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Bongani (DJ Murdah) Mahosana & Thabo “Smol” (Percussionist) Mabogwane at Spirit Motion PTY LTD Booking Enquiries: nomndeni@edits.co.za info@spiritmotion.co.za

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@black_motion @SickMentalityDJ LETS
Retweeted by Black Motion“@BuYi_Mapz: @black_motion's life performances aiiiich! These guyz are to energetic,they deliver epic entertainment.” 👏No you talkin bout gud music. Bt thy always brng out de best" we should expect dt :Rainbow @black_motion ft Xoli I luuuuuuuuurv it ♥ #MyJam"
Retweeted by Black MotionCapCity @House_22 #UhuruHustle @Uhurukalawa @OskidoIBelieve @DJMonoT @black_motion etc http://t.co/hqXGwpiWY5
Retweeted by Black Motion#TBF @black_motion shimza_dj #OneManShow #Tembisa Cc @black_motion @beecee55 @letuka_vich @hlathibaby http://t.co/d9tWNHUMQh
Retweeted by Black Motion“@Babakasimpi: @black_motion When is the album coming gents I love your music and live performances.” Thank you,we'll keep you posted.“@SickMentalityDJ: @Zone6Venue some @Black_motion nyana in august? Yes? No? Maybe?” Yes“@ThaboMaleka: Listening to this new song by @black_motion and I must say, it was very well done. #ILike” thank you“@herold020: @black_motion damn guys ur live vidoe perfomance...#salute #blv_in_blackmotion” thank youRainbow @black_motion ft Xoli I luuuuuuuuurv it ♥ #MyJam
Retweeted by Black Motion@ladyx_sa lovng ur track ft @black_motion #fllw bck plzz
Retweeted by Black Motion#TBF DromNYC #NewYork http://t.co/304QkJNwO6Gig-guide #kinLounge #Namibia Saturday and Sunday stigahouse's birthday Bash Cc udu_music bobstadj beecee55... http://t.co/GMJjmo1Dx8
#TBT with @Nape_leon Featured on #ThatLazySong and @lulocafe's #WhistlingToBed Single ready to hit Air waves... http://t.co/wpgrme2jND#NP @black_motion ft. @Xoli_Mazbee - Rainbow :). This song will play at my wedding and funeral #TimelessMusic
Retweeted by Black Motiontaba ke ena!.... Fly Away ft @nape_leon - @black_motion...pou
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion @_smith101 @RealBlackCoffee Hey guys it's all about black...you guys you rock our warld i like you xoli
Retweeted by Black Motion@OskidoIBelieve can't wait @black_motion nd Kanda Bongo in studio its gonna b crazy #allin
Retweeted by Black MotionOn My Way To work then this driver decides to play Noqatiko By @black_motion and Revolution ☺ Nigga getting me in the weekend mood already!
Retweeted by Black MotionFor Them I can sommer buy 4General tickets and 6VIP.. LOL Yerr! I wish!!! :'''''D For The Love of @black_motion ♥♥♥,) http://t.co/KW5Q21ts9Y
Retweeted by Black Motion“@MaJayTheFirst: @black_motion your music revives my soul ndoda, number one fan” Thank you 👌The legendary Kanda Bongo Man in studio with @black_motion... WATCH OUT NOW!!! DRC STAND UP... #fortuneteller cc @fallyipuppa
Retweeted by Black MotionThe legendary Kanda Bongo Man in studio with @black_motion... WATCH OUT NOW!!! DRC STAND UP... #fortuneteller cc @fallyipuppa
Retweeted by Black MotionThe legendary Kanda Bongo Man in studio with @black_motion... WATCH OUT NOW!!! DRC STAND UP... #fortuneteller cc @fallyipuppa
Retweeted by Black MotionThe legendary Kanda Bongo Man in studio with @black_motion... WATCH OUT NOW!!! DRC STAND UP... #fortuneteller cc @fallyipuppa
Retweeted by Black MotionI love music artists. Like real artist who write real music. From brain, to paper, to the studio, to my ears. Just like @black_motion does
Retweeted by Black Motion#NP @black_motion ft Xoli_M - Rainbow ...ewuuuu
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion. When are you coming to rock Tsakane with you #DANCE. New name of you dance is( 30 Degrees Motion Dance )
Retweeted by Black Motion“@hlodinki: Nna kea thabela majita a @black_motion shem.....” 👊“@Lazychild_SA: @black_motion http://t.co/YClh91D20H**,) @black_motion ft Xoli M - Rainbow ♥ "@Ketso_Lego: I found my way to you, I found my way to you. Wela ngaphesheya (sp)"
Retweeted by Black Motion#np @RealBlackCoffee ft @Nomsa_Mzwai and @black_motion -- TRAVELLER ☑
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion ft Miss_P #It's_You wow now that's a killer track majita #keepitup ♪♫
Retweeted by Black MotionLoving you-@LadyX_SA & Uhuru(@black_motion mix),Lazy Song-Black motion and Outa my head Dermarkus Lewis ft Merrissa Guzman..Awesome songs***
Retweeted by Black Motion“@OlfKabelo: @black_motion ...ae shem fortune teller its a BANG!” 👏“@teedou: And I hope u understand the things u do to me @black_motion ft miss p its you♬ #tuning” @MissP_Vocalist ft Black Motion@black_motion feat @Xoli_Mazbee -Rainbow Ndiyithanda ngentliziyo yam yonke
Retweeted by Black MotionKalawa Jazmee Records wrote: The legendary Kanda Bongo Man in studio with @black_motion... WATCH OUT NOW!!! DRC STAND UP...
