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So this is happening. It's about 1/3 of its full length at this point. But it's definitely happening. http://t.co/B6Dj5hethe
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@DrewAtHitFix @ryangallagher How much does a Toshi review of A Serbian Film cost?@simps @Aaron_Morgan @DrewAtHitFix @kumailn @kpereira @Yarvo @jerslater Oooo. Some shit's going down Legacy style.
@kathemee Pretty much, yeah. The first 15 minutes are confusing if you don't know the first. After that it's a whole new movie.@FramedPanda @bdgrabinski Holds... your heart... I see what you did there.@PapaVinyard @bdgrabinski You're fired.@bdgrabinski Who is driving car? Panda driving car! How can that be!?!@EvanDickson @ajbowen @_RyanTurek Have fun without me, jerks.@IconsRobG I recognize Black Sunday as a well-loved genre masterpiece. Truth be told it bores me to tears.@IconsRobG Black Sabbath is my favorite Bava flick. Episodic tales of evil. So good!The most random goddamn thing I've seen today: http://t.co/d5POyxfwHJPolaroid of a fitting of the almost finished werewolf from #AMERICANWEREWOLF Still needs more paint, glue, haircut http://t.co/mzdzVP382y
Retweeted by Eric VespeAnd then we really did: http://t.co/Egq2nDd6Pk RT @devincf Hoping BAD can score the first image of the recycling cans on JURASSIC WORLD.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@MrJonathanKing @devincf I shouldn't complain. Compared to most of my friends I have great travel luck.@SeanEMarshall This makes my day. The rumors are true, and if all goes well will yield something magical, wondrous and not redundant...
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@jehawks Interesting read. As much as I want to blame them, it is ridiculous how taxes have skyrocketed thanks to the crazy expensive TSA@jehawks Yikes. Why's that?@jehawks @devincf Except that there's like 3 middle seats you don't have to pay extra for.@jehawks @devincf Most airlines I've bought from directly give an all-in price and haven't lied.@jehawks @devincf Good to know. Used to be buying directly from the airlines was a sucker's move. Now they all price match.@davidlowery Ive just heard rumors that you might be working on remake of Petes Dragon, or, Repeat's Dragon? Anyway best of luck. Orig Pete
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@devincf Bag charge outrage then charging more for "Zone 1 access" because the overheads were filling up faster/most consistently.@devincf It's incredible watching them evolve post 9/11. Awful, but incredible.@devincf Same flight, same price.@devincf just booked a flight with @Aaron_Morgan. Showed no aisle or windows for me on a travel site. Available for him via AA's site@dogmusher You know what ol' Jack Burton would say at a time like this? No, I'm asking. Do you know what ol' Jack Burton would say?@gholson @PeterSHall Fuck, you beat me by six seconds!@Luceobrien So you know the horrors I was trying to shield you from. I'm so sorry.
@Luceobrien Welcome. It's not as scary as everybody says it is.@FilmCritHULK That speedo!@ajbowen Is good! Old school for real screwball comedy!@colliderfrosty "Some old dude on the internet wants to marry you. How do you respond?"@colliderfrosty Tell Olivia Cooke I'd make a very devoted husband. Sorry, you wanted questions. Ask her if she'll marry me.
@leithmcp Legoland, I think.@LenPeralta @headgeek666 Don't ever make that face again, Harry. It's freaking me out. Also, looks like you've dropped weight! Congrats!@BrianWCollins I don't often buy the Lego games, but I enjoy vegging out and running around in 'em.@melthefishy I appreciate that. I did, too. Maybe I can customize my own later... cc @BuIIet_Ego@BrianWCollins Marvel took me 2hrs to figure out the in-between missions open world stuff. But so far it's the best of the recents ones@tobytram Good call. Haven't unlocked that part in the video game, but most of them let you customize a character.@bdgrabinski @russfischer That's right. "Hey, my annoying daughter knows gymnastics." Good point.@leithmcp I'm writing an angry letter right now. To no one. But goddamnit, I'm writing it.@bdgrabinski @russfischer It's a weird feeling, isn't it? Like the awful Jaws 5.1 mix on the DVD. SS approved, drives me fucking nuts.@BrianWCollins I Gamefly'd it. The Lego games are perfect for that service.@BrianWCollins So far Erebor prelude was fun, but nothing you haven't done before. Now I'm in Hobbiton, which seems the same as Lego LOTR@BrianWCollins They've added a resource collecting mechanic that's interesting, but we'll see how that plays out. I'm only about an hour inIt is with heavy heart that I report I have been unable to find a Lego Fredegar Chubb in the Lego Hobbit game.
