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David Oslin @hyperion5182 Wishing i was on the Normandy

Local Area Chairman Northampton County GOP. #OperationRinoHunt #Constitutionalist #N7Academy Shepards will rule 2014.

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@rockiwithani @SamiSuzie @jameegrey @TheWyllieScott @Isla_78 @MrZvonar #Rockiwithaspy at it again i see. #dotdotdot xD@JesicaIsSoSweet @UmassAlum28 @Welles19 Genocidal Whackjob.@MythBusters There are plenty more! #Carbusters cant wait to see this episode!Wow. Glenn is just destroying Ventura. This oughtta piss off the http://t.co/SbWaKXwE2s junkies.Anyone know if #SkipOffbaseless is gonna be on first Take today stabbing his broadcast partner in the back?@PolitiBunny Havent been able to buy any. Times are tough. hopefully they'll get better.@PolitiBunny Best as i can be without coffee in the morning. Trying to stay sane. =)@Hecate40 It was taxed by the bunny horde. They're getting ready for Wabbit Season. ;) Replacement is on the way!@PolitiBunny meh then! *nod*aaand hello to @Hecate40 :D how are you this wild turkey tuesday?@DocThompsonShow are we sure its not M.I.D? Mass Institute of Douches?@PolitiBunny You think they'd have the balls to do a cartoon like that about Mohammed?@DocThompsonShow hahaha@PolitiBunny and its as bad as it sounds.@PolitiBunny ooh you havent heard this one? They've got a new one coming up for their Adult swim Block. 'Black Jesus'@Politibunny I got lots of Douchebag of the week nominations @ESPN @cartoonnetwork @GovJVentura and there's still time!
Hey Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz. Bad idea doing that Sports Center Commercial.@mjselker Well if we want to be objective given our Govt's actions i would not be surprised if Mossad is eyeing DC differentlyIf you like beer follow @DarkHorseBrewCoOk. what will it take to get #DarkHorseBeer to put a distillery in the Lehigh Valley. These guys are awesome!@idrawrobots $$$ >.<I cant even fucking DRINK goddamn it.So i'm stuck with a lack of escape forced to sit and watch as everything flies apart...I try everything i can. Its not enough. It gets pounded into me its not enough...and my escapes are failing.I wish i knew what to do.... ugh.Sorry. I dont accept ESPN's decision. @stephenasmith and its telling that Skip is leaving you out to dry here. @ESPN_FirstTakeI hope you make ESPN sweat @stephenasmith next time contracts go around. If not call it a day with them. This was WRONG.I know @stephenasmith decided to apologize. But after this much time and what he did to get to that point?@ESPN wants to cave to the progressives and not adopt the balls of Disney's movies well it can get no ratings from me!@FirstMate1060 @GolanMay About a week after Levin made the CASE for that statement. #Behindthetimes. That isnt rhetoric. THATS FACT!@PolitiBunny I'm nominating @ESPN for Douchebag of the week. And further will not be watching MNF this season.Extremely Shitty Progressive Nutcases has suspended @stephenasmith glad i stopped watching 2 years ago.Make no mistake @stephenasmith was just suspended by ESPN. Or He just resigned and ESPN is trying to cover it up. Its ABC/Disney after all@PolitiBunny @Patriot_Musket @The_Gipsy_King @SouthernKeeks Be careful. Or he might take the one with the Carrot on the end. ;)@EricAmey2 @WorldOfStu I'd rather have an induction of @GovJVentura into the #DoucheHallOfFame#DonutBeer someone do this!Co-Founder of Free Gaza Movement says not enough rockets have been fired at #Israel RE https://t.co/eEPORPLkXH http://t.co/ei2ljFN7dN
Retweeted by David Oslin> @Mariapalestina < advocating for genocide of the Jewish people. #SiegHeil much Herr Orbist?Hey Ohio YOU STILL WANT BONEHEAD!?LOSER @SpeakerBoehner http://t.co/WYGWDcVxxm
Retweeted by David Oslin@PolitiBunny I've blocked that infowars nutcase already. #datdudeapunk.@GaltsGirl Pour me a Triple. Its been that kind of day.Blah blah blah Keep thinking about that TriLateral commission and insulting fine people @Wayward_AtheistExtremely Shitty Progressive Nutjobs are at it again suspending @stephenasmith from ESPN Radio and TV.ESPN announced today that Stephen A. Smith will not appear on First Take or ESPN Radio for the next week.
Retweeted by David Oslin@PzFeed They just killed the show if thats thecase. I gotta believe Smith may have Resigned. WOW.@Jay_Severin The rate i know about is 80 kill ratio.....And better yet. Dont screw with my followers and friends.I take from George S Patton school of addressing people. Dont like it? Dont follow. =)Well >@Wayward_Atheist< is a fucktarded lunatic who is probably an http://t.co/SbWaKXwE2s alex jones cocksucking cabana boy.@Montel_Williams The thing that gets me the most is this..Montel Is a sick man... He has MS.. And he Is working 23 hours a day for the VA!
