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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman with a passion for the life of the mind & the body: artist, writer, pagan, witch; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close.

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Time for me to zzz...I leave you with this observation. May the world #tweet you gently... http://t.co/KyBjP2HZJ8@Patontheroad #youcansaythattwotimes AND #noshitsherlock#Excellence @midtownNY @RafaelSald @AP @StateofGlobe @mjfiorello @Grnsquaretavrn @TopCat_TC @AWiseLatina @bwcjmc @MBVINTAGENY
@Viking60 really…read the articleYes, he really said it... http://t.co/5CbxvR76Ql http://t.co/wvivSvw7JQMeet #SCOTUS, some of which is proudly sponsored by... http://t.co/TaQWBPZ5@dorisatkinson post-impressionist actually …@dorisatkinson my next work is another adventure with Vincent☆*¨*•.¸¸❤*¨*•.¸¸☆ Love & magick for your weekend, lovely @TheRReport ☆*¨*•.¸¸❤*¨*•.¸¸☆#STARZ @TheRReport @porsche4848 @keriRN @CyberKat @theArcher77 @capecodgurl @RBReich @Phillygirl1441 @Klayoven @elegantdame @comeonnoles@zaswadosaze yep@zaswadosaze nope@zaswadosaze you need to email me your address, I’m sending you a birthday present@JamiaStarheart ;-)@zaswadosaze uh-huh…. I'm sure after your birthday you'll be doing some heavy research@zaswadosaze lmfao…I can’t win10 great novels that will make you more passionate about #science - put these on the #GOP required reading list http://t.co/Hxz1n4gvD1Oh goody, a potential new plague: Polio: Mutated virus breaches vaccine protection http://t.co/ALetUlp8y6#STARZ @marcylauren @cecimor339 @FlaDems @AlbertDeAscenti @NoShock @dorisatkinson @doctorjoe56 @edshow @EzKool @JamiaStarheart@zaswadosaze i’m waiting for my signed copy@zaswadosaze I'll take Sexual Healing with Marvin Gaye http://t.co/aPd5jmUibQ@zaswadosaze oh yes…anything to justify indulgence *grin* next up: Healing with Herradura@dorisatkinson smooch…thanks for sharing your pretty lady@zaswadosaze ok@zaswadosaze so now I want to read them@zaswadosaze it’s sold more than 10 million copies around the world, it must be pretty good@zaswadosaze the original first story, “The Giver”, won the Newberry medal in 1994@zaswadosaze hmmm…too bad… the book is actually a quartet of volumes…poor Lois Lowry…had her stuff turned into slick Hollywood crap@zaswadosaze too bad…the plot synopsis sounded like it could have been interesting …@zaswadosaze that ‘s ok … i’ll go see anything she’s in…and what about the Meryl Streep-Jeff Bridges flick?@zaswadosaze Hey Z, what’s the word on the latest Helen Mirren movie?@amsterdamred *pirouetting in the delightful ambience of your kind words*@amsterdamred most kind of you@bhutton48 so do I…@JoeKoffee big shit-eating grin@JoeKoffee Oh Pavarotti, where art thou? LOL@bhutton48 really tired…had a long day yesterday … I need to sleep for about three days to get right@JoeKoffee #youcansaythattwotimes and #noshitsherlock@bhutton48 thank you tweetheart, and for sharing it too… how's the night treating you?@p_staatz curtsying in appreciation http://t.co/76wg2emlQp@JoeKoffee I to experience it? WTF does that mean?don't speak to me of dragons they haunt my dreams dragons of loneliness dragons of loss the worst are the dragons of desireYou forgot a word or two here @JoeKoffee I to experience it - you to know exactly what I mean!@dorisatkinson @zaswadosaze well, all this passion has to go somewhere@DHSpanther72BR ;-) nice imagery@StuartFJones this is winter in CT http://t.co/cWEjs52XzU@StuartFJones @AlciniaH lmfao@dorisatkinson ;-) I had fun with it…it’s a lot of layers, believe it or not@JoeKoffee *grin* am I that twisted, or is it you?@oceans1966 @RustyBrown47 it’s creeping fascism@amsterdamred thanks for sharing the snippet, red ;-)@OGO5111 @hallnicks @freckldrdhead @mills_abbot thanks for sharing the snippet ;-)@mills_abbot thanks for sharing the poetry, good to see youWTF, Ohio? Creationist education bill pending in state legislature via @RustyBrown47 #StopScienceDenial http://t.co/f4XyzbQN91silky caresses sliding into rough passionate embrace the rich hot mingling of tongues twining of limbs inseparable these dreams of mine!