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Published Glamour Model- Playboy, PlayboyTV, Beauty Pageants Winner, living life to the full ! For bookings & enquiries email : deliaroseofficial@yahoo.co.uk

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Look In all respect I've been extremely busy lately so if I haven't got back to you via email etc yet-please try to realise I have a life!😩x“@Kandi_KayXXX: @deliarosee1 DM x” messaged back xxCoffee & porridge sitting in the studio listening to @deliarosee1 on the phone should wake me up! 😂📢
Retweeted by Delia Rose“@FitAsFuckGirls: LIVE ON 902 NOW <3 CALL ME ;)” happy Easter chick ❤️❤️ http://t.co/cefk0fjulm” thanku HAPPY EASTER @FitAsFuckGirls !!!xxxxLIVE ON 902 NOW <3 CALL ME ;)🔞 #SexySunday ❤♡ 🐣 #HappyEaster 🐣 😝 http://t.co/fayMC0KafG (via @deliarosee1)
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<3 http://t.co/Mvy7euVd6z“@stevemanning6: hey babe,what is your wish list link? Iguess il have to buy you some new boots, it's Wish List http://t.co/M99fxJCE1f xxxxx“@IRaeOfSunshine HELL YEAH! This will be us on cheat day ;) http://t.co/J3wJ4Cn1OU“@IRaeOfSunshine: “@SoLiTaNq: Last week buttermilk fried chicken Kiev? http://t.co/tPcDnosrP7” Oh sweet mother of chicken-cheat day babe?<3xRT @deliarosee1: There's nothing wrong with being a size zero if you have curves ! 👌💋 http://t.co/vgyJut4zXI #hottie
Retweeted by Delia Rose😝 @Candy_Kiss90 @BabePicsHQ @DailyMaleTweets @FitAsFuckGirls @SexyGirls_Pics @thesexpedition @B_tifulStranger http://t.co/nCa8neYe3dThis light makes me look like I have blue hair 😂 ... But hey ho! Live Channel 913 , call me 💋 http://t.co/WoCrIbLgpv#SexySaturday 💋 @Playboy http://t.co/rc6t20b0COI give my new hair a thumbs up 😍 http://t.co/DivpBaKPjd😂 http://t.co/Xp52qyK42iThe trains this morning are a nightmare 😩 ahhhh http://t.co/e0zHA3IkhUJust unreal 😍 @deliarosee1 http://t.co/qAsYJfteLg
Retweeted by Delia RoseMorning everyone ! Back on your screens at 1:30pm-10pm! ✌💋This stuff! 😍 http://t.co/zY8ge2wbeG
Incredible photo of this Sexpedition chica @deliarosee1 http://t.co/a8hKW1bhQW
Retweeted by Delia RoseRight I've been thinking ...and I think all of us Playboy girls should do a long distance 25 mile BUNNY WALK for charity ? :)@marvelhutton @dazboy33 - yes i do its: http://t.co/lT2kxPzmZm ☺x@IRaeOfSunshine thank you baby girl ! ☺ That lipgloss is amazing! Miss you spongebob ! 💋xxxHow mega does your pout look @deliarosee1 you little sort 😍
Retweeted by Delia Rose“@Millzerella: @deliarosee1 such a beaut! 💜💋” aw thank you babe ☺💗 have a lovely Easter ! Xxx“@JoeMiceli2: @deliarosee1 I need some fitness advice from you X” -haha I just wrote that I need a new personal trainer😂🙈xI really need a new personal trainer ? 😩Guy's @Fern_Ferrari @emmacmodel @MissMinnieX @deliarosee1 @MissTaliaJames THE most kind-heartist girls you'll ever meet in BabeWorld! X :-)
Retweeted by Delia RoseThanks for the follows everyone! Have a lovely Easter! 💋@deliarosee1 http://t.co/z05LaBxFY4
Retweeted by Delia RoseThere's nothing wrong with being a size zero if you have curves ! 👌💋 http://t.co/6rlXDKZg6iBecause apparently I don't smile.. 😂✌ http://t.co/pbCwki8mo4So I take it that's a yes? Haha doing anything for a response well here's ur response-a big trouty kiss!💋chin up-all 3 of them!👌😂@jay_113 I 💗a pout👌mate ur probs some fat ugly volkswagen obsessed looser living above KFC swimming in a pool of half eaten food✌#dick #yawn@jay_113 @TheLadBible natural big lips motherfucker👌is there something wrong with ur face as ur obviously too ashamed to have it as ur dp 😂?💋 http://t.co/5wskm87zsCRT @deliarosee1 #FriskyFriday "Just waiting for a mate"😉 @TheLadBible http://t.co/RpEPrFb5Xc
