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@OceanDefenders Great story, I hope it is read by many people.@thepacketrat Remedy ITSM (IT Service Management) is as bad as PeopleSoft; though PeopleSoft is bad to many more people than Remedy.
Apple warned us for years that "This file is going away." - etc/hostconfig is gone from Yosemite. #RIPhostconfig http://t.co/zrA3234U6AVerizon just sent the monthly bill with a new $10 increase on FIOS. (No advance notification, no increase in bandwidth or service.)
What pisses me off the most about disabling Pay is: a.) It was working and b.) they turned it off because it protected my identity.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellIt is now running OSX 10.10, and has a stack of HDDs attached. It'll get OSXS 10.10 in a few days, once the base OS is stabilized.@GlennF I vaguely remember that we didn't transfer the passed over the net. So it was definitely good that you did. And it was a clever one.@GlennF Yep.@rtrouton @ctdawe @tbridge I'm also thinking of taking the big leap to IPv6. :-)@rtrouton Ah, and "Forget Computers". I talked to Ben at length at MacITconf last March. Sharp guy, knows what he's doing. Thx for the rec.@rtrouton Bender is now on the list of things todo. (Bilingual pun intended.)And the deed is done. RAID is broken. Yosemite is coming down the FIOSwire. (Seems like it takes forrrrevah!) #IWantItAndIWantItNow@ctdawe Glad to be of service for your hours-before-workweek wordplay humor needs!@tbridge PS: "Overhead" = a super-secret famous surf spot in northern SoCal. Maybe Apple could use that name… :-)@tbridge Thanks!@tbridge Okay. Well - here goes… :-)@tbridge You think the RAID is overhead? Or breaking the RAID is overhead.@tbridge In-house OD, storage and file serving, wiki (for online documentation), nothing more that I need.@tbridge So you recommend straight to Yosemite and then OSXS?C2D, 4GB RAM, 2x 500 GB intHD (RAID) - am thinking about breaking the RAID.Yep, awhile back (okay, 3 years ago) I bought Glenn's old mini server. Finally getting around to installing it for the SOHO.Now, to see if I can upgrade to 10.9 OSX and then OSXS… (How do I dodge/wait on the 10.10? Or is it worth it to go straight to Yosemite?)Saved! The most clever @glennf put in a password hint that I grokked, and I was able to log in. Yay!All disk drives inventoried, ✔. New ScanSnap installed, ✔. Hardware installed for mini OSXS 10.6., ✔. Log into … Forgot password - argh!
@ctdawe That hashtag is on the money. Triple entendre intended.So the retailers that have been badly, consistently hacked are building their own payment system tied direct to our checking accounts?
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellA Tale of Momentum and Inertia (in vfx): http://t.co/B3KsRcYD1d
@magiciansbook And you wrote a fine and very compelling review of it. Thanks.In US, more people have been married to Larry King than have contracted Ebola.
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Nobel Prize-winner Nakamura says patents should belong to inventors, not employers http://t.co/n3bZuKePVJ http://t.co/ecJInusSk2
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell@cedge318 @kingsbury Lolz. Understudy for Caballero de XX.@cedge318 Learned at SZP and BUR. Don't fly much of late but when I do it's out of SMO.@cedge318 I didn't know you were a pilot too.@atlauren I have never used AirDrop. Because I have not been successful in getting it to work.
@nils_gilman WSJ: http://t.co/nHKiPJDan7
Gillian Anderson taking my "Which X-Files Character Are You?" quiz. (She got Mulder.) http://t.co/0XmqbVix2t
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Just watched the movie Contagion again. Why not? Good movie. (imdb) http://t.co/jJlKUDQVW1 (scienceblogs) http://t.co/voAyQPKfdz
Getting around to updating stale RSS feeds and found that @Acrobat doesn't do RSS any longer. Or least doesn't post the info on the blog.The Art and Physics of the Steal - using math and physics to model base stealing. Very cool analysis. http://t.co/lo3OdEGrGt@ericblue I didn't find a diff in battery, but like the type ahead options. I'm going to try to get you to speak on HealthKit at next MacIT.
Many rationalizations for Apple’s QA problems seem based in Apple’s refusal or inability to grow some staffs. Scrappiness has a limit.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell@jswatz @mattblaze In case you haven't seen this amended version of Maslow's hierarchy of needs: http://t.co/IRir9bQAmc
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell@TimothyS @bungdan Job consists of relaying "leaks" from "unnamed" Government officials. Sounds legit.
This Amazon Kindle becomes more disappointing the more I use it. Now really wish I'd bought an iPad instead.When your unread Mail badge is the same as your area code.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell
OH: "We deserved a better Attorney General." "No you didn't."
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellI hate the Internet MT @nicoleperlroth: Hackers have launched 17,000 attacks using #shellshock in the last 24 hours. http://t.co/qAfV2SkOEk
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellWell, there’s that. now: https://t.co/FBTr8nv3UU (Mach-O shellshock payload)
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell
Jon Stewart on the Alibaba IPO: "Do you realize the communists just beat us at capitalism?" http://t.co/CBAfCRFAHL
@atlauren It's a bit more complicated than that, but they're like American pilots in the 60s and 70s - except they're now in 21C.@atlauren The pilots of Air France are on strike because they don't like the business model of having to live somewhere that's not Paris.Hey @AirFrance pilots! What's it feel like to be so entitled and egotistical!? How many 100s of 1000s of people did you damage?
