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Local Area Chairman Northampton County GOP. #OperationRinoHunt #Constitutionalist

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#Hulkbusterbunny Agreed...agreed... @PolitiBunny @PointlessPol @WAARadio @HarrietBaldwinIts about time to curl up with your favorite fluffy thing and call it a night. =) Mr Bunny is probably waiting on @PolitiBunny #gotobed xDPsh. Dem Bunnies. Stop buying the art supplies and start buying more chainsaw parts! #Ebaytellsall ;)@jesie_ann @Jesse_sDad He might not have a strategy. The american people do....I hope @marklevinshow tears @seanhannity a new asshole for letting that bastard Paul Ryan guest host.If i wasnt banned from the http://t.co/I5k75iKiNc forums today's show would have gotten me for sure. RINO in chief Paul Ryan guest hosting!?@RightWingArt i am still hoping @DocThompsonShow and the rest of the morning blaze crew has bombarded Sean's Lines trying to get in today.Coming 2U soon! 9/23 9pm #ABC RT@SHIELDRadio: Ruh-Oh! #AgentsofSHIELD Billboard in L.A. updated! @clarkgregg http://t.co/rU9vSC7VZv
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinThere's only one method for dealing with Isis. Both in the middle east and our own country.BREAKING: The President announced today that he doesn't have a fu*king clue on how to deal with ISIS.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinI wonder if Israel will act unilaterally in the face of this most recent disgrace by the Obama Administration.@AP @JohnG00die Ukraine is wishing it'd never given up its nuclear weapons and we are a disgrace.Anyone who says bad contact is better than No Contact does not know what they're talking about.Now if you're an NFL player you're supposed to be a Committed Bachelor or perfectly subserviant.Rodger Goodell screwing down even tighter on NFL players. you are about to see a MASSIVE amount of high profile divorce cases.If you never knew http://t.co/7Xr3sTkoEM
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@ROCKInTheUSSA @gamma_ray239 @Fitzzer777 Sorry. I'm not giving them room to manuver.@stigquotes Some say he fought Chuck Norris and won.@gamma_ray239 @Fitzzer777 He's an open isis supporter. Therefore in my eyes a Traitor and a terrorist in waiting. Glad he's down there.Holy cow. @ChrisSalcedoTX You're firing on all cylinders.@ClarkGregg Tell us the truth, do you have 'the gun' on a rack in the living room?Happy Thursday, @WolfforPA. Are you going to share your plan to address PA's $47 billion state pension crisis with voters today?
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@DavidJMadeira Rather you talk about #Truthy (If i missed you talking about that sorry in advance. Tons of tweets.)@MythBusters The Departure of Kari Torrie and Grant. =s #farewellI keep knocking on enough doors i might just end up employed again. Getting these interviews says i have a chance at least.I'm in a corner. But i aint done yet.The man i talked to yesterday even suggested i have a part time job to have as a backup in the process of getting their thing going.Interview scheduled. Yesterday went well. But that's a long term deal and not an immediate cash in hand prospect.@Hecate40 Warframe's a game. They just added a Scarf (They call them Sydanas or something) Named Hecate. >.<@hyperion5182 like a true Jersian, I hate everyone! Especially when driving... Plus, Bruce & Bon Yovi are nothing to me #WhatILearnedToday
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Hecate40 so apparently you're a Fancy Scarf over in Warframe. Just thought you'd like to know.I'm not so sure the Market is 'fake' any more. But its definitely no longer tied to Unemployment.#Whatilearnedtoday Haters gonna hate IE @DocThompsonShow and @skiplacombe. And the @BuckSexton keeps on rolling along. ;)@rockiwithani @BuckSexton Like i said. We both need mugs THAT big. its a BIIIIIG donut. XD@andrewpcurrier Saw that last night. Excellent news.@rockiwithani @BuckSexton but can it accomidate a Round Rock?@rockiwithani @BuckSexton Psh. I use a 20 oz. But honestly. We both need the one that can accomidate the texas donut. ;)Thank you @stuntbrain finally someone speaking some common sense when it comes to hamburgers! @DocThompsonShowMaybe that should be his new name. OwSharpton.For the record @PolitiBunny means TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL @connorjstinson Just so we're crystal clear on that. ;PYou really sent an article from Think Progress as a viable source? Pardon me for a minute... LOLOLOLOLOL @connorjstinson @AlanJSanders
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinGrasswire reporting Russia has staged a full scale invasion of the Ukraine....its begun.@iSheeple1 @tickerguy [sarcasm] inflation what's that!? There is no such thing![/sarcasm]So @DocThompsonShow if Paul Ryan is actually gonna Host Hannity today are you gonna call in?Tch. Sorry to say @TheWeldingRoom but the fact is the People's Republik of New Jerksey is shamed by far more than that show.@RJFirearms Last day i'm following you guys. Hope this gets resolved. And if proven true. People belong in prison.So #DeathBattle wants to do Batman vs Captain America. If we stick to the same rule as the Spidey fight. I still go with bats.
