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How much do you know about constructed languages? http://t.co/ukTT0W8zaE #conlang #GameofThrones http://t.co/UyE7oOUaHm
Retweeted by Lanai T.@inkophile Fingers crossed!@soozarty Never would've occurred to me to give bison psychoactive substances 'til they told me not to. Kinda wanna know what happens now.Dancers on @DancingABC must remember that it's choreo TO MUSIC. The music's the impetus for each step. You can't just rush through. #groove@inkophile a still have a cat? :-)
@TommyJoeRatliff So glad you're freeeee!
@adamlambert Well, you did make an announcement for your Queen tour outfit colors in case people wanted to coordinate.
@AJsComet2 Well, that's terrible. :-( At least there's a little comfort in having an explanation for what happened.
If buying condoms were like buying birth control http://t.co/85JBH3pGOy #truthBan publication w/out subject's consent of all paparazzi photos not taken at an event/special appearance. #RighttoPrivacy @adamlambertI took off my indigo nail polish. Now I look like I either got caught by a dye-pack after a bank heist or assaulted a Smurf. #BadReputation
These people are all c-ra-zy!! @Helix@ylichterman @ramit That's what kicked off WWI, right? ;-)Assonance, enjambment, and alliteration – do you know your poetic devices? Take our quiz: http://t.co/QmaYDkbRAP http://t.co/opXiWO4Lhj
Retweeted by Lanai T.@OxfordWords 10/10--I don't have to return my literature degree. Woot!A foolish friend allowed me to decorate her beehive box #bwahahahahahaaaaaaaa #dalek #doctorwho @… https://t.co/f3f6DxYseh
Retweeted by Lanai T.Releasing this Saturday April 18th at 2:00pm PST ! The Limited Edition What Happens In Vegas Ends Up… https://t.co/6EHJoNpRVI
Retweeted by Lanai T.When you own at least 15 unread books, but you decide to reread #HarryPotter for the 587th time instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #PotterheadProbs
Retweeted by Lanai T.rt is not perfecting the system — it’s just getting started. @ramitSethiWinners execute by starting off simple[...], because the hardest pa@inkophile I hope he's alright. Sometimes people will adjust to one cat in particular after a week or so. Fingers crossed!
DN’T do instead of what I WANTED for myself. -- Ramit Sethi @ramit"I could never look like that." I literally told myself what I COUL.@ramit Most of all, I would like for everybody to wear clothes that fit. No baggy clothes. No clothes one size too small.@inkophile The name matching her colors was a bonus I didn't even think about! What name did you pick? Was it Aggie FTW?@HarriedWizard I love Sue, but I'm glad you didn't become a zombie and ride off into the dawn with her.@HarriedWizard It does take "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" to a whole new level. How you became WK as well.@HarriedWizard "Robbed" "knocked down". Only reason you got away with it is because you collaborated with them.
Well, this is frustrating. I was here at @Starbucks before they closed. It's not my fault there were 3 ppl in line before me. Stuck 10+ min
@AJsComet2 Wow! So unexpected. How sad. My thoughts are with you and your family.Today's @IMATS-inspired #LipOfTheDay is a mix of Tarred & Zhora #LipTar lined with Tarred #OCCPencil! #IMATS http://t.co/sJyJJ5mXdD
Retweeted by Lanai T.@inkophile How about Agnes? There's a gravity and dignity to that name, and when she's being silly you can call her Aggie.@danzr4ever Oh, wow! So glad to see this. :-D Are you going to keep your house and rent it out as well as buy a new place near the new job?@AJsComet2 He was young. What happened? Illness! Accident?@AJsComet2 Im so sorry to hear your sad news. Hugs!
@HarriedWizard Shoulda gone to Mac's or Michael's
iel!🎂@montepittman When I turned 10, I remember dancing around the housesinging, "Dou-ble di-gits! Dou-ble di-gits!" 😄 Happy birthday, Ar
@ShoshanaKessock Excellent! And in a pinch, you can slide on in to a Stevie Ray Vaughn or Bon Jovi con. :-D 👍 @HarriedWizard@neiltyson Or your tweets. Those are always awesome. Epic, even. At the very least, they're stupendous. Yep.Oh yes! http://t.co/dRJI1SAqel
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I love #TheBlacklist, but for a profiler, Lizzie is unbelievably dense about Reddington. And I do mean it's unbelievable.@scotthoying perhaps ppl w/musical knowledge appreciate more esoteric things than the uninformed listener who just wants to have a good time
@MsAnaMatronic Of course! And the computer battery as a hand warmer. (Those are great socks, too. You'd probably like @SockDreams.)@danzr4ever You'd think the constant turnover would tell them something.
Has everyone heard about Arizona's new abortion-regulating law, #SB1318? It also prohibits fed.-funded insurance plans that cover abortion.
