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We all have a role in ending slavery in our communities and worldwide. At End Slavery Now, we help you find yours.

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“The purpose of fear is to raise your awareness not to stop your progress.” Steve Maraboli
Discuss the issue of slavery using these books written by former child slaves: @RestavekFreedomPolice trying to calm sex trafficking, kidnapping rumors on social media convicts Odebrecht Group for slavery-like practices in Angola a job fighting slavery? Current job openings: #endslavery #careersMake sure to source ethically for your wedding. Tips here: TripAdvisor-style ratings save migrant workers from slavery? labor on Nestlé farms: chocolate giant's problems continue“The Thai government runs schools for migrant children which is very good so that they can get an education.” dad by 13: The child grooms of Nepal marriage, child labor and more human trafficking news in today's headlines:“So early in my life, I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise.” Malcolm X
National Johns Suppression Initiative nets 60 arrests in Vegas trafficking is not a crime of emotion like rape; this is all about economy: trafficking survivors use new ink to reclaim their lives met with @tipheroes Sompong in Thailand about men held captive on fishing boats: to help end #sextrafficking? Start by addressing your relationship with porn: checker: Claim that ‘100,000 children’ in the United States are in the sex trade story of one man who was trapped on a tomato farm in Florida: out current job openings in the anti-slavery field from over 60 organizations: #endslavery #careersHuman trade-offs: Analysis of the controversial 2015 TIP Report rankings you seen today's news? Headlines about human trafficking are posted! Read them here fair trade pieces can you incorporate into your wedding day? We have some ideas:“If you're wrestling with some sort of decision, reflect for a moment and ask yourself, Am I being brave, or am I being safe?” @GaryHaugen
WATCH Sweatshop: Fashion bloggers visit the factories their clothes are made in. college campuses leading the way for sustainable dining slave story in Florida's tomato fields: not us then who? A challenge from an activist whose father was a trafficker: out this great compilation of jobs in the anti-#humantrafficking arena compiled by @EndSlaveryNow!! Click here:
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@DontSellBodies Thanks for sharing friends!Study: Consumers are willing to pay 30% more for fair trade products did you first learn about slavery?Illegal mines a slavery hotspot in Colombia and Peru @A21, only 1-2% of #HumanTrafficking Victims are ever rescued. Let's start changing these statistics.Slavery in Thailand, Colombia and Australia in today's news: Beah, a boy soldier rescued by UNICEF in 1996: a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. - Albert Einstein RT @A21
Looking for a job in the anti #humantrafficking field? Find opportunities from over 60 organizations here: about who is harvesting the cocoa for your chocolate bar: journalist and colleague cleared of charges in Thai navy defamation case court clears journalists for exposing #humantrafficking. We hope this sets a precedent to #FreeAndyHall
Retweeted by End Slavery Now.@JTIP_State Heroes share struggles to combat modern-day slavery across the globe with farmworkers in Immokalee…
Retweeted by End Slavery NowProgram aims to improve conditions in Malaysia’s electronics supply chain sheriff wins first round in legal fight over Backpage sex ads’s KitKat to change cocoa supplies to address child labor, lawsuits and more in today's headlines: #humantrafficking #news
Using fear, indoctrination, cocaine, & marijuana the government army turned Beah & other boys into killing machines:"When your heart breaks for justice, pray to stay broken." - Ann Voskamp #justice #quote RT @IJMThe pacific coast farm-worker rebellion"I target the poorest ones," trafficker Pou Houy says in the film. "These people are easy to lure and to recruit." new direction, Parsons puts sustainability first accused of 'parody of justice' as jailing of anti-slavery activists upheld Forced labor has no place in our food supply chain in pet food supply chains, farm workers demand rights and more in today's news:
It was Molina’s sewing teacher that would eventually facilitate her 40 days of enslavement in the U.S. you miss the #news this week? Catch up: you know how many slaves are working for you right now? Find out:“Nothing happens just because we are aware of modern-day slavery, but nothing will ever happen until we are.” @GaryHaugen @IJM
How @CIW & @FairFoodProgram are ending slavery and worker abuse in Florida's tomato fields: made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. --Edmund Burke
What products do you want to know how to buy ethically? We will do the research for you!In Moldova, if someone leaves the country, you've already lost the fight. So the goal is to keep them from leaving:"I am a survivor of a crime so monstrous that the only way to move forward is by fighting back." are up! New bans on child labor and supply chain transparency. #news #endslaveryIn India they provide employment to survivors, in Moldova they provide employment so citizens aren't trafficked: is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare. —Mark Twain
GOOD NEWS! The percentage of the population in #slavery is SMALLER than it has ever been in human history. Let's finish it off. #endslaveryWhat can you do to fight slaver? Every week we send you 3 different actions: is it like to work in India and Moldova as a freedom business? Find out: It's so crazy how many products we buy isn't it? We will do some research!@DaveGAbbey We will definitely have those covered! Thanks Dave!@KayseMaass Thanks Kayse! We are on it.
Poverty and slavery go hand-in-hand: are working on creating a guide to help you shop ethically! What items / companies would you like us to tell you about?Forced labor in the fishing industry, child labor on vegetable farms and more in today's headlines: @StateDept @TIPHeroes check out this account of the heroes' trip!Costco is being sued for selling prawns caught by forced labor: Trafficking and Sex Trafficking are not synonymous. Get info on all the forms of trafficking today:
What companies do you want to know about? We are creating an ethical shopping guide and want to know what you'd like featured.
Italy's secret slave labor: Picking the grapes for the wine supplied to tourists.We are working on creating a guide to help you shop ethically! What items / companies would you like us to research?Check out todays #humantrafficking headlines: finds mass graves of 24 suspected human trafficking victims: #quote #CelebrateMonday
Retweeted by End Slavery NowHumans of New York fans raised $2 million to fight #bondedlabor in #pakistan @ACallToMenUK @parative Caitlin you are the best! Thanks for the support!DID YOU KNOW boys can also be victims of #SexTrafficking? Hear about one man's story: @EndSlaveryNow
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Make the switch to fair trade products today! Start with these 4 products typically made using bonded labor:
Check out our tips on how to give to an NGO: shoes, great company: @FortressOfInca
Children are being "rescued" from bondage in slavery, but what does that really mean for them?“I was in a fishing boat for over six years, but the police were still able to catch my broker and put him in jail.” of shame and a stigma we've created, male sex trafficking victims are harder to identify: @BollAndBranch @FortressOfInca @AlterEcoSF @Patagonia @prAna @A21Now these are shoes we can stand behind. @FortressOfInca out all the companies we suggest buying from! actions coming to your inbox in 2 hours! Make sure you get yours:
Save the hotline number in your phone right now: 1-888-373-7888Jerome was trafficking as a child and now fights to raise awareness:“All of this happened, and the government allowed slavery?” Ameena Hasan's question on chattel slavery in America.
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