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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Toronto Ontario Canada

Work: Impact philanthropy Mission: Support the passionate to reach their potential. My oxygen is networking, LinkedIn my lungs. Opinions are my own.

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Tomorrow morning, take that coffee to go http://t.co/kryNfJYr5OFunny you should ask @Energized I just published http://t.co/kryNfJYr5O on #LinkedIn cc @HilborninfoDid @FastCoDesign say 'Space Dildo' ? RT World's fastest bike looks like 90 mph space dildo: http://t.co/GTZ0plZlRa http://t.co/b2d8WlVaHyA great introspective thought on being a professional fundraiser http://t.co/HYf6z6Bjw1 @RebsD in @101fundraisingSeen the #prospectresearch job at @unitedwayto ? http://t.co/rTJc7ia9eBHow are you staying Sharp? Show us how you're enjoying our issues using #SharpMagazine on Twitter/Instagram. http://t.co/XvnEmfdW17
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@JeffGignac hadn't heard anything before you mentioned it. Already used my family passes earlier in week. On baby duty Friday night.Fro- Yo #BGBSYR @KaveetsD @goSocialFocus @FrankieChow http://t.co/6c55xdFghDGot 99 problems and a Will 'aint one? http://t.co/AHfnExGTSo @allaboutestatesLook at you @Energized Mr Topical writing about the Heartbleed bug for charities! http://t.co/h1Vr8eWGWl via @HilborninfoWhat @BGBSYR you got your @DIPESHLAKHANI avatar already?!@BDellandrea good luck with the DMZ birthday tonight!Do you know any estate law, accounting advisors in #Montreal ? Please share http://t.co/LlSpTNJUEw May 1 philanthropy session with them!We need to make a @joelsolomon T-Shirt : " I want to be a Billionaire of Good Deeds " cc @CAGP_ACPDP @LeahEustace @RyanCFP @PeggyKilleen@shegrosz always happy to help. When I tell my network "I'm at your service" I mean it! #workthenetworkGreat to see you @davidpleonard @GratiaCaritas @canadiancharity @BradyHambleton at @CdnClubTO Philanthropy talk today!Great discussion on philanthropy 3.0 thanks @CdnClubTO @rudyardg http://t.co/7jxfBZ4aVi
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth9 benefits of digital business transformation via @inc http://t.co/0OevHEXifJ http://t.co/5BVtVc2TwB
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWould appreciate any help tweeps in Montreal could share May 1 event! http://t.co/TpwG9v1MvP w/ @CAGP_ACPDP http://t.co/1UneHmtN8mComing to Apr 29 @afptoronto networking event next week? http://t.co/C8ajcYE9uX - how to rock the event: http://t.co/z5gdy6QIkSKeep your eyes on #LGBTphilanthropy to learn from the @InclusiveGiving @LGBTGiving conference this week!A big hat tip to @canadahelps team who was representing so well at #BGBSYR last night! cc @MarinaGlogovacWhoa! Prospect research job at @unitedwayto http://t.co/MhpBrI1Spd via @erejman @APRACanadaVery kind @indeedemma it was the walk I needed too! I love hearing about the things that create your inspiration. #RenaissanceWomanA good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit. ~ Arnold H. GlasowBig welcome to new followers from #BGBSYR last night. This is my Twitter welcome to you! http://t.co/sX6s2xzYt6
Disturbing #advocacy campaign: Would you notice people you love if they were #homeless? Video: http://t.co/E09vnhCu6a … via @AdFreak
Retweeted by Paul NazarethApparently this is at @agotoronto ( also @RachinTO greatest nightmare ) http://t.co/gKaniWCfev@nalinibattu this is at the AGO right now?Title: Be Good, Be Handsome. RT @the2scoops: This is how we do it. #BGBSYR http://t.co/Bhm45YobMfEvery now and again, you meet someone that restores your faith in humanity. You're that guy @ConstantChanges. Thanks for everything!
