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The US Army has just taken a MAJOR stand against the administration. @JennJacques @PolitiBunny HELL YES!#BREAKING: Bo Bergdahl will be charged with desertion.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinCould this really be true!?? O.O Justice hasn't left the US Army yet... http://t.co/A8s3n1PjOS via @theblaze@ym_allie This PA guy is doing the same. 1996 was a lot rougher than this.#Gotham. Man Gordon is a Badass. I love this portrayal of him.@NotOne2bPC @PolitiBunny @minasmith64 Forgot #bunnyist: The Glass doesnt have enough gas for a 2 stroke engine. #ChainsawLyfe@MrJones4U @PolitiBunny how many derps could a progressive chuck if a progressive could chuck a derp?Hint. If you're gonna send me offers for credit cards. It might do well to make sure i actually qualify.@ForzaMotorsport making some noise with its recent announcement. Now the question becomes Will it be making the migration to PC with Win10.@blogilates Wow. Did you see this article? http://t.co/p3R6fevwkH so much for 'fitness trackers'@jdaher87 @PolitiBunny @AceofSpadesHQ no no its next to the Turduken and the bigfoot down corridor C of warehouse 13.@PolitiBunny Yes. Yes it was. =)@PolitiBunny @joelengel @AceofSpadesHQ no no its 'shovel it'So wait, is it global cooling, global warning, climate change or something else now? And shove it. :) @joelengel @AceofSpadesHQ
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinClimate change fanatic 2014: THERE WILL BE NO MORE SNOW! Climate change fanatic 2015: HOLY SHIT LOOK AT ALL OF THIS SNOW! #juno2015
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny no no no! They need to panic they need to rage! They need to crrrry!!!! #Snowmageddon20155@PolitiBunny @2CynicAl65 any 'con' who cant understand Dis Bunny is a Faux. *nodnod*@TheDudeOfLa @PolitiBunny @Brick143 its like cats and dogs living together man...CATS AND DOGS!!!!!@idrawrobots I've had an on again off again thing with EA. Was recently thinking of buying Sim City. Then i saw that.Congrats EA...i was thinking of buying Sim City...until i saw this. https://t.co/1k3xy0Iqu5 via @YahooGames@PolitiBunny psh....Constantine's @haroldperrineau on what's next for the DC series' resident angel http://t.co/dwUTtbPhmi #RenewConstantine #SaveConstantine
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinWell you have fun shoving that chainsaw up your ass on your own. Holly's a better person than you ever will be. @FootballFilibus Bai.HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AARON! #beardedwonder #gasmonkey #gasmonkeygarage #richardrawlings #aaronkaufmanhttp://t.co/hQYKaSS2hR
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinWow this fuckhead is a real derp >@FootballFilibus< how do you enjoy your scripted game by the way? @PolitiBunny @GOPMommy@PolitiBunny #clapclapclap good idea. Plenty of better things to watch. (Car shows top my list.) Monday Night is CAR night at my house.@PolitiBunny @Cameron_Gray @SellersDarrell @JRAxxx @The405radio @JohnG405 More like Churchill and Thatcher. ;)@Jay_Severin The place i work at in Eastern PA just canceled work for tomorrow. I dont think this will be a dusting.So many whiners on my piece supporting Holly - saying how she was mean? HA. For how much she was attacked she was kind. @GOPMommy
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny @GOPMommy And this is why i <3 conservative women. =)@Norsu2 @AllenEllis14 And cheated to win all of them. #Spygate #Deflategate@Norsu2 @AllenEllis14 lost his job to this guy who ended up Involved directly in now TWO cheating scandals. and still defends? #SheepleAnd some people wonder why i love me some Bunny. This. This right here. =) - http://t.co/1buj1Fpd7J via #Polititainment@PolitiBunny I would have said the abominable snow bunny but that's more my location's thing atm than yours. ;DLeg day omg 💀
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinDamn I love @DLoesch. RT if you're with me. ❤️🐰
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@blogilates suuuure you did. ;)@Tek_Roo Yeah i know right? Wow.@glennbeck Its part of the move to Federalize the Local Police forces into a national police force.@puertotexan @rockiwithani @Tami_KS @BuckSexton @TheWyllieScott @BrianBlazeRadio @RealCommieBear actually they have Roast Beef Sliders. #yum@rockiwithani @puertotexan @Tami_KS @BuckSexton @TheWyllieScott @BrianBlazeRadio @RealCommieBear Vodka, rum, Jack, Walker, dem guys got it.@Heritage So what? They knew that going in. Its become as Fixed as the #WWE. *shrug*@rockiwithani Yes but some things can not be unseen!!! :P@rockiwithani You earned it with that Buck Comment to start the weekend!!! #sarc #hugz@Norsu2 @AllenEllis14 wow what a sheeple. Defending the guy that basically ripped his job away from him. #Fail #EpicFailNFL...Glenn is utterly smacking the Dropkick Murphies sideways. WOW.@2CynicAl65 @PolitiBunny OOOH No no change League to Society! #CSAW! ;)@PolitiBunny #LibertyBabes?Hey. @bikloud Fair warning. Messing with the @PolitiBunny is dangerous to your twitter health.@PolitiBunny #RealWomen?removing thyis game off my tablet. There is no way in hell i should keep getting predicted other than cheating.Actually @WorldOfStu Bambi was killed the day after. Head's on the wall some place....Hai2u @PolitiBunny and inorite? what a shocking concept #hugabunny =)@MarciaCrocker01 @GunnetteP @Bob_Oscar @LJCambria Sorry. Its not blackmail. They're willing participants.#WhatILearnedToday I can't believe the took my toy helicopter away from me... http://t.co/5mUZhQFfRB
