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Free KECH stolen! #nickberrys #omniumcargo #stolenbike #nyc #newyork #messlife
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoSuper stoked to get started on my new piece this am for the @LoManArtsFest / @LisaProjectNYC in Chinatown!
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoPolice officers shot & killed more people in July than in any other month so far in 2015
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIt's a wrap‼️ Ron ronenglishart killed it in the blazing sun for @lomanartsfest creating a HOT Pink…
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
I just told some kid in Bushwick that I would steal his bike myself if he only locks it by the front wheel. He went and re-locked it.NYCHA should hire graffiti writers to do temporary signage. This handstyle is wack & everyone knows # goes before St"I heard it was 165 degrees in Iran yesterday," rando customer. "Oh yeah, where?" asked Yemeni bodega guy. "Tel Aviv," he said. #geographyThe Brazilian twins aka @OsGemeos showcase their signature characters... in Times Square, legally. What a journey! it's @ratterofficial. Also check out the very amazing @hopesandfearshq.Dear publicists & PR flacks, before you send an email telling me how much you love the site, read this... Thanks!A tethered drone sounds horrible.Public Security Minister: Fatal Jerusalem gay parade stabbing could have been prevented
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWhen it was announced that the $10 bill will feature a woman in the coming future, I reached out to… @TracieMorrissey!
Davon Magwood writes open letter to @FATJEW about stealing his shit
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoYou couldn't make the typo up... (pic via @suttonnick)
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIt seems like Philip Seymour Hoffman is putting out more movies now that he's dead.
CNN covering drone incident at JFK in most terrifying way possible.One of the few political artists in the graffiti game. Good work @Saber. @aymanndotcom showing some of his best work at this group show in Brooklyn today.
The view of the moon via Felton Davis & his telescope on 2nd Ave btw Houston & 1st
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIf it were legal, it would be 5000. do a great job manually landing that Klingon ship @GeorgeTakei. #TheSearchForSpockBefore ANIMAL. This. That's Jam Master Jay spinning inside Soma NYC, a gallery I opened in 2001. We…! FAT LAB
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
. @EricKelly to @ROANZONE @ANIMALNewYork, though. They need a mural in the hood somewhere.
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@JLaPuma no way Joey, I wanna go shopping for the vid.Anyone looking to do a feature on world's bummiest sneaker collection, I got you. #sneakerhead some of you keep asking... WTF is Ratter??? This is @ratterofficial. It publishes "cool stuff." Go have a look.I have lots of things to do today, none of those include blogging. This is great!
@cbrazilbautista @ANIMALNewYork What check? Please email if you think we owe you something.
I will be repping hard on LinkedIn: Need endorsements? I can click the buttons faster than old school Track & Field.Twice I pitched the idea of ANIMAL as a dispensary @cusha, but no dice... Thank you sir.The only time it was okay to say "hipster" on ANIMAL. Thank you @hotdoghandjobs. Market. What up Kyle? I can't imagine them killing those. That's like wiping out your own gold mine.Woven still owns the property and is figuring it out. to the @MTA and its hardest working spokesperson! Thanks Adam! I'm working on some projects with ANIMAL, but am still much a very free agent. Ratter did not acquire, still owned by Woven.After a night of tear gas and chaos, Amy K. filed this very powerful piece from #Ferguson. was only with ANIMAL for a few months and was ace! Someone hire him! fact: I ran ANIMAL for approximately the amount of time it takes Jupiter to orbit the Sun. @ratterofficial on Huff Post Live right now!
Cool marble.*WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES* Approx. 250 pilot whales killed yesterday in the Faroe Islands:
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIs the city sliding back into the Serpico days? Hogan to @KyleKoster
@the_blueprint that's a nightmare. It's like relearning to ride a bike daily.Welcome to Inverse Pitching, a weekly email for freelancers with a short list of stories we'd pay $$ for:
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWe're following an apparent movie theater shooting in Lafayettem Louisana. @KDVR #FOX31
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThe Q running express is the closest thing NYC has to a bullet train.Writing and what comes with it:
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoTrooper’s Account Of #SandraBland Arrest Differed From What Was Caught On Video
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoNYPD arrested 14 & hospitalized one at peaceful #SandraBland demo in NYC last night. See @AshAgony & @JamesFTInternet
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
Bottle cap on the stoop of a multimillion dollar Fort Greene brownstone. Send 16 reporters @nypost. City in chaos. It looks like something that should have transpired at a retirement home. is real anymore. of berating @gilfnyc for speaking her mind, @LoganHicksNY should address his street art-stealth marketing: just watched a documentary on the Silk Road and learned that @AdrianChen's writing is a gateway to drugs, the dark web.Rapper/@SmartCrew alum @despotroast's House of Bricks. Vid via @nahright @liamaathews' review Currently at Union Square.
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@katiestereo @JamieStelter @patkiernan @NY1 It happened at a Dunkin Donuts 3x.@KyleKoster Corporate overlords reward your loyalty and good work with job security 'cause that's the right thing to do?@patkiernan @JamieStelter @NY1 Regular slice, 100%. What bugs me is when I order a coffee & the person asks if I want it hot. Of course I doCommunity policing!
@815k1 Oh it def it is, all around the world.But they feel like caused congestion and that's more important that dumb things like stats. of the best things I've read on this saga thus far. feel so web 1.0 without a PGP Fingerprint. Do I really one or is it another @elloworld thing?@KyleKoster Nothing good buddy. Without getting too public, same boat, same paddle.@CaseyNeistat How's Beme?Yeehaw... Of course it is. Right @nra? did this lovely interview with me about the worst joke I've ever told
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThis.
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
@AYReport @harrysiegel Oh I know. It's perfect. Spot on. Another great example.@AYReport @harrysiegel @Azi @joshgreenman Yeah. Didn't see that till this evening.@buckyturco muralist reduced to un/underpaid backdrop painter to somebody's real estate ambition. .
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@HeartAsArena @TwoTreesNY Most troubling about that was how BSA misreported it so badly. I'm shocked they never updated.On day I published my piece on coziness of real estate & street, the NY Times reports on 10 new murals planned for BK that GOP is cool with casual racism, but don't you dare fuck with their important political pawns: vets., I've been tweeting about media news all day, how the fuck has @Choire only tweeted 210 times?@Nero @samfbiddle @jordansarge @morninggloria @nicknotned @pareene An honor coming from the Internet's official fuccboi depository.At editorial meeting this morning, Tommy Craggs told @gawker staffers: “This is Nick’s Reichstag fire."
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@ratterofficial @jayrosen_nyu I stand corrected. Thanks for the breaking media news Ratter.@jayrosen_nyu Late to news professor. In Internet time this is weeks old. The apparent strike is the new story.@RyanHoliday Instead you get headlines like these: "Donald Trump, Melissa Rivers Headline Algemeiner Gala." Moxie huh@RyanHoliday Take the Observer for e.g., a staple of the NYC media scene that can't even write negatively about Donald Trump.@RyanHoliday I actually don't give a shit what the public or hacky writers have to say about #Gawker. and obtuse. "gentrification" tape was stolen from an image documenting a @gilfnyc action. Thanks for letting me steal. One, mostly meaning you.Their answer: We're not updating the site. wrote about how street art and real estate have become bosom buddies. hasn't updated since 12:10pm. Strike? Also, @tcraggs22 dined at Balthazar expensed it to Gawker Media. 😂😂😂
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