@anoldlefty thank you, Gomez http://t.co/ET9hDUsXIS@BreastsR4babies yeah rightthe further i fall into words & bright visions the less of a damn i give about the flash & trash of reality just shut up & let me create#poetry #SupportTheArts "window (un)dressing" you don't have to be perfect for me i know there is no (cont) http://t.co/2s57qOH5Gd#Walmart #Schools? Important: Did you know the Waltons have spent more than $1B to support the privatization (cont) http://t.co/1J2vWquos7@USDA proposes to allow #apples from #China into the US b/c they haven't sickened enough of us already. Tell them NO. http://t.co/oQ67FiEEcpBiz as usual: Mitch #McConnell Promises Massive Government Shutdown If #Republicans Win The Senate via @RustyBrown47 http://t.co/9jXH1nHpICCAMPAIGN FOR #KOCH-FREE ELECTIONS Sign petition to urge Congress to pass meaningful campaign finance reform-Please RT http://t.co/Bp1kaEucGCUh-huh #Missouri #GOP: the fact that black people are registering to vote is disgusting and completely inappropriate. http://t.co/Q9rGQaLVFeConservatives to media: Stop covering #Ferguson. #Christie: TV making this a spectacle. Yeah, 1 that needs to be seen http://t.co/eD3gkWWDvTSo much for compassionate conservatism: #GA County Won't Pay Toddler Med Bills Caused by Stun Grenade in SWAT Raid http://t.co/K448lxfjyx#Ferguson: Police Officer Who Threatened to Kill Demonstrator Removed and Suspended - just shitcan him! http://t.co/xXAmWLtPxt@hallnicks @bhutton48 @ITTAlabs @zaswadosaze @DiamondBurlesqu @HanaEnedina @JoeKoffee Merci infiniment! http://t.co/VQhZ6APNcJGood to hear, thank you Arthur ;-) @Pharaon47 @dorisatkinson @zaswadosaze@AnOldLefty @bhutton48 @RustyBrown47 thanks for sharing the snippets, lovelies, I appreciate itHear me read "So Much For Pretty" #poetry on #SoundCloud. #SupportTheArts https://t.co/BpRdDldCOe@zaswadosaze @dorisatkinson I can live with that…it’s actually classical realism@zaswadosaze @dorisatkinson surreal? Hmm…glad you like it though Z@JoeKoffee @dorisatkinson why thanks, Joe … there’s a reason all those convertible sports care old men drive are red-orange@StuartFJones there have been years of court decisions that effectively punish journalists …@CLOISH @dorisatkinson @bhutton48 thank you Carol…good to see you, hope you have been keeping wellbetween a heaven i don’t believe in & the hell of an earth i know too well i stand at the top of these stairs unable to take a step no exiti have no monuments to my existence but for my words and visions painted on the wind i hope i haunt memories i do not wish to be forgottenI love owls! RT @MysticMethods Camouflage, hooter in a hole http://t.co/XViaIb5P4L via @p_staatz"Flamboyant Flame" - #art A wildfire of a rose painted from a @dorisatkinson pic #SupportTheArts @bhutton48 http://t.co/F4qzuhnxsV"Flamboyant Flame" - #art A wildfire of a rose painted from a @dorisatkinson pic #SupportTheArts @afaduln2 http://t.co/F4qzuhnxsV"Flamboyant Flame" - #art A wildfire of a rose painted from a @dorisatkinson pic #SupportTheArts @joekoffee http://t.co/F4qzuhnxsV"Flamboyant Flame" - #art A wildfire of a rose painted from a @dorisatkinson pic #SupportTheArts @zaswadosaze http://t.co/F4qzuhnxsV"Flamboyant Flame" - #art A wildfire of a rose painted from a @dorisatkinson pic #SupportTheArts http://t.co/F4qzuhnxsV@NMannas he’s rightThe US government’s creeping war on journalists #FreedomOfThePress http://t.co/DmjGmKNgGJAnother day, another Vincent story for a painting to be posted. And another Hopper painting that needs a story.The love of art makes you lose the desire for real love. On the other hand, real love puts you right off art. ~ Vincent Van GoghInterested in Van Gogh? Did you know there’s a multi-media app for the iPhone called “Yours, Vincent - The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh?”@USDA proposes to allow #apples from #China into the US b/c they haven't sickened enough of us already. Tell them NO. http://t.co/oQ67FiEEcpFirst Night Design! http://t.co/UT3dXRKULX 100s contrib. inc. @flutterbyfjl @RCdeWinter
Retweeted by RC deWinterThank you Sarah @FirstNightArt First Night Design! http://t.co/tuhmu8nzPI 100s contrib. inc. @flutterbyfjl @RCdeWinter#Walmart #Schools? Important: Did you know the Waltons have spent more than $1B to support the privatization (cont) http://t.co/1J2vWquos7@kpflynn1961 @RustyBrown47 oh no, #Koch et all are making hay of this among the ignorant and bigoted. They’ll try to buy 2016 through fear.@RCdeWinter Just imagine: Black folk with a voice in MO! They might show the gop what it means to live in a Democracy!! :)
Retweeted by RC deWinterBlacks VOTING @RCdeWinter Women, Latinos, LGBT VOTING. What is America coming to? GOP will save America by stopping VOTERS
Retweeted by RC deWinterPervert! LOL @freckldrdhead @CairnRodrigues @Caost what if you like more than one style?Waving hello @AllAroundMBrown @gnuman1979 @wowindc @JasonAFonville @KClnTN @MikeJMele @jstabila @JohnSteen#WiseAndWonderfulWomen @howcrazy @rosequince @barbieinoz @blueVenus @msbuttafly112 @laerts1185 @SavvyBabii @Mango1531 @perfectpen @HotVogue@cinematiccomics Sometimes…
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