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Bongani (DJ Murdah) Mahosana & Thabo “Smol” (Percussionist) Mabogwane at Spirit Motion PTY LTD Booking Enquiries: nomndeni@edits.co.za info@spiritmotion.co.za

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Black Motion - Tribute to Madala Kunene (Dance of the Amadlozi) http://t.co/IEAQeGx7ZOComing soon... Brought to you by Spirit Motion...
But that new @black_motion song ft xoli eish. Trouble net trouble.
Retweeted by Black Motion“@SowetosFinest: @black_motion Hola magents ! Le monate?” Yes we are and you magents?Botswana it's on 02 August 14 #DrumSessions102 http://t.co/o8A7drYZJVWhen @black_motion "ndinokuda" goes in on @RealBlackCoffee 800K Appreciation Mix,,, aahhh what a tune... What a Mix!!! Moer!!!!!! ☹☑
Retweeted by Black Motion@Uhurukalawa meets @black_motion :-)....Hehehe!!!!!!.... Party I can't miss....
Retweeted by Black Motion“@spiritmotionSA: @black_motion collaborating with a #Legend Kanda Bongo Man http://t.co/8DGBH4revK02 August 14 #DrumSessions102 @black_motion #Live at Fairgrounds,Botswana http://t.co/s3rRKJx40f
Retweeted by Black Motion-----» RT @spiritmotionSA: 02 August 14 #DrumSessions102 @black_motion #Live at Fairgrounds,Botswana http://t.co/iJuau4QM5M
Retweeted by Black MotionTjovitjo"@Khebah_SHB:RT @spiritmotionSA: 02 August 14 #DrumSessions102 @black_motion #Live at Fairgrounds,Botswana http://t.co/l2xPZcBz3Y"
Retweeted by Black Motion#DrumSession102 ths saturday @ Fairgrounds alongside @black_motion @renatoxtrova @djchrispinbw @Tha_Root @DJKuchi http://t.co/GyWIzgBXlJ
Retweeted by Black Motion#GagasiFM #NowPlaying @LadyX_SA ft @Uhurukalawa @black_motion #LovingYou http://t.co/eEGOvgk7gD
Retweeted by Black Motion@Uhurukalawa meets @black_motion @House_22 wth @DJMonoT @LuloCafe @tumeloabcrazy @MissPru_Dj @OskidoIBelieve 08 Aug Its not to b missd!!
Retweeted by Black Motion#LOVE2KZN #LOVE2Gagasifm RT @gagasifamily: #GagasiFM #NowPlaying @LadyX_SA ft @Uhurukalawa @black_motion #LovingYou gagasiradio.fm
Retweeted by Black Motion#NP @black_motion Ft. Xoli M - Rainbow
Retweeted by Black MotionChilled vibes with ma niggers @black_motion @black_motion @beecee55 http://t.co/dwXw6Z0WLc
Retweeted by Black Motion“@celesandile41: @black_motion is on find my way to you #metrofm” cc @Xoli_Mazbee#FortuneTeller ♥ @black_motion @BeeCee55 #MurdahBongz #ThaboSmol #Mash ♥♥ #TheLoveOfMylife Bless! http://t.co/cBde1Nws54
Retweeted by Black Motion“@Rocstar_SHANE: @black_motion ft @xolim - rainbow mxm guys you are the best !” 👊“@duduetsa: @black_motion ft Miss P -its you......too sweet” @MissP_Vocalist ft. Black Motion@Black_motion- Rainbow. #Tune
Retweeted by Black MotionBlack motion x Fortune teller....the best @black_motion
Retweeted by Black Motion@LadyX_SA ft @Uhurukalawa -loving you @black_motion rmix pure bliss
Retweeted by Black Motion@mashfmradio now playing @black_motion - rainbow #mashdrive
Retweeted by Black Motion#NP @LuloCafe ft @Black_Motion and #Napoleon - #WhistlingToBed 98.9MHz on the #UltimateFastLaneDrive with #ZuluBelle @West_Sidefm Tune In
Retweeted by Black Motion“@KayGeeVANDAL: @black_motion you guys are doing great job keep up the good work gents GOD bless you.” Thank you,God bless you too@spiritmotionsa @black_motion @djmonot @house_22 @lulocafe @misspru_dj @oskidoibelieve @uhurukalawa packed lineup i am already loving it RT
Retweeted by Black MotionOn my way back from work I hear @black_motion's "Rainbow" pumping in a car and it was a white chick driving!!! #Kimberley #TheNewSA #House
Retweeted by Black MotionLet the drums be heard RT"@spiritmotionSA: 02 August 14 #DrumSessions102 @black_motion #Live at Fairgrounds,Botswana http://t.co/zvm3oGF1qw"
Retweeted by Black Motion@djchrispinbw @spiritmotionSA @black_motion #DrumSessions102 #Live aweeehhh!!!
