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Erica Cho @ericach0 New York City!

Actress from the South. Loves: NYC, travel, Frenchies & laughing until it hurts. http://t.co/lU1XtlXwwD

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Love being #OnSet! Thrilled to work with such nice people. When I found out 1 shoot day turned into… https://t.co/8osdY5nuvB
Downtown weekend vibe. Documentation of me hiding hangry emotiona. #LES #LowerEastSide #nyc #Delancey http://t.co/cbE3aK4uYbYou guys, if you are in NYC dealing with pain, I recommend @HudsonSpine + Pain Medicine. They are… https://t.co/lHMRsnUNbN"You’ll have to get past us + we’re Muslims." Tunisian locals form human shield to protect hotel from gunman http://t.co/Fo1BkU0ETn #heroesPraying for the victims in France, Kuwait, and Tunisia. My heart breaks every time I read the news. These evil acts must be stopped.
Still rewatching. Still getting chills. "May grace now lead them home." https://t.co/GgQdW2i63m@UCBClassesNYC This is so great! Can't make today but pls do it again!!@NinjaEconomics oh gawd. I cannot even click. Terrible.Ilana on @broadcity:"You wouldn't pick up your phone. I thought you got SVU'd!" I'm that paranoid friend when you're going home late.@AnnaAkana @LoveGhostStars looks cute on you! 👍 but then it defeats the purpose of me wearing pants so I don't have to shave 😯@chrissyteigen haha this is so weird! But women like that strong silent type. also dat ass.
I was a disciplined 2-year-old. Posing with my cake instead of destroying it. Can't fit that fro in… https://t.co/ES5huHbb98@DoubleSixx Thanks! 😊🍕😀🍟😄@DoubleSixx Have a happy 🍝 Friday!Sometimes I just walk around New York and pretend I'm in Europe. #Ansonia #nyc http://t.co/FPPIT6LLx5@kaliswa YES. Which makes me wonder if I was mature for my age bc I've been doing that since the surly teenage years. "Ok, GREAT, Mom"@chrissyteigen chef or flight attendant? It'd have to be private. You'd be the flight attendant throwing purses to the ground on commercial.It's also a great technique outside of work. https://t.co/AJ0sjAarPjIt's about damn time! Who's already celebrating? #SCOTUSMarriage #LoveWins https://t.co/LlZgWnmxpn#tbt about to turn into an #fbf EST. My 1st time meeting @oliviamunn at #ForbiddenPlanet! What a perfect #Psylocke. http://t.co/4xRUsz7NW8
All my favorite people eating spaghetti in bed. @chrissyteigen https://t.co/e9VCzGXcvw https://t.co/PbaEbypoJPDancing to #KangolRadio with ltnyc824 + @nicolebaltes1 at @SantosPartyHaus. #LastNight #Kangol #nychttps://t.co/8IXEjDs2weYes, it happened again. Officially addicted: $1 oyster happy hour at themermaidnyc #MermaidInnhttps://t.co/WPueFzYgpW
Good morning,#UnionSquare! #FarmersMarket #nyc https://t.co/6TE8Z3lw6T
Just remembered the Jumbotron showed images of floppy disks while TLC sang. They took it WAY BACK.
