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Stuart Elmore @digitalgravy Peterborough, UK

Software Engineer with a passion for JavaScript, HTML and CSS. (in)Famous for fixing your code problems! Worked for @Skype. Views are my own blah blah

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@DavidDarnes @kersley come join me on http://t.co/Xek1dqObBt :)@DavidDarnes @kersley @Mr_Luke I'm playing :D@kersley @Mr_Luke @DavidDarnes oh lardi-da!@Mr_Luke @kersley @DavidDarnes Is squire Reid joining us tonight?@kersley @DavidDarnes come on come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn@DavidDarnes @kersley my boys, my boys! Minecrafting...?@DavidDarnes sleep is for wimps :P Pain killers are all I need! Haha!Here's the deal @Adobe, if I have to choose "English (North America)" when I install your software, then charge me North American prices.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreDamn migrane :( Never felt sick because of one before. This isn't nice :-/@DavidDarnes @kersley http://t.co/nRo5uQkzBs - Attack of the B-Team. Also totally loving the new Technic launcher. Totally hassle free.@DavidDarnes @kersley oooo! Looks like they've been studying some of the popular mods. I've been looking at the BTeam mod too - looks good!You have ruined JavaScript http://t.co/V4v25FvfuF (cmts http://t.co/EmOTc2atJB)
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MONK #1: what’s the nearest country to Scotland MONK #2: a giant lobster Two Medieval Monks Invent Maps | http://t.co/kg3CYYD8lH
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@DavidDarnes OMG MY HIPSTER ASPLODED
@DavidDarnes @kersley sad face! :( I'm just installing it all on the server. There's a few bits you need - wanna jump on Skype for a min?@DavidDarnes @kersley it would only be for a few minutes to see if the server / connection is acceptable.@kersley @DavidDarnes I'm gonna set it up tonight :) could do with a test at some point to see if it's actually feasible :-:@kersley @DavidDarnes it's a ventrillo voice server. :) and I'm good whenever (work at home = win)@kersley @DavidDarnes we could do with getting a vent server up too...@kersley @DavidDarnes okie dokie :)@kersley @DavidDarnes so we have a vote for skyblock! When would you guys like to play?!@DavidDarnes @kersley ok so here's my ideas: either go for sky block (short game) or go for Galacticraft (long game). What do you think?
@DavidDarnes but I could def host a server for 4-5 of us from my house. Worked out bandwidth and it'd be fine :)@DavidDarnes yeah, but finding affordable solutions is hard without co-location :(@DavidDarnes so I tested the Pi - works great on creative but really laggy on survival :( I've got another idea...
@DavidDarnes if you've got some free time tonight, come find me on Skype - I wanna try this out! MC on a RaspberryPi with a revSSH tunnel :)Actually awesome: http://t.co/2CCiNBEwI4 +1 for illustrations. #ssh #tunnel@scotthclay @DavidDarnes @kersley hahaha! Thing of dreams ;)@DavidDarnes @kersley @scotthclay Im wondering how a MC server from my office would hold up with a SSH reverse tunnel (I have fibre network)@DavidDarnes @kersley @scotthclay ha! If you place fire 'near it' it can sometimes spontaneously light!@kersley @DavidDarnes @scotthclay oh and you have some obsidian too (I think) - enough to make a portal - but you have to light it somehow!@kersley @DavidDarnes @scotthclay You get a chest with a bucket of lava and an ice block in it :)@scotthclay @DavidDarnes @kersley That's the one!Oh balls... Goodbye free time! http://t.co/YerFrRx43g@DavidDarnes @kersley @scotthclay yeah and you have one attempt to get a cobblestone generator working lol!@kersley @DavidDarnes @scotthclay it's so good! I tried a singleplayer version and was awesome - also had permadeath on too - eeek!@DavidDarnes @kersley @scotthclay I can spin up a server no problem. It's where you have only limited resources... http://t.co/KAYd3qOXzS@kersley @DavidDarnes @scotthclay I think we should try a vanilla skyblock!@kersley @DavidDarnes @scotthclay yes. Lots.Alright, seriously now; what's up with the new Twitter Notifications 'notification' number? It says there's unseen items, but there isn't.@mike_armstrong Already got one thanks! :P
So after the first day of coding I'm in the top 2.5% worldwide, but still 0.8seconds slower than 1st place! Gotta get cracking! #hwo20148.50 sec... #hwo2014 Time for bed now... Tomorrow to implement the drift AI so I can squeeze that last second out!
This is getting intense now... 21st out of 2000+ teams...! Eek! Really pushing it to the limits now :-/ #hwo2014 http://t.co/VPI5XdRLGp@digitalgravy FaceTwatter™
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore"OK, here are the stats. Make a graph so it looks like gun deaths have fallen since 2005." *graph guy sweats* http://t.co/33XZ4823e5
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreSo what, this is Twitterbook now? Facewitter? http://t.co/16hb0GU9Sx
@clickandgrow it's sat beside a window :) I'll keep an eye on it then!@clickandgrow my mini tomato plant is growing out if the side :-/ but my lemon balm and thyme is growing perfectly! http://t.co/2jtRS6Pd8F
@robhawkes wouldn't a password reset void existing OAuth tokens that may/may not have been exposed through heartbleed?
