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Sarah Smith. @_sarahliz Texas/Arkansas

β™” self-proclaimed queen of procrastination and sass. β™”

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@_JonWarner_ https://t.co/7XQq1KpA6TI can already tell that these last few weeks leading up to graduation are going to be BRUTAL.
Crawling my way to the end of this semester http://t.co/GFYdCdndwU
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.I have a crush on Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation but things might get weird cause we have the same name
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Three out of four ain't bad. πŸ‘Œ http://t.co/F137nBeKHJGetting stoked for May 10. https://t.co/tzK9Vsex7OWho assigns a quiz to be due over spring break on material that hasn't even been taught yet?? This semester can't end quick enough!
@ossy_escareno24 it was!!@ossy_escareno24 UGH.@ossy_escareno24 I can't breathe...*going in for an oil change at Walmart* Associate: So what's your name? Me: Sarah....with an H. Associate: Okay so S...H....wait whaaaaat? 😳Shoutout to @JoeyBats19 for the random Twitter follow the other day! You make me feel famous. 😎I just tried to plug my phone charger in to the bottom of my Chick-Fil-A cup. Okay....I need sleep...Andrew at Chick-Fil-A never fails to brighten my day! #employeeoftheyear πŸ†
Thank you, Final Four, or as you're now known, One Direction. #FallonTonight http://t.co/Wc9nyeQxh7
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Kanye replaces Zayn and kicks everyone else out of the band. He says: there's only 1 direction, and it's West.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.I started today in Phoenix, Arizona. 14 hours later and I'm ending the day in Northwest Arkansas. It's been quite a whirlwind."Does it look like I'm going downstairs?" http://t.co/tj013h3DY1
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.When you tryna chat a girl up at the club but she already noticed you're actually a horse http://t.co/ka5X3bSrZG
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Excuse me, hipster sitting at my airport gate, no one wants to hear your mediocre harmonica playing at 6:00 in the morning.
New life goal: ride in Matt Stainbrook’s Uber #Sweet16 http://t.co/71vZUaT14e
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@KelseyKphoto I got to see him pitch tonight too!@KelseyKphoto he's one attractive man!Oh hey there, @KrisBryant_23 😍 http://t.co/ahoX3dX0nLTempe, Arizona.....you kind of rock. πŸ‘Œ2 guys in front of me at Cubs practice got picked to be in a national TV ad. If I had been older and male, it would've been my big break! 😫
Someone go see Third Eye Blind with me at the AMP this summer. #pleaseCJ Wilson just walked right by me and I momentarily forgot every word in the English language. #imanembarrassment 😍😁😳First ever trip to the casino was a success! Walked away with $50✌️😎
Dr. Seuss Goes To Chipotle http://t.co/UR6pIZ0BnJ http://t.co/VSNygVQrtb
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.The @DurhamBulls’ #GoT jerseys will turn North Carolina into Westeros: http://t.co/rnS80reEwn http://t.co/uCKrIPu2g9
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.
Can't sleep. Too excited for Arizona in the morning! 🌡⚾️
@annachristman whaaaat! Me and @MaKayKay_ are both here!Aunt: "Where's Jill?" *5-year-old cousin looks at me with a look of sheer terror* Cousin: "J-J-J-JAIL?!?"
Bobby Portis said after the game that he can’t wait to come back next year, get better and help get Arkansas deeper in the tournament
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Proud of my Hogs! It's been quite a fun season to watch πŸ—β˜ΊοΈπŸ€#OneMoreYear http://t.co/fvV3JydJR5
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Qualls meant to do that.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.So excited to watch @KrisBryant_23 play in person next week! #SavageHow is that fair?! 😫 β€œ@davieferraro: @_sarahliz they are playing in Louisville...Kentucky....”Is this a neutral site....or no? WHERE DO ALL OF THESE KENTUCKY FANS COME FROM?!?It's every LSU fan's favorite holiday----#NationalCornDogDay!!! 🐯❀️🌽🐢
I just watched the #SXSW story on Snapchat and now I'm depressed. πŸ˜”@William__Durham β€œ@FallonTonight: Jimmy shows a clip from a new "Ew!" in which Sara and Alexa have a sing-off! http://t.co/YbuFN82JeX”What's more fun than writing an annotated bibliography on spring break? Writing an annotated bibliography IN SPANISH on spring break...This guy sitting in front of me has been playing solitaire and minesweeper all class. What is this.....1998?!#Arkansas is the only #SEC program to win a bowl game and a men's #NCAATournament game in 2014-15 (thanks for the tip @Heath_Denton22).
