk0pXLAp
Money Stress: Why We Use Money to Feel Bad About Ourselves http://t.co/TvwRBVfmo1I <3 this approach to tantrums. #parenting #kidlit What 2 Do About Tantrums & Emotional Meltdowns - http://t.co/QsW3JibiJP via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveWhat Relationship Skills Lead to Lasting Love? http://t.co/8GfgaBTzimRebuilding Intimacy after Tragedy: How to Help Your Partner Cope http://t.co/fBcSULAEsK
Recognizing Complex Trauma http://t.co/XkV1lS2LxL"No matter what, your relationship should always expand your life, not shrink it." http://t.co/e2pztBWgUrWhat makes you feel #overwhelmed? Share your thoughts! http://t.co/cZ27Pn1W45Are You Giving Up on Love? http://t.co/6eBoYp9fid
"We can recognize behaviors driven by our fear of intimacy & challenge these defensive reactions that preclude love." http://t.co/k5HHkBjxliHere are five tips on how to be more loving in your relationship: http://t.co/i5oQkBDD1c"If All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail" http://t.co/GSfAo1tk8D
Remember the Kids: Easing the Adjustment of Divorce for Children http://t.co/8AOVzObQOm"Relationships are a great place to work on ourselves." http://t.co/Ff7STBrkFp
Interesting article on common misconceptions about people in therapy via @HuffingtonPost http://t.co/mXVLZQNhqP #endthestigmaThere are many actions we can take when we feel turned against ourselves and our lives. Here are a few good ones: http://t.co/BIQyD2zizH5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Love http://t.co/PRW9gUevQa
Uncover happiness in this unique online symposium featuring @ByronKatie @JackKornfield @DrDanSiegel @SharonSalzberg http://t.co/NLU1IqmggmThe Over-Parenting Syndrome http://t.co/LfK3XWZ8lH"You can form healthier #relationships and live the life you imagined, not the one prescribed to you from your past." http://t.co/pIGZVklpYvIf lasting love is an attainable goal, then what’s getting in our way of achieving it?http://t.co/g2zPH1tJ3o Share your thoughts!
"A person’s life is too often a repetition or reenactment of the past." http://t.co/TPuFFRrtBD"You can only build trust with one another if you are honest and live by your words." http://t.co/U9HEWNd8s2 #relationships #honesty"According to studies by Dr. Bella DePaulo, people lie in one in five of their interactions." http://t.co/9ecqsMlMe95 Things to Try Before You Give Up on Your Relationship http://t.co/xfLhi68nUE
Read about why you SHOULD be a fool for love: http://t.co/ZzDMPPG5d7"People who become mired down in feeling victimized tend to view events in their lives as happening to them." http://t.co/k60XjZ173rAre You in an Unhealthy Relationship? http://t.co/TSUokThPAE
Do you put the PRO in procrastination? Read about the inner demon that drives people to procrastinate: http://t.co/eAJb0nmFooHow Your Attachment Style Impacts Your Relationship http://t.co/qI8067E0TZ"It’s important to create for yourself a 'family of choice.'" http://t.co/ZZNdzHGdOgWhy It Is Good For You to Feel Negative Emotions http://t.co/gLqXjscSLr
"Help is available. You can feel better.  You can conquer whatever internal forces are telling you to give up." http://t.co/yaIGy9iltiHow to Overcome the Fear of Failure http://t.co/g93JDbf9A5The Price of Being Strong: Risks to the Mental Health of Athletes http://t.co/1fuqhK2UVD
"Many of our cynical emotions arise when we are feeling vulnerable" http://t.co/AZa6jWqgFnRead about how we can identify & overcome the old characteristics & attitudes that still hurt us in our lives today: http://t.co/qu6NgPHWN6
The Benefits of Generosity http://t.co/dKh5fnFbYdA Parent’s Shorthand Guide to the College Transition http://t.co/7l5Os78XBwDo you ever feel like shouting "I hate my life?!" This post is for you: http://t.co/QfrKi4Y5KJ
"In moments when we are feeling open & are let down, we are far more likely to toughen up and become defensive." http://t.co/dakIkduVSG"Our emotions pass through us like waves, building & building until they reach their peak, crash, and subside." http://t.co/TC5nKLn3VNWhy Women Get ‘Catty’ http://t.co/KHyOh94gTK
