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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman with a passion for the life of the mind & the body: artist, writer, pagan, witch; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close.

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I have to get to bed early tonight, a lot on my plate tomorrow. Good night and may the world #tweet you gently... http://t.co/yHPA5PNKOe@2LadyRoma ok, don't go often, but if I'm going to be there I'll tweet youHere’s What #Fracking Can Do to Your Health http://t.co/5xUQnGDZ5c@RobertMihaly1 @afaduln2 thank you@SynapticPain :-)@intmf that's how I live 98% of the time@kittywhompiss thanks Brenda *grin*@2LadyRoma ;-)Oh please…she's the asshole of every day! http://t.co/7OPAghGwdXMany people would like to live forever but can't figure out what to do with themselves on a Sunday night....about a lot of things must people think are cool... http://t.co/oooOPudQuiIf those in charge of our society can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. ~ Howard Zinn http://t.co/3wBrELuESu@Richpf made me laughThink about it... http://t.co/D8WRZNv9WdThe working title of my autobiography http://t.co/SBzlIAU4qEWorse than irony. WGBH should be ashamed of selling that seat. http://t.co/BGmYGu723bAncient Egyptian grammar http://t.co/em4CY7sj0NOnly the 1% is cheering http://t.co/TuhK4k0Hd8"Cosmic Rose" - #art My latest interpretation of 1 of @dorisatkinson's photos. #SupportTheArts http://t.co/NA3QrSXyoqThere are plenty of people who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. If you don't say what you mean and mean what you say then just STFU.This is true. I used to know quite a few intelligent, moderate, thinking Republicans. They're now dead or Democrats http://t.co/Hd3M9gP4kOSmells like politics to me http://t.co/UdLU39t20nHappy Earth Day - brought to you by greedy corporations and the GOP http://t.co/mYyS3rgViYBernie Sanders on #EarthDay http://t.co/2zkdWctyYfA sad truth http://t.co/eeQIL6biPxBernie Sanders speaks out on #climatechange http://t.co/u83W1dYFigif i had my life to live over again i wouldn't be sitting here telling you about it i'd be out there doing it © 2014 RC deWinter@NMannas thank you, Nathan, glad you like it@whirrll hi Angela, good to see you, hope all is well http://t.co/uh7Yg70OYF@VlanTrunk busy creatively to be sure, and I got more wood...a pauper poet painter can't ask for much more@TinyDancer664 backatcha Suzie {hugs}Most kind of you, thank you @mdjacksondallas @Inept_Eloquence @TinyDancer664 @zaswadosaze@JoeKoffee I wanted very plain and simple language, nothing showy@Inept_Eloquence @TinyDancer664 @mdjacksondallas @zaswadosaze curtsying in appreciation http://t.co/OnDJAonDxV@JoeKoffee I put myself deep into the scene when writing...looking at the painting often... Not quite but almost conjuring Frost@zaswadosaze @JoeKoffee oh brother"Spring Evening in Amherst" #art Strolling the sidewalk in downtown Amherst, Mass #SupportTheArts http://t.co/H55XmIosrA @zaswadosaze"downtown for dinner" - #poetry thoughts during an evening stroll #SupportTheArts http://t.co/bm0jE1yBhf @zaswadosaze @JoeKoffee@JoeKoffee I was pleased with myself for the restraint that I showed when writing it, I was going for subtle and I think I got there@JoeKoffee well, the poem was written for the painting.@JoeKoffee I wasn't alone, my son's half-sister Emily was walking with me, it was a lovely evening.@HanaEnedina @junumucu @ShadowsArts curtsying in appreciation http://t.co/6CTr9zJvdM@Sharoney but I'm not far away, although I don't get there that often@Sharoney it's a charming place, the kind of place I would actually like to live@Sharoney thank you! Did you go to school there?"downtown for dinner" - #poetry thoughts during an evening stroll #SupportTheArts http://t.co/bm0jE1yBhf"Spring Evening in Amherst" #art #painting Strolling the sidewalk in downtown Amherst, Massachusetts #SupportTheArts http://t.co/H55XmIosrABill Moyers & Michael Winship: Government = Protection Racket for the 1% http://t.co/61qFpuRuwG#SCOTUS Upholds Ban on Michigan's College Admissions Affirmative Action; Sotomayor, Ginsburg Dissent http://t.co/QuToZCcJUT@JoeKoffee I did, thank you.Sonia Sotomayor Delivers Blistering Dissent Against Affirmative Action Ban http://t.co/Y5iw7cXfjfThank you Joe, glad you like it. @joe_egan_art @afaduln2@rpwilli23 @JoeKoffee don't tip over! lol@JoeKoffee I got more wood, I wrote a sonnet, I painted, and you know about my other little secret, so what do you think?