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Now: editor, The Upshot, for NYT. Then: DC bureau chief, Here's the Deal e-book, Pulitzer for commentary, math major. Still: Jim Rice, ma la, Art Blakey

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@davidcrockett08 No feel. Seed without divisions and conferences and minimize odds of mediocre late series. Final 4: GS, Cle, Hou/SA, LA/Mem@davidcrockett08 *This* version of Atl loses earlier if it has to play any of six best teams in NBA before now. Maybe eight or nine.@WFNYJacob No way Cle-Atl should be a final-4 matchup. Atl as is still around only bc of East mediocrity. They lose to SA, Mem, LAC, GS, Hou@WFNYJacob 1) Drop division bonus (SA and LAC don't meet in 1st round) 2) Drop conference system (Atl is gone by now). NBA confs are a relicThese dreadfully boring conference finals are the NBA's reward for a badly flawed seeding system.
Death to the midnight embargo! @UpshotNYT weekly newsletter: http://t.co/XtOe7in7Kx@riyaVanandwala Thanks a lot.@cjsinner Thanks!@zittrain @JustinWolfers Sorry, I meant marriage only. Let's exclude death from denominator.On social issues, Americans were +18 %-points self-identifying conservative over liberal in 1999. Now, dead even. https://t.co/a21G7zC72BA 30-year-old with a post-graduate degree who gets married in 2015 has a ___% chance of reaching her/his 30th anniversary? cc @JustinWolfers
Bush Says Science Isn’t Decided on Climate Change http://t.co/JFGwKyqtVi via @politicalwire
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWhy insurance doesn't always prevent big medical bills. http://t.co/lXUedxFLri
Retweeted by David LeonhardtTrue self-deprecation, rare and often funny: "It’s beginning to look like I’m not going to get the Tonight Show." http://t.co/Ks9gGnCljcHere it is: inaugural edition of a new weekly feature on classical music, courtesy of the NYT's Culture desk http://t.co/SLW8sLd0XU
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThank you, David Letterman, for the squished mustard, the roof drops, the drive thrus and 30+ years of laughs.@ericpliu Also, more seriously, I like the ump idea. Thanks.@ericpliu Yankee Hater is one of my most enduring self-identifications!@ericpliu Ooh, good idea. Another fun ranking is MLB teams that have spent the most money for least recent success: 1. Yankees.
"10% of the country is now enrolled in ACA-enabled healthcare coverage," @charles_gaba: http://t.co/zgyL4c0krhIn 1990, only 25 years ago, 20% of Americans believed that people were born gay or lesbian. Today, 51% do. http://t.co/f1P7Lw6yM2So far, the 2016 Republicans are largely following the usual script on taxes: Cut the top rate. @jbarro: http://t.co/Eu3ZXSLxB6
If the NBA did away with conference seeding, think how much better final 4 could be: 1. Golden St 2. Atl or Cle 3. Hou or SA 4. Mem or LACThere are still 4 NBA teams left. But the Warriors are a remarkable 62% favorite to win it all, per @PredictWise: http://t.co/07wnVDJ0PuStriking to see how the 1930s humbled Wall Street - and the last decade has not. @Neil_Irwin: http://t.co/zJMq9vBcLs http://t.co/kPVHoPoDFIHousehold incomes and jobs haven't recovered from the financial crisis. But Wall Street has. http://t.co/TPm7hlK8uf http://t.co/GY79CZ7YrS
What crisis? Wall Street's profits have nearly returned to their pre-2008 peak. @Neil_Irwin: http://t.co/Qg2nXOvHpB http://t.co/DWkPv1SmVXMy hunch is Obama does read Twitter, but he's definitely not doing it through the follows on his @POTUS account: http://t.co/yM1EW0Dgms
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe 1930s economic crisis fundamentally shrunk Wall Street. The recent crisis did not. http://t.co/Qg2nXOvHpB http://t.co/qor5o9A7UJ@meganmurp @neeratanden It's just very hard for politicians to do something that clearly hurts them with their current electorate.Good lineup on a good topic. https://t.co/RMT5UpH0CI@meganmurp @neeratanden I believe young voters make up a small share of the primary electorate.The in-state tuition discount is slowly withering, @kevincarey1: http://t.co/pAfYqJMBaI
