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Dare Obasanjo @Carnage4Life Washington, USA

My day job is leading the team behind http://t.co/YcLuFUER8Q and http://t.co/YzvkbJjpUn . Outside that I dabble in mobile apps and blogging.

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Will this be the most looped Vine of all time? https://t.co/BIqTlCzSDc
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@BenedictEvans @mkatz0630 this assumes a single perfect for a query which isn't true. Also willingness to pay is itself a relevance signalSamsung's smartphone division was so successful their HQ in Korea thought they were falsifying sales & bribing press http://t.co/2j2KEBwQyiNew Bing Ads Editor Version (10.7) Now Available by @ginnymarvin http://t.co/t5ijUBWnUX
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I keep waiting for the "Uber steals candy from baby" headline http://t.co/zhA0oiCjJk@BlingBingo @BingAds can you send me an email and I can look into it? DAREO@MICROSOFTYouTube doesn't make any profits, breaks even with $4B revenue. However incorrect that video embeds don't show ads http://t.co/iE3qscecnmGoogle selling app install ads in Google Play store sounds like interesting conflict of interest vs fixing discovery http://t.co/wal8bw3mrI
Apple not interested in adding features to Safari to make web apps competitive with native apps? I'm shocked http://t.co/2LlOQ3ZecmNEW BLOG POST: 7 Ways @BingAds Beats Google AdWords - by @MarkIrvine89: http://t.co/RZHnceo4An http://t.co/vmkzK07Jhk
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@Mel66 I sent you an email and also separately reached out to @ShahBing. :)@Mel66 saw your feedback on the UET FAQ at http://t.co/vVp808aahf and would love to get time to chat on how we can make using tags better
@Mel66 @BingAds this problem is fixed in 10.7. You can get it from https://t.co/Vgk1lxLlMc - Thanks for reporting it.@Jonathan_Ellins that is correct. We will update the misleading UI shortly. Thanks for pointing it out.@Jonathan_Ellins You can get a good background on Unified Device Targeting in Bing Ads at http://t.co/9J1xhe3CIT #ppcchat@Jonathan_Ellins and when mobile is combined it will retain its bid adjustment as tablet has.@Jonathan_Ellins no. You can use a bid modifier for tablet. PC & tablet are combined as a target. Mobile will also be combined next month.@Jonathan_Ellins @Mel66 the bid modifier is for the tablet bid. You can't target PCs separately from tablets.Clearly our UI here can improve@Jonathan_Ellins @Mel66 the bid adjustment is for "tablet bid"@Mel66 @Jonathan_Ellins weird that the article claims we don't have bid adjustments on tablet devices which we've had since last fall 😖@ariobueno1 @BingAds what problems are you seeing?
Someone turned all those "Is Snapchat badly designed or am I just old?" tweets into a mildly informative article https://t.co/Utyhm7cVu1After World Cup & Super Bowl, Bing correctly predicted the top Oscars winners http://t.co/05Xv2G8kgL
@ianpaullin @jayphilips @iamdevloper LOL@ianpaullin @jayphilips @iamdevloper the point is don't risk breaking the site just as everyone's weekend starts. Deployment tool irrelevant@imranm @stevesi none of those came across as a good critique. Seems they think ISIS came across as sympathetic and Islam less so.And the most vulnerable OS in 2014 is ... http://t.co/EwzIAUOQHR h/t @packetdude http://t.co/t6nuOzK4Tv
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Here's a great diagram by @iamdevloper to help you decide whether or not you should deploy on a Friday at 5pm #pmot http://t.co/Hwl0tSOwFC
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoHow to measure if push notifications are causing people to uninstall your app - https://t.co/9tblwUFk9G #programmingAnyone else seeing "one weird trick" ads on Twitter? #ThereGoesTheNeighborhood http://t.co/H2uC3TtJerThe difference between a boss and a leader. http://t.co/rYrCcQhZxiMicrosoft Is The New Google, Google Is The Old Microsoft - http://t.co/eSeb4nlYXW #ThePendulumSwings
Shocking how low @reddit's ad revenue was last year ($8.3 million). Definitely being mismanaged financially http://t.co/ApS9SAhHCtGoogle's ad problem in mobile is their big customers are PC-centric and they haven't attracted apps unlike FB & TWTR http://t.co/7EdqkPtBfR7 characteristics of successful mobile app development teams - http://t.co/A6SKiCaoKZ
Karma - the guy who pushed past me on the tube and then suggested I go F myself just arrived for his interview...with me...
