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It's time to audit @IPCC_CH members' airline flights: "climate scientists ... probably fly more than anyone else", but not @EricHolthaus!2of2 @IPCC_CH "including climate scientists, by the way, who probably fly more than anyone else" http://t.co/ZVn3p0u6dS Cc: @businessinsider1of2 @IPCC_CH per Cliff Mass: "... few folks are willing to make substantial sacrifices NOW to use radically less fossil fuels"@IPCC_CH how many of your author members fly in jets to "get deals done"? How often? Lead by example like meteorologist @EricHolthaus!It is sad Al Gore, who spends time in Silicon Valley (Apple BOD & @kpcb Partner), lacks imaginative use of super info hwy vs flying (C02)!Let's not let small world thinking stifle human creativity. Deals can be brokered via "infobahn" instead of flying http://t.co/kdj507EOzv@Nobelprize_org Let's use our imaginations to combat GHG warming. We need leaders who LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Use "super info highway" more often!@Nobelprize_org Al Gore flies to Hawaii to speak this week (carbon footprint). Meteorologist @EricHolthaus imposed a ban on self to not fly!@Nobelprize_org Al Gore drinks Hawaii coffee shipped to him (carbon footprint), @nntaleb drinks tap water, never food that's travelled.Al Gore said "He drinks only organic Hawaiian-grown coffee." What is carbon footprint to ship HI coffee to Gore? http://t.co/dS7IYWemuJ@nntaleb like @EricHolthaus lead by example. Taleb: "I only drink tap water, never consume food that’s travelled" http://t.co/M6KAVUklj4I don't buy argument Al Gore should broker (imaginary?) deals in person by flying in jets. Use Super Info Hwy! LEAD BY EXAMPLE like @nntaleb@businessinsider Time has come to audit @IPCC_CH members carbon footprints. How many fly / how often? Lead like meteorologist @EricHolthaus!@znmeb @businessinsider It's meteorologist @EricHolthaus who should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his courage to stop flying!@znmeb @businessinsider Nobel Prize winners like Gore: stop with the over-used memes: "innovative". Come back down to Earth and stop flying!@znmeb @businessinsider Hawaii killed eco friendly Superferry. Gore impressed with HI "innovative thinking". BS! http://t.co/fsejV58jl6@znmeb @businessinsider @sciam "A Solar Boom So Successful, It's Been Halted". Hawaii Electric had time to adapt grid http://t.co/pvxUr7mpVl@znmeb @businessinsider >90% of energy used in Hawaii for electric, sfc & air transport IMPORTED fossil fuels - oil! http://t.co/0jqWoRoXBO@znmeb @businessinsider Link to this press release announcing Gore visit and "innovative thinking" here: http://t.co/PvYaAuCUU5@znmeb @businessinsider Press release about Gore Hawaii visit: "I am continually impressed by Hawai‘i’s innovative thinking...," said Gore@jonathansfoster In the name of transparency, which offsets are those specifically, please? List somewhere? @businessinsider @ericholthaus@znmeb Is Al Gore attempting to bring the Hawaii Superferry back? Would that be worth him flying to HI for? @businessinsider @ericholthaus@znmeb What C02-reducing deal did Gore close (or trying to close) in Hawaii this week? Hawaii Electric oil? @businessinsider @ericholthaus(2 of 2) @letoams @jedisct1 OpenSSL is a "project" w/o structure like a Foundation. Also C lang is no longer fit for many purposes today.(1 of 2) @letoams @jedisct1 with the JVM, the world has a maintainer in Oracle, which has a vested interest in its ongoing success.@businessinsider Al Gore campaigning for local HI Dem friends? Linda Lingle started solar / clean energy initiative: http://t.co/dS7IYWemuJ@businessinsider Al Gore flew to HI to speak yesterday. How much C02 from flying? Why not stop flying like @EricHolthaus? Lead by example?@edfelten @sciam @letoams We may need non-NSA gov leadership on security, since private industry didn't step it up with OpenSSL Cc: @pmarcaHeartbleed shows lack of leadership on Net security. New @sciam piece by @realjoshkroll and me. http://t.co/VcO37RWuRn