Encryption is for criminals. Pseudonyms are for criminals. Anonymity is for criminals. P2P is for criminals. Man, criminals get everything.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellWhy we believe Apple. From: John Gilmore <gnu@toad.com> Date: Saturday, September 20, 2014. Subject: Re:... http://t.co/mAP8UJauVX
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellDear Scotland, the check is in the mail. Love - Dave@2Laure Anne Sinclair book makes US news http://t.co/x0pxomW0ZC#sizematters MT @glgray: Having spent the evening with my new iPhone 6, I really like the size. Definitely glad I did not get the 6 Plus.@ericblue Why is it that concept cars look so cool while concept tech looks so…lame?@JeffLaGrua RT @ramez: Punk rock is clearly an essential part of an American education. http://t.co/LRy0SZ93wQ http://t.co/80MaHbUf7U@robinlustig @cstross Add Gibraltar and Falkland Isl. "the toes of empire"@feorlen @arekdreyer I find it the oddest tradition. But: deBeers. Also, as a physicist and comm'l diver learned not to wear metal bands.Looks like the #NATO #CyCon 2014 proceedings and videos are available: http://t.co/40ckm3lrga
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell.@HistoryInPix @wjhenn Fidel has a big strike zone."Stewart Brand calls for a rapid deployment of new gen #nuclear power plants to combat global warming" #climatemarch http://t.co/EeMjJgYvxk
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellIn PHX to see the current iteration of the band formerly known as Jethro Tull.
Apparently “unlimited” means “slow unlimited”. Phone companies still suck. http://t.co/Xe8O33dkX6
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell
@opendns I figured out that OpenDNS is not the problem, though I could not figure out the source of the problem. And then it went away. :-\
@ericgarland You're right. LeFig isn't crazy insane. But they are as intransigent and fully rw committed.@ericgarland A no-confidence poll on Hollande from LeFig is about as reliable as a no-conf poll on Obama from Fox News. #LittleBitofBias@daxe Good story. I've been following this for years and you nailed it.@isagirl_v I believe so.
This belongs in a @GreatDismal novel: “@Gotham3: Abandoned Supersonic TU-144 in a Russian backyard. http://t.co/n1jG0CllaT
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellCommunity college president: “Harvard got a $250 million grant today- and we educate 50% of the workforce. Remember that.”
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell
If there's Internet in hell, there will be no net neutrality http://t.co/dbSsUMv4Ei
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell.@nils_gilman And there is the strengthening of illegitimate public authority in the face of reduced public revenues. http://t.co/Gn9mjdAdmV
@feorlen I'll teach it to them like their paychecks depend on it. ;-)@rtrouton That is a do-able drive. And it looks like a quiet and idyllic area.@atlauren lolz@kilbo And maybe the interruptions are good. He's asking questions, lot's of 'em.@kilbo Actually I think there's another generation in between you and that kid. And that generation largely missed the CLI too.@rtrouton Like that you'ns call it "mountains". ;-) But hey, looks like a very nice area! Will it extend your commute to work?@tanehisicoates @jfleck It's been done. And it's worth reading. http://t.co/0EwOxn1N7b Beware, there is nuance. You might be sympathetic.The signal issue of our time is the progressive weakening and delegitimation of public authority in the face of private power
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell@rtrouton So where are you going? Just across town, or a long ways away?@theaviationist Russian Northern Fleet pilots doing carrier training in Crimea (rent free), http://t.co/4A6he8Rspz.@deviantglobal RT Swedish intelligence, Säpo, leaked information to organised crime 84 times in 26 months https://t.co/7HkvpPAlmt
@stuartgarlick Liked your coverage yesterday of the Presidential visit to Tallinn.
@marczak lolz :-)@marczak It's a great one. Glad to hear you like it too.@stuartgarlick Further irony is that the Russians despise and obsess on them so much, he *has* to be aware of it.I'd forgotten how good the chase scene in The Great Escape was. http://t.co/7eXHrXfoNI
Hard to think of a purer form of conspicuous consumption than building a temporary city. In the desert. And driving there. To burn things.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell.@rojoroboto Yes, physics is everything. And Feynman is God. And God's Words are now free (online): http://t.co/gDUbBQ4OtmFeynman is God. And His Words are now free! http://t.co/ffI5LNpjWu http://t.co/0mJW49QHUH #Feynman #FeynmanIsGod
:-) and you're welcome about @ScanCafe. I really like their service, their portfolio of services offered, and their prices.
By the way, on those digitized photos? I sure shot a lot of boat pictures.Am reviewing over 1200 photos digitized by ScanCafe from back in the day when I was a pro photog. @ScanCafe is helping them (some, a lot).above it all RT @earthskyscience: Aurora near Saskatoon, SK, Canada last night. Photo: Colin Chatfield http://t.co/WQl7Du21jW
Hey @Seaworld RT @NWF: Killer whale pod rallies around juvenile orca trapped in fisherman's net: http://t.co/svrEnutugV via @CBCNews
On Friday I told a guy how to take GPS UTC to create NTP on his closed network. Sooo PHB. http://t.co/KZgkWwfJHG
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