Retweeted by David OslinSimply tweet me what you like about #AmericanMuscle and retweet the autographed #BarwisT. Good Luck and God Bless! http://t.co/uOVDX05eev
Retweeted by David Oslin@BarwisMethods Honestly. Your Intensity. You really bring your methods to life with it. The celebs are secondary compared to your intensity.@american_muscle Noo! This is a great show! Keep showing episodes!Yep. House does nothing on VA. Bill is a flat out JOKE! http://t.co/EwXWU01nU4 via @theblazeTry this out for defamation @GovJVentura: You are a reprehensible human being.
Retweeted by David Oslin@RRRawlings Daaaam. That was close.I'm telling you right now. Israel has plans for dealing with our government if we do not clean it up. They dont consider us friends any moreA jury of true lunatics inflicted another injury upon the country and real vets that served today.You are not worth my time. @dem_apples You'd rob from a widow of an assassinated decorated sniper.#JesseVentura won!? WHO THE FUCK WAS ON THAT JURY ALEX JONES CLONES!?@Jay_Severin Is there a difference between the two for conservatives? #RememberMississippiwell @Jay_Severin So we get 2 years of that weak ass joke Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader?A Mississippian's Reply to Ann Coulter http://t.co/QcwVKEBit9 via @wordpressdotcom #Bitchslapping in progress. Love this article!@DrMartyFox @ChuckCJohnson @MSConDaily Can you be surprised? She backed McConnell in TN. She's a Shill for the establishment.Not doing something because its hard is the HIGHEST form of COWARDICE! @FrozenChaps @PolitiBunny @SpeakerBoehnerAre you... so completely ignore what he's done. @FrozenChaps @PolitiBunny @SpeakerBoehner@PolitiBunny and by the way this guy >@SpeakerBoehner< Backpfeifengesic!!!@PolitiBunny @SpeakerBoehner Oh it gets worse. Buck Sexton just made the case that we shouldn't give a damn about it either.History will say this age was an apathetic people. They were consistently run over and a small vocal minorty barely kept the republic alive.I'm pretty disappointed right now to what i'm hearing.....*sigh*Oktoberfest at SteelStacks to have free admission for first time this year http://t.co/RqgwrpngOP
Retweeted by David OslinMy question stands. I hope for an answer.With respect @BuckSexton Fuck The Media. And punch anyone wiling to call you that in public. Because those are fighting words.I gotta ask. @BuckSexton If we do not impeach. Do you believe we can be redeemed in the eyes of god and history?@BuckSexton He has said that. Its one of the reasons i want him gone. He is part of the SUPERPARTY.Welcome to both @theMRC and @cnsnews my two latest followers! :DIts great to get follows. But when someone with that blue checkmark follows its a whole different feeling.Holy cow. My Blue list keeps getting larger. @theMRC Is now a follower. #Honored. Welcome aboard!@TheBlazePhilly How goes? #TheBlazeLV@FiveRights Well he is smashed potato face.Also as a reminder @Dropbox is a great service. If you dont use it yet. Consider starting =)#Whatilernedtoday Backpfeifengesic is gonna get used at committee meetings this week.@stuntbrain Gonna use that This weekend on #PureOpelka?Caption: I know you're in there! You got 3 seconds or i'm coming in! Damn Commies! @JeffRaykovich @PolitiBunny #patriotbunnyhahahaha @DocThompsonShow Teaching his audience a good one today. Thats gonna get used a bunch.
Actually @TheBlazeRadio I'm not so sure @JeffyMRA its not like he's gonna be naked on air....right?Our Automated Purring Device is A Rescue.I really do believe if everyone owned a cat the world would be better off.@PolitiBunny o.o. #NO They're fluffy automated purring devices dropped by god to help people! xD@StarCoreOne02 Just found it. Just Dropboxed it onto my kindle.Love these guys. @Dropbox Great service.And if you gotta go big. It can go big.With about 2 gigs of free storage You can relay all sorts of pictures and documents between your devices. Very useful.If you dont have it already i recommend it especially if you are a heavy mobile user like i can be. http://t.co/O0JEvn1QKP great service.Drop Box is on my Kindle finally. That will make relaying things significantly easier.It gives me heart that @GalGadot would stand up so strongly for Israel in against a govt that wishes to see it burn. OURS@StarCoreOne02 @Reince @sleepywizard Thank you i'll look for itLets be clear #FixTheHouse would involve the resignation about 90% of it.
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