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@travpopewhat about if you had a Zune but not Zune pass and now have Xbox music?
@WinObs Tried that, no luckAll I want is Cortana to give me directions to a friend's house. Is that so hard?Great sign that should be posted at every Little League field. http://t.co/9XJnlgFtab
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@FinsUpDNC When she doesn't know what I said I'm ok with it. It's when she gets what I'm saying (having followed the formula) and she failsMy love of cortana has died. She can't understand commands she should be able toReport: Separatists in east #Ukraine town of Donetsk order #Jews to register http://t.co/eFGsCDAxh9 http://t.co/td5eMWWXqg
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Happy Pesach! May this springtime holiday offer the freedom we each seek. #NextYearInJerusalem http://t.co/O0EDkdlCgm
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@BrandonLive I thought it did. Now I'm thinking I was wrong and The Event Log just happened to get an event that looks like I wanted to logI hope someone saved the USAirways tweet, because I missed it and am now intrigued, for strictly scientific purposes.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI feel like I'm late to the 8.1 Party. Been busy getting ready for Passover.Waiting for 8.1 to install...How ironic that everyone likes #OpenSSL and many complain about #heartbleed, yet very few want to pay for #security. http://t.co/ebhp1U0hzh
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@frothieststeak we are.@frothieststeak weird, it did for me... (After I called startLog)@Apeoholic sadly@Apeoholic Thinking I'm going to close my account there.@SwiftOnSecurity is following me! Today is now Legendary ! Now if I could get get @taylorswift13 to follow me I'd be happy for life@SwiftOnSecurity clearly bothWebsite, in a NEWSLETTER email reminds me of my username which is fine but also my PASSWORD in CLEAR TEXT!?! #YesIAmShoutingNowhere in the documentation does Microsoft tell you that WinJS.log will write to the event log! Had to find out from http://t.co/KzeNki1Cj7Sooo $32,532 for a desktop... Seem good to you?RT @NokiaMixRadioNA:"FOLLOW and RT 2 win the Nokia/GOO GOO goods!"#MixRadioGooGoo http://t.co/BtkIIwXS2v http://t.co/adbLMklcsD
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@robertmclaws cool@robertmclaws not really. For class development and XHR work WinJS doesn't differ from the Web really@robertmclaws will run on WinJS and it has zero dependencies@jonskeet Ah. In that case I think you could get a way with the Calendar start month system and just make it clear in the API docs@jonskeet That is true, though one solution would to just show the month name so you can use either system@jonskeet Most people only know the New Year based system so I'd go with that. Extremely few only know the Calendar month system.@jonskeet They do that because it's basing it's self on the New Year month instead of the Calendar start year month@jonskeet I've messed around with .NET's Hebrew Lunar calendar. What exactly you trying to do?It's depressing how silverlight video playback uses like 4x less cpu than flash playback yet everyone uses flash ;-(
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@robertmclaws Updated my fork with newest commit changes moved to the JS version@getwired @CarmenCrincoli sadly yea :(@CarmenCrincoli with the way twiter's treating devs now...#1 reason I hate @Twitter? They killed @metrotwitapp #DevHate@BrandonLive Any plans to have a way to see multiple tweet lists in one window?@CarmenCrincoli can't hurt to try @BrandonLive@CarmenCrincoli I found that. Issue for me is on my Surface Pro I can only open two windows at once :(@CarmenCrincoli can you have multiple lists in sight at once? Can't figure out how if so.@CarmenCrincoli giving it a try
@CarmenCrincoli hmmm, I'll give it a lookI love @MetroTwitApp but I hit a bug in the modern version. So replacements? (Sticking to MT on the desktop though #TwitterAppsOn to the Pesach-cleaning-playlist...Funny how scrubbing and kashering offers its own freedom -- liberation from an inbox and phone.
