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Jane McGonigal @avantgame San Francisco

I make and play games. My New York Times bestselling book is Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World http://t.co/uGdztwUw

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Via @cheeflo:. Games for cats. No lie. This is by Friskies http://t.co/nImhXGEHCl #ir15
he just wants to come in! http://t.co/MgqvAEx61r
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@meilufay are you watching the affair? :)@robdelaney @lenadunham I giggled out loud.I'm lucky #13! ---> The New Guard: The 47 Most Connected Women in America http://t.co/Zp4FLk9ic5 via @marieclaireI find it interesting that so many people think war creates collective pride. I have no positive feelings associated with war.@arielwaldman that's a much better answer than war, which is what everyone else is saying :)@avantgame Durkheim called that Collective Effervescence.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@avantgame War?
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@avantgame War.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalIs there anything else in the world that creates as much mass-scale vicarious pride as pro sports? Could there be? It's such a great feeling@caryl_shaw this team just seems like such great game players this year :) they win by playing the game well.I hope Hunter Pence has lots of babies so there are lots of little Hunter Pences someday #SFGiants #WorldSeries #3-0 in the first inningI like how this game is starting! GOOOOO #SFGiants! #WorldSeries #evenyears@runnersworld have some pity on those of is running later fall marathons please :)The list of international speakers coming to @Montreal for the next #C2MTL event in May 2015 http://t.co/7HldNJvAcn http://t.co/tEqk6as7wU
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalGot my Grand Master of Peggle listening to @avantgame's Reality is Broken (again). http://t.co/R242bCW2ub
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@mink_ette @kellymcgonigal yay CAKE!!Happy birthday @kellymcgonigal !!! 🐣🌻⭐️👯 #twinsRuleHawaii wins with gamification of state online services -- GCN http://t.co/JuTQdL4uBu via @GCNtechGamers: The new face of scientific research? http://t.co/M7DZDuMHmo
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@untamo thank you!! :)
@OneMrBean @IndieCade wow!! it's about time!!! :)"Serious games" isn't a great term... It may imply fun is the wrong outcome. @jesseschell likes "transformational games" #mplay
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@deseraestage fixed!@deseraestage totally fair.@avantgame I'm still loving Super Better! Thanks for creating it! #grateful #health #beyourownsuperhero
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@deseraestage woooo! look what you've done...@DanielPink well, NYT got one thing wrong anyway... Gmail did exist in 2004. That's when I got my account.... late spring 2004.@S_Shot Awesome!! can't wait.@S_Shot if there's any matchmaking for single players that would be fantastic! :)@S_Shot Oh good! I have a ticket for Oct 30 7 PM. Excited to play again. I won't have a working smartphone so hoping to meet a team :)@jiutha yes use whatever you can find on flickr!@LeilaHishmeh yes! rhawkins@worldbank.org I am sure it will not be a problem!
Great talk by @vandercaballero creator of Papo & Yo on how to tackle difficult subjects in a meaningful way http://t.co/F1ZcoVdFA3 #gamedev
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@PaulDarvasi @KQED @criticalplay really great new examples of gameful education! thank youHappy to see my educational ARG piece as the #1 story on @KQED right now! @avantgame @criticalplay cited.#gbl http://t.co/kJOWtOPXYY
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalHere is an awesome study. Soda May Age You as Much as Smoking http://t.co/L6HYG0LWYl
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalFor South Korea, Host of #LeagueOfLegends Championship, E-Sports Is National Pastime http://t.co/opHPr96sh6
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@dine_and_dash packing a ton of runningn clothes though!! :)@dine_and_dash yes will do a half marathon trail race in the UK,trying to find somewhere in Rome to do easy runs.Hawaii is the big challenge@dine_and_dash I think we peaked too soon :) now we just have to hang out to our fitness level for dear life until back in Bay Area!Your password must contain at least two female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalBeijing's Marathon Marred By Terrible Pollution http://t.co/evGCxgoFIt@CT_blog yes but nothing open to public unfortunately!I really needed to hear that today. Also, the epitome of grace under fire. https://t.co/W9Sytc98UR"Few things in the universe show the necessity of feminism more than the comment sections of any article that dares to mention it." AMEN.