@JoeMcMurphy We'll look into it. I assume it has to do with FB data.@ClarkeatAmerica @DouthatNYT Yes, but blue states still have lower rates of currently-married, per Pew.A political scientist points out the relative dearth of black players on the Philadelphia Eagles, @monkeycageblog: http://t.co/vINzIUgiNE@Ostaley @rocks_david You certainly can! But I'd rather not. Bad/good food isn't binary.@mattyglesias Study design + data like this suggests it's not just Mormons moving to Utah, http://t.co/28p2CZJWMmI always assumed glazed donuts at Dunkin had more calories than old-fashioned. I assumed wrong.@inclusionist @WilcoxNMP Divorce is a interesting idea, though "currently married" looks more like Chetty/Hendren data than divorce data.@inclusionist @WilcoxNMP eg http://t.co/LwgWlzk4aE@mike_bader Fair enough, and thanks. Would you elaborate on your point about older?@WilcoxNMP Please tell me more or send link with more.@mike_bader Well, we're writing for lay readers more than demographers. A lot of people ask that question.@dfriederichsen @TalcottNYC Thanks. We are going to highlight it. (In some definitions, it's not part of NY.) Cc @MonkovicNYT@pondering_this If you know of a dataset showing abortion rates by county, let me know.@pondering_this Look at the full list. Among 50 largest counties, top 5 all in NYMA.And New York is the marriage-discouragement capital of America. http://t.co/sUsKbsKpW8 http://t.co/KdWecxPO3mWhere you grow up doesn't affect just your adult income. It also affects odds of marrying. http://t.co/sUsKbsKpW8 http://t.co/Cvo8ILv7bgI realized this week that sports aren't as much fun without @BillSimmons podcasts.
chart says same is true for Working Class. Take-away: class terms in US didn't become popular until 1960s https://t.co/hHnXBzLMVS
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe term "middle class" didn't become popular until the 1960s, @derekwillis: http://t.co/xfZK75hhrC http://t.co/RhQOJ54KlFYour handy one-stop guide to understanding the Facebook news experiment. @clairecm: http://t.co/kUHBr6IKIo@anachtomi @vavreck Unlike gay marriage and climate, abortion has little age difference.Caps now responsible for 18% of the blown 3-1 series leads in NHL history. One team, that's been around for < 1/2 league's existence, 18%.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThere is nothing quite like the guilt that accompanies those piles of Seymour Hersh Weekly on your bedside. http://t.co/QFhHlnn7JnThe opportunity to destroy the psyche of DC sports fans is at hand.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtBy the way, Doc Emrick is putting on an absolute clinic on the call tonight. My goodness is he incredible
Retweeted by David LeonhardtInfrastructure spending as a share of GDP: now at its lowest point in decades. http://t.co/RQnpQoFICw http://t.co/c55twLJp1a
(With an HT to @TheStalwart for that data crunch.)The worrisome decline in American infrastructure spending, http://t.co/RQnpQoFICw http://t.co/c55twLJp1aGlobal inequality, in one painting: The rise of the super-rich and the $179 million Picasso. http://t.co/bCtcZIpsgN http://t.co/C451inwN8x
Congratulations, @BuzzFeedBen, and congratulations, Ariel. https://t.co/67kjQDGCP1Readers have questions about coffee's potential health benefits. @aaronecarroll has answers. http://t.co/KGt27CGfNJ http://t.co/dWMle8g53c@jimiadams @UpshotNYT @asociologist What do you make of both Boomers and GenX getting less religious since last Pew survey, in 2007?@AlexBerenson Post addresses this. Boomers and Gen X both becoming less religious as they age.Some of this rise probably reflects a generational difference in social desirability bias on religiosity questions. https://t.co/sn9HgyVUSF
