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Local Area Chairman Northampton County GOP. #IchooseHope #Letstellourstory #Constitutionalist Gamer. #MechPilot #americandreamlabs

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I finished the "Special Det..." task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/OINyrE25zD #Androidgames #Android #GameinsightI finished the "Shortage" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/kaPU8bcVff #Android #Androidgames #Gameinsight@PolitiBunny @Dr_Vahn Us members of #TeamFooFoo are all about #BunnyJustice@PolitiBunny ....*wishes he wasnt broke* =s@PolitiBunny They are not teaching. They're Indoctrinating. #HomeschoolHey #ferguson and #HandsupDontShoot #PantsupDontLoot Cowardly fucking scumbags.Wow. Thanksgiving upped the stupidity quotent by like... 340% @PolitiBunny @cyruspavel@hyperion5182 @PolitiBunny Stihl dealers come to her house for deals.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinI finished the "Good Bargain" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/wnG9VsMfK2 #Gameinsight #Android #Androidgames@Daggy1 Especially if that coffee is @APRcoffee *nodnod*So. Anyone wondering if @PolitiBunny is at the Sthil dealer for a black friday deal? ;)@RepJeffDuncan At least its black friday and not thanksgiving. Sometimes the deals are that good.
@PolitiBunny @GranTweets2 @PointlessPol @Artist_Angie @atm_show @izzyjsmom @gberardelli =)@PolitiBunny @Artist_Angie @PointlessPol @atm_show @izzyjsmom @staffordvoice @gberardelli @GranTweets2 d'awww *blush*I got a reward: Explorer in BigBusiness Deluxe for Android http://t.co/FBBFnDwQdd #Gameinsight #Androidgames #AndroidI finished the "Citizens' H..." task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/yH00thsQOY #Gameinsight #Androidgames #AndroidDon’t Force People to Work on Thanksgiving. Shop the Sales Later - http://t.co/zGnuiOpShQ http://t.co/DIeFsJNn1M
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinLooking at Facebook was probably the wrong decision. GOP leadership wants to cave, and idiot tweets abound. *Shrug*@MeganPSweeney @Eagles I hate the cowboys but Learn some history My Dear.And you believe cheering one of the symbols of 1930's progressivism that is currently killing us is a GOOD IDEA?! @MeganPSweeney @Eagles....Really? We have an Obamunist governor incoming and i live in a gerrymandered district with an obamunist rep. @MeganPSweeney (1/2)@Fredazislaranjo @superpixelchris As much as i would have prefered citizens standing up themselves. This has gone on long enough.The electronic sales for the games i play are gonna drive me a bit crazy. I dont get paid until next Friday.Santa, Kindly old elf, or CIA Spook. - CalvinI finished the "Citizens' H..." task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/Q6IvDw03pS #Gameinsight #Androidgames #Android#MentionPeopleYouAreThankfulFor @Isheeple @PolitiBunny @puertotexan @rockiwithani @Hecate40 @HeidiL_RN And many many others. #HugI'm thankful & humbled 2 b in the presence of these great 1s: @exjon @iowahawkblog @PolitiBunny @charlescwcooke @DLoesch @Cameron_Gray ❤️ ❤️
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny @AshPnX This derp...*sigh*@PolitiBunny agreed. #Hugabunny #hugsomething @gmebrat @poppycollins @mark_my_words@yobynnad1127 @MikeRumbo66 He's lucky. In that situation in some states people are allowed to draw guns.I learned if eating Turkey today is wrong i dont want to be right. #Whatilearnedtoday #WaronTofurkyI finished the "Good Bargain" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/Zfs3Zic9Os #Androidgames #Android #GameinsightYep that's: Chuck U Schumer. Stupor Penis. alright. @Chris_1791 @DailyCaller@LeahWyatt3 @Shimmyfab @Talkmaster Indoctrination Centers. Get it right.And it seems we have a bit of snow here as well. =)Stuffed mushroom caps, Football. Turkey, and i dont have to be into work until 2 tomorrow.Gonna be a fun day off.Slappy Spanksgiving....waitaminute that doesnt look right. Happy Thanksgiving. Ah there we go.I finished the "Great news" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/7MGoZi0iXv #Gameinsight #Android #AndroidgamesWell he's blocked. I cant be made to care other than he's ticked you off again. @PolitiBunny #hugsYou people really need to think about who you follow on twitter. It really can say a lot about you. There are people worth blocking.Yeah. But i am surprised by who is actually following this nutjob. @PolitiBunny @harrygato @Jesse_sDadYeah i'm going into house cleaning mode. I dont need that noise. @PolitiBunny @Jesse_sDadI do not care about my follower and following count enough to have anyone who follows @/PaulReverePress following me. End of discussion.Tomorrow morning i'm doing some house cleaning. And if you follow both of us. You're not following me by end of business tomorrow.If you guys who follow me and follow @/paulreverepress after tonight still feel the need to follow both. I'll make your choice easy. Dont.@PolitiBunny @Jesse_sDad I'll be honest with you. 500 of my followers follow him. I'm tempted to block every one of them.I find it hillarious i have this guy blocked and he still tweets me. @PolitiBunny @MikeEaster @ItsStillDanThat be a headshot from @PolitiBunny when she breaks out the sniper rifle all bets are off people #DontpissoffthebunnyHe's a fucking progressive trying to give a bad name to conservatives. @PolitiBunny @ItsStillDan @PaulReverePressIf they dont follow HIS way on conservatism he sees them as a threat. He's no conservative. @PolitiBunny @ItsStillDan @PaulReverePress@PolitiBunny #GergWCoward needs a couple kicks in the face but Eh. I've had him blocked for years the dumb twitdouchenozzle.He is a true douchebag. Glad i got away from him #GergWCoward is just a dumb fool. @0embarc0 @PolitiBunny @PaulReverePressYou never cease to amaze me with the weight of your ignorant faggotry, @PaulReverePress. Step on a fucking lego, counterfeit POS.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin
I've reached level 13 in Big Business Deluxe for Android http://t.co/hXbBpJjC7a #Android #Androidgames #GameinsightI finished the "Shortage" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/n6zHv0ys9X #Androidgames #Gameinsight #Android@PolitiBunny Inorite? *patpat*Soros sips his brandy, gently pets the white cat on his lap, and picks up the phone: "Miss Jarrett, please arrange for more riots."