Retweeted by Delia Rose#FriskyFriday "Just waiting for a mate"😉 @TheLadBible http://t.co/6pnOZB8CUF
My life is complete ! #Kisstory @KissFMUK ☀💋Look what came this morning !👌 Thankyou @LipVoltage 💗 (The Natural way to plump lips!) http://t.co/MriS8bKpXmThese hoes ain't loyal 🎵👌 @KissFMUK @Danni_King 💋Incredibly STUNNING hottie PERFECT BOOBS of @deliarosee1 @DailyMaleTweets @the1stMe420 @sexytweetbabes http://t.co/sYMkVD5NOL
Retweeted by Delia Rosereally really nice boobs! RT @deliarosee1: Cheeky ❤ @thesexpedition @BabePicsHQ @thebreastsblog @UKHotties http://t.co/2WQfFnf7pk
Retweeted by Delia RoseRT @deliarosee1: ...bubble butt🎵 http://t.co/FNGLoPm7bY
Retweeted by Delia RoseTaking @deliarosee1 on my family holiday #topfriend 🙌
Retweeted by Delia RoseCheat day is gunna be one hell of a cheat day with all of these Easter Eggs 😂👌
My feed is full of people RT @deliarosee1 pics. I ain't complaining👌🙌
Retweeted by Delia RoseWow!!!!!! Very hot shot of @deliarosee1 that we've never seen before!!! DAM http://t.co/qDkR2j49C4
Retweeted by Delia Roseamazing body! @bangin_bodies RT @deliarosee1: 💗 @FlTNESSHQ @SexyGirls_Pics @AmateurCurves @BeFitMotivation http://t.co/eBF1wUqxG8
Retweeted by Delia Rosebeautiful face to match your amazing body! xx RT @deliarosee1: Workies ☺ @BabePicsHQ @Playboy @B_tifulStranger http://t.co/wpEK5hYyUq
Retweeted by Delia RoseBEST BOOBS of the day!!! Ultra hot @deliarosee1 @BikiniBullRide @the1stMe420 @sexytweetbabes http://t.co/pfy3jOGwRL
Retweeted by Delia Rose.@DailyMaleTweets: BEST BOOBS of the day!!! Ultra hot @deliarosee1 @BikiniBullRide @the1stMe420 @sexytweetbabes http://t.co/Y6jhMkkFQu
Retweeted by Delia Rose“@_annamcgarr: How hot is @deliarosee1 hello new girlcrush 😏😏” Thankyou beauty !- means alot coming from a complete babe such as yourself 💋xRT @deliarosee1: #AssWednesday #ZooTwitties @ZOO http://t.co/IQ98QbRybE
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 😏 #saynomore http://t.co/PY9HqYl4qB
Retweeted by Delia RoseLovely titties RT "@deliarosee1: #ZOOTWITTIES #tittytuesday @ZOO http://t.co/Zd0Tag4SNW"
Retweeted by Delia RoseWork selfie 💗 http://t.co/aDQzefMHZy#WomanCrushWednesday @deliarosee1
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 I have a massive crush on you x
Retweeted by Delia Rose@CryWhenICum someone obviously didnt read that properly 😂👌xSexpedition wants you bent over @deliarosee1 http://t.co/dh4Mn88Dts
Retweeted by Delia RoseEveryone please make sure to follow my beautiful girly @TiaPlayboytv ! 💋👌 xxThis little bad boy not only stopped my craving for chocolate - but put me off it all together 😂👌 http://t.co/Relu2int5KHad a lovely day at the Gym then an 11mile powerwalk in the countryside soon to be overshadowed by alcohol tonight 🙈oh dear! 💗Wow .... 😱💗@deliarosee1 @DelilahDash Marbs or Ibiza this year 👍💋👍💋
Retweeted by Delia Rose#WomanCrushWednesday to the sexy @deliarosee1
Retweeted by Delia RoseRT @deliarosee1: #ZOOTWITTIES #tittytuesday http://t.co/GdkMX5NBum
Retweeted by Delia RoseReady to be titillated by this Sexpedition chica @deliarosee1 http://t.co/dh4Mn88Dts
Retweeted by Delia RoseYayyy 9K!!! Thankyou guys ! 💋✌“@deliarosee1: #AssWednesday #ZooTwitties @ZOO ☀💋 http://t.co/e1N6BFG9vO
Retweeted by Delia Rose@YasmineJamesXXX @deliarosee1 good to see the troublesome two back together again!