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@KaveetsD isn't he though?We were talking about how to fold a #pocketsquare @HollyWagg - here's the Pinterest board for @PocketStyleCA http://t.co/M9I1TdRjFJAnd @LeahEustace wins best #BGBSYR selfie!Agree @ConstantChanges #BGBSYR had a great host in @itscherjones !194 RTs! RT @Jezebel: Celeb culture skewered by Canadian social services campaign http://t.co/YRcr0kwVTT http://t.co/ZjKCwOBhJE" #WebsiteOK
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@arezoonz @uinvitedu @hollywagg Here's one from #trickoreat2013: https://t.co/Ou5Qwt5K4a #BGBSYR
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHaving trouble following the tweets from #BGBSYR? You can find them all captured here: http://t.co/eRrbwCYR6E
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@adelia_marchese I think we all over-froyo'd . #regretKnow when to take your engagement offline to a DM. Bonus:it shows you’re a person, not a faceless bot. #BGBSYR
Retweeted by Paul NazarethTap into the power of Pinterest with your FREE Pinterest Ebook for independent retailers here: http://t.co/KwhOE6fGO8 http://t.co/xaWmfL3ngS
Retweeted by Paul NazarethVine donor thank-yous?! @HollyWagg @heather_jewell @mealexchange @ArezooNZ #BGBSYRWinner @saving_grace @Socially_Good at #BGBSYR http://t.co/Ke8NAr74SZCreate a social media inventory with your colleagues' input and then schedule and ship it out. @unitedwayyork #BGBSYR
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGreat conversation indeed @tanialittle @KaveetsD #BGBSYR1)Blow it up 2)Start over 3)Brand properly #BGBSYR
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThanks to @getsnapd for sponsoring the yogurts for the Ice cream breaker @BGBSYR #BGBSYR http://t.co/UBSBCvfliX
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth#Truth RT @saving_grace: Peeps are in a froyo coma, the tweets are coming slower now #BGBSYR5 tips to turn program staff into fundraising fans : @RoryJMGreen http://t.co/oW7qea51Dr via @PamelaGrowSelfie station at #BGBSYR with @ConstantChanges (we look afraid of each other!) http://t.co/4klSqEuFYDFor the cost @FundraiserBeth yes @BlueHorizonVan is amazing. Modest pool but there's a hot tub and sauna too.I was trying to channel @KevinSpacey : @HollyWagg @LeahEustace @tanialittle @allisonkondal @ArezooNZ #BGBSYR http://t.co/pFDJMM9MRqIs that @ConstantChanges or @UinvitedU ?! #BGBSYR #selfiecontest http://t.co/9TMrQ2UyJ3Totally photo bombed @LeahEustace froyo time. #BGBSYR #selfie http://t.co/aq8JZ77bEkIce-cream networking break. Love it #BGBSYRI can't wait to encourage more old school charities to create an "ask a board member" Twitter night. #BGBSYRGood advice. Trolls be trollin' so keep calm and Tweet-On. #BGBSYRFront row of #BGBSYR is like..... http://t.co/eS2FDC5CUL@MissusLeaver @saving_grace yikes! I hope that doesn't become a meme! #BGBSYROh yeah @Socially_Good is here. LinkedIn expert in the house! #BGBSYRReally appreciate the headshot opportunity @DIPESHLAKHANI ! I'm probably the only person thinking new LinkedIn shot. #BGBSYRThis talk is about youth culture at #BGBSYR but the transparency ideas are totally transferable to mainstream social strategy. #BGBSYRThinking about coming to Apr 29 @afptoronto networking event? http://t.co/C8ajcYE9uX - read this post on mentors! http://t.co/z5gdy6QIkS@tanialittle are you here?@amandasnow323 woot-woot. Find me at next break for some Humber swag #BGBSYR #humbergradstakingover
