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We all have a role in ending slavery in our communities and worldwide. At End Slavery Now, we help you find yours.

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Did you read our blog post on #HumanTrafficking and #ISIS ? http://t.co/N0J896msGBTaking you from passivity to activity in one shiny, new website @EndSlaveryNow Check out the relaunch: http://t.co/AWQeigZMUu
Retweeted by End Slavery NowAre we failing to recognize boys being sexually exploited with all the focus on girls? http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV"ISIS, Yazidis and Crimes of Sex Trafficking in Iraq" by @brooke_hath http://t.co/N0J896msGB@yayayarndiva is all work or service which is exacted from any person under threats of a penalty.. http://t.co/PEXooRz3mh Thanks for asking!When asked what kind of world we want to live in by 2030, we say one where slavery + human trafficking does NOT exist. #2030Now
Retweeted by End Slavery NowTo prevent HT and raise awareness, it's necessary we understand the issue as it truly is. #NicolesStory http://t.co/ebVkEZDxcz
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What can you do for one that you wish you could do for 100? http://t.co/iN6qLC0hiJDid you see the @EndSlaveryNow latest blog post from Yale professor, David Spatz? http://t.co/x156I2T98Z
Retweeted by End Slavery NowIn the news today @guardian does a highlight on @Anti_Slavery ! http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV #News #HumanTraffickingSIGN to help take #ModernSlavery in Iraq to the International Criminal Court: http://t.co/yRwV88C44X
Retweeted by End Slavery NowWhat products are made by slave labor and where are they in the world? @Anti_Slavery shows us http://t.co/r8IBde3qVt http://t.co/ZFwKfdAd4u
Headlines are up! Check them out for #HumanTrafficking #News http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVThe global outlawing of chattel slavery has already become an important precedent for abolishing human trafficking.. http://t.co/yFI0HDcet4
Tell someone about human trafficking this week. Raising awareness is so important! Then tell us how it went! http://t.co/DBlBBO8FpFGive beautiful gifts and help empower women in Uganda. Win Win. #FairTrade http://t.co/TW8VnkiwnT http://t.co/7nkwMf5js6We had some awesome blog posts this week on the unaccompanied minor crisis, after care, and eradicating slavery http://t.co/8zAVJFUKNhForget to get updated on the headlines this week? No worries, we've got you covered. http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV
#BondedLabor can look like employment but where the worker starts with a debt to repay. Usually find repayment of the loan is impossible.Use Fashion to Educate & Empower Women. Wear @ssekodesigns. http://t.co/lr99BBylOF http://t.co/A3LGkBFoUSSlavery has not yet been eradicated, it still exists in every corner of the globe TODAY. Help us make others aware. http://t.co/0wKHfZQG8cThe @EndSlaveryNow family at the @Reds game! http://t.co/fZElooP4LU
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Did you know? 78% of slavery victims today are in labor slaveryUse Amazon Smile to help fund End Slavery Now or your favorite non-profit! Amazon donates .5% of your purchases! http://t.co/bH7ZkRaz48Sign this petition http://t.co/FLbQsbJ6Il to take slavery in Iraq to the International Criminal Court! Let us know when you've signed.Photo Essay of Pakistan's street children in today's headlines. #HumanTrafficking #Pakistan http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVNeed some fancy footwear for this #FairTrade Friday? @ssekodesigns has you covered. CLICK http://t.co/aUt77dNftw http://t.co/ciuhqMWiIs
@IJM @johnomeekins Great article! Shows a whole new side of @HumanTraffickingCheck out five things @rollingstone wants you to know about #humantrafficking: http://t.co/v2dmqPuupv
Retweeted by End Slavery NowSome of the main factors that make an individual more prone or susceptible to being trafficked. #HumanTrafficking http://t.co/WAuFgHsvfaJohn Berger of @MadebySurvivors on what makes great aftercare and the necessity of caring for others. http://t.co/8hrDs3TO4GHave you caught up on #HumanTrafficking #News this week? CLICK for today's headlines http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3
"I am naturally anti-slavery. If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong." Abraham LincolnPorn creates a demand for sex slavery. @BuzzFeed made a video promoting porn and @FightTheNewDrug is fighting back. http://t.co/RqIsi38HBTFirst arrests made in the Afghan Sikh smuggling case in the UK #HumanTrafficking #Headlines #News http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3Former CEO of @ProcterGamble writes "What It Takes for Real and Lasting Progress in Eradicating Contemporary Slavery" http://t.co/ZRn2L4yRrf"Being good is easy, what is difficult is being just." Victor Hugo Join us in the fight for justice http://t.co/6GPreDIDml
