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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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People are obviously drawn to the horrific capitalist exploitation of the West. Because it is horrible. And evil. https://t.co/P1wNisUZi4Traffic Jam near the Brandenburg Gate as East Germans move into West Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. http://t.co/0KiYFmTWUV
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWhoah whoah whoah whoah whoah woah http://t.co/5aJTtXFws1 Supposedly the biggest wave ever surfed. #Gripping
Funny watching a late 90s movie with characters using a forgettable but festooned 70s car, realizing that today's equivalent is a 90s Taurus"refusal to contemplate that maybe—just maybe!—people can honorably disagree is remarkably damaging to the polity" http://t.co/GcAStg4QuW@james_ka_smith Yes. I will admit a tiny bit of schadenfreude as the internal conflicts/contradictions are so breathtakingly revealed.The State will always attempt to stretch every law it plausibly can in attempts to gather more power unto itself. http://t.co/77wxeMW5gD"Thus must a tool intended to raise awareness about a social ill be destroyed in the name of justice." http://t.co/lIMsbDBZVALove that #CHA is on the list w/ #grandrapids and #DesMoines! cc @RickDeVos @andystoll http://t.co/jusgJDkxho
Retweeted by Rick DeVosTo think that I went all of these years absolutely convinced that I didn't like chocolate truffles. #MissingOutLovely. http://t.co/2hXrFhE6VqA Referendum on Competence http://t.co/ZfDgEabe12 #MustReadWinner. #OculusRift http://t.co/1bFEOnET8H
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWSJ BREAKING: Virgin Galactic confirms loss of #SpaceShipTwo during Mojave test flight, status of pilots unknown. http://t.co/wfRQRKRlEt
Retweeted by Rick DeVosYeah this Honda video is great http://t.co/UsORhg2iS0 h/t @brianburchCongrats to Jim Hackett! http://t.co/qmIoVG2lH4hahahahahahahahahaha http://t.co/xvuif4qPoEBehold your fearless watchdog: https://t.co/oLQKN6LFfA What a joke.Downtown Holland/8th Street triumphs http://t.co/0n0rpksNF7@topher1kenobe I like playing (skiing) on it, but I don't like the slushy beginning or end.No no no no no. #Snow http://t.co/en8NQ0ieqxRemember the game Thin Ice being being endlessly advertised during After School Cartoons? Good times. Good times. http://t.co/4wJdxJnzP2I guess my Halloween costume this year is my 7th Grade self via my footwear. #Samba http://t.co/vRn7OblrtoKeys to success: debt aversion & a unique long-term perspective RT @EconBizFin: Family firms: Business in the blood http://t.co/G9HmKVQGY1
Some more steaming hot Ebola Science™ for you http://t.co/Bqz6QSln2MThis guy 2016 http://t.co/nH1RglWfW0
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWhat a launch pad looks like the next day after the rocket blows up seconds after liftoff @NASA_Wallops http://t.co/H2ifdCkOXy
Retweeted by Rick DeVosInsane. MT @FBNStossel: SWAT teams were once called out only in emergencies. Now there are almost 100 raids a day: http://t.co/HIyJrJ71PSI sat next to Tom Wolfe at dinner last night. He was wearing his white suit. It was awesome/surreal. If you haven't read him you should.Science™ http://t.co/z2nyf4mciX
"They go from Castro to Mises faster than you can go from the Castro to the Mission District." http://t.co/3ZSVRphcVg from @KevinNRHalloween costume: “Static Electricity” - Walk around w/ a piece of carpet. When asked what you are, drop carpet, rub feet, tap their nose.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"the 'bumpkinization' of politics--by which they mean pitching ads to non-progressive urban 'Science Lover' voters" http://t.co/Dnj1OXJNIeHP's "immersive computing" Sprout is the most interesting new desktop PC in many years. http://t.co/QSRTSiv6DP