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinI wasnt sure #TheFlash could get any better. Mind=Blown.Yep. Its Tempus Fugit. Holy SHIT.@DLoesch @hyperion5182 @scdorn @DanaPerino @isabelledaniel @funnyfries @bowsandboyss @elephantbabee @EvaShockey http://t.co/wEg8CQALsy
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinCatching Replay of #Flash. Did i just see Tempus Fugit?!I'd say snake but that'd make her a Cannibal. @PolitiBunny @TFinn82 @papierhache @sgtj0n @rachelllpitts @jaushouse @ScotsFyreI got a reward: Clerk in BigBusiness Deluxe for Android http://t.co/gd5R0emVaN #Androidgames #Android #GameinsightSo if things go bad. you know what happened. I'm heading into work now because its THAT bad here.so my boss says the main roads are fine and i should get into work today. i got a half an inch already on my street.She lies. Her major was in Chainsaws with a minor in liberal slapping. @PolitiBunny @CaptianCarry @bostonrandy @DrFred57 @Patriot_GrlBut this is why i keep my blaze sub active.Signal loss with Dish. Snow isnt heavy enough to be removed from the dish so we're just gonna have to wait.Accumulation on the roads confirmed. If this keeps up i may be calling out regardless of what work says.DYK that @BarackObama’s net neutrality will leave you with this? http://t.co/8pCW2gKOXN http://t.co/1d3XP0sKtd
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@dmon4ever @NylaTai 90? I've heard 150.Hope my job makes its decision soon. I want to start game playing if i'm off. XD#hugasnowbunny @PolitiBunny #hugashoehater @Hecate40 #Hugaspai @rockiwithani #hugalostlamb @puertotexan (She likes the cowboys.) ;)Closings are going out locally now for schools and colleges. If you live in Eastern PA i recommend calling your jobs to see what is going on@PolitiBunny @Patriot_Grl @APLMom @GPollowitz @bostonrandy Yeah. And facebook is only worse =/@puertotexan @NWSHouston Yeah. But i may not have to go into work for today and definitely not tomorrow. :PAccumulation on cars and now on the ground. This is not mess around snow.@PolitiBunny @bbenamati Twitter has had its dark moments. Try a page reload first.@PolitiBunny @G_Gieler Reading Comprehension seems to be beyond him yes.@joynell4Him @puertotexan Morning...@puertotexan Something that keeps me from going into work today. Hopefully =)And it just became snow. Now its a waiting game.I hope i dont have to go into work today but as long as it stays rain i will.@PolitiBunny @ChuckCJohnson @bostonrandy @rogerlsimon @nytimes just Makes me want to punch a wall
@PolitiBunny @ChuckCJohnson @bostonrandy @rogerlsimon @nytimes This is the first fucking thing i see when i get home. Jesus....Justin, you called me stupid out of the gate... grow a brain. I am going to defend myself - that's how it works. @jduello23
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin.....Only 34%!?? holy shit. ...34% believe in absolute truths...@puertotexan The way that guy plays its hard to tell sometimes. =)@puertotexan Tch. We know you're a Texans fan anyway ;)@puertotexan Bwahahahahaha!@puertotexan Because the Dallas #Cowbitches are gonna LOSE on Thursday! :P #FlyEaglesFly@puertotexan Yeah i just did mess with Texas. #Eagles But you chose the wrong tweet. I dont like PA much right now. :PIf Glenn was actuallly halfway serious right now he'd rail on this pathetic excuse for a state keeping an obamunist rep and gov.This week's @WorldOfStu Ought to be just a camera trained on 'The Compound' Just to creep out the boss. ;P #EAGLES!... Ok @glennbeck You're pissing off listeners who have listened to you for the better part of 20 years now@PolitiBunny @laurieegipson Those mobs should have ran into a wall of armed bodies of local citizens.@PolitiBunny @laurieegipson I dont care. You either stand or you let this happen. If that area was not united enough to stop this. #ShrugHold it... since when did #PatGray change his name to Summerall? o.oI know right? @PolitiBunny @Walker_Boh71 @davekswingle I mean that entire area is pathetic.Can someone smack #PatGray on the back of the head Gibbs Style?
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