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On @FoxBusiness, @RonPaul on the IRS revoking conservative group's tax-exempt status over anti- Clinton remarks. http://t.co/Zsmv6TQdV8Is now the time to take a stand and make a change? RT if you agree with @RonPaul, comment if you don't. http://t.co/pxGa3Cn2xSFox News poll shows 20 years from now, 51% say Obamacare will be viewed as Pres. Obama's worst accomplishment. 37% say his best. Thoughts?New study shows Republican lawmakers winning the battle for Twitter followers and engagement. What do you make of this trend? #FOXBUSINESS
When it comes to taxes, let's just say the U.S. is no @KateUpton RT if you think we need a new tax system http://t.co/bYRoVdWRUsIf you think a minimum wage hike to $10.10/hour is bad... Try $25/hour. Coming up on FBN, why it could be here soon than you think. #CavutoObama admin to require companies to give workers’ info to unions. I discuss w/ @ericbolling on @TeamCavuto at 4:30p http://t.co/27qzLqtNzD
Retweeted by Neil CavutoAmericans losing trust in the economy because they have lost all trust in the White house? http://t.co/6hmhPrqmxl
It's not good for the White House when a lot less people trust the White House. New Fox Polls on @FoxBusiness nowIf Democrats can't use the word "recovery" - which word should they use? #cavuto @FoxNewsI think they're ignoring the President of the United States over all this @foxnews #cavuto #recovery http://t.co/Q6uw2aiHzAEven after Solyndra's bankruptcy the Pres. giving gov'ts $15 million to pump up solar. RT if you think this is a mistake, reply if you don't
In tonights #BizBlitz: Is Starbucks actually paying more in taxes as a PR move? The details only on @FoxBusinessNow back to business... @FoxBusiness right now: hear why Unions could be about to get a big bailout, by taxpayers #cavutoIs it me or does someone really need to get back to telling the truth? #cavuto @foxnews http://t.co/c8NyqUuiJpAs if the IRS didn't give you enough to be angry about. You could soon be taxed for stuff you get for "free"?http://t.co/6hCvrFivB9Could a Tweet or #Facebook status land you an audit by the #IRS? @TeamCavuto http://t.co/UiwWZQ0roy
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto
The Highway Trust Fund is about to run dry. Are you willing to pony up to help replenish it?Reports the IRS is trolling Facebook & Twitter to target tax dodgers. Does that scare you to speak out against the IRS?Twitter insiders almost able to sell their shares. Should investors worry about what happened to Facebook? http://t.co/502jfyThST
It takes someone foolish to wear these http://t.co/vPmjgtUlIg
RT if you think college athletes unionizing is a BAD idea. Reply if you think it's a GOOD idea. #CAVUTO #FOXBUSINESS http://t.co/hOTpESuGOhRIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness, lunar or loony? Russia wants to annex the MOON. RT if you think Lt. Col. Maginnis is right http://t.co/by6I1VPkoeWhy can the IRS come after you but you can't go after the IRS? RT if you've lost all trust in the IRS. #FOXBUSINESS http://t.co/Eia9CVZNFsAre conservatives telling RINOs they need not apply for 2016? #cavuto @foxnews @realdonaldtrump http://t.co/9pm4l7lQ13
France is banning work emails after 6PM for unions. Should this happen in the United States? #CAVUTO #FOXBUSINESS http://t.co/2xdDlnM0KSRT if you agree with Fmr. House Majority Leader Tom Delay. #CAVUTO #FOXBUSINESS http://t.co/l3MCMMsMaJRIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness. FMR. HHS SECRETARY TOMMY THOMPSON says what Kathleen Sebelius’s replacement needs to do. http://t.co/6FDAy5crQTWith Sebelius out, now the IRS has more power to enforce the h'care law. RT if this makes you nervous. #FOXBUSINESS http://t.co/OUvI10tyi1Are we on the verge of witnessing a correction...or a mental shift in Americans habits? #cavuto #markets @foxnews http://t.co/uXLiITclIsNew report shows Sen. Harry Reid talking about the Koch Brothers far more than Vladimir Putin last month. Who's a bigger threat to the U.S.?France is banning work email after 6PM for French workers. What do you think of this idea? #CAVUTO #FOXBUSINESS
If you could rename #Obamacare, what would you call it? #CAVUTO #FOXBUSINESS http://t.co/0kYggXEyfdDo you agree with Congresswoman @CynthiaLummis? Tune in NOW to @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTO http://t.co/wRyCPchlMvRIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness we're taking a closer look at these numbers. RT if you're losing trust in President Obama. http://t.co/0BjFXzVs7WMe thinks something happened #cavuto @foxnews http://t.co/MG2TycKTjn
