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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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When you met Angelina was it a classic love story like when Ross met Rachel? #BetweenTwoFerns #wow http://t.co/61uNpE9500
A beautiful setting for a beautiful cause. Congratulations @AdamBraun and @PencilsOfPromis (e). #POPGALA #Spotify http://t.co/ukDQuJnsJxFrom buying pot to falling in love with the internet, my #StoryInABottle from @CharmingRobot: http://t.co/rgaEKIFWBW@cwaxler @CharmingRobot IT IS REALLY LONG!This will be HUGE RT @THR: Hasbro Working on 'My Little Pony' Movie http://t.co/MXNcjtwpg5
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingMeet The Forbes Under 30 Inventors Who Are Breaking The Boundaries http://t.co/zswnEHIdjW via @forbes cc @alexnklein @TeamKanoHow does someone not realize they are pregnant until they have the baby? Like legit how is that even possible? These stories kill me.
Too soon for holiday party invites guys. Too soon.Bloomberg is building quite the team! Hey @TheStalwart watch out for that @jheil! http://t.co/mfcdTNCfGmWorth the read. No bueno for @Handy. "My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell" http://t.co/5ojU1Ni9i6When It Comes to Market Leadership, Be the Gorilla http://t.co/adrKRymJ90 via @firstround by @arachleff of @wealthfront“We have paid $1 billion to the industry..." @bmorgansaks of @spotify #Billboard http://t.co/zigTNS4rvF
@MikeIsaac I miss that adorable little guy.This is the $150 computer I built with my daughter. @BenKuchera reviews @TeamKano! http://t.co/lrWF0b7EZ5 via @Polygon
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Jessica Lange singing Bowie on @AHSFX is something I could watch over and over again. So good. #FreakShowHappy 21st bday to my brilliant and gorgeous and adorable as can be niece Heather @hammerling! Dude. TWENTY ONE. 🍸🍸🍸
@JohnLegere Verizon is down in NYC… how are you not tweeting about it?!
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingVerizon wireless down in NYC. Awesome.I love when fist/chest bumping tech salespeople quote JFK in the bottom of their emails.@mattlynley BLAHMy favorite person's weekly playlist on my favorite music service. Check @Roystonlangdon's @Spotify Weekly 20. https://t.co/l8vd3trZGZ@fmanjoo ON IT.I just ate my weight in grilled cheese and cupcakes. #Brewversary@wauckward @BrewPR @DenaCook oh you are not...don't worry.@wauckward @BrewPR @DenaCook change your twitter bio you power woman u!! #wealthfrontPRHappy #Brewversary to @BrewPR today! Amazed at all @brooke & @DenaCook have built. #powerwomen
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingToday is @BrewPR's 9th bday! This was amazing gift from the Brew Crew. Best team. #Brewversary cc @DenaCook http://t.co/0n9lrmpZTN
@jswartz @dhellinger jonnie it is from now on Swartz if you call her Deb. Just saying."I would never call someone buddy". FUNNY. cc @anthonyha #therealone http://t.co/Zr8bSFZ43e@yoyoyavon EXACTLY.One of the things I always tell my team is to never respond with "sure" to work emails. So when I see others do, I mock them.Fascinating look into the influence of @instagram by @katierosman http://t.co/qVVjKb3Dd7 cc @Refinery29
An oldie but goodie & good reminder that a. @oreillyfactor hosted Inside Edition b. He's batshit crazypants https://t.co/X4kPVm19k3@bridgetwi @oreillyfactor @TheDailyShow definitely need an extra long meditation now.Guys. @oreillyfactor is talking about "ghetto kids" on @TheDailyShow.Bill O'Reilly on @TheDailyShow right now is genius in its absurdity but also I might break my TV.@ComcastMike This is not about publications sending us emails. Do people at Comcast know how to read? JUST CURIOUS.@ComcastMike Did you read my tweet or are you a robot? Your recruiting company sends me emails and my team emails trying to recruit us.Hey y'all. @comcast is looking for a director of comms. I know this b/c their search firm continues to spam me AND my team. #SadJob
Just saw "Nick Cave - 20,000 Days on Earth" which was really a fabulous film. If you can see it in the theatre you should.@caro she's an embarrassment.@TomLimongello I definitely thought about it. :)Nothing says CLASS than skirting responsibility and throwing your team under the bus. Sad situation for all. #Ebola http://t.co/ENLtkEEvjrReview: The @AugustSmartLock, a high-tech door lock for your home. (video) http://t.co/BNqJExVtn6 by @waltmossberg http://t.co/u3Ynuo86Z2
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@thekenyeung a fake Bono walks around Dreamforce and all the people who so want him to be real go bananas.Poor Salesforce with Fake Bono again. AGAIN!! #makessense RT @bbachofner: @brooke here's a few https://t.co/CTZuX5YCqC hilarious!! #DF14oh my #fakebono is back at #df14 @brooke thought you'd enjoy that fact.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@bbachofner NO!!! PICS??WALL STREET MONEY MANAGER: Here's How Millennials Can Start Investing Right Now http://t.co/JJ8t1qNX32 via @clusterstock cc @wealthfrontI love Anki so much & yes I am a 10 year old boy. Anki Drive's AI-powered racing game arrives on Android http://t.co/mUhktWxNSh via @vergeThe best clients in the world. @Oracle @NetSuite @AugustSmartLock @smartthings @DAQRI & many more. #techpr #Resumes -> jobs at brewpr .com@ajs @AugustSmartLock Yeah a new one covered by your site in their story today. http://t.co/DHbawFD5Sw@ajs @AugustSmartLock Don't think they are. People are reviewing it as a new kind of smart lock. Also on shelves at Apple.Best team in the world. Congrats @ccdip & @BrewPR crew for 2 massive launches in 2 weeks: @TeamKano & @AugustSmartLock #crazypantsDeadbolts, Digitized: How Smart Locks Will Change Our Homes http://t.co/mQSFV7aAVt via @intelligencer #Apple #AugustSmartLockGuys. @AugustSmartLock has LAUNCHED! And it is in #Apple stores today! And they are gorgeous. #security http://t.co/voiRV0AXDk
@mathewi we will all miss it!! Your pics always make me smile.My gorgeous niece Heather, the sister to @HaleyHammerling, is finally on the Twitter. Follow her please @hammerling!How he made it! Courtney Holt, strategy chief at Maker Studios, worked in the TV and music industries http://t.co/YJMq1Vs562 cc: @mootron
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI believe I'm going to start adopting the school calendar as my own. This includes all holidays and summer vacation.
