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RJ King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

Co-Director of Science House. Futurist, strategist, designer. Lover of our cosmos and the life forms that emerged from it.

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@Summer_Ash I'd love to get my microscope wings and 3D moon scarves on STARtorialist!Invader in Tanzania. I love it. http://t.co/ddRMNtCeWlShe wants my lunch. http://t.co/YPmowtcQxv@IntelITCenter @charlesaraujo thanks for including @ScienceHouse! @jpalinkas“Beware the guardians of corporate culture.” Change, innovate, do it differently. Start with the #TransformIT recap: http://t.co/7DkM309pk2
Retweeted by RJ KingSo, so good (and true) on how to be polite by @ftrain: https://t.co/jGtkBmVZh8@carneross @nytimes I can't stop thinking about the implications since I read the article.Reminds me of the time @gutelius made my day with a cross-country shipment of apricots from his tree! http://t.co/NPLOLg1zYn
@Jason the missing K really takes the edge off.@statementartist The artist *did* go to Milan.@AP The former journalist in me is curious about what kinds of domestic issues that involve police are considered "nominal."Obsessive-compulsive rituals really help. There's a writing tip for you. Anyway, I've made a cappuccino, so I'd better go work on the novel.
Retweeted by RJ King@RichardGarriott I just ordered one for you and will let you know when it arrives.@RichardGarriott so hilarious that you're asking because I got it *at your house* after angel devil secret santa!Activities for you and your Zombie Plant. http://t.co/x8RjA9Xf1tVery excited about my Zombie Plant! @hodgman If scary enough, I will recommend to landscaper at the Denver Airport. http://t.co/BXcJJqc4QVQuite possibly my favorite song of all time. http://t.co/nrugxAxSjU
@Catherine_Asaro Congrats to Tom! So cute.
@hoffmanpaul You're simply spectacular, Paul, and I love you. The world is so much better off with you in it.Two kids and their wonderful father @plemay75 made our day @ScienceHouse! http://t.co/u9ouFB6nyqAgain & again, I bow to the brilliance of my friend @hoffmanpaul. Congrats, @LibertySciCtr! http://t.co/YGze60hH4VTo thine own hustle be true
Retweeted by RJ KingThose carrots don't peel and cut themselves. http://t.co/EKox1qvQMSMy plan to cook more often (okay, *at all*) is always beaten by the time-consuming reality of doing it. Also, @Seamless.Consider supporting this incredible project about four amazing women: http://t.co/EEkN1o6Xnn
It was fun! “@PaulBorisGE: @RitaJKing from @ScienceHouse on Organizing to Win with #GEITLeaders @generalelectric http://t.co/5WfwpTZ8HC
I wish I could attend @sree's social media workshop Tuesday in Paris! http://t.co/0TDnrCBzoC #sreeparis If you're there, go!I wrote this last year for #MLKDay: https://t.co/Defr2cr8Tt *Every day* should be #MLKDay.
50 years of David Bowie's hair and makeup, in one mesmerizing gif http://t.co/tvLnlpLFAD http://t.co/posZskrGr3
Retweeted by RJ KingAll that we do is touched with ocean, and yet... http://t.co/iJfBAeDVbM@JenniferPreston @sree where in Miami are you? I'm here too.Future ---> “@nytimes: A Small Software Company Sees a Future in Containers of Code http://t.co/lLZusuPXb8” via @cetesse
I'd love a minute with the kid on the plane who screamed "Crash landing! Crash landing!" as we descended.WANT “@dailydot: A real-life mech suit exists, and it only costs $1 million: http://t.co/WXsyH3DLru http://t.co/8nQrkfRz0XKeep your beginner's mind forever! https://t.co/EK4wZSQj2JMy husband is an inventor and does instant patent searches when I get ideas. I can't believe the stuff people patent!@mostlylisa such a gorgeous purple skies photo!
Very happy to be one of the people on the @CultureInst people page. http://t.co/NxIedQYF7IHappy birthday #katemoss. Perfect in reality or as a hologram. http://t.co/zmtHmtjjQk@jessmisener @BuzzFeedSF @mat fun fun@CultureInst the *illusion* of harmony...
Love this series! “@CultureInst: What about the #ArtofLeadership in your organization? Fun, anyone? http://t.co/wDYfUW9jcc
“You may delay, but time will not.” - Benjamin Franklin
Retweeted by RJ King
@AdrienneC2 thanks! Yes I still make @MysteryJars and always will :)@Grady_Booch blessed with a big brain AND sunshine, you@jacobbeckley I am among the purged.I love this act of literary imagination by @Miranda_July. http://t.co/8CiKKz783JExcited to be part of this! @manoushz says when you're bored, you come up with creative stuff: http://t.co/I9ITDSh1nj via @BrianLehrerWalking through a Colorado snowstorm is like having a million invisible nano-ninjas taking aim at my face with crystallized throwing stars.