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoSnapchat worth $19 billion? Just 4 years ago it's CEO was sending email pitches to Bro Bible flaunting his bro creds http://t.co/77C1xLMOL1RT @Jason: Microsoft is interesting again --very http://t.co/YekSrvyJR7 <= key is Satya wants Microsoft to be relevant not just make $$$This article is like newspaper complaining about "buy rate" vs impressions of people seeing cover story at newsstands http://t.co/rtyCLVSCRoJournalist complains tweets only get 1% click through rate.Instead should be measuring total clicks from tweet as ROI http://t.co/rtyCLVSCRo
When you're about to win the Hogwarts House Cup but then Dumbledore gives Gryffindor a bunch of last-minute points. http://t.co/uobYjn1x01
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoIt's like PandoDaily & TechCrunch are competing for who hates tech companies more http://t.co/ssYyyHV5Cb versus http://t.co/xmyy0zFwHg
Born before 1990? Whatever. We don’t care. Tell us about the war or something, grandpa. http://t.co/FiWXo36JBl
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoNow that social media companies have realized their biz model is showing ads in official apps, APIs are passé https://t.co/Tz9MXZZAHR
The inventor of Facebook's news feed talks about the secret of their success - http://t.co/htria8T2to #SenseOfUrgency
The growth of @SlackHQ in a single year has been phenomenal as is the $1 billion valuation as a result http://t.co/ERqj15Tdzw$AAPL > $GOOG + $MSFT #notthrowbackthursday http://t.co/J0wrWZVBH5Great essay on product management, design decisions and the genius of iMessage's choice of bubble colors https://t.co/GRWoW8IYXgAfter 60 years of continual rise, American miles driven has flatlined since the iPhone launch. http://t.co/UCf2ZxeVQx http://t.co/UCf2ZxeVQx
@Mel66 @BingAds got your email and reproduced the issue. The team is looking into this now. Thanks for bringing to our attention.@Mel66 @BingAds can you send me an email describing the problem? That sounds like a weird bug. What version of desktop tool are you on?@adambridegan @PingFromBing thanks a lot. The team appreciates the feedback. Let us know what else you'd like to see in #BingAds
Snapchat now lets you share pics from camera roll but receiver has worse viewing experience http://t.co/g5czFARvhw #PassiveAggressiveDesign
Mapping AdWords locations to Bing Ads locations made easy #ppcchat #sem http://t.co/ufvJGu7QRG@bencagri @Microsoft @bing @BingAds are you still seeing that problem?@bencagri @Microsoft @bing @BingAds what were you doing when you saw that error?
My first article at @TheSEMPost! Why @BingAds Will Eventually Overtake Google Adwords #ppcchat http://t.co/gJSGOjlzPT
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoTwitter has completely lost control of the narrative around the company.
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoNice puff piece about Twitter's monetization engine. Tries to obscure real story of no profits and slow user growth https://t.co/0OvboEvNxKTwitter no longer allows employees to see usage data. - http://t.co/OrECFGSDaR - Between this and monetization fluff piece, a very bad sign.The world’s email encryption software relies on one guy. And he's going broke. - http://t.co/vuaMJgXn9d #opensource #programming
Every day seems to bring a new Microsoft OSS announcement. At this point it might be more expedient to announce what's not OSS.
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@tomsreview @BingAds please send me your account details over email. Also any support ticket numbers. Thanks.@tomsreview @BingAds what problems have you had with the service? Feel free to email me DAREOatMICROSOFT.