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@chadblairCB IPCC AR5 suggests less certainty re GHG warming on hurricanes vs other weather i.e. heat waves / heavy rain Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Caution re: @algore attributing hurricane flux due to GHG warming. Former IPCC / NOAA's Chris Landsea http://t.co/gI6Q7YqsTy@chadblairCB Haiyan probably strongest landfalling observation but death toll is tricky (density of human population etc) Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Typhoon Haiyan "unprecedented" - is this your comment or Gore's verbatim? Cc: @EricHolthaus http://t.co/dS7IYWemuJ@pierre As billionaire can you commit to lead by example, no longer fly in C02 emitting jets, like courageous meteorologist @EricHolthaus?@pierre @CivilBeat Did Gore omit HI blew up Superferry? What is average cost of power for Hawaii residents working > 1 jobs? Affordability?@pierre Appreciate @CivilBeat coverage of Gore speech but need to ask tough questions about "innovative thinking" like loss of Superferry.@chadblairCB If courageous meteorologist @EricHolthaus can commit to not flying to reduce C02, so should @algore! LEAD BY EXAMPLE!@chadblairCB If Gore talk was mostly political campaign, why not drop in via satellite or Skype, like Ed Snowden TED talk? Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Did Gore omit Hawaii Electric power grid problems handling solar input? Lack of foresight / not innovative. Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Did Gore omit Hawaii Electric imports 90% fossil fuel + costs = $0.35/kWh? Average HI residential power bill? Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Did @algore (intentionally?) omit so-called "innovative thinking" which led to demise of Hawaii Superferry? Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Has anyone calculated carbon footprint of Gore flying to Hawaii? Why doesn't he lead like meteorologist @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Did Gore accept any questions from the audience? If so, was it restricted / limited? Cc: @EricHolthaus http://t.co/dS7IYWemuJ@nickgrube @algore @honolulugov What about letting Superferry die + Hawaii Electric burning 90% imported oil etc? Cc: @EricHolthaus@jonletman @nickgrube Really not a surprise. Look at the original press release announcing @algore to speak in Hawaii Cc: @EricHolthausStill thinking about how @algore's talk tonight sometimes felt like a stump speech for @SenBrianSchatz and @neilabercrombie.
Retweeted by hydro@algore "innovative thinking" my ass. What a crock of term-based politics business as usual per @brianschatz, et al. Cc: @EricHolthaus@EricHolthaus "Innovative thinking"? State of Hawaii politicians allow Hawaii Superferry to go bankrupt. http://t.co/j0J6UWI49O@EricHolthaus "Innovative thinking"? Hawaii Electric grid can't handle solar input. Bureaucracy & lack of planning! http://t.co/pvxUr7mpVl@ericholthaus Innovative thinking? Residential cost of electricity O'ahu = $0.35 per kilowatt hour (and rising)! http://t.co/pU6cxLnTec@ericholthaus "Over 90 percent of all the energy used in Hawaii for electricity ... from imported fossil fuels ..." http://t.co/0jqWoRoXBO@ericholthaus "I am continually impressed by Hawai‘i’s innovative thinking, from clean energy to water to transit" http://t.co/PvYaAuCUU5@ubnt is democratizing routers. Its time for old-school proprietary @cisco bullshit to either shape up or ship out!@ubnt per @schneierblog: "we're in for a security disaster as hackers figure out that it's easier to hack routers than computers"@ubnt you are right path with products like EdgeMAX. Router security to become even more important with time! https://t.co/tuByDsNz8G@ericholthaus @algore Oops, I made an obvious typo, I meant "'ban' on flying", not 'bad'. Though burning up fossil fuel while flying is bad!
@EricHolthaus Why can't @algore follow your lead: self imposed bad on flying? He has flown in to Hawaii this week. http://t.co/TwGExPIUkH@sourcetree Excellent! Thanks for pointing this out. This is great.@sourcetree or 2FA for any git repo for that matter (not just GitHub). If I roll my own git server, it would be cool to include 2FA!@sourcetree in light of #heartbleed is 2FA for Github possibly in the works for SourceTree? Is it doable (such as with Github API)?
@csoandy, Akamai should show leadership courage, co-found an OpenSSL Foundation. C lang no longer fit for purpose, rewrite OpensSSL!