@G33kGrrly the last miles I was yelling at @kiyash "Think about all the food we're going to go eat!!!"@G33kGrrly never made it to pancakes got stuff after the 1st round of brunch, plus a cinnamon roll and a cookie :) having popcorn for dinner@babette_babich that is a very good hashtag :)@G33kGrrly thank you!!! i am sooooo tired now though. slightly past "exhausted in a good way" to "very taxed physically" but that's ok!@kellymcgonigal @ShadowQuill yes fantastic! thank you Kelly ^_^ always getting the rights science to the right people :)@Ben_Rand ... but not today, today I just ran us 30 seconds/mile faster pace than I told him I was going to, lol :)@Ben_Rand NICE! You got your 20 done already then! congratulations! I always do that to @kiyash, convince him to do one more mile...@swampish you know I'm actually trying to work something like this out w/a swap at SFO airport where I have a layover from London to Hawaii!trying to pack carry-on only for a four-week trip to LA, Miami, London, Rome, and Hawaii. it is not going well.I really appreciate this reflection: (the game it discusses, augh)The Kind of Video Game Violence That Disturbs Me http://t.co/A3i4owQtJg@hallstigerts exactly!!@holgermu something like that -- one more 20 miler, not sure what we'll do in between as I will be in traveling for next 4 weeks!I retweeted that because it's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in awhile :)@avantgame Everytime you post a run I remember your SuperBetter story and feel grateful you got better and even more super. -- Jason (GDC)
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@YayaPlay that's such a kind and wonderful thing to say. Also I was just thinking a similar thought :)@CathrynTheBrit thanks!!!@mpalmieri_ @SachaT thank you!! :)@guthro_john ah awesome! Thank you :)@CathrynTheBrit oh I'm sorry to hear that. Is it a single or a double?@david_rees @DanielPink that's fantastic :)My friend's 7-y.o. son started his own newspaper. Nop-notch investigative journalism! #SeymourHershhttp://t.co/F0434goZRH
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@karagoucher my husband would be really impressed if you cheered the 20 mile run we just did :) http://t.co/8X2vGOxK6j@holgermu 20!@cccc5 I met your friend at the SF Seminary in Thursday! :)In addition to feeling awesome I feel very tired. the sun rose during mile 5 of the run! http://t.co/AvSVoI4zCI@IgnitedRajat thank you! :)@nkkl 😋 we are thinking dinner pancakes and cornbread and tofu scramble and cinnamon roll now :)@Avatrix 😆I just ran 20.03 miles at 9'33 pace! And yes I feel freaking awesome!! :) :) :) #CaliforniaInternationalMarathon 🌈👣 http://t.co/tS13x6YsHYNew twitter acct worth following: @GameDevTalks Hope they post regularly. Could be a good resource.
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@jwiv I hear you! I will carry the banner for us both :)@manojalpa thank you Chelsea!! :)@jstclair13 ha!:)@Ben_Rand aaaah! good luck!!! :)he lost his paw so they gave him a new one http://t.co/X3kv6itgds
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalthat last tweet is for when I'm wondering if I can really finish 20 miles tomorrow and I'll think "I said I would, so I have to really try!"early to bed, early to run 20 miles in the morning. see you post-run for proud pancake tweets ^_^Luna looks BRILLIANT! and so lovely! @hunickeA little more about Luna, and our goals for the game! http://t.co/RTCGNAoJaF
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalI wrote 1453 words today! Which is a lot of words to write on a book manuscript that I finished last week. ha ha. :)@avantgame I'm not going to stop identifying myself as a gamer, nor should anyone else. The key is to never tell someone they aren't one.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@davehogg that's a fair point! I am wondering if it is more helpful to not take on identities around activities but just wondering :)My wish - that people would just say, "I love playing games." I love running, I love cooking, I love reading, I love playing games.Nobody Should Self-Identify As A “Gamer.” http://t.co/BeP0eP84cA@ChuckWendig that's fantastic.This week's flash fiction challenge is live — your task? Write a horror story framed as a spam mail. http://t.co/9rBfXvEzyZ #terribleminds
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@iano @SaraJChipps okay, you got two minutes from me on that one. yeeps.If you're in SF, @BAVCNextGen has openings in their free, after-school game design program for girls ages 14-18 http://t.co/3ajSI9nixO @bavc
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalMan spends two years building amazing megacity in Minecraft http://t.co/cNsiMB967M@avantgame Our free Intro to Game Design course starts next week on @edXOnline - your followers might be interested! http://t.co/kHM2vVIcqX
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@AshnScrbblLnd @kellymcgonigal kcab s'ti!!!@AshnScrbblLnd @avantgame I was more obsessed with the Wakefield twins (I was Jessica, Jane was Eliz). In Twin Peaks, I wanted to be Audrey!
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@AshnScrbblLnd @kellymcgonigal oh yes I was obsessed with them :)
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