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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mac Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJZbuak. NSFW and profane SJW. Married to @fletchen. I write for the users.

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we need to invade greece to secure a strategic olive oil reserve@ddt olive oil
so when do we invade greece@schoun my work here is done.Hey Apple, thanks. “Unknown error (4001)” makes a lot more sense than “you’re trying to sync too much shit to iCloud Music Library.”“Cape Cod needs another canal bridge.” That’d help, but really, we need fewer fucking tourists. http://t.co/3cOpKZBW5eIf Apple does a rose gold #iphone6s - it won’t be the hideous back floating around with a non-matching gold camera hold. Just saying.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@DJDarren SOCIALISM #murica #freedom@goalexg @reneritchie @settern Thank you!
What would you change about Apple Music? Let @reneritchie know here: http://t.co/qKK87wbnH0 http://t.co/jQMzuqm3CO
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@robspodcastmug I've put it on an iPad 3Turns out that sometime between this build and the last, Windows 10 had switched me back to slow builds. Fixed! Hat tip: @nowallthetime@glenda_atom Never mind that, they stole that gorgeous '69 Mustang!@nowallthetime Fixed finally. Tweaked my settings and rebooted the VM, now it’s downloading and installing. Thanks!@patlee *highfives*@patlee Bingo! Had to shut down the VM and restart, but it’s finally seeing it.@fmorgan2k9 9/11! Never forget! #murica@DJDarren @fraserspeirs No. Definitely rMBP territory, pref with 16 GB RAM.@patlee I just switched from slow to fast, but so far no joy. :\@nowallthetime Thanks for the tip! I *was* on slow builds. Changed the setting but so far no joy.If your OS X Dock is a mess and you’d like to reset it to its default, here’s how! https://t.co/IDoSOzZMSt@fraserspeirs For light work, I’d get the MB in a heartbeat. But for anything processor-intensive, I’d rather have the rMBP.@Macca_Chief Yeah, but I’d like to understand why Windows Update isn’t doing its job. #tinkerer@robspodcastmug Built an i3 for my 15yo a few months ago. Runs great!Today Americans celebrate Jesus and the other founding fathers throwing off the colonial shackles of Sharia Law from Canada, or something.@robspodcastmug I have no idea what those last two sentences mean.@robspodcastmug XP. Geez, are you in the US Navy? :)Having said that, I’d like to see John Wick vs. Bryan Mills (“Taken”).Anyone else with Windows 10 preview having trouble getting Windows Update to find the 10162 build? Tells me 10130 is up to date.@gedeon s/Apple Music/iTunes and I’m right there with you. Apple Music is like icing on the iTunes cake made of poo.@dimitri_12345 Just used it a lot that day.Watched John Wick after having friends repeatedly recommend it. Great movie, if you like non-stop violence with no discernible plot.
@foresmac I wouldn’t put it beyond Kenny G.I don’t eat at @Arbys but that brown sugar bacon BLT looks like a thing of fuckin’ beauty. http://t.co/epkc5NCCvUiMore show 465: Apple Music Q&A http://t.co/dLShS0njtK http://t.co/wC6tJaQ8md
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@jsnell @harrymccracken @GlennF @edbott MacWorld@coryb Mine died yesterday, and every time I raised my wrist and it didn’t do something, I was sad.When you can't or won't take ownership of your role in your unhappiness, seeing villains everywhere helps explain why you're miserable.