#TAKEACTION: Send a note to the brands you support, letting them know you want their products to be @madeinafreewrld. http://t.co/hv3jdS9GcN
Retweeted by End Slavery NowToday's headlines! Should you be allowed to sell your own kidney? That story and more CLICK http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3Celebrate #HumanitarianHeroes around the world! And remember those who have lost their lives for this service. http://t.co/DYFgit8GB4@EndSlaveryNow Excellent blog post on the Unaccompanied Minor Crisis. Let's not forget these precious children. http://t.co/7pkouAtllL
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Did you see our blog today on the Unaccompanied Minor Crisis? Check it out http://t.co/g5cP3e80nwEach year, roughly $120 million of funding is provided to address slavery, but estimated profit from slavery is $150 billion a year.Headlines are out! #HumanTrafficking http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF31st Blog post @brooke_hath on the Unaccompanied Minor Crisis & why it must remain at the top of HT activists’ radars. http://t.co/g5cP3e80nwDidn’t #slavery end 150 years ago? …NO! http://t.co/JrFKlEjOHu #HumanRights interesting article by @EndSlaveryNow
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@silasbeaner Check out our Act page for different ways to get involved!! http://t.co/rL2IL3e4oK Let us know if you have any questionsUsing #Policy #SocialChange @apneaap tries to give at-risk girls & women more choices, promote their rights and deters the purchase of sex.
Our blog launches this week! 3 posts a week, great content. We are excited, are you excited?! http://t.co/BKDRlv4djaThis week watch one documentary from our list on a topic you don't know much about! Some of us are visual learners http://t.co/1xaRrcX7OgGet your dessert and support sex trafficking survivors. Order here https://t.co/BBlLY6soNb @NeetsSweets85 http://t.co/HJaGaNljde
Our blog is launching this coming week and we have some awesome stories lined up for you guys! #HumanTrafficking #EndSlavery@NeetsSweets85 sells sweet treats and supports survivors! CLICK https://t.co/BBlLY6soNb http://t.co/5viW2x9US3#DomesticServitude is the practice of live-in help that is used as cover for the exploitation and control of someone. http://t.co/H5QmbGM5PR
@EndSlaveryNow new coffeeshop in Fairmont, WV. I work there and all coffee is bought from growers/roasted in house. Love it!!
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@EndSlaveryNow Coffee because there are so many people abused specifically in that field!
Retweeted by End Slavery NowSince it's #FairTrade Friday, what is one item you have started buying that is fair trade? And where do you buy said item/service?#FF @SharedHope @IJM @Polaris_Project @RestoreNYC @A21 @sisha_asia @AbolitionIntl @freeallslaves @EndSlaveryNow #humantrafficking
Retweeted by End Slavery Now"Human Trafficking Thrives Because Officers Don’t Know What It Is", great insight from @johnomeekins http://t.co/PFfGDlYd6w#HumanTrafficking #News today! Click http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3Craving something sweet? Order some treats at http://t.co/DmPKWGA53V this #FairTradeFriday! @NeetsSweets85 http://t.co/ti8L0ukHdA
“To you, it's a human being. To them, it's not. To them, it's income. It's a way of making money.” -Iana Matei, 2006 TIP HeroOur friends at @Anti_Slavery are hiring! Check out their listings to see if you'd be a good fit! http://t.co/V5loAkzut3Know of a person/organization who would be interested in writing a guest post for us on #HumanTrafficking ? email info@endslaverynow.orgOur blog launches next week! We are very excited about the writers and the incredible content. Check it out on Monday! #HumanTraffickingHave you read any headlines today? Check out our daily stories on #HumanTrafficking http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3Think you already signed up for the @EndSlaveryNow email list? We lost our list in the move to our new site - so be sure to sign up again!Get ways to fight slavery delivered to your inbox, enter your email on our page to say you'll join us in the fight! http://t.co/LKt09OqaIxRT @A21 "But oh to be free. Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world. --Genie, Aladdin"How do you recognise #ModernSlavery in your community? @Polaris_Project have compiled a helpful list of red flags http://t.co/qUNenK579A
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Today's stories from @toviasmithnpr @guardiannews @AmnestyInternal @dailystarnews #HumanTrafficking #StayInformed http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3Investigator's warning to companies, "If you're being offered cheap labor that's too good to be true... ask yourself: who's really paying?"
