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dude from seattle on a bike tour of southern california

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Those iconic Nips circa 1990. #LauraDern http://t.co/Fgx8EpbtKy
Color Palettes of Hayao Miyazaki, by Hyo Taek Kim http://t.co/OPgWEr0vdQ | @mubi http://t.co/jpJynUNFjX
Retweeted by Laura Dern's NipplesLunar Lover by F-Selves - one of many instrumentals I’ve been working on since I returned from my Bike... http://t.co/clDUUjyDsDhttp://t.co/y4GbpOofv2 http://t.co/MaXK41Mg84
@brent_know atom heart sneilerI like my candy slightly chilled. #FancyBoy http://t.co/E4qY2ImX3G@clango bon appetite@clango ohhh man lolCarlton @ Mulberry Street Pizzeria https://t.co/9IbDjM2SDN
Thats deep http://t.co/y7pRwmgbPG
Retweeted by Laura Dern's NipplesPhoto: http://t.co/BkN6HqHw3m
My new sound: Seeya On The Other Side https://t.co/bAnDmKIPxB on #SoundCloudselfie https://t.co/EpDvkvINnaPhil Spector's snare drum is wetter than Nicki Minaj's vagina.@Moffman23 it's incredible. definitely my fav Jarmusch, and probably my #1 film of last year.Tom Hiddleston plays a rock star vampire who drives around Detroit at night getting high on Blood while discussing/humanity with his gf.
@fairhavendream 'The Fly' is directed by Rian Johnson who also directed Ozymandias and is directing the upcoming Star Wars films 8 & 9.Can somebody explain this? http://t.co/EH1t7OoR8n
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The new Jim Jarmusch is maybe his best film ever. See 'Only Lovers Left Alive' ASAP. Out on Blu. http://t.co/S6XGxJjEoY
@fairhavendream SBQ??? Betsey Brandt cookie?@LArtisanBaker ohhh yea I love Film. Love music too tho. Wes is the best.@dylan_aubuchon The actors playing Al and Mike look pretty spot on. Did you ever see 'Walk Hard?' Had some great Beatles/Pet Sounds gags.
The final episode of 'David The Gnome' was a real tear jerker. https://t.co/TNk9u8sE0WPaul Dano as #BrianWilson. https://t.co/TJsslsH7KrLOL JOHN CUSAcK AS BRIAN WILSONDefinitely need to buy this so I can never get laid ever http://t.co/ndyQAcZAMO
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipples@LArtisanBaker Birdman was good, better than past winners like The Kings Speech. Was glad to see a Grand Budapest pick up a few statues.
Parks finale > Office finale. #ParksFarewellCaesar Millan's standup is surprisingly on point. #NatGeoCommunity’s Rob Schrab will direct the Lego Movie sequel http://t.co/UpmfZyUIRL
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Hamlindago-Blue. #BetterCallSaulDogs > because https://t.co/bcdRLWJnkR
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipples@cosmicdebris87 the black Rick is iconic. Beatles all had em.@cosmicdebris87 Christopher Owens* plays the Mapleglo 620. Lennon had the 320. http://t.co/tmEOVlTe02@cosmicdebris87 I've allllwways wanted one. Id prefer the Fireglo or black finish but it's sold out. Christopher plays the Mapleglo 620.WANT http://t.co/iHvN4d1HZz
Erik Satie would be thrilled to learn his music was being used to sell McDonalds burgers. #Oscars@Eisentower30 that's from Season 2, bro.Hans Zimmer deserved that one... #OscarsMark Mothersbaugh composed music for at least 4-5 Wes Anderson films but was never nominated... #Oscarsmaking Wes Anderson history tonight at the #Oscars2015. #DissolveOscars #TheGrandBudapestHotelWhen the dog bites when the bee stings when im feeling sad I simply imagen that seinfeld today and then i dont feel so bad
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipplesdamn Scarlett looking fiiiiinneee #OscarsI bought 'Like Water For Chocolate' on CD back in 2000. #Common #Oscars2015Royal Tenenbaums was nominated for Best Screenplay but didn't win. #Oscars #WesAndersonFor the first time in history, a Wes Anderson film has received an Oscar. Took ya long enough, Academy. #GrandBudapestHotel #Oscarsthis is the year Social Network is going to FINALLY beat The Kings Speech. #Oscarslike an hour behind on this one but go Interstellar! #VisualEffects #2015OscarsRemember when Elliott Smith performed at the #Oscars? http://t.co/yrQnEdIn1oHOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 Could Really Use An #Oscars Win http://t.co/EQwkCFvJlW via @forbes by @ScottMendelson
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipples🌴🌞🌴 @ Carlsbad, California http://t.co/MRhHFBiqEG
Would you pay $100 dollars to see a symphony play music from Zelda? I'm considering it. http://t.co/FfMrInfURzCongress introduces bills to legalize marijuana on federal level: http://t.co/QLe5uxQb69 #marijuana #congress #thc http://t.co/C1Kanneama
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nippleshttps://t.co/VVItupNs11 http://t.co/fe6WkUqdbdSome timeless performances this year: J.K. Simmons in Whiplash, Ralph Fiennes in Grand Budapest, Keaton & Norton in Birdman - to name a few.fav films of 2015 in no order: Whiplash, Dawn of The Apes, Nightcrawler, Interstellar, Birdman, Guardians, Babadook, Inherent Vice, Budapest
hope Prince Harry and Emma Watson tie the knot.Missing this guy. #Angus #DogsOfSanDiego @ Point Loma, California http://t.co/R72FqKVnQxMore like Brian Enough with the ambient music.