@ASE @tejucole it really is a great piece of workMy day in trees. http://t.co/gLB8GM57BL@huler for starters http://t.co/aONGD3MNX5Driver just told me that the evil-looking laser-eyed horse at the Denver airport actually *killed its creator*The crazy red-eyed horse at the Denver airport makes me think of @hodgman.
@vihartvihart @Ehmee horrible. I think we ought to brainstorm a solution to this recurring issue. So sorry. Keep up your great work.@kellyoxford I can't believe it's been two years!@timleberecht My husband and I run Science House together so I can relate conceptually to your idea.It's easier to judge with broad brushstrokes than to put effort into contextualizing the nuances of interlocking systems.It's easier to see what others are doing wrong than to radically assess major improvements that can be made in our own camps.One little second amidst all the infinity. http://t.co/1558vGo3LuPhilip Pullman, when asked where he gets his ideas: ‘We are all having ideas all the time. But I’m on the lookout for them. You’re not.”
Retweeted by RJ KingMysterious ancient metal found in shipwreck! http://t.co/THKfx4KNFn Added to Treasure of the Sirens! http://t.co/Eij6BEhNol@cetesse @jhagel @flat_world I'm working with a client all day Monday and Tuesday but will email you both and copy Lana to set something up.
@krening @c0nn0r @OReillyMedia @SystemsSally @BernScience very exciting! Can't wait to read it.@c0nn0r @chr1sa @OReillyMedia @krening that looks so great for so many reasons!@jhagel I would love to introduce you to @cetesse, the CEO of @flat_world and one of the people who is best serving the lifelong learners.@VanityFair @Oprah What an incredible image! The year’s smartest cameo casting http://t.co/XimQP2nJFREO Wilson agrees with you, @chrisharwood. http://t.co/YMpea3TzszThe quote being attributed to me by @GlobalFundWomen was not actually said by me @JanieceStaton. I agree it is ludicrous.@GlobalFundWomen I don't see that quote in my essay.@GlobalFundWomen where are you getting that direct quote attributed to me from?And this is a general comment, not targeted to a specific incident.Given the importance of free speech, it's inexcusable that we spend so little time understanding what it is and how to practice it.@palafo @alexismadrigal Great read. I love it.And on the other hand we just learned that the @ScienceHouse VideoScience app has been downloaded half a million times around the world.House Republicans passed a bill forbidding scientists from advising the EPA on their own research. http://t.co/NXjrtDXFSV
If there's no ultimate purpose we might as well eat chocolate. http://t.co/QAYnikAczh@debrahampton ooooh what are you keeping next to your Mystery Jars? Hi @evanoneil @yokoono :)Somehow I missed this Augmented Hands project from @chrissugrue @golan & @kcimc - http://t.co/bd6Q6EcSJK - pure, unfiltered magic.
Retweeted by RJ KingIn awe, as usual, of the culture of curiosity @WeizmannScience @WeizmannInst. Science for the benefit of humanity. All humanity.
#CharlieHebdo post on the Banksy Instagram account really got me. So many great responses. http://t.co/HwEvu4EVeXFeel like I just walked into a scene from a Wes Anderson film. http://t.co/EKxT3l0qUm
Indistinguishable sea and sky, with ships. http://t.co/Etm0Tfq4fnThe approach. http://t.co/G91TeTyMIQ
.@JenniferPreston posted the pictures here on Twitter too :).@JenniferPreston was 29 when she wrote the biography of Bess Myerson, says she might be even more empathetic now. http://t.co/QeJYOTesgeCheck out @JenniferPreston's Instagram for the most gorgeous and provocative visual and written history of Bess Myerson.@FlyingTrilobite As far as you've come can't be undone: http://t.co/irlHe57PgjThe amazing @nilerodgers deserves his place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: http://t.co/PXYwf4hNti@embeedub @Salon She didn't explicitly say that they *wouldn't* if they found one in the woods and shot it themselves.Thrilling theory by one of all-time favorite scientists Jeremy England about the origins of life: http://t.co/Z3glLOZ8ALSanta definitely left a big sack of selfie sticks in our city this holiday season: http://t.co/5gCJIAtaU1
@changeist we don't fully understand it yet at all.@changeist in a sense, yes, but one that we ourselves create, and one that will contain our own strengths and weaknesses.@changeist it's going to be hard to answer until we stop thinking of machine intelligence as artificial. It is an extension of our own.@MARIADAHVANA but I think that critical difference in perception is where self-sabotage comes in. Not surprising given systemic influence.@MARIADAHVANA it's less about horn blowing and more about seizing opportunity without asking for permission.
Finally finished my @sketchbkproject! http://t.co/GC74Z3jFAnMay-Britt Moser accepted the Nobel Prize in a gown depicting her discovery. Love it! #science http://t.co/whF87sSaO3@sketchbkproject okay sent
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