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinOh i know. I know. ;) @kuhb00m @APRcoffee @skiplacombeRead far too much on here tonight. Oh Twitter, you cheeky monkey. Guys, be Ted. G'night. ❤️🐰🇺🇸 http://t.co/NdNtwsTKkK
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@APRcoffee That could be the sickest burn on twitter today...and @skiplacombe RETWEETED IT!!! hahahahaha :DIts called COMPETITION and if @PapaJohns WASNT checking out the competition they would be #DOINGITWRONG @skiplacombeAnyone who thinks This thing with @PapaJohns is a thing. Know this. Your Grocery stores shop each other.@DocThompsonShow its called keeping an eye on the Competition! The best do it all the time! #PapaJohnsi am never putting this computer into 'sleep mode' again...@OHaraSports @PolitiBunny @TEXASFLYTYER @game46312 @The405radio @TheBlazeRadio *slaps* Do they Speak English in WHAT!?@GOPMommy at least breathing deep... owwwie. =sWho would disagree with this? via @LewisPugh http://t.co/NqXqRnzUbt"
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny @The405radio Yeah yeah. So it'll cost me 5 carrots and a couple of LRM20's instead of 3 carrots and an LRM15
Another IslamoNazi supposedly serving our flag..> @stengel < #Traitor #Fool #Blind #Failure@game46312 @Papa7326 @PolitiBunny @The405radio @skiplacombe Oooh that's a neat name. Buuuut Skip probably cant attend. #Obligations and all.RETWEET IF YOU BELIEVE CHRIS KYLE IS AN AMERICAN HERO! 🇺🇸 http://t.co/gKJKSJkzVt
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@The405radio @RGreggHart @PolitiBunny @game46312 That'll be hard to make...@RGreggHart @PolitiBunny @The405radio @game46312 The Peoples Republik of New Jerksey? Why even live in that place? o.oSign of a true coward. We Need Joe Wilsons. Not Boneheads. http://t.co/6nzuVNDJIv via @theblaze@PolitiBunny @SchmosEyeball @Rabiddogg I would demand a refund at this point. Not that you'll get one =/@PolitiBunny @The405radio @game46312 #BunnyPAC.Actually @PolitiBunny is writing in secret the code to make anyone who thinks of the number 42 EXPLODE! @AaronWorthing Right on the spot!@AaronWorthing @PolitiBunny I've thought about that. A couple of times i wondered if @GearboxSoftware owed me money given my original handle@PolitiBunny @CGAdamo At least in vegas i might be able to get in something WORK related to show up there. MAYBE. >.<@PolitiBunny Psh. Give a bunny a chainsaw and this is what happens. #Harrumph.@PolitiBunny GRRR!!! Making me Travel! (assuming i can even get the time off! xD)And if that last tweet sounded like a shameless plug for #Bunnypac2015 at the Bethelehem Sands thats because...IT WAS! :D @PolitiBunny@PolitiBunny. Hmm Sounds like you need one of Burgers And More's Kicked Up Chocolate shakes. (With a shot of something special.) #hugs@blogilates I suspect another #LegendsOfFitness video with this time @balletbeautiful@PolitiBunny I have minions with nanoscopes for just that kind of work. ;) #bwahahaha#RoyalRumbleIn5Words Less Scripted Than The NFL@PolitiBunny Not sick, more snow on the way. Figuring out if i want to Lease or Buy a car. Pretty good actually =)@PolitiBunny #hugabunny hows you today? =)@IrishMikeSwords Are you just into the Large ones or would you do more Traditional ones as well?I just heard Bill Belichick say that if you rub the balls it affects their PSI. Every women knows that already #DeflateGate
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@AmericanGlob @DropkickMurphys @ScottWalker @GovWalker More than one. I really liked these guys.@presidentlocal4 @DropkickMurphys @bradreadman @ScottWalker @GovWalker Of course you dont want anyone investigating you for wrongdoings..@DropkickMurphys @ScottWalker @GovWalker Its a shame. I thought you guys were just about the Music. Not politics....@Montel_Williams Or are you just blind to what is actually happening?@ym_allie It may be doing sunday right but it also looks like it needs a hug. =)@StarCoreOne02 @nypost Well of course. The Islamofacist President does not want to Recognize Israel to begin with.Its a sunday morning. You may rest easy. The Chainsaw Bunnies are already awake and tearing apart progressives. ;)
@PolitiBunny @AJM9588 @dwrighteefan @staffordvoice @atm_show @Artist_Angie @PointlessPol Wireless microphone!@blogilates Utterly incredible. Well done!Umm guys!!!! New accomplishment!!!! I just did my first ever clapping push-up!!! (I never thought it… http://t.co/onjn9G0t2W
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@izzyjsmom @PolitiBunny @HollyRFisher Of course. =)I see you're at it again. @PolitiBunny @izzyjsmom @HollyRFisher Tea for all of you i assume? =)
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