@rpwilli23 @JoeKoffee curtsying in appreciation http://t.co/FtTsbaZ7Oq@Eric_T_Music @EnigmaNetxx @Jodette7 thank you for #SupportingTheArts http://t.co/DCgUJbXOGp@bentlightnvegas thank YOU, Russell@keriRN @afaduln2 RC is a loudmouth...lol@afaduln2 adios, mi amigo! Hasta la vista!@EnigmaNetxx @afaduln2 you are too kind, lovely soul. I see your beauty every day in your words.@afaduln2 I must go out and collect my latest wood delivery...be back in a bitI must go out and collect my latest wood delivery...be back in a bit@keriRN @afaduln2 thank YOU both@keriRN curtsying in appreciation http://t.co/5Y8Czd2MVE@afaduln2 people say ordinary and extraordinary things that set off sparks -oftenAnd how u love it when I do @AnOldLefty I should remember not to use this phone w/o my glasses. But I can always count on u to discipline me@NMannas Twitter jail, when they lock you out of your main account for tweeting too often@afaduln2 as ridiculous as it may seem, Twitter is fertile ground for poetry@afaduln2 I wither in too much sunlight, my friend. I am like the stars, I need darkness to shine.@afaduln2 and those lines are going to be opening a new poem, you have inspired me to think further@afaduln2 Ah, how much I long for love and yet tremble to be trapped in its whirlpool, my friend@AnOldLefty I often wonder about you but you always redeem yourself *grin* thanks for sharing the work http://t.co/Y9PKSKyq8wUh, no...and it's Cinnamon @AnOldLefty @afaduln2 #SupportTheArts Related to the "Cinnimon Girl"?@afaduln2 you know me, Alberto, I usually end up in the dark, but it's not an uncomfortable place for me@Mistress_Jan @petitethirty1 @RustyBrown47 curtsying in appreciation http://t.co/k44pHEg9mPXOXO and your words are the kind of thing that helps keep me writing @MarcIntheOC @kat_white @afaduln2@RobertMihaly1 @afaduln2 oh I have a raft full...lolHere is "The Gingerbread Girl" an impasto sketch that goes with the poem #SupportTheArts @afaduln2 http://t.co/YnFrSGtqLv@kat_white @MarcIntheOC @afaduln2 Curtsying in appreciation http://t.co/Z73eibkmD1"Eternity's Antechamber" ~ #art #painting Trapped between worlds #SupportTheArts http://t.co/fotaXJpNQo @afaduln2@afaduln2 thank you! I will show you the painting for which it was written@NorthernJim Starving scribblers unite! lol@Rwc356 thank you, I hope some do anyway...but the vast majority of people on earth pay no attention to poetry of any kind, alas"the gingerbread girl" ~ #poetry Stale crumbs #SupportTheArts @afaduln2 http://t.co/JtXrwuiTLC"scarlet sea" ~ #poetry I never want to swim there again. #SupportTheArts @afaduln2 http://t.co/yJtgkDrxsT"between worlds" ~ #poetry Sometimes that's where we are. #SupportTheArts @afaduln2 http://t.co/3sRanQ5bo6#childtrauma What can you do? Donate tweets @operationsafe http://t.co/huHzT5AU9r http://t.co/6zNmgO4pa8http://t.co/yef8boZyrnArt sweetens everything. #SupportTheArts http://t.co/Z6Hde6FvC4@afaduln2 eh...perhaps sometimes...I will share some with youPoetry is no way to make a living, yet I am always pushed away from the practical by a flood of ideas & the words that shape them.@afaduln2 poetry is no way to make a living, yet I am rushed away from the practical by the flood of ideas and the words that shape them@afaduln2 busy with National Poetry Month, scribbling like a fool even more than usual. Drowning in words...@DeeeVaaa @HostageGina hahahAh! In her own feral way. Good to see you, Fran.@KathrynBruscoBk naturally you do, you're a #WiseWomanWarrior@afaduln2 My dear friend, how good to see you. How have you been doing?TY new followers, please take note & follow my evil twin @HostageGina. I get tossed into #Twitmo regularly. http://t.co/QNgLG8ZDnfYou look in the mirror, love what you see or fix what you don't & get on with it @Alllexposada What do you do when you feel completely aloneThe ice is stained red in Newfoundland. Help protect baby seals: http://t.co/oC0ubTChyf (via @HumaneSociety) #sealhunt
Retweeted by RC deWinterBill Moyers & Michael Winship: Government = Protection Racket for the 1% http://t.co/61qFpuRuwG#SCOTUS Upholds Ban on Michigan College Admissions Affirmative Action; Sotomayor, Ginsburg Dissent http://t.co/QuToZCcJUT
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