Retweeted by Black Motion#nowplaying #superDanceFloorKiller @black_motion-ngoja(original mix) #massive
Retweeted by Black Motion#GagasiFM #NowPlaying @LadyX_SA ft @Uhurukalawa @black_motion #LovingYou #8 #GMS #HouseAndKwaito
Retweeted by Black Motion“@flavio094_bw: Waitn 2 see @black_motion performin #Rainbow ft Xoli live in Gc... #DrumSession102” let's have fun“@thehousemania_: @black_motion can't wait for #fortune_teller dance live in Botswna #fairgrounds(gc) #02_august” it's onThe drums of @KalawaJazmeeR @black_motion 2nd august aziche! #drumSession_102
Retweeted by Black Motion@djchrispinbw @spiritmotionSA @black_motion #DrumSessions102 #Live aweeee
Retweeted by Black Motionhttp://t.co/90Jl6tcnEY http://t.co/x0vwb2GgXh@murdahbongz http://t.co/HbfUmGh2yD@spiritmotionsa Studio with a #Legend #KandaBongoMan #Collaboration http://t.co/Doish3n69p@thabosmol http://t.co/4WGoOXhLtg
Song of the day @MissP_Vocalist ft @black_motion - It's You Produced and recorded @spiritmotionSA studio. http://t.co/bKibrOtJqt
Retweeted by Black Motion“@KatlegoHRH: @black_motion -Rainbow remains the most requested song on my radio show. Dope jam!” Thank you“@tinashe_manutz: @black_motion its you ft miss p dope trck” 👊 @MissP_Vocalist ft Black MotionKick ur day @blueroomhat Friday 1st Aug #BRHBdayCeleration wit @iamtbotouch @DJTyga_SA @djjackson239 @black_motion @Naked_Dj @MrCashtime
Retweeted by Black Motion@spiritmotionSA @black_motion @BeeCee55 hoooza 8TH AUG. http://t.co/BrwmzHT1DI
Retweeted by Black MotionGot ma @ticketblackmotion @black_motion @HomeboyZMuzik@Kalawajazmee #drumSession_102 http://t.co/wp3byWyY67
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion. Ft Xoli M - Rainbow....wow God bless house music, these guys never cease to amaze me
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion Feat. Xoli M_Rainbow 🎶💜
Retweeted by Black MotionAh wen @black_motion Played Finally@DacapoSA Remix on saturday nite I was speechless sounded good ka meropa
Retweeted by Black Motion
@black_motion ft @XoliM - Rainbow. :'( the lyrics , the vooice of. This angel wow :'(
Retweeted by Black MotionOn repeat rainbow @black_motion its a sweet song.kicking slow but surely.
Retweeted by Black MotionEpic slowjam i dig that @drmalinga @black_motion #Rainbow
Retweeted by Black MotionTuuuuuuuune RT "@drmalinga: On repeat rainbow @black_motion its a sweet song.kicking slow but surely."
Retweeted by Black MotionTune "@drmalinga: On repeat rainbow @black_motion its a sweet song.kicking slow but surely."
Retweeted by Black Motion@drmalinga @black_motion killer track......jst even saw u playin it ko mokopane zone2
Retweeted by Black Motion“@la_fresh_China: @black_motion Hi can I please have your bookings email address” nomndeni@edits.co.za@black_motion / @lulocafe - impatano. Beautiful track
Retweeted by Black Motion#Soshanguve mentality with @iamdeejaybuckz #Windhoek #Namibia @murdahbongz @thabosmol cc @beecee55 @bobstadj... http://t.co/EwKXxsEBxo
Not to be missed @Uhurukalawa meets @black_motion @House_22 Cc @DJMonoT @LuloCafe @MissPru_Dj @OskidoIBelieve 08 Aug http://t.co/1BFUZ0UcBQ
Retweeted by Black Motion
Looks nice. "@spiritmotionSA: It's a date 08 August @Uhurukalawa meets @black_motion @House_22 @OskidoIBelieve http://t.co/Zks7nEgzuY"
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion -rainbow baba #firrreee dope tune..