Retweeted by Black Motion
Celebrating Dj Stiga's birthday this coming weekend in NAMIBIA. http://t.co/cpkqcyb440Lady X ft @Uhurukalawa - Loving You(@black_motion mix) eish this is a hit☺☺
Retweeted by Black Motion#Springfiesta @black_motion We c ya' guys. Its gonna b a buck wth ya on main stage dis yre! http://t.co/9W4rh7sFDV
Retweeted by Black Motion#NP #HotClosingChoon @LadyX_SA ft. @Uhurukalawa - LOVING YOU ( @black_motion remix) #LiveOn936 @PlaySAMusic
Retweeted by Black MotionThis track is fast forwarding me to the wknd...the only thing tts slowing me down is the system am workn with, @black_motion #rainbow it is.
Retweeted by Black Motion
@djchristossa @house_afrika @VinnyDaVinci @RealBlackCoffee @black_motion @AfroTainmentSA @LuloCafe @ROCCORODAMAAL http://t.co/BdQVd47z5f
Retweeted by Black Motion@Black_Motion ft Relo - On My Own....*You are My addiction,that I can't control*...it's A.M now waaaake up
Retweeted by Black Motion@Black_Motion's Performance at Dj Ganyani's Bday Party @Soweto Dope... Via @YouTube
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion always bring out the Best in me ..loving Rainbow
Retweeted by Black Motion“@calibra_bongz: @black_motion wen can we get to see the Video of Rainbow?” From August“@fanafana_07053: @black_motion rainbow killer track” high 🙏“@siyadludlu: @black_motion my best track by far is #rainbow” 👊“@_smith101: @black_motion @RealBlackCoffee big dowgs, may the Lord keep you guys at the top, God bless” Much appreciate bro 👏Check out @HeavykDrumboss over a cold one with @castlelitesa here —> http://t.co/KxchsmIaIx CC @DJZinhle @black_motion @BusiswaNgoku
Retweeted by Black MotionWhat to expect in our 3rd studio Album #FortuneTeller #Thamokuro ft @realblackcoffee #NgwakoManamela and... http://t.co/ZLRHwPpxYh
@Black_motion feat. Xoli M - Rainbow #Beautiful
Retweeted by Black MotionRainbow ♥ xx ||@black_motion x @Xoli_Mazbee
Retweeted by Black Motion@TouchDown326 aaaah my song @black_motion ft xoli m _Rainbow :'''(
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion sho guys u rock wen coming to playing music I just wish 1 day u would come to Bethlehem in free state u are the best
Retweeted by Black MotionMafikizolo-Happiness (@Black_motion Ritual Mix)#Beast x 100000000000
Retweeted by Black MotionOur Favourite #Fruit http://t.co/X8DukML4YwOur Favourite #Fruit http://t.co/l44kl5k9NB
#LucasMoripeStadium #Atteridgeville #Gauteng Cup #FortuneTeller @thabosmol @murdahbongz http://t.co/6rPmJ151pZ
Off to Lucas Moripe Stadium in Atteridgeville.
