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@convert_trader no. But it sure looks that way@glennbeck has found his chainsaw today. BE AFRAID PROGGIES be very afraid #bunnyarmy@blogilates Psh. You did 1000 squats in one string. They're getting off light.
@ScreedofChucky @PolitiBunny We've been hoping for that one of these days...@PolitiBunny Still Fluffy. =)How about @DaisyBuddysMom you go back to your plans of enslaving your neighbor and fuck off. @TheXclass @PolitiBunny @KentAtwater@PolitiBunny @KentAtwater Better be some twitter bashing too! The #BunnyArmy needs to roll in some fucking tanks!Its nice to have a small connection to the #MCU. Even if it is only on a day.Waitaminute... The Character of Skye/Daisy has my goddamn birthday? HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA@PolitiBunny @FoundersGirl 3 people on register for a car giveaway. And i gotta do 8+ today. MEH! >.<@PolitiBunny @FoundersGirl that Twerpdouche can shove her own foot up her own ass. #agreed. How goes your Sundaypunday bunny? =)@charliekirk11 @1MedicMom We effectively live in a Dictatorship DISGUISED as a Republic.@charliekirk11 @1MedicMom Its called we live in a Single Party Farce. We do not live in a republic. We do not live in a free country.@HouseCracka and instead of remaining peaceful they pull crap like this. UGH@HouseCracka A man was brutally murdered in a way even most psychopaths dont go. BY THE POLICE it appears...@HouseCracka damn it. Why the fuck do they always have to blunt the message...@matthoade I'd rather smack it out with them if you know what i mean.Good morning everyone!If leadership could hold up vote for leverage on legislation they could have stopped it to, you know, support the Constitution. They didn't
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinAfter 20 Republicans joined with Democrats to give green light to the final vote, which needed only 51 votes, it was over folks.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinCruz said R's should not vote to cut off debate and go to a final vote. 20 R's did. Leadership wanted her to be confirmed. It's that simple
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinCruz said GOP leadership should not bring her to the floor. They did.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinCruz said the Republicans should stop her in committee. They didn't.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinIt's for them to explain why they would vote to shut off debate and allow her to be confirmed. Cruz said to stop her at every step
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinSince I've been offline I see there has been cont'd debate on Lynch. 20 R's who voted yes for cloture paved way for her confirmation. Simple
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny @penguinman2 @samfromthetrap Rawr
My direct top boss just gave me her endorsement for a transfer. That makes me feel a lot better on what I am doing@PolitiBunny Tch. I dont want to tick you off but FNC... Meh. #Hugabunny@scrowder @PolitiBunny If he'd actually come out as an Independent Conservative everyone would be REALLY apoplectic@TheDailyBabble And until people are willing to accept we live in a farce and not a true republic it will not change. #AmericaisaFraud@TheDailyBabble See thats the thing. We dont have the majority. We never did. The Single Party Farce still controls everything.@WayneDupreeShow @PolitiBunny @DavidJohnGarth @dave_usmc @2009superglide Ok you two. Squirt guns at 10 paces!@PolitiBunny @lightcrosser69 @shorty8664 @SlickeryTrigger Break their jaw first! With a chainsaw sledge!@EmilyBett No i smack my Robot Overlords. >.< #FreedomFinally getting caught up on #Arrow. Something says @EmilyBett is going to have an interesting season 4. #Oracle?@TheBlazeRadio @glennbeck @theblaze These guys know this should be the Fusion of Bunnies and Chainsaws #HiretheBunny @PolitiBunny@PolitiBunny @AuburnJulia @CalkinsMark @MarineReconDad @marshallpalmer5 @Soldier1eaODGrn Well Being a Chainsaw Wielding Rabbit has its perksGetting fucking tired of pulling knifes out of my back every goddamn night coming home from work.
@TammaraMaiden1 @PolitiBunny @Attaphia @heatherbelle585 @micahsgrrl @TheXclass @tinaissa waaa waaa poor little derp@TammaraMaiden1 @PolitiBunny @Attaphia @heatherbelle585 @micahsgrrl @TheXclass @tinaissa ya know when the bunny calls you a bitch. Rethink.@skiplacombe I might call in on Monday to expound on this one. Because Rand Paul is a fucking SNAKE. #NOTTHATGUY@skiplacombe Glenn tried to get him to admit that on air. Rand Never said it then i dont believe he has any now.@PolitiBunny @GameOnJD @ScotsFyre @AaronWorthing @SlickeryTrigger @TheBatriarchy @dave_usmc @izzyjsmom @PastorFrisbie Tyvm Bunny!@bfinstock @yesnicksearcy That's an insult!!! To Tonya and Jeff.Well the #WonderfulWorldofStu WAS on Saturdays at 10 PM.....Having more money in my checking account than predicted=Winning. Having a new Samsung Tablet=More Winning.Oh and as a reminder Hug the Fluffy things. Then Fluff up the things you've hugged. =) #Hugabunny Start with hugging @PolitiBunny xDYou all know who i follow by now. I only follow the best. Click on my Followers list and pick up anyone you aint following =) #FFAnyone else notice the @PolitiBunny is using the Automatic Chainsaw launcher today?If you pray. Keep me in your prayers today. I could have incredible personal news today.A corrective experience with legitimate journalism @kellyandmichael #dianesawyer #kellyandmichaelhttps://t.co/9CViIKdJdE
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny *Tags the bunny* You're It! *Runsaway*....@glennbeck Is backing my position on Rand Paul? TODAY IS AWESOME!@PolitiBunny @Artist_Angie @HollyFisher723 d'awww@tonyheally Hey. Seriously. Thanks for @CuteEmergency and @EmrgencyKittens there times i dont get through a day without seeing those.@Politibunny @SigVictorious butbutbut 'You're an idiot, Bitch' Is so much more satisfying.@PolitiBunny Considering Getting a Rand Paul Voodoo Doll. >.< Need to find an apt sooner than later...Still hoping to make #Dream15...@PolitiBunny Hai2u Sam Hows you this evening?