Retweeted by David LeonhardtNo way I would have guessed as high as 25% on that question before I'd seen the Pew data.Among those born after 1980, 25% say they're atheist, agnostic or religion isn't important. http://t.co/TcO366o2Pb http://t.co/TsV7SxvK8N@Toncuz @DavidCornDC My stat was counting only those who said both a) "nothing" to religion group and b) "not important" about religion.Godlessness, on the rise: 16% in U.S. are atheist, agnostic or call religion "not important," up from 10% in 2007. http://t.co/28kfvUCdtdThe collapse of the religious middle, in 1 tweet @lauriegnyt https://t.co/gSWNGzdSHy
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWhy is U.S. Christianity shrinking? 1) People are leaving it. 2) Millenials are less religious - and less Christian. http://t.co/28kfvUCdtdThe drop in Americans who are Christian is pretty remarkable: down 8 percentage points, to 71%, since just 2007. http://t.co/28kfvUCdtd@afrakt @aaronecarroll need to throw to first? Clearly, runner is out. Q is when he's out. Answer seems to be: even if tagged on base.@afrakt @aaronecarroll No, I clearly phrased it badly. It was all about the runner being on 2d. Could he be tagged then? Or did fielders@Jon_Scanlon Yes, the q was about only *while on 2d*.@pelkfu @ThunderJew1775 Everyone agrees he's out eventually. The q is about while he's on the base. Sounds as if he's out then.@kleinmatic That's fabulous.@DLeonhardt Answer from my former-pro-umpire brother. http://t.co/dkj82Fbaad
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@jonathanchait Just 1, sorry.@jbarro @kairyssdal @aaronecarroll That's exactly my q: Does being on a base matter in that scenario, even momentarily? Thanks much.@DrChillyWilly You understood the q! Thank you.@kairyssdal @jbarro @aaronecarroll The q is *while standing on 2d*. Or if fielder needs to throw to 1st or tag when runner is off a base.Q: Runner on first, going with pitch. Batter lines out to SS. With runner standing on 2d base, SS tags runner. Is he out at that moment?
The health benefits of coffee are surprisingly large, says @aaronecarroll. Time for an afternoon cup, says me. http://t.co/H81BMvhMbSMy 'Future of the New York Times' class at NYU has been doing product reviews. Latest one is about @UpshotNYT. http://t.co/SwgofpzO4n
Retweeted by David LeonhardtImpact: post-@NYTimes investigation, @NYGovCuomo orders emergency measures to protect workers http://t.co/b9EGrF2Nf3 https://t.co/bkpCkj8lx7
Retweeted by David LeonhardtToday in history: Warren Buffett's first appearance in WSJ was May 11, 1965, 50 years ago http://t.co/OqN9uDrrMq http://t.co/FymRmWrcXz
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWhat to do when you're stuck somewhere with seemingly no healthy restaurant options? Eggs. http://t.co/DSk7XhV4Ih http://t.co/hrqtZdu6zq@1bobcohn @UpshotNYT I'll let @jbarro speak for the Bud Light.It's never been easier to eat a healthy meal at a chain restaurant - so long as you know what you're doing, http://t.co/OjoY7x0FnvMost restaurant meals aren't healthy, but you can easily eat a healthy one. Our guide: http://t.co/sURajuFiet http://t.co/bO5pa3fw1w@Grahambrose Nice! Cc @C_levelStories @AlexBerenson @LangeAlexandra @JoshGalper @michaelcrowley @KaminskiMK @harrymattison
@mattyglesias @tylercowen Yes. Data availability is such a big issue with mobility, given difficulty of tracking same people.Did Bill Simmons become too big for ESPN? http://t.co/UL6ytPtpqL http://t.co/wmnVvqv5S5
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThere are so many better things that could be shown at halftime than people trying to explain what you just saw.
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A few months ago, there was reason to hope we were on the verge of a boom. There's less reason now. @Neil_Irwin: http://t.co/unU3q2uMZS@dabeard @HarvardBiz I'll take the under.Uneventful jobs report today (near consensus) except elusive wage growth is once again elusive.
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