About to push #FortuneTeller here @MTNza Function for #MandelaDay #67Minutes http://t.co/erMcfV9fAT“@funnymanthibo: @black_motion any performance around jozi ths weekend?” No,we in Pretoria tomorrow Lucas MoripeNice tune "@zola_hashatsi: @black_motion ft XoliM- Raibows aka Find My Way to you. Kill Tune"
Retweeted by Black Motion♪Culoe De Song - The Bright Forest (Black Motion Remake)♫
Retweeted by Black Motionlove it too "@xRee_Modise: love it. "@sxndile: Black Motion x Rainbow ♬ the beat""
Retweeted by Black Motion“@Stumzalizer: @black_motion is de best” 😊@black_motion - Rainbow ft @xolim 🙏🙏🙏🙌
Retweeted by Black Motion🎵🎵 RT“@HeavykDrumboss: @black_motion - Rainbow ft @xolim 🙏🙏🙏🙌”
Retweeted by Black MotionLuv bin MTNer #MTNMandelaDay @Iam_Davido @Praiz8 @MafikizoloSA @OskidoIBelieve @UhuruKalawa @IAmMrSongz @EmmyGeeTTL @IAm_KCEE @Black_Motion
Retweeted by Black Motion“@BSOULdeDeeJay: #NP: @black_motion ft Miss P - It's You #On_repeat” @MissP_Vocalist ft Black Motion@black_motion - Dark Channels (Fearless Boys Remix)...... Shiiiit!!!
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion ft XoliM- Raibows aka Find My Way to you. Kill Tune
Retweeted by Black Motion@Shimza_dj you introduced me to this track by @black_motion ft Miss P - its you hai I'm loving it tjo its been 1month 2weeks me dancing
Retweeted by Black Motion
I cant reAly dance but wen Rainbow by @black_motion plays i move my body papa..that track has an XFactor about it.
Retweeted by Black MotionThe lineup for #MTNMandelaDay @Iam_Davido @Praiz8 @MafikizoloSA @OskidoIBelieve @UhuruKalawa @IAmMrSongz @EmmyGeeTTL @IAm_KCEE @Black_Motion
Retweeted by Black MotionThe lineup for #MTNMandelaDay @Iam_Davido @Praiz8 @MafikizoloSA @OskidoIBelieve @UhuruKalawa @IAmMrSongz @EmmyGeeTTL @IAm_KCEE @Black_Motion
Retweeted by Black Motion“@Funknotic: Let's give credit where its due, @black_motion ft Xoli M - Rainbow.. Outstanding job gents.” Thank you#NP: Rainbow - @black_motion ft Xoli M... Currently loving this tune! #TwitterMusicReview = 9/10!! Killer track! #GoodMusic:)
Retweeted by Black Motion@MTNza has added Black Motion (@black_motion) to the performers list for tomorrow's #MTNMANDELDAY concert. halala!
Retweeted by Black MotionI need a @black_motion. Album asap like guys I mean zenza ichakalaka ezchap...js heard fortune teller n automatically gt thirsty...
Retweeted by Black Motion@MTNza @black_motion cnt wait heard dt mtn z gvn us67r wooow
Retweeted by Black Motion..Some @black_motion hits will surely make me feel better ■■
Retweeted by Black MotionLive headliners at #SpringFiesta2014 // @black_motion @LiquideepSA @Muzart_Music @KhuliChana @Vaalsow http://t.co/9nWG6qbdS0
Retweeted by Black MotionWow nice my boys @black_motion have been added to the performers list for the #MTNMANDELDAY concert tmw
Retweeted by Black MotionBlack Motion (@black_motion) have been added to the performers list for tomorrow's #MTNMANDELDAY concert
Retweeted by Black Motion“@Diots_DJ: @black_motion r u guys cumin to university of limpopo on sat” we don't know about that event friend!@black_motion ft Xoli x Set me free
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion They will always remain my best best... http://t.co/kSG9kMWjUc
Retweeted by Black Motion#youtube @black_motion live 29 06 2013 Festival Week end au bord de leau http://t.co/xWLETDsP4N… ◄★someone help 1st n last track name plz★►
Retweeted by Black MotionMy Summer jam Rainbow by @Black_motion ft Xoli ! ♥☺☀☂
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion ft Xoli - Rainbow #NowPlaying
Retweeted by Black MotionAs I Whistle to Bed listening to @LuloCafe ft @black_motion. Napeleon has that voice u might think ke Mosadi unless I didn't know!!!
Retweeted by Black MotionGood morning. http://t.co/tK0nfMLTzq
When we Live on stage. http://t.co/T8YH98Arca
Later this evening with @OskidoIBelieve and @Deejay_Buckz @spiritmotionSA Cc @KalawaJazmeeR http://t.co/QSFN0gr7gF#TeamMessi Argentina.Chilling in studio with @Oskidoibelieve and @Deejay_buckz http://t.co/7zRtYblB0d
@MolokoPretoria with @Naked_Dj tonight. http://t.co/Ue8Lz4Z1ee
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