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Local Area Chairman Northampton County GOP. #IchooseHope #Letstellourstory #Constitutionalist Gamer. #MechPilot #americandreamlabs

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Just a storyteller looking for better equipment to tell his story. I dont ask for much Click to Donate: http://t.co/08zWAqtjrf via @gofundmeI think with all the tip money i made last night. I"m Gonna buy a Blu-ray player and get Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD/Bluray.Will #shaunking publicly denounce this or by his silence show he agrees with them? #Ferguson http://t.co/3jp6srXNlz
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Mad_Humor Sorry. No. The hardest thing to explain would be how we let their nightmares rule our country.81% of @PolitiBunny's relatives prefer Sthil Chainsaws the other 19? husqvarna@PolitiBunny @DanMartin_cards Good. One more idiot to kick the crap out of.Tonight can be described with one sentence. @hyperion5182 got PAID! #GYSOT! #Tips@PolitiBunny *Huggles*
@PolitiBunny *hugs* Rest up smack a lib or three around and have fun. I dont bother catching up, i just find the fun stuff and jump in now.Go kiss my ass. My Friend died in that attack. @Mondiablue @PolitiBunnyOh fuck off with this - I realize you only read and watch certain news outlets but I think for myself. Try it some time. @Mondiablue
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinIf Wells is Savage how does he go back in time? Savage's immortality didn't allow for time travel. And while very... http://t.co/z68YvV4zhi@PolitiBunny @gatorboy @Ghost0fSparta85 @JHolmsted @jjauthor The Fucktard Authoritarian Supporters act?@Vizio Just bought your 32 inch HD. Love the smart capabilities and the picture. Great inexpensive choice for an upgrade.Got my new TV. @PolitiBunny Dish is coming to my house. I'm doing alright. Had a good night's rest?Good morning Twitter, the @PolitiBunny is awake. You may start running in terror. ;)First season of @AgentsofSHIELD is on Netflix. #HellYeahI finished the "Shortage" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/KOO3D28khu #Android #Gameinsight #AndroidgamesI finished the "Dairy Deliv..." task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/MOJ3hq74Pv #Gameinsight #Androidgames #Android@DocThompsonShow Its not ShrimpdaSkip@theblaze.com? or PontiacSkip@theblaze.com? or Dwarfskip@theblaze.com?@PolitiBunny @ewesaidwhat @RESISTtheEMPIRE @BlissTabitha @IndeChic47 @MsAmandaTerry @JHolmsted Those Pesky Protestor Bunions...@PolitiBunny Bunny 59187183718237216381 idiot fucktard totalitarians 0.Watching #Arrow on Netflix off my beautiful 32 inch Vizio smart TV. Hell yes.@PolitiBunny @YesAllThis4Flag @DesertWillow56 @TheLexZane @lightcrosser69 love those late night chainsaws. =)
This is a #LibertarianFollowTrain. If you're a #libertarian retweet this and follow the other libertarians that retweet this. Lets network!
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslingot my new TV finally. Love it. Today has been a good day. Now to spoil it by going to work ;)@jonsgardner and like i said. Thats why we have netflix and hulu plus. =)@jonsgardner @dish Everything's always updating. Storms are storms. A little rain wont mess with the reception now.@jonsgardner @dish Sat is like that. But these days you need pretty severe weather. And we have online stuffs =)Just finished signing up for @Dish cant wait to have it at my house@tonylukes CheesesteakI finished the "Everyone Sh..." task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/KKiYekdTn9 #Gameinsight #Android #AndroidgamesI finished the "Shortage" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/a9ZxTWxXVi #Android #Gameinsight #AndroidgamesI finished the "The Supplier" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/fr44Ya4Ix9 #Gameinsight #Androidgames #Android
I finished the "Expanding L..." task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/GYCDbCnHYj #Gameinsight #Android #AndroidgamesOff to bed. Got a long day ahead of me.@PolitiBunny Damn straight hon. =)It has come to my attention that I use 'slutty talk.' I would apologize but we all know I'm not really sorry. ;) #TeamFooFoo lol
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinBarletta: No work authority for undocumented immigrants, pre-empts Obama's executive action: http://t.co/lGpwMaLHka
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny @JoeB_OandBP If they try. Grab the chainsaw and slice the chair in half. Then the filing cabinets.@PolitiBunny @JenniferElfrink @BobbyM62 @warpfactorbanjo @_Camelot2_ @mikeejoe @Todd__Kincannon Third Cousins. =)@puertotexan @Hecate40 @rockiwithani @PolitiBunny =)I finished the "Shortage" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/0JiAEPh8XV #Gameinsight #Androidgames #AndroidI've reached level 12 in Big Business Deluxe for Android http://t.co/ibKX9VLLbw #Android #Androidgames #Gameinsight@WSharrer @PolitiBunny @BarackObama Yep. I agree. BUt its time to fuck the Congress and the president. ARTICLE FIVE CONVENTION OF THE STATESI'm home after one messed up day. #Hugs for everyone especially @Hecate40 @rockiwithani @puertotexan @PolitiBunnyTonight has only one recourse. Article V. Its TIME.@KeystoneReport No Wolf. That would be your BOSS Obama.@PolitiBunny @HarrietBaldwin I know!! It's shocking this one has lasted this long! 😆Says the @PolitiBunny who changes her avatar like most change socks! ;) @HarrietBaldwin.@suns stop by Tony Luke's. We're right around the corner from @WellsFargoCtr