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Think about the giraffe's. http://t.co/g42ccqB7Zc
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Of the 11.57 million brackets on #ESPN, 2 didn't have ANY games picked correctly. That kind of futility is to be applauded. #Mom? #Is1Yours?
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Arkansas' bench be like http://t.co/HEq0PrT52n
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Well....my bracket is already busted. Stupid Baylor!Shout out to all of my professors for assigning stuff this week to be due the Friday before spring break. I truly appreciate it. ✌️not even surprised http://t.co/s6ehRnEYqM
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Oh won’t you staaaaay with meeee. Cuz your allll of me. Them saints love to go to sleeeep. So darling, slaaaay with me
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.No. I don’t want no scrubs. A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me. Hanging out da masengasigh onabestenfine
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.
The UofA buses are a black hole for electronic devices. My phone jumps from over 20% to less than 10% the moment I get it out on any bus.#Frozen2 http://t.co/6Gsur5TowU
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@kruff_hogs32 yeah I saw that! I've thought about going!@kruff_hogs32 yeah I ended up buying tickets for the St. Louis show!
I picked up my cap and gown for graduation today. Things are getting real! πŸ˜πŸŽ“@hannahkness #soybeanwind πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I can't. Hardest decision ever... β€œ@ItsFoodPorn: Fav for Thin Mints, RT for Samoas http://t.co/N5p8sQ4Xvf”Harry Potter named all his kids like some nerd who had just finished reading Harry Potter.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith."I guess that 2 pm physiology class is hard to get up for..." http://t.co/FgNvTb079t
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@davieferraro PTL!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒThis might be the worst Monday I've had all year.http://t.co/kgtT0Aj1KC
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.#mcm okayyy β€œ@Joe_Sugg: http://t.co/GZTp2lFion”
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.#BeatWofford *Googles what is a Wofford*
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@_JonWarner_ πŸ˜‚ β€œ@tinatbh: My planner says study but my hearts says: http://t.co/Fwi0vXVOzO”
The FIRST women's national championship in @UArkansas HISTORY! #WPS http://t.co/YPQb9160cv
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@theJillianK @OhPhillmore the PERFECT pen name!.@OhPhillmore @theJillianK did one of you write this?? β€œ@BuzzFeed: This is for everyone who thinks Snape is a hero http://t.co/ftv7LJ0nUz”Accidentally sending a snap to everyone on your Snapchat friends list is an epic fail. #Sorryeveryone 😁OMAR FOR THE WIN! https://t.co/RUd21dieJJ
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Nick Babb is trending nationwide. http://t.co/HPUzcEjUP9
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.stressed & depressed bc not at sxsw a poem by me
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.
I was already bummed that I was missing #SXSW....but now I found out about #SXSWesteros and I'm even more bummed!TGIF, amirite?? πŸ™Œ https://t.co/mDjkYXbaoO.@theJillianK I've nominated you to receive a @Burberry Kisses sample https://t.co/1pWeOhECaA http://t.co/wEl0NWKz4g@rachfilgas PARTY! #TeamNoSleep ✌️My all-night cram sesh for physiology is going great! Thanks for asking!@theJillianK LIL SEBASTIAN
StudyRoom is a little gift straight from heaven above. πŸ‘πŸ‘Ό#tilldeathDONTuspart πŸ•β€οΈπŸ•β€οΈ @kaleyklaw @Clara_Michelle @laurazar14 @_sarahliz πŸ˜‚ http://t.co/CQXCv9lTUv
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.I think Pitbull concerts are entirely made up of people who go to Pitbull concerts to see who actually goes to Pitbull concerts.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.
I'm in desperate need of a fresh start.Wear it like armor. #GoodAdviceIn4Words http://t.co/5oM5wbdbSJ
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@meagancarlisle some of the gates don't lock though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I had a dream last night that I got verified on Twitter. Waking up and not having that blue check was the biggest letdown. @verified
Your #SECMBB Player of the Year…. @RazorbackMBB's BOBBY. PORTIS. http://t.co/2g537115HV
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Retweet and follow us for a chance to be one of two winners of free cupcakes later today!! #howibliss http://t.co/rl2HCJppWS
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@ossy_escareno24 two of the most beautiful voices in music singing together...who wouldn't tear up?!@CheyenneGurule YEAH GIRL! http://t.co/3IAhA3lzDgA Sam Smith and John Legend duet is exactly what the world needed. Bless them.@ossy_escareno24 OMG http://t.co/3IAhA3lzDgI'm going on a juice cleanse only instead of juice I'm using tacos.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Happy 22nd birthday to my best friend @RBreitfeller!! I pulled out my best photoshop skills for the occasion. πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‚ http://t.co/BdaBLb82rW
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