Retweeted by Rick DeVosMichigan needs to revamp its arbitrary and paternalistic cottage food industry regulations: http://t.co/6BINl8aAEIBubble Tape? Really, Michigan? #Weird MT @CharlesPassy: The United States of Halloween treats http://t.co/hKNjGzA0gO http://t.co/AVIXUlpk60AP: Small Ebola clusters would overwhelm parts of health system http://t.co/vOAVKg6Bee Unsurprising if you've watched this goat rodeo unfold@james_ka_smith No, that's cool too though. Thanks!Portable, folding standing desk: http://t.co/4SX310kucf Pretty fun@DomGarrett NooooooooooooooooEvery Halloween season when I hear Monster Mash I think of the Mom on Freaks & Geeks singing it and how uncomfortable it made me feel.Oh you know, just another beheading. Getting pretty normal these days. http://t.co/fLUSY2LEY4
Broad use of the word "Science" as a weird sort of magical incantation is already silly, will likely get even sillier http://t.co/ibzg223lsGWant to say something political in a web video? It better not be "slickly produced." FEC Dems don't like your speech. http://t.co/cStY3UNwnVLaunch failure https://t.co/hmgCTHKPGcGorillas in the Mist: NYTimes horrified by "bumpkinification" of icky Midwestern midterms http://t.co/TBr8kYzjJS
Retweeted by Rick DeVos
Science™! Science™! Science™! Science™! Science™! Science™! Science™! Science™! Science™! Science™! Science™! Science™!Yes please. RT @VICE: The Plane of the Future Has No Windows http://t.co/Z4PNnam0TR http://t.co/R5F01TY9mo (via @motherboard)Do not want this weather to endSome awesome dude mashed up Aphex Twin w/ Tayler Swift and the results are quite a bit of fun⁰⁰https://t.co/F5baYHto3u
Retweeted by Rick DeVosOur latest justifications for enjoyment of alcohol and chocolate revolve around memory: http://t.co/DB1eCEkUz7 & http://t.co/rmVQDrSdywNo. http://t.co/EDbaC5tj61"Worse than anything Nixon ever did" http://t.co/RN05Mx08zd “They probably planted them to be able to accuse you of having classified docs"UBS CIO: Blockchain Technology Can Massively Simplify Banking http://t.co/DYyt5zMVlXOwnership, Access, and Liberty: http://t.co/Hd9m77JvCP from @jamespoulosDon't argue with words. Just make products based on truth they can't grasp. If it works, they'll buy. And their incomprehension? Your moat.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosSpending an hour each week watching a section of The World at War provides a certain harrowing, and grounding, perspective"…states are left to defend themselves. So they will." http://t.co/s4dtEk8TcLA skull pocket watch from 1780 http://t.co/8W8I9ghZCF
Retweeted by Rick DeVos
Said it before, saying it again...Apple's Podcast app is an impressively horrible piece of software. And it never improves.A Biological Warfare Expert's Warning Against False Comfort in Ebola Messaging: http://t.co/dEXI5Vcc7Z via @razibkhan
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe Star Wars Rebels CGI series is actually pretty enjoyableElon Musk: ‘With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.’ http://t.co/pl5RKWu4M8Asset forfeiture: a law to combat criminal gangs enforced by a criminal gang #EndTheIRS http://t.co/sTbkqArIKa
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"It's as though politicizing everything will come back and bite you in the a**" http://t.co/AC20PhKYg3For good or for ill, in Colorado, in Missouri, in Texas, and now in New York - decentralization is coming. http://t.co/Fert7d7b67
Retweeted by Rick DeVosYour child is a foot taller than the play area max height, weighs at least 125, and barrels around like a football player. #GoodParentingThe parking gestapo in Philly is threatening to impound all Uber vehicles, fine drivers $1,000. What a joke. https://t.co/qc2jegKxEW
Retweeted by Rick DeVosFun read on the Boeing 707 http://t.co/Ydi0xgLNPx via @charlescwcooke For more on this, Jet Age is a good read http://t.co/Aq3YW4sV61This music video is enjoyable because it involves Steve McQueen, 1970s style, fast cars, and synths. http://t.co/kcQ7ZrgUIJEgg Surprise and similar toy-opening/explaining YouTube vids are the 21st c. toddler's version of the old dept. store newspaper toy insertDutch euthanasia of mentally ill up 3x in a year http://t.co/yHtxnkqfd2 Screaming that slippery slopes don't exist does not make it so.