@danzr4ever Tag so ppl know you sit there? What...?@occmakeup Oh, my!@weird_sci A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single wing-beat. Lao-Tzu-TernI suppose it's past time for a new, current profile-pic. I think I've been saying that for a couple years now. haha@SamanthaBarks @UrbanDecay I recommended it to a random lady in the store the other day. lol It's fantastic and very versatile.@sims I think Mulan has the potential to be really, really good, especially if they go a bit more gritty & not cutesy--also no singing.@IABurney Warning: If terms like autographed, leather-bound, custom tray case, & heavy paper make you 😍, you might want one of everything.@danzr4ever That'll teach 'em! But if ppl and call you "girl" in a non-sassy way, you may not get upset. hahaAnd http://t.co/rNc9RO3Jlp has lovely editions of physical books as well as some ebooks. @IABurney @MuggleNetAre you familiar with @StoryBundle? Set your own price for curated ebook sets. @IABurney @MuggleNetI spent a lot of time in the library as a kid. @OxfordWordsQuiz: how well do you know classic children’s literature? http://t.co/2S6Jokli8s #InternationalChildrensBookDay http://t.co/nwCB7msfjG
Retweeted by Lanai T.@IABurney @MuggleNet Yeah, I have read ebooks, but I greatly prefer a physical book for a number of reasons.@neal_carpenter @davebarnesmusic But sneaker-skates are so comfortable!@MuggleNet Rube Goldberg machines and what they're for@IABurney @MuggleNet Housemate keeps trying to get me to get rid of all the books in my library & get a Kindle. I scoff at him.@IABurney @MuggleNet Precisely@IABurney @MuggleNet Publishers do sometimes, but again, not ALL the books, etc., etc....If the Pledge of Allegiance told the truth: http://t.co/Iy5zoyMOls
Retweeted by Lanai T.@IABurney @MuggleNet Don't let anyone try to convince you that that's the same thing as a Kindle@mattwertz @jesterdaytoday But from up on the wall like that, the thermostat's got a great view of both the clock and the phone.What is with all these scrawny men in saggy pants singing about butts? Let's have some callipygian men, too!
@yanismarshall It's a humongous tower/phallic symbol. How is it not Monsieur Eiffel? #jenesuispasfrancaiseThe problem is, they allow private, for-profit business to assert religious beliefs to circumvent laws they simply don't like. --Sally KohnThink "Religious Freedom" Laws Like Indiana's Don't Affect You? Think Again http://t.co/8Y7wZ1cGCt via @Refinery29
@qikipedia And what about the missing apostrophe in the chopsticks tweet? Tsk, tsk, tsk
Snopes has some clarifications about the MGM lion. http://t.co/mc6Nqtn8RI @montepittman
@KGRojo88 As in deciding what to read or start watching next@TommyJoeRatliff Aw, shucks 😊@danzr4ever Fantastic!I recommend The Dresden Files graphic novels, @EpicReads. There's a new one soon, too. Woot! @longshotauthor @HarriedWizard@KGRojo88 Nearly as bad as being between books. D-:@PersonalityGrow @AnnZuccardy A few together make up such a huge chunk of the population that the rest can really feel like outliers.
@PersonalityGrow @AnnZuccardy Not too many ENTPs, either. When I found that out, I said, "Well, that explains some things."@PersonalityGrow @jenniferlagarde As ENTP, I like all the possibilities in the Cont. Store, I just don't want to execute the tedious plans.@fatnutritionist What?! Like a bad toga party?@fatnutritionist And good health should be the real goal, whatever size and shape that is for the individual@fatnutritionist Ppl who feel good about themselves (e.g. cute outfit) tend to take better care of themselves, leading to healthy lifestyle@fatnutritionist Well, bedclothes as clothes are an unfortunate trend for all sizes. I saw a young woman in Target in her pajamas. Ugh@fatnutritionist Given what the average size is and the number of fat people, it makes no sense not to make more larger-sized clothes.@brigidkeely @fatnutritionist Talbots makes good clothes for tailored staples, & they have a whole plus size store. Check for one near you.@Jakeshears Oo! Toby is giving you the stink eye. That look says, "Where the hell have you been?!" I think you're in trouble. D-:@fatnutritionist So close! ...But not quite the same thing. HahaPlease explain to me why @Nestle has its water plant in CA, where we have no water, instead of somewhere damp & rainy. #drought #moveNestle@fatnutritionist Was it an ex w/ a mean & frumpy girlfriend while you were in a cute outfit & looking fab? 'Cause that does make it better.LA- I'm DJing at the Standard DTLA on Sunday... And I just might drop something new! https://t.co/pXtz0a0QwR
Retweeted by Lanai T.I feel like the people who were surprised that Dumbledore was gay missed that whole section with Grindlewald. @jk_rowling @MuggleNet @simsFrench choreographer @YanisMarshall does it again (in heels) to @NickJonas' "Jealous" remix: http://t.co/EO5q8S8FTJ http://t.co/JdUXq5M2oY
Retweeted by Lanai T.Just the pipes, she told herself, having no idea at all why pipes would make such a noise. Night School Legacy, Daugherty #creepy #basementsI'm surprised me and the devil aren't best bros. I'm always his advocate during discussion. What gives, Devil? #ENTPproblems #ENTP
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San Diego police got body cams. Complaints are down 41%. Use of bodily force down 47%. Use of pepper spray down 31%. http://t.co/C1A91GKUf3
Retweeted by Lanai T.Happy Birthday Emmy! "Emmy Noether revolutionized mathematics — and still faced sexism all her life" http://t.co/I75KNuuUMU via @bradplumer
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