Pentagon announces it's planning to make cuts to U.S. nuclear forces. RT if you think the timing could not be worse. http://t.co/y1lhMPbtmHWhat do you make of Fmr. Gov. @JebBush's recent comments on illegal immigration? We discuss RIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness http://t.co/rx7FV0SLfORIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness billionaire investor @johnpauldejoria. Do you agree with him? #CAVUTO http://t.co/V2mh1xQNfVRT if you believe RAND Corporation's number here over President Obama's 7.1 million number. #CAVUTO #FOXBUSINESS http://t.co/ug1fAYrs61Hillary & Jeb are popular names for 2016 - but should we be looking at outsiders too? #cavuto @FoxNewsCan Republicans do ANYTHING to get Lois Lerner to talk? @gretawire is about to tell us. #cavuto @FoxNewsEx-Taco Bell interns say they created the Doritos Taco. You'll never guess what I invented. #cavuto @foxnews 4pm http://t.co/paXrrtffHr
Students are tweeting photos of their school lunches and they're not happy with the First Lady. Would you eat this? http://t.co/NWY6KWqyA4Will GM ever be the same? GM auto dealer Mark Calisi with answers RIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness. Will GM survive? #CAVUTO http://t.co/uigNZyvAK6Ronald Reagan's Fmr. Economic Advisor talking Russia and the US economy NOW on @FoxBusiness. RT if you agree with him http://t.co/CMD39NGlp3Why are Democrats always pushing tax hikes on the nation, but when their own constituents are in trouble, it's tax breaks to the rescue? -NCNew survey out shows health insurance premiums are skyrocketing. @SenatorTimScott reacts RIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/bmPs0Vk0CyA 79-yo substitute teacher canned because she refused to "unfriend" students on Facebook. Fair or foul? @FoxNews@TedCruz speaks out on the President's latest executive orders. 4pm ET @FoxNews
Tune in NOW to @FoxBusiness. BILLIONAIRE investor Wilbur Ross. RT if you think hiking the minimum wage will cost jobs http://t.co/C1mUN775tODo you agree with the Judge? #CAVUTO #FoxBusiness http://t.co/h3DZiKJyc2Watch Judge Andrew Napolitano @Judgenap RIGHT NOW on #CAVUTO on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/y0Bap6oSlSFmr. Rep. @AllenWest (R-FL) unloads on #Obamacare. RT if you agree with him. Tune in NOW to @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTO http://t.co/RlcngJlGP9
Good morning! Your Financial Superhero is saving the day #cavuto busting through the Obamacare hype 1030amet
Are Congressmen paid what they deserve? A preview of 'Your World' #cavuto #foxnews http://t.co/IOnluDR6yjRemember the controversial "Biggest Loser" winner who people said got TOO skinny? Well, she's 20 lbs heavier now and feels great. Thoughts?Sports commentators blasting NY Mets' Daniel Murphy for taking paternity leave and missing first 2 games of season. Is this fair? #FBNCAVUTO7.1 million Obamacare enrollments? Try 1.2 million. We calculate, you decide http://t.co/B20DoYRlER #cavuto @foxnews @FoxBusiness
RIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness, Governor @BobbyJindal explains his alternative plan to #Obamacare. RT if you like his plan http://t.co/f6fPa6YjyQLouisiana Governor @BobbyJindal unveils his alternative plan to #Obamacare NEXT on @FoxBusiness! #CAVUTO http://t.co/wwHgfcwcyzWhat's the Deal, Neil: @SenRandPaul defends Caterpillar's strategy for avoiding $2.4B in taxes. #CAVUTO http://t.co/wKyceTAhDDDo liberals hear what they 'want to hear' on Obamacare? http://t.co/ILrLyuXn3U @FoxNews #CommonSense #Cavuto
New ad campaign wants anything but Toronto Mayor #RobFord … RIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness! #CAVUTO http://t.co/e9enbHb8IMDo you think our founding fathers would want #Obamacare? #CAVUTO http://t.co/lKHQIddcNDIs there ANY fee you would be willing to pay when flying? #cavuto @FoxNewsJimmy Fallon taking jabs at Obamacare. Is the President losing his pull with millennials? #Cavuto @FoxNewsWhat happened to accountability? A preview of 'Your World' 4pm ET @foxnews #cavuto http://t.co/jIhmMmtPvYSo the U.S. is vows to help Ukraine reduce its dependence on Russia's energy. Do you think we should focus on reducing "our own" dependence?