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In particular, ignore any links from Rafael.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardBREAKING: @Dropbox has decided all its users should switch to @OneDrive or @GoogleDriveI just have *sooo* much fun debugging Microsoft's Metro apps #ShouldNotHaveTo #Sarcasim@SwiftOnSecurity you need to tell us to what tune we should sing the songs@thurrott And iPhone too?@brianlagunas @gshackles sadly trueWow RT @gshackles PSA: There are ways to provide helpful and constructive feedback on the internet. This isn't it. http://t.co/g5fNTtahqrahahaha whoever thought of this -- you made my night. "It could happen here." #Russia #BrightonBeach http://t.co/TbTvT8U9xb
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I think I'm in love with @SwiftOnSecurity@maryjofoley lol I know@maryjofoley it looks like you, at least to meBe nice if I tell Data Sense I have unlimited my #windowsphone would download/upload anything without WiFi. Even large stuff. #requestsLook who I found @maryjofoley http://t.co/g3tboOVm7Z@dkdsgn @wpcentral About the yea of Office 365...IF you feel the MonoGame project is worthy/useful, please consider donating http://t.co/e00LiqMSM8 - Money goes towards hosting/devices etc.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardMy new favorite twitter account: @SwiftOnSecurity@maryjofoley thanks :)@ObiWanGinge ouch@ObiWanGinge but it's a pain for apps/devices that don't support itDebating on do I turn on 2 auth for my Microsoft Account
@frothieststeak @IrisClasson I gave up replacing XHR with mine. Couldn't get it to work. I'll just to explicitly use mine where I want to"I don't date losers who haven't patched OpenSSL and revoked+regenerated their private keys." http://t.co/nuYuCVBKai
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardA Guy Hung An Offensive Sign Around His Neck To Make A Solid Point. And … It Worked. http://t.co/ufVGOh51FA
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@WinObs I do hate that fact but for those times I just use the official app@WinObs People Hub?.@IrisClasson figured out why. The Setting's Flyout files are loaded using XMLHttpRequest and there was a bug in my custom XMLHttpRequestWhy does replacing XMLHttpRequest cause Settings Flyout to crash?!?! #WinJS @msdevHi MonoGame devs, is anyone using native iOS and Android controls, combined with MonoGame on those platforms? Let us know if you do. Pls RT.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI have to stop reading the stupidity in online comments, it's killing meToo much stupid http://t.co/tKxrgPyWql@CarmenCrincoli that's great lol@MSFTExchange I know. I just can't figure out how to optimize mine
I've hit the @MSFTExchange rule limit of 256KB, now what? #ExchangeProblems@shmulyeng I'm far from complaining :) thanks@SimonDarksideJ lol maybe@DrTechenstein thanks, and good luck. Pesach sameah to you too @UPS@samidip thanks :)Starting on Monday I will be developing for @UPS. If your package gets lost I had nothing to do with it, hopefully. #NewJob@amibendavid you can select "skip this step" to move that step to later when you do have access to your email @BrendanEichI think I got a job at @UPS, but can't get in touch with anyone to make sure #Hopeful@getwired it cleared the drain but people don't know that so they use the other sink (I may be having to much fun with this analogy)Not sure if consumers moving from XP to 7 is good or just another XP waiting to happen@migueldeicaza I say Jay-Ess@migueldeicaza I mock them for not dealing with or ignoring them@gcaughey @manan hopefully it will get them to not blindly trust Google@manan @gcaughey it's Google they'll try anything to sell Chromebooks. After calling them laptops this is nothing@maryjofoley It's never to early for beer@jshoq I really feel for MS support and the Premier Field Engineers today.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI've got a web project coming up and I think I'll use #WinJS. #HaterGonaHateWinJS cross-platform & open source - http://t.co/gxQS8sySxg - Available now on GitHub to try out, give feedback, & submit contributions
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardIf it's not in a browser, it ain't "the Web".
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@maryjofoley just saw your correct, a bit behind on my tweets@maryjofoley the power button trick only works on some a machines. A better one would be seing the search button on the start screen@RowanandtheRose more Doctor who pleeeease :)Look ma! NoSQL!
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard.@QuestDX has a BLACKBERRY app but not a @windowsphone app
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