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nippleswow, the inventor of 'Humblebrag' died of an overdose. #datshitcray
Preview of a new jam I'm working on. Also, having wayyyy too much fun with Apple TV. #music #producer http://t.co/5KgZaQHgDEMy new sound: Lunar Lover https://t.co/lgy7ZVwNYK on #SoundCloudMy two favorite shows are airing their final episodes this Spring. Gonna be one helluva of a ride to the end. #MadMen #Community
@formerselves thank you!
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipples"L.A. is the loneliest and most brutal of American cities." - KerouacIt's weird how many of my exes sent pictures of their dicks to other guys while dating me
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipples@JanieBryant sooo gooddat bridge tho @ Santa Ana, California http://t.co/AhpxulqmM6Cast of Mad Men looking fine in these new promo pics: http://t.co/r6yIiswGJW
...but Weiner has lied before. #justsayingWonder if the success of 'Better Call Saul' will inspire AMC to push for a 'Mad Men' spinoff. Weiner has said he's against the idea...It can't be tweeted enough http://t.co/oMUbBpNy8d
Retweeted by Laura Dern's NipplesJust had an amazing session with my Tenga Egg. Thanks @dylan_aubuchon. http://t.co/X2yCVrMFCKA fearless worker standing on the unfinished Golden Gate Bridge, 1935: http://t.co/ZFVoj2ppMd
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipples#BetterCallSaul walkabout in ep 103. If landscape familiar, it's near where Walt & Mike last met in #BB "Say My Name" http://t.co/oYVRIp2XL3
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipples
New Girl is to Community what Friends was to Seinfeldyou and me and the neiler makes 3
playing the Link DLC for Mario Kart 8. http://t.co/mFfI4kFbCSTaylor looks deeply unstoked to be the meat in this sandwich. RT @MarcSnetiker: WHAT. WAS. THIS. CONVERSATION. http://t.co/irX3XgoBZk
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipplespretty stoked to play Mario Kart tonight.
This is a film about the historical movement known as Romanticism - which helped make the modern world http://t.co/juqP3CrBWD via @YouTube
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Gillian Jacobs finally popped up in GIRLS last Sunday. They're building her up as Lena/Hannah's antagonist. #GirlsHBOThe Beatles’ hair evolution. http://t.co/F7vDgNbeSd
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipples@fairhavendream Ever check out the Breaking Bad insider podcast? Great insight from the creators/writers/editors.Scandals - Koko https://t.co/jQMBs3GhYM
Retweeted by Laura Dern's Nipplesunsatisfied with all the music i've made lately. working on some better new jams.Dusty In Memphis - 1969 - Atlantic http://t.co/FkOsVKpsQi
🎶 take time - with a wounded hand - cause it likes to sneil 🎶I successfully biked 250 miles down the coast of California and arrived at my destination in sunny San… http://t.co/yQ25XepZf0the only BrBa cameo I want to see is Gomie. #BetterCallSaulSaul reveals that Goodman isn't his real last name in Season 2 or 3 of Breaking Bad. They were thinking ahead.... #BetterCallSaul
burger grease on my right pant leg looks a lot like a jizz stain. #Travel"my orgies were legal"
@fairhavendream you know they're gonna cross paths. #cantwait #BetterCallSaul@fairhavendream Saul needs to cook meth@fairhavendream not a joke. http://t.co/zRbHUbkx6cSaul borrows Breaking Bad's 'Car as Soul' symbolism. He drives a shitty car called 'Esteem'.... #BetterCallSaullast time we see Saul in BrBa he says "From now on I'm Mr. Low Profile. If I'm lucky I'll be managing a Cinnabon in Omaha." #BetterCallSaulI'd still like to see @donaldglover as Spider-Man.Turns out MS Paint makes beautiful landscapes and nude portraits http://t.co/1rEv9iIyXn http://t.co/Wzqem50TiR
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