Families of victims still asking "why?" Does GM think an apology is going to cut it? #CAVUTO http://t.co/fHUJXYRv7t.@SenRandPaul says Caterpillar shouldn't be on trial for avoiding $2.4B in taxes, the tax code needs to be on trial. Is he right? #Cavuto"We upended the entire health care system to cover everybody, but we're not covering everybody, so what is this for? #CavutoPres Obama: 7.1M Americans have now signed up for healthcareHealthcare enrollment numbers: WH is whooping them up - but are they really on the up & up? We tally, you decide. #Cavuto @FoxNews 4pmWill "sorry" cut it? With all due deference to CEO Mary Barra, I doubt it. Which is why GM as we know it … stick a fork in it. - NC
Is jail time needed in GM recall scandal? This former NHTSA head is thinking that; what about you? http://t.co/3jiCGdFOOCHow much should these investigations into General Motors go? #Cavuto http://t.co/0nbRFU2y0v#CavutoQuiz: What topic is Secretary Kerry referring to? You would think the answer is obvious. It's not. http://t.co/QnEIO711KdIt's human nature for some humans to be worms but it's still wormy how quickly humans become worms. - NC #commonsenseHouse Democrats looking to study federal employee morale. RT if you think they should be looking at TAXPAYER morale. #Cavuto @FoxNewsThe UN focusing on climate change despite rising tensions in #Ukraine & #Korea. #NeedEm or #LeaveEm? @FoxNews
.@USATODAY : Fox's Neil Cavuto fights for MS cure http://t.co/QjfjVxiqE5
#Cavuto GAME ON!Good morning from @TeamCavuto 1 hr until showtime: the government starting a food fight to fight global warming. #Cavuto digging in 1030ametWhat’s the Deal, Neil: Sen. Reid thinks we can’t use the internet? http://t.co/Ww8nxzBejb
Saudi suck up? http://t.co/2vNhbeGJbrA class in Miley Cyrus? I'm not saying she has no class, but to have give her a whole class? http://t.co/AAS4YEhmHz“We have a long history of sucking up. Whether bowing or holding it's all about swallowing some dignity to keep the oil flowing. –NC #CavutoHollywood is going Holy. Movie execs turning to the heavens for films. RT if you plan to see 'Son of God' or 'Noah' @foxnews #NoahMoviePres Obama looking to mend ties w/ Saudi Arabia. #NeedEm or #DontNeedEm?LAX baggage handlers arrested & accused with theft! Have you ever had things stolen out of your bags at the airport? #Cavuto @FoxNewsObamacare is turning to the "honor system"! RT if you wish the IRS worked like this on Tax Day #Cavuto @FoxNewsI'm not saying she has "no" class, but to make Miley Cyrus a college class? Use #Cavuto, and see your tweets tonight 8PM on @FoxBusinessVP Biden says in his book the 11 million+ illegals in the U.S. are already Americans. Is this a sign they'll get a free pass to citizenship?
Is the Kim Jong Un haircut really that bad? RT if you want this #CavutoCut http://t.co/Vrpo2fYG5GWhy aren't people in the market? Before you get Americans back into the markets, you have to first get them back into “America” #Cavuto NowHarry Reid is on a rampage. He's now blaming the healthcare deadline delay on us, because we're not tech-savvy enough? #Cavuto @FoxBusinessKim Jong Un reportedly forcing his hairstyle on his people- is it that bad? RT if this is a hair-don't #CavutoCut http://t.co/8SJeVFSrfWThe new tack in selling the Health Care law. It's not them, it's US. And they're here to help US. Are they trying to get one by US? - NCDeirdre Imus is moments away... Waffle tacos and cupcakes are up for discussion- what so you think of these treats? http://t.co/82xO6qIlBm
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