Retweeted by Peter CohenPeople who think Apple users are “sheeple” or easily led have never spent an hour at an Apple retail store listening to complaints.@danbenjamin many Botans died to bring us this information.@chrisdomico @jdalrymple http://t.co/Mr1PhTk4DB@jdalrymple I thought bubba kegs weighed about 13 pounds http://t.co/oxsEFZtn0o@robspodcastmug I agree that Match is working much better than before. Stuff that wasn’t synced properly before is now. And it’s faster.@TFausett ikr? Apple marketing FAIL. This never would have happened with Steve Jobs.@psorensen http://t.co/zJ200a0UXY@JohnDavid_1 BUT HOW CAN U BE SURE@edzitron We must defend the Frontier against him and the Kodan Armada.@TheTechLogger it would be if the DJs could be convinced to just SHUT UP for a little while.Having one of those days when I feel like I’ve gone full moon moon http://t.co/Jvho5nDN71DOES ANYONE KNOW IF BEATS 1 IS WORLDWIDE AND ALWAYS ON I’M NOT SURE@JoshSoftorino yeah yeah WALTR we get it. ;)I’ve had enough of Apple’s iTunes bullshit. This app needs to die. https://t.co/OGUXGQHx5UApple Music is all part of the conspiracy to rob of us our precious bodily fluids. https://t.co/q21XjM0RyZNever really used reddit, even happier now that I don’t.All I’m saying is that if the reptilian cabal led by thomas edison hadn’t murdered nikola tesla, we’d all be charging shit wirelessly now.If I ever get tired of “Spill The Wine” or “Low Rider,” I hope someone shoots me. http://t.co/LXgo7Rz8cGSo I guess your own created stations are throwaways with iTunes 12.2. Unless I’m missing something.Seriously, can I have SoundJam MP back please?@CatFoodBreath “I want YOU to go fuck yourself."I don’t think I’ve actually viscerally hated an app as much as I hate iTunes.I read this headline as “poutine rocket” and thought Canada upped its space program. https://t.co/lTo2hh8zYkGot this for the first time on my watch yesterday. http://t.co/siEbEFKefI@flargh The official movie poster won't disappoint you though. http://t.co/HLKx0Piwo6
Retweeted by Peter CohenI should listen to Beats 1 because I haven’t heard Freedom by Pharrell in at least 15 minutes. #worldwide #alwayson
@eddiekeengmailc Ghostbusters.@jdalrymple next time you need a trim… http://t.co/zL3cJ1b3px@PhilipMichaels A grateful nation thanks you for your service. *salutes*Just saw the Steve Jobs movie trailer. Very disappointed with the complete absence of kaiju and jaegers. #notpacificrim2@hippiemanx I mean Yankee Stadium.@hippiemanx You can go to hell.@reneritchie @MattJohnsonMBA @settern out of context this could be a very uncomfortable tweet.@MattJohnsonMBA @settern @reneritchie I use a Rode Podcaster.@rebornaggie2013 say “chowdah” to my face and find out! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯When you say “chowdah” and try to look clever, I want to punch you in the fucking throat. #tourists #capecod@davidcaolo https://t.co/bgdSVo79bn@vwj_me @settern um, this is awkward. Are we married now or did your parents adopt me?@ddt Not sure what’s going on there. @settern, any ideas?The US is ranked 182nd in the world alphabetically. I hope one of the GOP candidates has a plan to fix this. http://t.co/WV2PKaTMa6@Jo_Staats @iMore @Beats1 bugs@iMuggle @Aleen RTFM? That’s adorable!@Ihnatko I hate every single person in that traffic jam. With the heat of a thousand suns.@robspodcastmug yes but no AA batteries. :(We've updated our Apple Music FAQ yet again with info on DRM and Family plans. http://t.co/HpW09Ji89s http://t.co/dHiUTdonqX
Retweeted by Peter CohenOH at Starbucks: “Are you on the spectrum?” “Yes. The FABULOUS spectrum." http://t.co/2GUXQI9GHNCombine Apple Music’s launch pains with T-Mobile’s shitty network in my neighborhood. Today’s workout was a disaster.@mike3k I blame ISIS@darxmac @HCMarks which part of “this fall” did you not understand, fuckstick? ;)The AirPlay button disappears from iTunes when you stream Beats 1. Here’s how to get AirPlay to work anyway! https://t.co/rmHxabgRWDIt’s totally fair to criticize Apple Music for launch problems; Apple sets a high bar. Declaring it a failure is just fucking dumb.@neilcybart “Is Beats 1 worldwide?” “Is Beats 1 always on?” These are the questions that plague me.@stevekovach Chris Meloni’s finest work.Have a question for me about Windows or Windows Phone? Send them with #AskDanWindows & it might show up in our next video.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@shpprd @iMore @reneritchie @settern thank YOU for watching!@elisefoley And if you replace it with “The dictionary defines…,” just shoot yourself.The hardware store owner with the “No gays allowed” sign reminds me of Snoopy Come Home. Except dumb. https://t.co/YR2B6j9IxUiMore show live: Apple Music Q&A! http://t.co/jxAYqdjxKG http://t.co/DEn5AaBP8G
Retweeted by Peter CohenThe @iMore show is LIVE! Join @settern @flargh @reneritchie for an #askimore Apple Music Q&A special! http://t.co/5c2LZ0b05v
Retweeted by Peter CohenOne of my favorite iOS scanning apps gets even better! https://t.co/S5IZ0aGABW@abazoe http://t.co/OLpA45eKGiThe BoomBar 2 from KitSound — a Bluetooth speaker that lives up to its name. https://t.co/e1foDSZcoI
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