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Representative for Michigan's Eighth Congressional District, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Army Veteran, Former FBI Agent

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Can't make it up: The IRS paid over $1 million in bonuses to employees who didn't pay their federal taxes http://t.co/zyhS51rotL
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)@sirtatters @coff33loveit @ABiCduckie @andyoaklee Aegis never entered into a contract with any dept of the US Govt to perform work in Libya.Is Snowden Putin’s puppet? http://t.co/cmOppxFS91 … via @thehill@sirtatters @coff33loveit @ABiCduckie @andyoaklee HPSCI Chm Rogers has NO conflict of int. in Benghazi investigation http://t.co/gHv0OUt5HcLooking forward to speaking w/@wolfblitzer @ 1:20 on media reports that indicate the Russian Navy will conduct exercises in the Caspian Sea
.@RepMikeRogers said that Al Qaeda is stronger than ever and is doing all the things necessary to prepare a strike. http://t.co/JEpfgQsKpB
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Clip from last night's @CNNSitRoom with @wolfblitzer on Al-Wuhayshi video https://t.co/EJfpK0AJqd
Al Qai’da in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) represents one of the most serious threats we face to the Homeland http://t.co/EHXQCIQHme.@CNNSitRoom AQAP leadership remains highly motivated & capable of pulling off an attack against the US & Western interests around the worldHouse Intelligence Chairman @RepMikeRogers joins me live today during our special 2-hour #SitRoom What would you ask him? 5-7PM ET
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08).@RepMikeRogers is concerned abt AQs buildup in Syria & his efforts 2 get Obama 2 care when it isn’t front page news http://t.co/70VWxOdEo2
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)
@HouseIntelComm Chair Mike Rogers says Russian sp. forces are in Ukraine "to foment violence, to stir the pot, commit acts of sabotage."
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)
Tune in to @foxandfriends with @kilmeade at 6:15 a.m. to hear us talk about Syria and Benghazi. http://t.co/qoNqTaK3su
Thanks to Obamacare, about 1,800 NJ families received cancellation letters for their kids’ health coverage: http://t.co/UIYY8DWcZe
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)
As Afghanistan chooses a new leader @Call_Me_Dutch and @RepMikeRogers see positive signs for the country, but still some concerns on #CNN
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)TUNE IN @CNNsotu now http://t.co/pxBDmIbX1n
Looking forward to joining @crowleyCNN and @Call_Me_Dutch on @CNNsotu tomorrow morning. We have lots to discuss.
U.S. spies having trouble predicting Putin: "You can't get in his head" -- House Intel Chair @RepMikeRogers tells @AlHuntDC.
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)
#MSU Today at 7:00 tonight features the historic March 17 groundbreaking for @michiganstateu's #FRIB - http://t.co/UsvNBs5xSl
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)TUNE IN now to @WilliamJBennett Morning in American to hear me discuss my hearing with Michael Morell on #Benghazi
Thanks @RepMikeRogers for digging into #Benghazi, seeking justice for the killings of four brave Americans.
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08).@stephenfhayes and contradicts much of their previous reporting. We await a retraction…The White House used the talking points to perpetuate its own misguided political agenda via @AP http://t.co/jIF5VENwAPWe know the location of some #Benghazi attackers & can get them. I will continue demanding this Administration take decisive action.Mr. Morell’s opening statement from the #Benghazi hearing: http://t.co/MkFaMCaPfhState Dept ignored ample intel warnings and rejected request for security. #BenghaziThe White House wants to ignore reality & perpetuate the fallacy that al-Qai’da is on the verge of defeat. #Benghazi http://t.co/jBPrkysWXcAmbassador Rice said on 2/23/14 that the #Benghazi talking points were “the best information we had at the time.” That is just wrong.The White House used [Morell’s] talking points to perpetuate its own misguided political agenda..@RepMikeRogers was tough in his questioning the morning of Morell. Here’s my piece on Morell’s testimony http://t.co/O7H40k7O8b
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)We immediately sought the truth…with #Benghazi briefings 9/12 & 9/13/2012. On 9/12 I said the attack had “all the hallmarks of al Qai’da.”Morell told President Bush on 9/11 your instinct was bin Laden. How could you believe #Benghazi was anything other than terror attack?Morell #Benghazi Hearing: My Opening Statement http://t.co/ipzzKwr5yfLIVE STREAMING: #Benghazi Hearing -- Former CIA Director Morell http://t.co/k5WTx2KIHJ @FoxNews
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Fmr CIA Dir Morell testifies at 10a House Intel hearing on #Benghazi chaired by @RepMikeRogers Watch on @cspan online http://t.co/M1KndjMiQ2
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Coming up at 6:06. We'll talk to @RepMikeRogers about #Putin, Jonathan Pollard, #Obamacare and the budget. @wlsam890
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Talking to @wlsam890 now on our budget proposal that will reduce our spending by $5.1 trillion over the next decade - without raising taxes
Tonight I'll join the @oreillyfactor on why there was a political narrative that was different from the facts on the ground #BenghaziTomorrow, HPSCI will continue its Benghazi investigation by holding our 18th full Committee event—more than any other committee in the House.@WSJOpinion: The House GOP will miss Dave Camp and Mike Rogers http://t.co/I4JZ8pgQNH @RepDaveCamp @RepMikeRogers
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)@RepMikeRogers on #GM "The reason you have the regulators is to make sure there isn't a failure on boths sides of the equation." -#AMR staff
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Releasing a convicted spy who spied against the US has nothing to do w/ the Palestinian issue. It relates 2 issues that shouldn't be related.@cspan will live stream the benghazi talking points & Michael Morell’s role in shaping the admin's narrative open hearing tomorrow @10 a.m.Joining @mitchellreports @ 12 to discuss #GMrecall @HouseCommerce hearing why breakdowns happened so we can prevent them in the future.