@Luceobrien Quint AICN@kkjordan @DrewAtHitFix Bill will eventually start calling him butthead and ruin it. That'll be your chance to swoop in and steal Drew away@kkjordan @DrewAtHitFix photos or it didn't happen!@kkjordan @loquaciousmuse give Drew a sloppy mouth-kiss for me@loquaciousmuse Aidan Turner, too.@loquaciousmuse you have no idea. Got a ton of his fans following me while on location with the Hobbit crew
@kennethwilsonuk Somebody's picking up on some hidden messages in that tweet. :)@loquaciousmuse You ain't chopped meat yourself, sister.@scottEweinberg Thanks, Scott.Had a very fun time on a wonderful set with low key, awesome people. #vague #sorry@EggettCarl that'd be a looonnnggg memo. Email me and we'll hammer out some details.@EggettCarl quint@aintitcool.com is best for me.Everybody wish @edgarwright a happy birthday. I'd do it myself, but I'm a very busy man.@MildlyAmused Women can't use weapons, silly. Only strong macho men.@MildlyAmused coffee's in the kitchen. While you're in there, bake me a pie, woman!Happy Easter Weekend from me and pink Easter Bunny John Wayne! http://t.co/N8rmVjadSS
@bdgrabinski he got to love up on sexy-ass Rogue, that is why.@colliderfrosty Not me, but I kind of wish I was. I like WonderCon. It reminds me of SDCC 14 years ago.@DrGMLaTulippe I'm going to Facebook this shit. The horror cannot be contained, only passed on.@DrGMLaTulippe The escalation in that routine is next level incredible.@houx I heart those Burnseseses.@DrGMLaTulippe Um.@houx You at Bob's?@Katiejackson96 Ha! That's too awesome. I was wondering if you guys were going to mingle with the visiting royalty.@redman4192 Nice! The few, the proud, the owners of a Mondo Jaws poster.@FilmandPaint nope, because that'd likely give away what I'm doing. I'll announce the series in a couple weeks.@DrewAtHitFix Getting a redirect 404 error that takes me to the front page of HitFix. Found the story in the Motion Captured section, though@PeterSteinberg1 Related... technically yes. But that's very misleading. It's a retrospective interview, I'll say that much.Hate to be that guy, but I'm transcribing an interview that you guys can't read until next month and I'm so goddamned excited about it.#ThrowbackThursday - Nerding out at the original San Diego Comic-Con #StarWars panel in 1976. #SDCC #tbt http://t.co/XBLdqWlFJf
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@nailbiter111 @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson AI is fascinating to me, a love-letter to his friend and collaborator@nailbiter111 @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson There are parts that flat don't work. Then there's breathtaking beauty@Cbake1369 @Kloipy @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson Plus she looks like she's surprised to be there the whole movie@Cbake1369 @Kloipy @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson She's written more like an Indy fangirl than his equal.@Cbake1369 @Kloipy @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson What they do to Marion is criminal.@Cbake1369 @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @Kloipy @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson 1941 is a trainwreck, but it's consistently entertaining.@ajbowen Wasn't me!@ThreeOranges @iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson Every few years I go back to give it another shot and am struck by how clunky it is@Kloipy @iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @ThreeOranges @danielwcarlson But you're right either way. Amazing visual storytelling there.@Kloipy @iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @ThreeOranges @danielwcarlson Underrated or underseen? I think people who have seen it rate it highly, no?@filmfest_ca Maaaayyyybbbeeee.@iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @ThreeOranges @danielwcarlson I'd take a while Lex and Tim solo adventure over any single scene with gymnast girl@iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson Terminal isn't bad. Worst crime is it's forgettable.@George0Connor This is Canadian food! Vegas is home to many extravagant buffets. Enjoy yo-self.@mattkward Smoke's, chili cheese and bacon.@iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @ThreeOranges @danielwcarlson Yeeeessshh. Well, we'll always have Temple of Doom.@ThreeOranges @iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson I like Always, but I haven't revisited it in easily 10 years.@HFXBen Oooooo, them kimchi fries sounds right up my alley.@NordlingAICN @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @danielwcarlson Lost World has an edge because of the cinematography. But it's still a wet fart.@kml423 It'd be worth it. Except now it's digesting in my belly, so now that's gross. But still.@HFXBen yessir.@iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson If TV counts, Something Evil. If not... tie between The Lost World and Crystal Skull@iamchoppah @nailbiter111 yeah, my heart's surely going to explode like Belloq's head.I'm in a rush to finish the next book, so the entire second half will be written from Hodor's perspective. http://t.co/6trvaOZHp0
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