@MattFryy *pukes*@hoorayhelen The sort of bullshit conference they charge $1200 entrance!! For what exactly?!? I don't think they even know.@hoorayhelen It makes me want to give up internettings :(I dont... I, erm... I don't know what to say.https://t.co/dnNgUnJymR how is this not a spoof...?Here's some photos from my life My cat, my kids, some bacon. #letsgetsocial I'm done. I'm never working on the internet again.Oh god make it stop https://t.co/ScYPFKwmG1
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Worth noting: Quora has no public API, no backup/export tools, blocks anonymous display of answers, and banned the Wayback Machine entirely.
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@DavidDarnes oh :( *puts Lycra onsie back in cupboard*@DavidDarnes just thought - is this a call to arms? Front End Developers: ASSEMBLE!@studioromeo @DavidDarnes @Joffff yeah. There's a blog post about it. The Skynet bot tweeted about it. T-1000-budgie for nightly updates.@studioromeo @DavidDarnes @Joffff the T- security fix alpha@kersley @jkale looool@ke Was great to chat to you, and thank you for fixing the issue!@ltibbets @Joffff Thanks for getting back to me Linden, and I'm really pleased to hear it's all fixed! :)Just had a chat with the guys at @IFTTT - brilliant guys and they've fixed the bug :)
@richardkendall @Joffff @version7 @chrsmi @IFTTT I'd hope so!! Still nothing. Its now 11:45pm so am heading to bed. Back 8:00am - hope fixed@Joffff @richardkendall @version7 @chrsmi @IFTTT I have no intention of trying to hold anything ransom. I just want it fixed.@Joffff @richardkendall @version7 @chrsmi @IFTTT haha!@richardkendall @version7 @Joffff @chrsmi @IFTTT there is, and has been since I first contacted them hours ago lol!@version7 @Joffff @chrsmi @richardkendall @IFTTT I've sent an email, but no reply or bounce back yet.@chrsmi @Joffff @richardkendall @IFTTT as an update: I can also get access to device IDs and secrets for triggering recipes.@Joffff @chrsmi @richardkendall @IFTTT well it's pretty concerning that I can redirect photos taken on iOS anywhere I like...@Joffff @IFTTT Can't "read" password.@Joffff @IFTTT Can't change password, can change email - so can conceivably change then send reset by email. Full account access.@Joffff @IFTTT Nope. I'm able to impersonate other users right now. http://t.co/w8isIDuJdZ@IFTTT This is a genuine issue. Please respond ASAP.@IFTTT It is imperative that I speak to your tech team ASAP. I have found a vulnerability that allows me to login as someone else. Please DM@version7 Background App Refresh.
7 things I Wish Every Search Box Did http://t.co/HUOPQLqgq4 (cmts http://t.co/EkAkFH7wru)
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreBF4's amazing spawn system... http://t.co/wAystUMJHs
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@nmyers89 I've literally just started watching series 7 again this morning!
Meet the clones - a interesting article on the numerous free clones of the iPhone game Threes http://t.co/0IVIFuNVqJ
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreThe Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain http://t.co/nNDbHwaymD (cmts http://t.co/k7lgJyehNK)
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@askoio @DavidDarnes ah it's fine - boobs I use it boobs to write all my boobs twitter boobs posts. Boobs. Boobs. Boobies.@DavidDarnes @askoio just don't strain yourself, or think of boobs. var boobs = "great";@askoio @DavidDarnes http://t.co/Fbm7c1bCeF http://t.co/t5JWRpQbNt you're welcome :)
@seanuk @StuRobson even if it's specifying a different weight to the one specified?@StuRobson @seanuk I don't really understand how it was picking the local light version if the CSS was stating the correct weight?
Loving http://t.co/CEUsjkzIPn
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@drsdavidSon it's refreshing to hear that! I have religious friends and I have LGBYT friends, and I cannot see any reason to judge either.@version7 awesome! Yeah it's good here - busy! And moving house!@version7 yup!!@version7 and yes - catchup is needed soon! How's London? Was impressed by the one touch call through Skype now for WP8.1! :)@version7 yeah hence the lashing out - it was the second "promoted" junk in an hour and was really poorly executed.@version7 yeah, you're right. I was in an odd mood and this was totally unsolicited so I lashed out..@drsdavidSon that's great. How do you feel about openness and equality for all sexual orientations and decisions?LISTEN! You better not get eternity wrong (so @drsdavidSon says). It could be Jesus or the FIRE OF LONDON! https://t.co/Am2ir0weC6.@drsdavidSon Erm OK? So now I'm being preached to. Not really sure what you're trying to "Promote" here. Scripture? Christianity? Spelling?.@drsdavidSon WTF is this?! MORE shit on my timeline?! GTFO! Or at least for fuck's sake learn to spell. http://t.co/cInaZ68uzY
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