"If we are to reach real peace in this world... we shall have to begin with children." - Mahatma Gandhi #InternationalYouthDay"Children are particularly at risk of being trafficked at the start of school vacations." @CH_Ghana on the 33 kids http://t.co/QECH6YbzLB33 children rescued from being trafficked into forced labor in Ghana last weekend! A happy International #YouthDay! http://t.co/QECH6YbzLBIt's International #YouthDay! Check out our photo galleries on #childtrafficking. These kids deserve childhoods too! http://t.co/znanSvN6S1Young people are the fuel to this movement. Join us in celebrating International Youth Day! http://t.co/b1PYRv0hlEIn today's headlines #HumanTrafficking #ChildLabor #SexTrafficking #Restoration http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3
Have you guys seen this awesome History of Slavery @FreetheSlaves put together? See how slavery changed over time. https://t.co/XurVwE2jEVTop stories are out! http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3 #HumanTrafficking #Surrogacy #ChildTrafficking #ModernDaySlavery"Because slavery is illegal in all countries and banned by international conventions, it is now a hidden crime." - @EndSlaveryNow
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Brighten up the room with wall decor from @Villages. http://t.co/OoOBZ4g7bp #FairTrade http://t.co/jc06USq8jzThis week #SwapandGive to your favorite organization. You can go one week without buying coffee, we promise! http://t.co/ZuuUJwgiNZ@endslaverynow helps to highlight the different forms slavery can take:http://t.co/agDiGeWr8k
Retweeted by End Slavery Now#ForcedLabor is when human beings are forced to work under the threat of violence and for no pay. Learn more http://t.co/TDz7twG4B1
Everyone loves a good sale. Shop the clearance aisle at @Villages http://t.co/dA5gRlVKZc #FairTrade http://t.co/aHeHOn26ZGDid you read the headlines this week? If not we've got you covered. #HumanTrafficking http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3
@Love146LI_NY @DCSMS @Half @thorn @FAIR_Girls @FreetheSlaves @chabdai Thanks for love!Looking to spice up your kitchen? Check out these items from @Villages http://t.co/P7vsSPWaqX #FairTrade http://t.co/pj48S8z5XBLearn the 5 forms of #humantrafficking http://t.co/KWy849M0Yt via @EndSlaveryNow
Retweeted by End Slavery NowLook at these #HumanTrafficking statistics from @TR_Foundation Share them! http://t.co/K3JY5YG2Nj http://t.co/LncwuI4nY4#FF to some more favorites @DCSMS @Half @EndSlaveryNow @thorn @FAIR_Girls @FreetheSlaves @chabdai #humantrafficking
Retweeted by End Slavery NowAwesome #FairTrade photo gallery in today's headlines! Seeing good news is always an encouragement! http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3Since 1946 @Villages has been helping around 2,700 artisans earn an income! Learn about their story, http://t.co/fe9TiWUt07 #FairTrade
When impassioned to act, human beings can be capable of miracles. http://t.co/6J52p9nGBsOur tool, available at http://t.co/Y2ajU6RGXS, also talks about slavery in 1840. Click around the map to learn more! http://t.co/oflCAEc9VdNews this morning feat stories on mining, #sextrafficking, #migrant workers, #surrogacy and #Afghanistan.bit.ly/dh38lk2 #humantrafficking#HumanTrafficking headlines are out! Stay informed with current global events. http://t.co/ws8ARfPZF3
A Mumbai Photographer's shoot http://t.co/QEWx7OduDs He says artistic awareness others say glamorizing violence against women, thoughts?Share this site http://t.co/3X1HT7c4wm Follow @endslaverynow
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