Never trust a corporation to do a library’s job. How the Internet Archive picked up where Google left off - https://t.co/SDqGrmR4WiGroot programming language. Entire syntax is variations of "I am Groot" - https://t.co/YBRxTWD2Sz #cleverThe #BingAds SDK for #Java is now available! Improve your Bing Ads developer experience now: http://t.co/puhJpgmo0v😭the new kids think I'm a new artist &I'm bout 2blow up😳😂 like Paul McCartney Lord ha mercy chile I love me sum y'all😭
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@anildash isn't it now well known that facts don't change people's minds when they have entrenched beliefs? http://t.co/a5ZMkX4huJ #faith
RT @BrianMFloyd: YOU. HAVE. MARSHAWN. LYNCH <= pretty muchIs Katy Perry's dress on fire? Hope she doesn't have Nationwide insurance."Is it Father's Day yet?" - Super Bowl ads“Look how amazing kids can be.” - Microsoft “Unless they die.” - Nationwide
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoMicrosoft: the first step to the cyborg army #SB49Ironic that u can pay for mcdonalds with a hug but if ur eating mcdonalds you probably have no one in ur life to hug u
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoThis negligent bastard loses his dog every year.
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
Great story about how much an indie game dev can made on PC & mobile and totally relatable story of late nite coding http://t.co/qVbt44gwNHBetter be a brilliant head fake ahead of a great Twitter quarter report not a really naive attempt at damage control http://t.co/GdV10FS9Rar @gruber @hblodget the tastiest claim chowder, n'est pas? http://t.co/rq1jXhTTtY
Looks like Cortana woke up and realized that magic sometimes trumps statistical models! :) #gohawks @sportsradiokjr http://t.co/l7nbutPoAm
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoIf you're not growing exponentially then you don't work at a startup, you work at a small business that is slowly going out of businessNo single recipe 4 success. Great companies had bad habits; Apple micromanagement, Google random side projects & Facebook used fricking PHP
@GinnyMarvin @SPlimmer_ESV @Mel66 @BingAds you still can@JXTGroup @BingAds got the mail. Sent you a quick response.@JXTGroup @BingAds interested in what sort of bulk changes you can't make from the web that require Editor. Feel free to email dareoATmsftOutlook for iOS now available, Android coming soon. Super duper fast turn around of @acompli acquisition - http://t.co/U4z6dWYuer
I can't decide if @Snapchat is badly designed or I'm too old for the app. Also befuddled they have a CNN/Cosmo tab - https://t.co/5w3vmMLhIS
The future of media is apparently pausing conversations with friends to go to a special tab where you tap on #brands and consume videos.
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoNow Available in Bing Ads: Campaign Performance Data in Under an Hour http://t.co/36VAqN29Hg #ppcchat <= long requested, finally here :)Fantastic Four official trailer has me cautiously optimistic http://t.co/heYHtlbhDg
Microsoft Earnings: Search advertising revenue grew 23%. #BingAds - http://t.co/YvlHxSjId6 <= Double digit growth again this quarter :)@RockstarPPC @BingAds thanks for the feedback. Following up on this.Popularity driven development - http://t.co/Eryxlhzgt5 <= great essay on how social media impacts #softwaredevelopment trends@asymco @mgsiegler what percentage of daily coffee shop patrons consume on site? Seems very low here in Seattle. Agree ambiance a factor.
The Satya Nadella era at Microsoft is a smashing success, thus far. http://t.co/YVEWkhhAHs <= without #BallmerTax company now judged fairly
News org's are effectively comparing Tim Cook's Xmas bonus with Ahrendts total pay package and complaining. http://t.co/Tpcls64afQHeadlines today that Angela Ahrendts made $70M while Tim Cook made $9M last year, forget he got $380M to be CEO. http://t.co/0ZnGiZUyGD
@OmarShahine @fuelcut @MITorres have things changed on main campus? That paper was still accurate in 2012.Everybody Loves Will Smith #ExplainThe90sIn4WordsBumped into @maryjofoley on my way to the advertising capital of the world #empirestateofmind #NYC http://t.co/R90m8TmWbM
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