Soon, folks. Soon. All I can say for now. #BeReady
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinI got : Conquering Warlord! How would you fare in a post apocalyptic world? http://t.co/51TFcZfXBA via @play_buzzSo @marklevinshow Will you put your life and career on the line and call for the action that is left to us in the face of what you're sayingThis is all well and good to listen to @marklevinshow But you know as well as i do this will bypass even article 5.Mark Levin is ON it tonight.Now that i've had a chance to calm down... *whew*Best interview i've had in a while. I think there might be a future for me in that business...@PolitiBunny hahahahahaha@CuteEmergency where...where can i get one? o.o *glomps*Et tu @PolitiBunny ;P@Artist_Angie @PolitiBunny you might want to think twice. ;) But no i dont.Free speech is dying right before our very eyes.... http://t.co/wkeVw7UCey
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinEnd the IRS!!! << Republicans should be running on this and talking about it everyday and everywhere! #tcot @NRCC @Reince #Winning!
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinRove would of supported Saruman as a moderate. Rove has no desire to repeal Obamacare. Wants to fix it. #crushrove #teaparty
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinHave you heard of "Truthy"? This is a mechanism for the Feds to monitor what YOU say on @twitter. Suppression of free speech is what it is.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinThis is straight out of the dictatorship playbook. Effectively the US 'ministry of TRUTH' *Pukes* http://t.co/yix2onb22SPlease retweet this.... we cannot allow this to happen: http://t.co/wkeVw7UCey
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Csinaco @sunnyherring1 They're going to provoke a reaction if they dont pursue this to the full.@sunnyherring1 @Csinaco and they're not calling it a hate crime. Disgusting.@PolitiBunny @Artist_Angie hahaha =)@cnsnews Let me guess they're screaming RACISTHaha! Twitter didnt screw with that at leastI gotta test something. Hope this workstry and fail. but don't fail to try.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@skiplacombe Psh. You and Doc just have weird tastes in Hamburgers.@rockiwithani Psh. Sounds like we gotta deflate it a bit. (Wonder if he's actually using the real crown...)#IStandWithBK but going to #BoycotSherrodBrown @SenSherrodBrown
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinHey @QuantumFlux1964 You win the Morning twitter. =)#IStandWithBK Because I support American JOBS! So I'm going to #BoycotSherrodBrown @SenSherrodBrown
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinRecord 87,897,000 Americans Not in the Labor Force http://t.co/aPKVOofh . Tweet this all day to C-span. They don't see it. @cspanwj #p2
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslinagreed @DocThompsonShow >@JoeNBC< is a flaming liar.You and your avatar switches @PolitiBunny this one looks just a little creepier than the others. Getting into that Halloween mode? xDI'm having a Whopper and fries for lunch. Who's with me? #VanillaOrStrawberryShake ? #WhatILearnedToday
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin#IstandwithBK because i'd go for lower taxes too. I want to move myself to texas over taxes and jobs.@CuteEmergency Krypto! *hugs*#Memeganda http://t.co/m0vCoH7EBs
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin#WhatILearnedToday Burger King didn't abandon America...@DocThompsonShow America abandoned Burger King. #WarOnBusiness @skiplacombe
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinThe "Truthy" effort will be run by Soros funded Media Matters, http://t.co/PM39lOW4Qd, & other leftist organizations. Shameful.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinActually @DocThompsonShow I'd rather boycott US taxes if you know what i mean.Millions of Americans receiving subsidies from OCare will have part of their tax refund seized by the IRS next spring http://t.co/VRVpwW3q3L
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinIf you think US govt needs to control speech more, you really don't get what USA is all about.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@JeffRaykovich How about a Ministry of Truth straight out of Babylon 5. *Headdesk*
@mouselink No thank you. I Do not need to be spied on that much. #ClassicsOrNothing#FastNLoud was the No. 1 show in Cable last night and the No. 2 show in TV after the Emmys! GYSOT! http://t.co/hvbNOj2QgR
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinHey @DocThompsonShow Paul Ryan is supposed to fill in for Sean Hannity on Thursday. Sneak your way in?Who else likes Tony Luke's? She can't be alone! RT @lecavaliyay: does anybody else like Tony Luke's? i feel like i'm the only one who does.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinHey @TonyLukes how does one go about getting hired for your new store up in Allentown?!Good lord.The hell she is. She wants people to vote party party party and damn the consequences! @WayneBogda FUCK THAT! #REMEMBERMississippi!Will you join us in calling for the repeal of the 16th amendment? --> http://t.co/riyNZzh30k #tcot #teaparty
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@WayneBogda @Patriotic_Me @healthandcents Come to me when you actually go to a GOP committee meeting.NO. Speak Strongly in BOLD Colors! STOP PUSSY FOOTING AROUND AND CALL A SPADE A SPADE! @KeithSavage1875
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