@ikawnoclast Combine your tips in that 2012 blog post + Ice Floor 2 + Snort + OSSEC = OS X goodness against the kaiju (怪獣) baddies!@ikawnoclast Excellent post on OS X pf firewall: Avoiding known bad guys! Written 2012, its very applicable today! http://t.co/NXqDr0UTkc@matthew_d_green @ioerror @nickm_tor Its not just a matter of funding OpenSSL. What about courage to re-write? C lang paradigm is deprecated@nntaleb are you napping? As the "black swan" risk guru, I haven't see you commenting on #heartbleed, yet it probably poses risk > Y2K@cedge318 good suggestions, makes sense, thanks!@pmarca Langs like C with mem mgmt (malloc etc.) no longer fit for purpose. World changed, yet world is reactive to #heartbleed (no leaders)@pmarca software is "eating the world" yet no one in the Valley stepped up to re-write C-based OpenSSL (should have been trashed years ago!)#heartbleed / OpenSSL suffers considerably from PLOP (Place Oriented Programming), citing @richhickey Value of Values#heartbleed risk worse than Y2K. World needs to wake up to paradigm shift. See #clojure and The Value of Values http://t.co/TXnz1qxHiZ@lmoroney World reminded by #heartbleed some langs like C, no longer fit for purpose (memory & state mgmt, mutability, concurrency) #clojure
@pbeyssac @letoams Its not just IPv4 vs IPv6. We also have programming langs like C (OpenSSL) no longer fit for purpose (managing state etc)From OpenSSL source we have this x.509 bestoid example: m=OPENSSL_malloc(z); Made sense 20 yr ago, not today. Go #clojure! cc: @swannodetteOpenSSL = 2 decades old, C, uses malloc() etc. This is OLD paradigm, no longer fit. See @richhickey's Value of Values talk! Cc: @swannodette@arekdreyer see @schneierblog https://t.co/tuByDsNz8G Concerns about Apple Airport router proprietary "black box"! #security #heartbleed@arekdreyer Skip the Airport (see @Bruce_Schneier concerns about routers) and hope OS X / Server pf firewall is good enough (DMZ)? #security@arekdreyer Front a Mac server box running OS X 10.9.x with Server app 3.x with a current Airport Express / Extreme? In light of #security?Which IP stack model (RFC 1122) does Apple Airport use? DNS Rebinding? Cross Site Request Forgery? Cc @pschiller @Bruce_Schneier @arekdreyer@cedge318 Am not convinced Airport's NAT / port fwd is good enough at keeping out baddies. Airports also no longer offer syslog (bad Apple)!@cedge318 Is the adaptive firewall included with current OS X Server good enough to fend off nasties / intruders if a Mac server is DMZ'ed?@seriouspony @swannodette One of the takeaways from @EdwardTufte's course (which I took) is that people have different cognitive styles.
@fenrir @letoams People aren't likely to pay for / into "projects". If you want to be take seriously create a structure such as a Foundation@staypufd @swannodette @jmhullot Very cool. Did Franzen Common Lisp continue to ship with later versions of NeXTSTEP and OpenStep?@staypufd @swannodette These guys are some of the giants whose shoulders we stand on today: @jmhullot, @bserlet and @pixelsight
@DrewBarrymore Don't cry over #Godzilla movie. Godzilla to remind us to advocate C02 / methane reductions. Concern: limits of climate modelsCan climate models (with millions of lines of source code) handle feedback loops such as Arctic permafrost thaw? http://t.co/fRglVnZ8Nz@swannodette imagine task of maintaining *millions* of lines of source in a climate model (big headache, model owners don't like to mention)@swannodette NDC 2013 lecture: great point re: limits of ability to grok code, 20K max. I have big concerns about source of climate models.@swannodette Just watched your NDC 2013 lecture. Thank you! Didn't know @jmhullot's IB was Lisp. Very cool! Wish we had a REPL on NeXT then.@swannodette Congratulations on the new gig, announced today!@darkskyapp Probably content. TWC used to be a family-owned business (Landmark / Frank Battan). They have, sadly, lost their way. No vision.
Agree w/ @nntaleb, the world has bigger problems than high freq. trading. Sorry, @mcuban is not as bright as pop culture makes him out to be
Full basin super El Niño observations on record are sparse. Climate models suck predicting them. We don't know enough, we must be humble!@algore does NOT lead by example, he will fly to Hawaii to lecture. NASA: elites can not escape #Godzilla http://t.co/PDzbaQLiTJ @nntalebVaclav Smil: flying to Hawaii example of N. American energy consumption habit. What gives Al Gore privilege? http://t.co/fgOkDJw1Ru @nntaleb#Godzilla movie to remind us of "arrogance of man". Air pollution is not contained locally: http://t.co/lPDhMqfGdo Cc: @watanabe @nntaleb#Godzilla movie will be entertaining and educational to think about risk of ruin & precautionary principle (air pollution is not "local")@brianschatz Why not virtual town hall? Pipe high status Al Gore lecture via undersea fiber optic cable on super info highway? Cc: @nntaleb@brianschatz How much is Hawaii paying 'high status' Al Gore to lecture? What is Gore's carbon footprint to fly to Hawaii? Cc: @nntaleb@nntaleb IPCC says climate change = identifiable change in state e.g. by statistical tests. Is evidence too late? http://t.co/N0AIhgVBkZ
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