@chrissyteigen Wow. You make that look so good! Any sides? I just got off a diet + it was HARD looking at your food pics 😭Just downloaded Periscope, and I don't get it. Because I'm 80.If you're in #NYC, you must watch #TheQualms at @PHnyc. Unless you don't like lol'ing in real life. http://t.co/paVzpNHUWvAnd another one from #Bonaire because I'm obviously fiending for a tropical vacation. Putting it out… https://t.co/W3NDyzXsKaJust realized that I haven't gone diving in a while. Need to get back into it! This was creepy.… https://t.co/VJvmnQ6P61On Father's Day, I went back in time. Yup, Nelly and NKOTB. #TLC made me so happy. @therealtboz +… https://t.co/w64riqbTAJ
Cooking. Can't help yelling "For The Watch!" every time I cut into things. #GoT http://t.co/APMDIZ7qXq
Thanks to @dallastravers for bringing us together! I always look forward to our weekly meetings where… https://t.co/mNcgOZmyvgThank you for capturing this, @lauravogels! Amazing #sunset on the #Hudson. I 💜 watching friends… https://t.co/7AznoIOHDl
Can't believe @delta took over the entire @shakeshack for its Amex cardholders! If you have a Delta… https://t.co/FteME6LtEIInstagram within an Instagram! Thanks for the free Shake Shack, @Delta! #DeltaAmexPerks https://t.co/YSBxoUMuB1
@realleadelaria What is the hardest thing + best thing about being in the biz for you? #AskOrange@samirawiley What is a dream project of yours? #AskOrange@RubyRose What was your audition experience like? So glad Jen Euston reached out to you!! You're perfect. #AskOrangeHope that $100 mil fine helps lead to more transparency #ATT #UnlimitedMyAssThis Charleston church shooter looks so young. The three Brookyln 16 year olds who raped a 33-year-old woman. Kids doing this stuff. Sad.Hopefully leads to arrest "@abcnews: Charleston PD release photos of church shooting suspect http://t.co/19Rbx2pUIF http://t.co/DqOIMQJnFb"
When you think it's been recording the whole time. #auditions #acting My face. 😒 https://t.co/ZTgq40pL44
@Dan2335 @ndmann55 I'm terribly confused.@ndmann55 @Dan2335 Full Trailer for Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig’s Lifetime Movie, ‘A Deadly Adoption,’ Is No Joke http://t.co/gfBskDXnpl@ndmann55 Haha. We are the same type. But that means i die, right? Don't all female protagonists in Lifetime movies die?Just kidding. I've actually never used it. I also don't know which Disney princess I am. And that's ok.Me scoffing: Um, why do you need an app to tell you how old you look? You already know. *Tries it + app says I look 20. Shares with world.Hell yeah. @prattprattpratt believed in himself. "How Chris Pratt Became a $200 Million Leading Man" http://t.co/mC0iuO2l08 via @gqmagazine@Kris561_ @ndmann55 I swear I think I saw him again but I just can't take it anymore. I feel like an accidental creep.@ndmann55 Haha. Could you imagine??? When I said it's like I'm stalking you, he's like "Wait, actually..."I just ran into my neighbor 3 times within the last 5 minutes. I joked, "It's like I'm stalking you." He didn't find it funny.
@DoubleSixx You too! Crazies are unfortunately everywhere.Now I gotta watch out for white plastic bags. "NYPD: Asian Women Targeted In Manhattan Attacks"http://t.co/u7JRohmNYn
Judi Dench: ‘I live in fear as an actor’ @MountviewLDN http://t.co/CsyVQjK9AJ http://t.co/9Jf0pnvi1x
Retweeted by Erica ChoJust saw #Spy! Sat in awe of comedy queens @melissamccarthy + Rose Byrne. Geniuses...and Rose's hair. It was gonna get its own credit!When I first came to NYC, I barely knew a soul. Now I run into familiar faces on the streets… https://t.co/CvfU9WwMj8
@Dan2335 Let's just say that's what I was going for.Shout out to @lauramercier for their cake eye liner! #Eyeliner tends to smudge on my #monolids, but… https://t.co/yHWxHsgqjh#tbt to my first time at @beacontheatre! Beautiful venue and @johnlegend killed it. He got everyone… https://t.co/BSwVI381F2When casting needs your photo asap and you gotta bug people to take your pics. I call this pose… https://t.co/TiqYVJ84RD@chrissyteigen Would be AMAZING if you had cookbook signing event that was also a huge picnic with all your food goodies. #CookbookCountdown
Panhandler in a wheelchair yelling into a bodega: "I just need some titty juice!" Good morning, #nyc. #calcium
2 convicted murderers escaped from maximum security jail in NY using power tools. Well, once you get access to power tools....@ArianaMiyamoto Japan should be proud of you! Rooting for you and for CHANGE! #biracial #MissJapan #MissUniverse http://t.co/hUEXICkR02
A $14mil single family home faces our modest apt. I often wonder what they think seeing me thru the window eating straight out of tuna cans.