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@glennbeck which is why i'm not waiting. But i need some help to get started http://t.co/oIfqjniV8ZTHROW BACK! “@GasMonkeyGarage: Here's how Aaron and I make a red carpet entrance! Throwback to Bullrun 2008. #TBThttp://t.co/UuwyKwidsw
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@JimDeMint @Heritage Will you support an Article 5 convention of the states to Turn this tide or not?You mean the Associated Oppressors @glennbeck@PolitiBunny @JeffRaykovich @torriemitchell @YoungBLKRepub @AppSame @jjauthor @peddoc63 Article V is the only safe option we have.@PolitiBunny @JeffRaykovich @torriemitchell @YoungBLKRepub @AppSame @jjauthor @peddoc63 Article V is one option. Revolt will be the other.@JeffRaykovich @PolitiBunny @torriemitchell @YoungBLKRepub @AppSame @jjauthor @peddoc63 2 options. Neither one easy.@TheBlazeRadio @glennbeck Gonna try. But i have his answer. There are really only 2 ways this can go.@glennbeck I dont believe congress will be able to solve this problem any more. You have two options Article V. Or Civil War.@PolitiBunny From your fingers to god's eyeballs.I got a reward: Without Complexes! in BigBusiness Deluxe for Android http://t.co/9035IWjlU9 #Android #Androidgames #GameinsightI finished the "A Paper Bot..." task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/MyliWtjEW9 #Gameinsight #Androidgames #Android@PolitiBunny Prepping my guns, preparing to board up my windows. I fear for the world tonight.I see a bunneh. @PolitiBunny Sounds like you're feeling better! #HugI finished the "Never-Endin..." task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/iwZpBZUrwl #Gameinsight #Android #Androidgames@zerohedge You can add food to that list.When in doubt C-4. Fuck Mumbling.@cnsnews and yet both of those fuckheads voted for a leader that is going to allow just that.
I'm raising money to continue to tell my story. Click to Donate: http://t.co/DWwXpCYXpC via @gofundme Be Awesome.I finished the "Shortage" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/uzt7W3B575 #Androidgames #Android #Gameinsight@TruckerBobS @nifty_john Really....really betting on the Kittens huh? @PolitiBunny can you believe these two? #BunnieswithChainsaws@The13th_Ghost Look into Mechwarrior online @MechWarriorF2P@The13th_Ghost Timberwolf actually.Awww *hug* @PolitiBunny Get well soon! @JoshuaEmbrey @MaydnUSA @timewarden1Good Evening Twitter. Its 6:30 PM on the East coast. and i am scared to report that the @PolitiBunny has been set loose. #ChainsawRabbitsUt oh... the @PolitiBunny is loose! The Politibunny is loose!!! @JoshuaEmbrey @MaydnUSA @timewarden1 @drh7772001@RRRawlings I was wondering if you were gonna do a G. A. Larson tribute! Your timing couldn't have been more perfect!IF Obama does what is being claimed tomorrow night. We will be officially out of time. The dominoes will NOT stop falling.@yesnicksearcy @oreillyfactor Because he's a Lackey of Karl Marx Rove.I fear we have run out of time...@weathercafe @69News I was here in 96. No. No Thank You!@d0gmah @yesnicksearcy @Todd__Kincannon I'd rather people go to MY Gofundme page and donate towards my storytelling http://t.co/oIfqjniV8ZTo those who say that there is no inflation. Earlier this year that was 75 CENTS http://t.co/EYAUClozOhI finished the "Shortage" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/mLEPR80u3v #Gameinsight #Androidgames #AndroidI got a reward: Firefighter in BigBusiness Deluxe for Android http://t.co/axEvgMOfUr #Androidgames #Android #GameinsightI got a reward: Marathoner! in BigBusiness Deluxe for Android http://t.co/I4z9pRYxda #Androidgames #Android #GameinsightI finished the "Build the E..." task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! http://t.co/8e38IUgFDb #Androidgames #Android #GameinsightFirst Pat Gray begs for the ability to keep using his megaphone on air now he's begging for people to risk destroying their cell phones...Shorter #Patgrey 'I want to continue to use my megaphone on air damns it!'RT if you believe @BarackObama’s #NetNeutrality doesn’t work for you! http://t.co/KPftRfuWrf #COpolitics http://t.co/CKsAYYlyht
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinNow that's a super fan!! GYSOT, Nici! “@NiciMN: Too much?! 😇 #FastNLoud #GasMonkey #NotQuiteAMonthsWorthYet http://t.co/1WWQu1RtSU
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin#Ichoosehope Because music is hope, and http://t.co/kWHbqMDwb3 is dedicated to honest pure uncorrupted music. @ocremix #Salute.It stood strong and tall through darkest of times. It has not come without cost. But it has become a true bastion of MUSIC in our time.In a time of rampant piracy and draconian measures this website dared to do what was considered impossible.When the internet was still new, i ran across a fledgling website dedicated to some of the best and most powerful music ever created.“That which you gaze upon you become.” Let’s gaze upon something good. https://t.co/sUViVSYYp0 #ichoosehope SJ
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinFeels like 8 outside... 23 on the thermometer but i gotta consider going to the bank to make a deposit...@Heritage 3-4 thousand i'm gonna guess.@SenRandPaul @rogertvandamme At the cost of leaving EVERYTHING in place. I'm not sure that's the right trade off.
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