In Soviet America, the NSA seizes computers fresh off the assembly lines, plants spyware in them, and sends them to customers.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@AZAustin43 #DefundTheGOP Cruz needs to run as an independent.In Soviet America, the govt sends agents to churches hoping to revoke their tax exempt status for merely preaching their beliefs.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinIn Soviet America, the govt targets you for audit because you disagree with the president.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@DB_COOPER79 it should be a hash tagIn Soviet America, Republicans joined Democrats to give govt the power to seize your assets to fund the next inevitable bailout.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinIn Soviet America, Republicans joined Democrats in giving POTUS the power to unilaterally target and detain American citizens w/o charges.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinTo be as clear as possible: RAND PAUL #NOTTHATGUY I will vote third party if he is the nominee.@LibertarianView no no he is not the best we got. He is is willing to compromise all principles to get elected. Just ask McConnell.@WayneDupreeShow you are understating matter. 2016 will be as corrupt an election as Tammany Hall or Athens Georgia post ww2@mskimrose not surprised he is that disgusted with the chain of events.@NormaConnors He maybe. Have not checked in yet@NormaConnors @texasmcmanus @JohnCornyn read the tweet thread. He was in the first tweet I responded to@gt_rman he sold the entire fucking country down the river #notthatguy@NormaConnors not in that state. Rand Swung that primary and general. If he endorsed Bevin HE WOULD BE A SENATOR.@gt_rman not even all constitutional candidates. McConnell is weak and Rand Paul made sure he stayed in. THIS IS ON HIM@Lg4Lg and who made sure McConnell returned in the first place? RAND PAUL@NormaConnors @texasmcmanus @JohnCornyn he is the reason Matt Bevin is not a Senator.@NormaConnors @texasmcmanus @JohnCornyn AND he got no interference from the Kenfucky GOP in running for both senate and white house.@NormaConnors @texasmcmanus @JohnCornyn he backs McConnell in primary got a well paying job for bro in law. AND (1/2)@texasmcmanus @JohnCornyn oh I am not. But he has a role that CANNOT be ignored.@Deberra @tommyhubb You make DAMN sure Rand Paul is on that list no matter how he voted HEY KENFUCKY STILL GLAD YOU REELECTED MCCONNELL??@TroothBooth @cinders1313 @mackette52 @teaparty fucking a right #DefundTheGOP@texasmcmanus @JohnCornyn and what about Rand Paul whose backroom deals with McConnell made sure the majority leader stayed?!?!?@TheBlazeNOW THIS IS ON #SENATORRANDPAUL@glennbeck I would say that Ted Cruz would go independent on a Jeb Bush backdoor deal to win the Primary.@annmcelhinney @yesnicksearcy @FergusonThePlay #PANTSUPDONTLOOT@PolitiBunny Why do you even subject yourself to that... #Hugs =s@TheRealPatriot1 @glennbeck No. Seriously. He is.No they're not @glennbeck They're not citizens. They're subjects the COPS are considered Citizens.@glennbeck Is channeling the rage that lies within the Citizenry right now.One of these days the #BunnyArmy is going to have to invade the #MBNerfHerd it shall be glorious. #WhatilearnedtodayWow. @stuntbrain Laying it on pretty thick today. XDGetting Coffee. Then CrazinessSo Kal's Slapp of the week...God i must go to sleep. Good night.@PolitiBunny @TheDailyEdge I'd say that kind of douchebaggery is something born into them.@3Quarters2Day Honey Badger. Piss him off he's all over you.@SirDanMur @47Patriots Truth be told i fear Never. But i hope for 2016...otherwise it will be by blood.@PolitiBunny Snaaaap. #BunnyArmy you're being called to arms! #FreeKentAtwater@SeldenGADawgs @PolitiBunny @KentAtwater @Support Is twitter actively begging for a conservative alternative to appear? WTF
Now. Due to going home from work i missed @PolitiBunny but i'll catch her podcast, and her too! #hugabunny
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