👏👏👏Amy Schumer: 'I'm 160 Lbs, And I Can Catch A D--k Whenever I Want' http://t.co/NKBX5dUFsI via @HuffPostEntCringing. “This was not rape or anything like that. ” “Pedophiles prey on children. He was a child preying on a child.” #DuggarsNearly 9pm when I got off of work. Yet still light + cotton candy skies. Sky or skies? Skies is more poetic #nyc http://t.co/zkMRhvbF1c@chrissyteigen You guys have a thing. Pls tell TB 🍺🍸🍷in more locations. TY! "Taco Bell to serve booze" http://t.co/0Bzq2KCIUn via @USATODAYNEWS!! Taco Bell to serve booze http://t.co/0Bzq2KCIUn via @USATODAYHow did everyone get better looking on #EntourageMovie? Can't wait for more Ari and Lloyd!
@ClaudiaSKim Excited to see you in Avengers! So funny Jeremy Renner knew your Korean NGs 😁My mom threw a bagel at a grocery store employee who made fun of her English. Not condoning bagel violence but I get it. #SheMissed
Hustling at 81! 💜"@humansofny: “I’m practicing my lines. I just got off work + I’ve got an all night shoot tonight." http://t.co/Zi3mYPpwEK"Wanna join @oneononenycla? Here's a way to audition for free (no $50 fee-yay!)+ get 1/2 off registration.#nyc #actors http://t.co/Bssa0IS3Z1It takes courage to share your story. https://t.co/Q7wWjV9Rxx
Retweeted by Erica Cho
Still rocking that #SRLA sweatshirt. Because finishing the LA Marathon in 7 hours is a huge… https://t.co/gGT65xo9xM"I'm the King of the World!" Or a box with arms + legs. https://t.co/LZCEhzr9cw
Stained Glass House #TomFruin in Brooklyn Bridge Park #nyc https://t.co/qUV0dwdaYbWhen the LA girls come to visit, it's tourist time. "It is SO much hotter here." 😥😓😎… https://t.co/9eFQG7FRup
@Dan2335 haha. You probably like pomelos too!@thelyingspirit 👌Thanks for supporting the Itty Bitty Titty CommitteeOk, it's really NOT that bad having tangerines. #nyc subway ads http://t.co/B0eEOTgF70Finally had The Nomad's famous roasted chicken stuffed with foie gras, black truffle, + brioche. Decadent+delicious! http://t.co/s6DI2wZCBn@chrissyteigen Love the new design of the Delushious site. Def making your Cacio e Pepe. Didn't expect #BeefCurtains to make the blog!
Miss mom and pop stores! "Why Are There So Many Shuttered Storefronts in the West Village?" http://t.co/KhWg5cRAcz via @newyorker #SaveNYC
Sometimes ya gotta scare the crap outta yourself...3 times! #Repost jamiechoi1 ・・・ I think I pee'd my… https://t.co/OoDdWDexu2Under and over for some lunch in NJ! #GeorgeWashingtonBridge #LittleRedLighthouse #nyc https://t.co/50J6ECglZ0
When the weekend = cheat days. https://t.co/IR10TKOjsM
Such a generous actor @jeffreytambor! He credited his beautiful performance to @jillsoloway's writing. #Transparent http://t.co/llUpAZaGPSMy first #wcw. This woman blows my mind. I get so inspired by her work. #GabbyHoffman She is as cool… https://t.co/ryFeasbIKsWhat an amazing event last night for #Transparent! Look at the 💜 this team has for each other… https://t.co/aiMFlY6fZY
@2STNYC You're welcome! Look forward to seeing your other productions.😳 #Truth http://t.co/w4tQbLafxO@phloella i feel ya! I always anticipate In-N-Out, good Mexican, and Del Taco. I know DT is a weird one, but I'm obsessed. Have a fun trip!😂😂😂 We gotta work on lifting more. #Repost robie_7 ・・・ Morning boxing session with nicco🙌😀 https://t.co/7gMUiZ87d6"Are we being basic bitches by posting this pic?" "YUP." Great way to start the day at… https://t.co/D1shKhROQs@susana_vp 💕Have fun tonight. No crazy cab rides.😜Just saw #TheOtherThing @2STNYC Uptown! Eerie paranormal plot. John Doman,James Kautz.Samantha Soule(😍) Dying to see more of Bhavesh Patel!
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