What is Your Attachment Style? - http://t.co/YaFvQ86Nno via @PsychAlive #mentalhealth #psychology
Retweeted by PsychAliveThe Space Around Thoughts http://t.co/nj9QjH4QP5The Scary Thing About Marriage That No One Ever Talks About http://t.co/eoHiXHpwua featuring @DrLisaFirestone"Protective as we may be, our kids will all experience at least mildly traumatic events." http://t.co/5qhLzpmjCaHow Mindfulness Can Save Your Relationship http://t.co/SmtqV7Mjcx
"Very often, we live out past prescriptions from parents and society without really questioning “what do I want?”" http://t.co/LyzNkvs9lD"Try taking your friends’ advice on who you should date." http://t.co/UJKzSKfnP3"It isn’t just what happens to us that matters, but how we think about it that shapes our psychological well-being." http://t.co/d9u2r350Qq
Don't be defensive. It is valuable to seek objective criticism. http://t.co/Q75QEKvfA5Stop Hating Yourself Once and For All http://t.co/mjPRQt9nciGreat article on the importance on self-worth (vs self-esteem). From @PsychAlive #mentalhealth http://t.co/HWgQwyzdgm
Retweeted by PsychAliveExercise: Who Do You See When You Look at Your Child? http://t.co/yKx9ps2QdOExclusive Interview with Mindfulness Expert Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn http://t.co/QMNzMSFq7j
"When we cultivate compassion instead of turning cynical, we feel better." http://t.co/wkH2Gk3lth7 Reasons Most People are Afraid of Love http://t.co/hcwOm3c6QqAre you concerned about someone you love? Learn the warning signs for suicide: http://t.co/yYaaIsGDqd
"The critical inner voice undermines us and limits our capacity to pursue and accomplish the things we want in life" http://t.co/Y6OzZDcNuLBreaking the Fantasy Bond with Our Mothers http://t.co/UtgZAyVqif
#PTSDAwarenessmonth VIDEO: Interview Series with Dr. Christine Courtois - http://t.co/hGSLsWXzw1 via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveThe Curse of the Box Set and Instant Streaming http://t.co/puwDvGWRfiRead about how to overcome a FEAR OF INTIMACY: http://t.co/BTMLADcRYdTips for Helping Kids Handle Their Emotions http://t.co/dHKHZGbTXj
"Children are much smaller than adults, and an event we may deem insignificant can feel traumatizing to a child." http://t.co/wv7hws0LTgRead about how to stay faithful in a long-term relationship: http://t.co/gibztVLrUR5 things a couple can do to revive a flagging relationship: http://t.co/J3cfmdPUjf via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveHow to Stop Being a Victim http://t.co/ZURLs42OiN
The Effects of Honesty, Empathy, and Higher Order Thinking on Moral Development http://t.co/TRP4nNvR90Do you use #MONEY to feel bad about yourself? If so, this article is for YOU: http://t.co/3basa8uFoUAdvantages of Dating After 40 http://t.co/ZWAUDofGStHow much are my own insecurities dictating how I treat my partner? http://t.co/qiB2HxuKXX
"Very often, much of what goes wrong in a relationship has to do with what’s going on in our own minds." http://t.co/sVRzmP18nQThe risks of indulging in cynical attitudes and the rewards of being positive: http://t.co/QqdF7AvViITake a moment to inhale deeply, exhale deeply, & repeat for 1 minute. This is connecting to breath, this is #meditation. #Mindfulness
Retweeted by PsychAlive"When we face our pain rather than avoid it, we are more likely to wake up feeling refreshed and better the next day" http://t.co/HssRUmHpJe
"Analytical understanding can be tremendously helpful & life-enhancing, but it's only one tool in a large toolbox." http://t.co/vAULSprkBQ"Physical activity is extremely beneficial to those suffering from #depression." http://t.co/HXBX8Pe07iWho says people can't change? @DrDanSiegel explains how you can change your #brain: http://t.co/CCXhsq3ysMThe Value of Depression http://t.co/9fKRo5qGFn
Why Generosity is Good for YOU! http://t.co/7D717RuYET
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