"dove to the floor around the pillar...turning on his back as he landed and simultaneously firing his weapon upwards" http://t.co/cJNs6eVDgMWith zero fanfare a Google exec just set a new record today, falling from 135,890 ft. http://t.co/bwJN3tAuxH Awesome.WEEKEND FORECAST: http://t.co/agVDX56Ryo
Retweeted by Rick DeVosGuess who underwent quarantine w/o complaint on the *extremely unlikely* chance of pathogens? Apollo lunar missions: http://t.co/Og8lvWTmS2
Retweeted by Rick DeVosOh yes yes yes yes yes RT @Dezeen: Apple's Marc Newson designs a shotgun for Beretta: http://t.co/Itgf6DgXR6 #design http://t.co/OrsK04FKIQ"The more progressivism advances, the more its illiberal postulates are revealed." http://t.co/aJ7ENb2Yfi Ahem. http://t.co/3lg41DK9sqMusic preferences related to SAT scores: http://t.co/maFR4bAd2d Funny and interestingPrint & fold your own Halloween masks: http://t.co/WXcUiw6xOi Fun@mlyons85 Uncharted territory. But speculation of blown up transformers, large sections of the grid failing, etc. Lots of knock-on effects.Big solar flares are worrisome because they're uncharted territory for a grid-powered, logistically lean/fragile civ. http://t.co/itMNtff2eH@mlyons85 http://t.co/itMNtff2eH45% chance of X-class solar flare today, and the sunspot is pointed right at earth: http://t.co/Eho5oSKRHL #NotGoodAn extreme 7 hour haunted house w/force feeding, imprisonment, etc. http://t.co/8IrLVepphi 24k person wait list. I don't understand people.What The Wright Brothers Could Teach Today's Innovators About Solving Problems http://t.co/6ZyggUx423 Good little readGood news RT @USATODAY: #BREAKING Dallas nurse Nina Pham is Ebola-free and will be released from hospital today http://t.co/DLbcz4AQX0"The more progressivism advances, the more its illiberal postulates are revealed." http://t.co/aJ7ENb2YfiMedia Should Stop Lecturing Americans About Their Ebola Concerns http://t.co/YZUZSOXbgj "'panic' and 'hysteria' are words, with meanings."The Enduring Power of Story http://t.co/pMnvFYPqEy#ProTip: A donut isn't particularly good fuel for Filthy 50
AHA! "Vegetarians & vegans: new research shows plants know when they're being eaten. And they don't like it." http://t.co/rukDwyxNOb
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWe are not doing that. We are acting like a Third World Country. That's a slight to Nigeria--Nigeria rode herd on ebola and stamped it out.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosHowever, First World Countries avoid plagues by bring First World Country contingency planning to contagious diseases.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosOn the podcast tonight I made the point that we seem to think Ebola will not spread in the US just because we're a First World Country.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosQuarantine: low tech, inexpensive, simple, ancient, familiar, effective, scalable, versatile.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosTwo Orlando houses with adjacent backyards are separated by 7 miles of roads http://t.co/rLh8q2VhVD
Retweeted by Rick DeVosMore good news guys! "Largest sunspot in more than 20 years facing Earth" http://t.co/SyKMYviAnk #GetExcited"[other than bowling alley trip]" https://t.co/T53I2NIa48How about a flat tax paired with an abolishment of this corrupt and malicious bureaucracy? http://t.co/gZCWCVEUTa
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