Retweeted by Delia Rose#AssWednesday #ZooTwitties @ZOO ☀💋 http://t.co/ufTbeDWs92How beaut is my little Patrick though @deliarosee1 💛😍👭💦 http://t.co/AWkZYy3kSp
Retweeted by Delia Rose#AssWednesday @deliarosee1 http://t.co/y81SY6g77M
Retweeted by Delia Rose@SamEckhardt Beautiful 😍I'm loving @KissFMUK ! Thanks guys you are going to get me through this workout ! 💗 #summerlove👌 http://t.co/cXRJ2DsfH8Sexpedition shares this naughty view @deliarosee1 http://t.co/DKl3xWX0PK
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 Watch out world. You know there's trouble when we're aboutttttt 😈👍 xx
Retweeted by Delia RoseWe are back bitches 👊😂 @YasmineJamesXXX 💗@deliarosee1 #girlcrush
Retweeted by Delia Rose
@IRaeOfSunshine @PlayboyTVChat Could not agree more! Miss my girl way too much! This is unbearable maaan😫💗xxxGuys please Follow the Hottest Footy chick on Twitter @deliarosee1 who is now in a Partnership with us! 😍 http://t.co/NOMqzhFI0R
Retweeted by Delia RoseMy @deliarosee1 believes in a good mild curry 😂😂 #korma
Retweeted by Delia Rose@chloebarbieee you beaut 💋 says you missy ! We would be double the trouble 😉👌#girlcrush“@IRaeOfSunshine: @deliarosee1 you okay sweet?” I'm ok thank you beauty you? I will whatsapp you spongebob <3Well done @JodieMarsh - kicked ass ! Motivation Girlies ! @JSTJODIE xRT @deliarosee1: #tittytuesday #cleavage #ZOOTWITTIES @ZOO http://t.co/AY5tJnCiVo
Retweeted by Delia Rose“@deliarosee1: “@JSTJODIE: “@deliarosee1: So happy my @JSTJODIE #traindirty sports bra came! Love it! 💗 http://t.co/ztqNn4Nm4p”” 👌”
Retweeted by Delia RoseAre you actually kidding me ? ✋“@JSTJODIE: “@deliarosee1: So happy my @JSTJODIE #traindirty sports bra came! Love it! 💗 http://t.co/XJatXQ9CoM”” 👌Sexpedition presents a stunning chica @deliarosee1 http://t.co/wAVchozP3X
Retweeted by Delia RoseRT: "@deliarosee1: #ZOOTWITTIES #tittytuesday @ZOO http://t.co/7u8xCG62gv
Retweeted by Delia RoseLovely meal , drinkies and catchup with @KirstyyGreen ! Bring on the summer baby! ☀👌 xxxMiss you way too much! Holiday is needed! @DelilahDash @StaceyWooRock 💗@BraddCatford someone's willy is too small for his trousers 😂 💋Suns out bums out !☀ @ZOOTWITTIES @ZOO 💋 http://t.co/zMxIal7icT@notlemontwittor no they are my boobs - it's a @JSTJODIE sports bra . Best purchase ever 👌
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