Putin called @BarackObama this week... to ask for his Cold War back..@RepMikeRogers on Benghazi: Important for Michael Morell to answer questions on Public record #FNS
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08).@RepMikeRogers on Ukraine: We see tens of thousands of troops…Russia has everything they need to go into Ukraine #FNS
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)TUNE IN @FoxNewsSunday airing @ 10 in Detroit & 9 in Lansing & DC. I'll be talking about my #Benghazi hearing on wed, #Ukraine & #NSA bill
.@digiphile @Call_Me_Dutch Thanks for your interest. The full text is avalible on @HouseIntelComm website found here: http://t.co/bucK7B913s
Retirement of Intel Chair @RepMikeRogers a huge loss for country & constituents. Exceptional advocate who always put security of USA first
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)There’s not a day that @RepMikeRogers has not put our national interest first. One of the finest I have worked with and a treasured friend
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08).@RepMikeRogers is as solid as they come. http://t.co/EXfZg7MfhW The House & the country owe him a debt of gratitude.
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)I am most proud of our work to turn the House Intelligence Committee into a true legislative and oversight body.Looking forward to speaking with @PaulWJR at 6:20 this morning.
Looking forward to joining @FoxNewsSunday with Chris Wallace this Sunday live from the great state of Michigan!ObamaCare forcing another Michigan hospital to cut budget and fire staff. WATCH: http://t.co/Dm4aV3nWHA via @upnorthlive
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)#NSA bill a start to conversation re: maintaining ability to thwart attacks, while addressing Americans’ concerns http://t.co/Nk4HdlB4fd
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)TUNE IN @mitchellreports at Noon to hear @Call_Me_Dutch and me discuss our bill to end bulk collection & our reaction to the presidents plan
@RepMikeRogers [MI-8] introduced H.R.4291, the FISA Transparency and Modernization Act. http://t.co/2A4AhhlcZy
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Joint interview with @Call_Me_Dutch on @BloombergNews TV regarding H.R. 4291 http://t.co/Wd3pxD8VigThx @ITI_TechTweets "[HR4291]essential step forward for US companies to rebuild trust & compete in a global economy" http://t.co/WRPZLUoYuT
NEWS: Michigan Cyber Range Hub launched at 110th Airlift Wing ribbon-cutting ceremony http://t.co/PjVbN8xGaj
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Bipartisan House bill would end NSA's bulk collection of Americans' phone data via @washingtonpost by @nakashimae http://t.co/AN6o7KFx5VHouse Intel Cmte's @RepMikeRogers & @Call_Me_Dutch release bill to overhaul #NSA metadata collection program: http://t.co/yEkGwazJuR
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Tune In @BloombergNews now. @Call_Me_Dutch and I are talking about our FISA reform legislation http://t.co/O1v9tl7eQ5.@RepMikeRogers announces bipartisan legislation Tues to end storage of phone data in response to fears over NSA http://t.co/gLGhxEhhAh
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)I was proud to join @RepMikeRogers and @Call_Me_Dutch earlier today in co-sponsoring the FISA Transparency and Modernization Act
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)@HouseIntelComm Introduces Bill to End NSA Bulk Telephone Metadata Program While Preserving Counterterror Capability http://t.co/yc5YGDW22MOp-Ed in @USATODAY with @Call_Me_Dutch on changes to vital NSA program http://t.co/aQkiybPvnFTo be clear, under our proposal, the govt would no longer be able to collect bulk call records via @USATODAY http://t.co/aQkiybPvnFThis will alleviate the concern that there may be abuse in the future (FISA transparency and modernization act of 2014)Introducing FISA Transparency and Modernization Act of 2014 with @Call_Me_Dutch @jimlangevin @RepTerriSewell http://t.co/yf5Yjz1PDSTUNE IN: @Call_Me_Dutch and I are hosting a press conference to discuss our FISA Improvement Legislation @ 10:45 a.m. in HVC Studio A