Retweeted by Black Motion02. @black_motion Ft. Xoli M - Rainbow #SATop20 #UnisaRTop10
Retweeted by Black Motion“@IaMBobzinMac: @black_motion - Fly awaY (original) ♥♥♥” @nape_leon ft Black Motion@black_motion - Rainbow ( original) ♥♥♥
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion Black motion ft Xoli- rainbow dope track
Retweeted by Black MotionFriday jam @black_motion ft @ miss p-its for you...yamnandi lengoma#on repeat till 8......kalawa jazzme jam
Retweeted by Black Motion#ThrowBackFriday @black_motion #Live @1stsunday2014 #Giant stadium #Soshanguve about to kickoff with… http://t.co/65gf6QAJmN
Retweeted by Black Motion“@IaMBobzinMac: @black_motion - Fly awaY (original) ♥♥♥” cc. @nape_leon
Retweeted by Black MotionIt's a date 08 August @Uhurukalawa meets @black_motion @House_22 cc @MAJORLEAGUEDJZ @OskidoIBelieve @Chymamusique http://t.co/WgNVXs1DzD
Retweeted by Black Motion@spiritmotionsa @black_motion @chymamusique @house_22 @majorleaguedjz @oskidoibelieve @uhurukalawa #best only
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion @Udu_Music @Bobstadj live @kinlounge for @7f00363f239e444's birthday tomorrow in Namibia. http://t.co/Ij3QDzKGrk
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion live @1stSunday2014 #2ndAnnual Jan 05.preparations for #3rdAnnual under way #GiantStadium Soshanguve http://t.co/n3WdJp6IN0
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion Ft Xoli #Rainbow...what a tune
Retweeted by Black Motion@1stSunday2014 @black_motion #3rdAnnual #GiantStadium we @SoshSpinKingz ready to give any much needed support for our home boys.
Retweeted by Black Motion►@black_motion x @NApe_Leon - Fly away #TPPOM Cc @Yfm @JosiChave
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion @SickMentalityDJ LETS
Retweeted by Black Motion“@BuYi_Mapz: @black_motion's life performances aiiiich! These guyz are to energetic,they deliver epic entertainment.” 👏No you talkin bout gud music. Bt thy always brng out de best" we should expect dt :Rainbow @black_motion ft Xoli I luuuuuuuuurv it ♥ #MyJam"
Retweeted by Black MotionCapCity @House_22 #UhuruHustle @Uhurukalawa @OskidoIBelieve @DJMonoT @black_motion etc http://t.co/hqXGwpiWY5
Retweeted by Black Motion#TBF @black_motion shimza_dj #OneManShow #Tembisa Cc @black_motion @beecee55 @letuka_vich @hlathibaby http://t.co/d9tWNHUMQh
Retweeted by Black Motion“@Babakasimpi: @black_motion When is the album coming gents I love your music and live performances.” Thank you,we'll keep you posted.“@SickMentalityDJ: @Zone6Venue some @Black_motion nyana in august? Yes? No? Maybe?” Yes“@ThaboMaleka: Listening to this new song by @black_motion and I must say, it was very well done. #ILike” thank you“@herold020: @black_motion damn guys ur live vidoe perfomance...#salute #blv_in_blackmotion” thank youRainbow @black_motion ft Xoli I luuuuuuuuurv it ♥ #MyJam
Retweeted by Black Motion@ladyx_sa lovng ur track ft @black_motion #fllw bck plzz
Retweeted by Black Motion#TBF DromNYC #NewYork http://t.co/304QkJNwO6Gig-guide #kinLounge #Namibia Saturday and Sunday stigahouse's birthday Bash Cc udu_music bobstadj beecee55... http://t.co/GMJjmo1Dx8
#TBT with @Nape_leon Featured on #ThatLazySong and @lulocafe's #WhistlingToBed Single ready to hit Air waves... http://t.co/wpgrme2jND#NP @black_motion ft. @Xoli_Mazbee - Rainbow :). This song will play at my wedding and funeral #TimelessMusic
Retweeted by Black Motiontaba ke ena!.... Fly Away ft @nape_leon - @black_motion...pou
Retweeted by Black Motion@black_motion @_smith101 @RealBlackCoffee Hey guys it's all about black...you guys you rock our warld i like you xoli
Retweeted by Black Motion@OskidoIBelieve can't wait @black_motion nd Kanda Bongo in studio its gonna b crazy #allin
Retweeted by Black MotionOn My Way To work then this driver decides to play Noqatiko By @black_motion and Revolution ☺ Nigga getting me in the weekend mood already!
Retweeted by Black MotionFor Them I can sommer buy 4General tickets and 6VIP.. LOL Yerr! I wish!!! :'''''D For The Love of @black_motion ♥♥♥,) http://t.co/KW5Q21ts9Y
Retweeted by Black Motion“@MaJayTheFirst: @black_motion your music revives my soul ndoda, number one fan” Thank you 👌The legendary Kanda Bongo Man in studio with @black_motion... WATCH OUT NOW!!! DRC STAND UP... #fortuneteller cc @fallyipuppa
Retweeted by Black MotionThe legendary Kanda Bongo Man in studio with @black_motion... WATCH OUT NOW!!! DRC STAND UP... #fortuneteller cc @fallyipuppa
Retweeted by Black MotionThe legendary Kanda Bongo Man in studio with @black_motion... WATCH OUT NOW!!! DRC STAND UP... #fortuneteller cc @fallyipuppa
Retweeted by Black Motion
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