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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Now in London with Accel

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MQ "best time for any business in any industry to raise money since the ancient Egyptians" http://t.co/NUdYLa7byU@edzitron @lorakolodny @rurikbradbury @robinwauters I'm thinking gf blog posting on it, can't do this on TWTR - very shallow article IMHO@edzitron @lorakolodny @rurikbradbury @robinwauters … but regardless a terrible article. Completely missed the real trend & really shallow@edzitron @lorakolodny @rurikbradbury @robinwauters ohhh !!! so sorry !! that was a terrible VentureBeat post (which I normally find OK)
Another REALLY weak guest post on theNextWeb - how we miss @robinwauters et al … http://t.co/Rb41PDmA8RA l'école, nager en piscine se dit : "se déplacer de façon autonome dans un milieu aquatique profond et standardisé" http://t.co/oGNBZQAHg4
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Well, here you have it : LPs punish combined funds as tech @FKAAtlas and biotech @atlasventure raise a combined $480M with easeAwesome job @LifeSciVC and @atlasventure team with new $280M fund : http://t.co/IeUiqaDatj.@pauseemote: how do you design emotions into an app and help mental health patients in the process ? https://t.co/NLbinyhpLmAgree ! Retarget with more caution ! https://t.co/blKrM5Gbiq4 patterns for building concurrent search data structures, and a new cache-line friendly Hash Table. http://t.co/M137WofLIe
Retweeted by Fred Destin“Speed has never killed anyone; suddenly becoming stationary...that’s what gets you.” Jeremy Clarkson
Retweeted by Fred DestinThanks @fdestin & @fabricegrinda for joining us on stage for our @PointNineCap #Marketplace #Meetup in Berlin today! http://t.co/n8M0MNRQgW
Retweeted by Fred Destin@ockenrock @PointNineCap thanks for having and sorry I had to rush out !! Awesome points @fabricegrindaAt $3.3bn @etsy (backed by @Accel and @usv) is New York's largest ever VC exit !FLAG questions VC portfolio management in the age of the Unicorn (with some great data): http://t.co/1qSxcKqgcx
VC1: let's raise next Q - CEO: no, wait, X raised $15! - VC2: huh, you missed the PR about Y raising $40M ? VC1: let's raise $75M !Ha ;-). Same here ! Always say hi ! https://t.co/qnOzbLt94U.@RecordedFuture : Awesome Company and super new investor. Well done @cahlberg and Kevin Brown https://t.co/xTIREHxEy2@tjparker @Forbes @PillPack true colours come out !! Did you forget your meds again ?? Get that apple watch !@tjparker @fdestin @Forbes @PillPack http://t.co/MDCGTqapev
Retweeted by Fred DestinPonder this. https://t.co/IlECLfV5J0
Breaking: DINO-BASHER @davemcclure EATEN ALIVE by @FAKEGRIMLOCK https://t.co/ntCYTTZa3DKiller @forbes article on how @pillpack solves "Medication Overload" : http://t.co/OhQTERPpOh@fdestin S2E01 of Silicon Valley was pretty good! Oh wait, you're not talking about HBO...
Retweeted by Fred Destin@aaronwhite yes! :-)@sharpshoot it's a consumer brand :-) fully agree !!2015 Startup Boards: let's raise $10M. Nah, let's raise $30M! Dude, we got an offer of $50M!! OK, let's cap this at $75M !!!No pressure @deliveroo but you're on the Forbes "next $1bn startup" list !! http://t.co/PtqAi9u8u7
I've come to the conclusion that the EU abuses its dominance, to the detriment of itself. Recommended remedy: breakup.
Retweeted by Fred Destin@BenedictEvans ah the joy of becoming a component provider !Listen to the wind of panic blowing through the boardroom of every incumbent company out there.
@BoazSender http://t.co/nmQzH8bumC this is cool
Hey @BobDavisHCP I'm at @paintnite Boston HQ tonight giving the office some decorative love ;-) http://t.co/mqVm1kPxeA
@duediler yes let's do it !Inside the democratisation of machine learning +AI and their impact on finance, by @kensho: http://t.co/8rqofhV7CXPondering a Destinpalooza. With, you know, 5 people.
@apsinkus there is asymmetry in that U.S. founders can generally afford not to care ;-)Still amazed at the number of European (seed) startups who have no idea what their US competitors are developing !!
At the awesome #bitcoin mining farm of @kncminer with @mkotting and @shelgesson http://t.co/4BoEBbfdc8@aainslie thank you !
+1! @sravish: Big congrats to @MatthewBarba and @w3edge on @placester's $15M Series-B (@techstars #Boston) -> http://t.co/Etv773vwZN
@autodesk your subscription download link for AutoCAD LT for MAC is down cc user @HaleyMcLane
Go Jason ! @FKAAtlas early backer for @DraftKings who just bagged $250M from @Disney: http://t.co/oVAwwAcTcIAnd then ... @tydanco: In honor of the Hulkster and Wrestlemania while the wife is out of town... http://t.co/jrPLJFj2w4
This is not an #AprilFool's Joke: France is blocking @Dailymotion's acquisition. Again. http://t.co/3Vnh9JCMHK http://t.co/4MhDsL0meI
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@kingsleyharris completely unreliable in my experience - just not robust. I use it on every other platform.@seemacnbc tried them all - first to be surprised. It's by far the best IMHO and I hated and I mean hated outlook on PCBest gmail client on iPhone ? Outlook !!