.@RepMikeRogers: US 'rhetoric doesn't match reality' in #Ukraine #Russia crisis http://t.co/mLmGh4idqc
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)
.@RepMikeRogers on #MTP: "U.S. intelligence officials believe that Putin is not done in Ukraine"
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)@HouseIntelComm @RepMikeRogers Thank you Chairman Rogers for a productive visit to Kyiv. Very glad you will share impressions from #Maidan
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)@kristinbeltzer welcomes @RepMikeRogers to the @LansingChamber National Security Briefing and Discussion http://t.co/0nGCkJCHDe
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)
Soldiers earn medals rather than win them, each medal signifies a sacrifice. Andrew Kach received his Bronze Star htt http://t.co/qmcQ7hy0wW
How to catch cybercriminals http://t.co/V84l8s3emZ #michigan
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)mtg w #ukrainian defense & intel officials Minister of Defense said "we have to protect our state & independence" http://t.co/Knsa80WEscTUNE IN @wjrradio with @fbtalk at 10:00 a.m. for live on the ground perspective from my congressional delegation trip to #Kiev #Ukraine
By studying rare isotopes scientists will have a better understanding as how elements were formed & what happens inside the stars #FRIBFRIB has opened us up to a whole new world of possibilities: Combating cancer with state-of-the-art nuclear medicine. #FRIBgroundbreaking
Proud day for Michigan!Congrats to @MSU_Basketball - My view of Gary Harris cutting the net down #BigTenChampionship http://t.co/AOzSKIKeXsRT @FaceTheNation: Putin has the upper hand in this, his popularity domestically has soared, in his mind means he's ahead in Kiev #CrimeaReports of possible Ukraine constitutional reform? "Have seen this movie before," @RepMikeRogers. But Russian economy is starting to suffer
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)
Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee @RepMikeRogers joins us Sunday to talk about the situation in #Ukraine, #CIA & more #FTN
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Joining @FaceTheNation tomorrow A.M. live from Indianapolis before the @MSU_Basketball / @umichbball game! #BigTenTourneyChampionship
#FF Michigan Chairman @CandiceMiller @HouseAdmnGOP @RepDaveCamp @WaysandMeansGOP @RepFredUpton @HouseCommerce @HouseIntelComm #mittenleadersCongrats! “@BillKhan: First video EVER of Howell winning a boys' basketball regional title. Last one was in 1927. http://t.co/mMJg0gyVTn
My district staff participating in 'March is Reading Month' at Challenger Elementary in @HowellMISchools http://t.co/dEC7YLAdjUMy thoughts & prayers are with @john_dingell today. I know Henry Ford Hospital will take great care of him and I wish for a speedy recovery
.@RepMikeRogers notes potential economic impact to the United States when explaining why Americans shld be concerned w/ Ukraine stability.
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08).@RepMikeRogers on #Putin: We shouldn't underestimate the type of things he will do. #ThisWeek
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)
Looking forward to joining @ThisWeekABC with @MarthaRaddatz tomorrow morning to discuss the situation in #Ukraine
SUNDAY: As tensions escalate in Ukraine, @MarthaRaddatz speaks w/ House Intelligence Committee Chair @RepMikeRogers. http://t.co/rDZaPklobg
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Another week, another Obamacare delay via @weeklystandard http://t.co/8WxK8Ar7pE
.@GOPLeader @SpeakerBoehner @GOPWhip @cathymcmorris @BuckMcKeon @RepMikeRogers @RepEdRoyce send Obama letter on Iran http://t.co/1l0j0Xwae8
Retweeted by Mike Rogers (MI-08)Congrats Bill @60Minutes: Meet the newest #60Minutes correspondent, @CBSNews veteran Bill Whitaker: http://t.co/DmkSiDZndDGlad to be part of your 42 shows .@wolfblitzer - Full #Ukraine interview here http://t.co/jde5AbapHg
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