Great playlist this week by @Roystonlangdon. Take time today, listen to music. #Nowplaying #Spotify https://t.co/6Ork3PjnkS
I've never been to the panhandle of Florida before but I have to say it is stunning. A perfect escape. http://t.co/jH4OPUkxF3Wow I missed this news. John Lennon's solo work now available on @Spotify. Amazing. http://t.co/3gjhVWFzXd
Larry as CTO is gonna recruit some amazing talent -> Oracle Hires Former Snapchat, Google Executive Peter Magnusson http://t.co/bJ3zP9jZOO"Foot traffic on 34th Street is unparalleled,” which makes it one of New York's most miserable stretches. Enjoy! http://t.co/vnrZ8rm28u
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingHow Kickstarter Creators Dig For Ideas While Raising Money http://t.co/Ez4SkjFrUw via @mattlynley @buzzfeed@anotherneville @nypost Aren't U a lovely young woman who clearly has a lot of time on her hands! Deep breaths BJ. DEEP breaths.
You know what we need? A messaging app.@adamnash @karaswisher SO sorry I had to bail...keep an eye out for @DenaCookI love our new about.me blog - please subscribe! http://t.co/QsohhDYq94 @aboutdotme @photomatt @om
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingDonate to the #EqualPayback Project and help raise the nearly $30 trillion women lose to the wage gap: http://t.co/iU4zbpzC8o #trillions@jheil not for a while. LA is way more interesting to me.It's happened. I am very over NYC these days.
@CCdip @wauckward http://t.co/QjfCIhCesTClever Kano lets kids build computers and learn to code http://t.co/KQjhx50F3t via @usatoday@jledbetter not as uncommon as one would think.If you are a stranger but send me a picture of your pet pig doing something adorable then yes the chances of me emailing you back are high.Ready for a new blogging challenge? Registration is open for Blogging 201, and the fun starts on Monday, October 20! http://t.co/OqExR937wu
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingKano Makes Building Your Own Computer And Learning To Code As Easy As Legos, And You Can Buy One Today http://t.co/6jDMemod7w via @sai@joshelman head explodes.@sarahkunst I mean I def was older than I should have been watching the show but I loved it...it was warm and safe.Even people playing church people on TV are TERRIBLE. This one hurts man. I LOVED 7th Heaven. http://t.co/BZlRMKGt9GHow we built it: When it comes to packaging, sweat the small stuff https://t.co/miFyTKhGwV via @gigaom cc @augustsmartlockKano is available today! Review of the kit from @waltmossberg via @Recode http://t.co/4jXS9jrkD7 @TeamKano tip @Techmeme
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingGUYS. @TeamKano @smartthings @Refinery29 JUST to name a few of our amaze clients. COME WORK HERE. #techPR resumes -> jobs at brewpr dot com@tewy Thanks Alex....we are not taking anything new on at the moment I am afraid. We need to hire faster!!Why does every meeting with @BrewPR inspire me to quit my job, start a company, and hire @BrewPR?
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingKano's DIY computer teaches kids to code, and now it's available to everyone http://t.co/PW9B47vQ3t via @verge@Brooke we absolutely love @TeamKano over here!
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingHoly sh*t: the Mossberg himself loves the computer made by former tnr-intern cave dweller @alexnklein congrats dude. http://t.co/0DKbJUU6zf
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWhen @TeamKano got reviewed by @waltmossberg. Yep. A must read. Via @Recode http://t.co/tZq16A9qgQ
@davetisch right but the only person you would ever want to FaceTime with would be her. I know plenty of people u wild legit punch in face.@davetisch this is probably the most surprising thing I've ever heard u say. I mean think about it. Think about it.Dear Apple. Your iOS 8 update is adorable but not really fixing all the issues. Let's pick up the pace here.Thanks Auntie @brooke & @TeamKano ~ this Computer Kit is SO freaking cool!! We can't wait to build it! http://t.co/ilBh9ZKNHg
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingMore gross news from NFL. The players need leadership. The leadership blows so therefore how do you expect them to behave? So gross.I miss the days when I didn't have a phone and couldn't reachable for a while. #nostalgicforthe90s #early90s@joeziemer omg Huey is adorbs. Puppies bring peace.
@rje7 @NYTStyles never too late as this is a very important subject that shld be discussed all the time. #mexicancokeAmong subcultures that pride themselves on early adoption - techies, foodies - Mexican Coke is the new black. http://t.co/XnguOcn6iQ
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