Unlimited fitness ! Apparently the awesome @classpass is now live in the UK courtesy of @camillabuttery : http://t.co/hKjRBjxHmQ
Candid interview on being a VC with @azeem #katch #meerkat - https://t.co/f4f3N2oey351 viewers ? @azeem: |LIVE NOW| With @fdestin of Accel. Discussing important VC stuff #katch #meerkat http://t.co/QxQwmQBn00"|LIVE NOW| With @fdestin of Accel. Discussing important VC stuff #katch #meerkat http://t.co/sjdildGnNS
Retweeted by Fred DestinRedefining a brand ? Find what's truly exceptional about an organisation @SiegelGale #thebigrethinklon"We have run out of money, now we have to think" - perfect Churchill quote #thebigrethinklon"Incredible coup by @Ryanair to sell you destinations 100 miles from your actual destination" @PhilipDavies10 #thebigrethinklonLate stage bubble comes with hedge fund money and ratchet deals, says @Bloomberg: http://t.co/9cOa1PH0Kq
@yweisselberger in VC: you have a great outcome and you think it happened because you're great art what you doPizza as a Service. Think about it.
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Confirmation bias is a virus that seems to affect most successful VCs as well as unsuccessful ones with self aggrandizing tendencies@shrock @HampsteadGaucho @Deliveroo i already know the service is awesome and that's why I invested but gaucho brings it up a notch"All we need is an office, Amazon Web Services and @deliveroo" - actual quote overheard today from one of London's top startups..
Retweeted by Fred DestinAmazingly @HampsteadGaucho is now on @Deliveroo so of course I had to give it a try. Verdict : awesome. http://t.co/CUqBwxfA06Just completed a 4.90 mi run - Nice run close to my family home in Brussels, in the woods that I use ... http://t.co/uQuUcUYcEB #RunKeeper
So sad for one of our founders. He was a very nice guy for many years. He moved to San Francisco and became immediately arrogant and moron.
Retweeted by Fred Destin@azeem @alliott ok on it tx@azeem @alliott we'll look into it. Do you have details ? Time / address ?
@alliott :-)Very impressed by @deliveeroo this evening: expected delivery time 20:02. Doorbell rings at 20:02. cc: @fdestin
Retweeted by Fred Destin.@setonrog actually I haven't suffered from that at all since in smaller partnerships. From Extreme intellectual honesty, yes :-)Sitting on eurostar next to 4 people who are talking about corporate politics and thanking God I'm not in this world.I could not stop laughing. Via @SVB_Financial: Combating "Obsessive Unicorn Disorder" by @fdestin: http://t.co/De0xrg34nI #UnicornClub #VC
Retweeted by Fred DestinPaying it forward with @Accel : http://t.co/sLRe0q6ZsU
Awesome!, "@nickfrancis: Okay, deep breath ... Help Scout has raised $6m - http://t.co/2s7iF41acl”" from @foundrygroupStunning visual of 2015 #Boston #snowfall, to 276cm / 108 inches ! http://t.co/vQKDTZkg1zHow's that "black thug" excuse for denying police brutality working for you now? #UVA #JusticeForMartese http://t.co/k5UCXv51DS
Retweeted by Fred DestinSmart critique of Starbucks' #RaceTogether as misguided attempt to address race w/no consideration of class or power http://t.co/1mT2ZFjYIq
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@monkchips @Accel thanks James, we're here !with great partners :-) "@monkchips: met @fdestin from @Accel. going to make a significant impact on the UK developer/startup ecosystem"Don't miss them. #startup #entrepreneurship http://t.co/Q3QdkRjOTH RT @SanFranciscoVC
Retweeted by Fred DestinBig news here : Spain "@ediggs: Top 5 European Countries for Tech Venture Capital https://t.co/I6ri7aEzwd via @CBinsights"@atshannon1 very valid point
@efhjerpe @robgo I respectfully disagree. Hyperscale is real. Sure some will fail, but others will change industries and go 50xboom! @BitnetTech: the 4th largest e-commerce company in the world just started accepting #bitcoin http://t.co/Ue2GdM11xEExcellent name suggestion for FKA @atlasventure :-) “@bcurleymbs: @fdestin @FKAAtlas Big Book of Maps Ventures?”looks like my friend and partner @rrmfka of@FKAAtlas is joining the Unicorn Club: http://t.co/XsCyxCsb5SMiss my boys @FKAAtlas. Please help them find a new name ! http://t.co/R9WR8EH5s2@Alex_Ffrees you seem to be doing ok on that front :-)A. success is partly luck + B. you're a talented entrepreneurs -> C. you have to try more things faster throughout your life to hit big@hermioneway ha ! Thank you, I guess :-)
@podgeypoos79 nice one :-)@podgeypoos79 @sonalidr thanks ! not surprised :-)High burn ? Bah ! 1999 : getting eyeballs. 2014 : building cohorts..@fdestin In Search Of European Unicorns: what #Europe needs right now is the next tech giant: http://t.co/nxYLFzpTXo http://t.co/MVBNDrzIOE
Retweeted by Fred Destin@fdestin the @NotionCapital guys have one waiting for you http://t.co/PpyoStKhgW
Retweeted by Fred Destin@ibordry @ben_persiani @Nous_Citoyens @montebourg voyons a quelle vitesse le management (francais) decampe...#Dailymontion refusé à #Yahoo mais cédée (49%) à un telco chinois faillite de la vision industrielle @montebourg @Nous_Citoyens
Retweeted by Fred Destin@christianhern i had to look pithy up ! ha :-) !Old but pretty amazing look into the @hailocab Microservices + Containers + GO architecture by @nathariel : http://t.co/dRQeP59ciC@christianhern i like to think of it as epigrammatic :-)
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