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We all have a role in ending slavery in our communities and worldwide. At End Slavery Now, we help you find yours.

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Plight of Rohingya women and stories of child labor in today's news:
Watch documentaries on modern slavery. Ranging from 15min-2 hours, you're sure to find one that fits your schedule:
Here is our list of the best #humantrafficking apps out there: @TATKylla @madeinafreewrld
AP investigation prompts new round of slave rescues victims often treated as illegal immigrants first, human beings last social enterprise to prevent human trafficking in Ukraine starts in Lviv loves hammocks. We love fair trade hammocks from @hammocker gangs found trafficking women from earthquake-hit Nepal hour till 3 new actions to #endslavery hit your inbox! Don't miss out: many slaves are working for you: in India and more in today's news:
Iraqi militias train young teens to face the threat of Islamic State war you buy any of these products that could be made using child labor: chain risk: Five worst offending countries for human rights violations Human Trafficking Apps: will use drones to fight slave labor in rural areas sure you are getting our 3 weekly actions to fight slavery: shoppers - we're not a myth from Iraq, Brazil and more in today's headlines: #humantrafficking
Who cares how the U.S. ranks nations’ efforts on human trafficking? Cameron vows crackdown on trafficking of Vietnamese children new American slavery: Invited to the U.S., foreign workers find a nightmare do certifications on your products really mean: who call the hotline will sometimes choose to stay in their trafficking situation because of lack of housing options @Polaris_Project"The lack of housing for male #humantrafficking survivors is the greatest need we see at this time." @Polaris_ProjectExcited to be at the @Polaris_Project in D.C. with the @TIPHeroes ! trafficking: Stories of the lives bought and sold've compiled a list of the best human trafficking apps out there: Do you know of any more?Restaveks: Haitian Slave Children @RestavekFreedom is doing something about it.Honored to meet #TIPHeroes this morning - inspiring people who work every day to fight modern slavery, help victims.
Retweeted by End Slavery NowBeyond brothels: Farms and fisheries are frontier of human trafficking of slavery in today's news:
No one should work this way: #DomesticWorkers report on Uzbekistan cotton sector angers activists are being transformed into killers: trafficking, what would happen to global wealth and productivity? dismisses US criticism over human trafficking and slavery bill would force businesses to detail anti-trafficking efforts to get involved in anti-trafficking but don't know where to start? Find an organizations near you:'s fighting human trafficking? U.S. releases rankings Products made by child labor: favorite staffer, @mariahrlong, prepping for a day of filming @TIPHeroes in DC headlines and analyses in today's news:
‘Sea slaves’: Forced labor for cheap fish the women who sold their daughters into sex trafficking: migrant workers tell of abuses on Malaysian plantations 20.9 million and 29.8 million people are victims of forced labor, in labor and sexual exploitation:'s story: trafficked into sexual slavery in the UK, then thrown in jail what it would cost to end slavery today:"It is up to us to help our brothers and sisters in their fight for freedom " Ameena Hasan 2015 #tipheroes, assaulted, trapped: Asia's treatment of domestic workers laid bare @JohnKerry at the 2015 #TIPReport rollout. #TIP2015 team is excited to be at the #tipheroes roll out in D.C. this morning!Malaysia and Cuba upgraded in TIP Report and Thailand stays in Tier 3: trafficking report: What to look for Tune in at 10am EST for the #TIPReport release at labor, domestic servitude and ethical fashion in today's headlines: your chocolate made by slave labor? Watch The Dark Side of Chocolate on our documentary list
Find out how many slaves are working for you right now: wonder what all those certifications are and what they mean to your purchases? We tried to help:
Save the hotline number in your phone: 1-888-373-7888 you get your 3 actions this week? Sign up to receive 3 new actions every week to fight slavery:
What does Signal's $20 million human trafficking settlement mean for Alabama's pension system? for ever cheaper garments: Brands look to Ethiopian factories where pay is as low as $21 a month @GaryHaugen TED talk on the hidden reason for poverty:"The palm oil industry has also been associated with widespread human rights abuse, including forced and child labor." lovers! This week @ProsperityCndle has some awesome products for you: we can change the lives of 18 million children. #EndChildSlavery #EndSlavery
Retweeted by End Slavery NowThailand indicts 72 human trafficking suspects ahead of U.S. report out @ProsperityCndle this week! wondered what the cost of freeing every slave on earth would be? out the week with a look at today's human trafficking news:
A Bangladeshi town in human trafficking’s grip is the true cost of ending slavery? Kevin Bales estimates 10.8 Billion: documentary reveals the dark side of Japan’s schoolgirl ‘walking dates’ you ever considered the link between porn and #sextrafficking? WATCH: Elenilson, surviror of Brazil's "Slavery Road", as he retraces his tragic road of abuse.
Retweeted by End Slavery NowHow workers are trafficked into the U.S. using North Korean 'slave labour', say human rights groups up on the latest human trafficking news:
79 child laborers rescued from Ludhiana garment factory laureate @k_satyarthi reaches out to trafficking victims, kick starts rehabilitation and welfare fund in Assam're excited to be a part of welcoming new #TIPHeroes next Monday! #humantrafficking #BeAHero #endslavery @JTIP_State @EndSlaveryNow
Retweeted by End Slavery NowVictims have an average of 9 health care provider encounters while in captivity via @EndSlaveryNow
Retweeted by End Slavery Now11 Facts about #modernslavery you might not have known: gives $4.8M in funding to fight child labor in agricultural supply chains files suit against Cook County Sheriff over credit card service to release TIP report Report, Backpage and program funding updates in today's news:
It's easy for traffickers to exploit magazine salespeople. But the industry can change that up to run for freedom at a race near you: @ArunaProjectJudge orders stay in trafficking case against Signal visas remove stigma for slavery and human trafficking victims how the Thai fishing industry trafficks, imprisons and enslaves in the fishing industry, visas and regulations in the sex industry in today's headlines:
Is the US ignoring human trafficking abuses to score its TPP trade deal? this flyer up in your neighborhood! food sector braces itself for crackdown on modern-day slavery last thing she wanted to do with this child was to keep her behind bars..."But I've got to make sure she's safe."“This prosecution is all...about intimidating others who might look closely at Thailand’s corporate supply chains.” in the UK and survivor stories in today's news:
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