Retweeted by Paul NazarethBrilliant SM strategy @powerunityo ! Ask a board member with answers via Twitter and Facebook. #BGBSYR http://t.co/ghWUkocdmAWhat a treat to see @canadahelps @ClaireSMBB @j_s_believe @taratassone @adelia_marchese @HollyWagg @KaveetsD on break at #BGBSYRNext up @annabelwlee of @powerunityo talking about grassroots (aka we have no $ ) social media strategy. #BGBSYRAnd we're back! Social media church is back in service #BGBSYR http://t.co/40ERpm5UbdCanadian Charity law enews http://t.co/NHmwOndm4K from @CBA_News cc @CAGP_ACPDPYes indeed go see @hjcnewmedia and @canadahelps on the #BGBSYR break! http://t.co/IjWOavIa3e#amen #amen #amen @itscherjones @MSHospital ! #BGBSYRPls pls NEVER connect twitter & Facebook - they speak 2 different languages #BGBSYR
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSpeaking about using Twitter professionally and publicly TO Twitter celebrity @TPSChrisBoddy is following #BGBSYR tonight!@LeahEustace what's happenin! http://t.co/dyyE2tV2Ii“It’s not what happened, it’s what’s happening’ #BGBSYR
Retweeted by Paul NazarethYou *have* to be timely with social media #Amen #BGBSYR
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFunny, #BGBSYR is a NFP focused event but social-engagement advice about strategy and voice from @MSHospital is big value for big brands too@GratiaCaritas @HollyWagg yes, thanks to @ZipcarToronto we OWNED the green/carpool lane on the DVP! #BGBSYRVery impressed to hear some real-talk about the challenges of communications collaborating with fundraising teams. #BGBSYR#BGBSYR pick your partners. Good advice. Mom always said " you are judged by the company you keep"
Retweeted by Paul NazarethI'm loving @MSHospital's inside out social media strategy. They set expectations, address concerns & empower staff via education #BGBSYR
Retweeted by Paul NazarethEngage and educate senior management, board, donors. Love it @MSHospital ! I love the idea of cheat sheets from communications team. #BGBSYRUsed to be the "press gallery" at #BGBSYR we have a "on smartphone" gallery @FrankieChow @sharon_howell @KaveetsD http://t.co/E7wUtX7P88Fantastic that not only does @MSHospital have social media policy they published sm etiquette for staff. #leadership #BGBSYR@canadahelps you're in the room?Couldn't join us for #BGBSYR? Follow the hashtag for key takeaways!
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@Socially_Good a disturbance in the Force? :)Who watches the watchmen? @SenecaSoMe @andie_mo @RolandoUgarte24 @geoffhewko #BGBSYR http://t.co/HUaw7qgxgYOk Lisa Joyce of @MSHospital was a great choice to open #BGBSYR ! A professional communications Director needs to lead the way.Organizations, leaders, bosses always have reasons not to engage with social media. Good on @MSHospital for pushing through fear! #BGBSYR@saving_grace @Carmen_Clayton you can BE the Twitter Ninja!@Carmen_Clayton consider this a training opportunity! #BGBSYRAnd @ConstantChanges opens #BGBSYR ! http://t.co/xMBr5m9zliLooking forward to hearing about getting support for causes from Lisa Joyce of @MSHospital at #BGBSYR ! Follow the tweets to learn too!Be Good Be Social York Region #GetItOn #BGBSYR @BGBSYRDon't miss our #BGBSYR panel discussion tonight moderated by @itscherjones with @VirtueB @ConnectInMotion @unitedwayyork @YorkScene !Can't wait to hear about a grass roots approach to social media support from @annabelwlee of @powerunityo at #BGBSYR tonight!Good luck tonight to #BGBSYR team @AlisonMCross @FrankieChow @JCYCHENG @jp9desilva @KaveetsD ! @GratiaCaritas & I are DVPing to you now!So tell me more about what you're doing at #BGBSYR @DIPESHLAKHANI ?
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