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Local Area Chairman Northampton County GOP. #OperationRinoHunt #Constitutionalist Gamer. #MechPilot

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Help @ClarkGregg @MingNa and the rest of #Shield become legofied. https://t.co/ymukwmZ5Ta Up vote this project!!@JoeB_OandBP @PolitiBunny Missing the Chainsaw. #JustSaying@Heritage and then they killed the bunnies!! How dare they! @PolitiBunny Did you see this?!@0223allie AKA: Friday? =)@puertotexan Even WHEN i get everything cleared up i dont intend to get one now. Hell i'm seriously considering NEVER getting a car loan.@puertotexan Gotta have something.. But i'm through trying with that garbage.@puertotexan Now honestly? I'll never do them. Too busy living week to fucking week.@puertotexan Not what i wanted. There are things i really wanted to do now that i'm actually employed again.If i could have a debit card without Visa on it i would.@puertotexan But fuck'em all. Every last one. I'm done trying to get one. Paying off the debts and they'll never have me as a customer. EVER@puertotexan It defintely is not the best. But i'm pretty upset. I'm trying to rebuild and this just doesnt help at all.Cant get a credit card to save my life. Maybe that's a good thing. Because now i never will have one. I'm done trying to get one.@PolitiBunny @GOPMommy @PastorFrisbie @Patriot_Musket @Soldier1eaODGrn @SouthernKeeks @GaltsGirl @exjon @HeidiL_RN @SackHeads Thank youI got the feeling @JeffyMRA does more at the blaze than anyone wants to admit.I'm gonna thank you on twitter too @dish If the blaze is on all packages its a lot more likely i'll subscribe.@PolitiBunny I already bought my gift to myself for overcoming my own problems. Its on Layaway. =)@PolitiBunny Its a good reminder for people like me. I Dont want to be last minute shopping.@PolitiBunny Keep Calm and Slice someone in half with a chainsaw. #teamfoofoo@1FilchFelonious @PolitiBunny omfg... lmao!The @aldemocrats' ad about me identifies me as a South Carolinian. I can't stop laughing! What a bunch of tards! NOBODY IN ALABAMA CARES!
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin.@aldemocrats I triple dog dare you bitchweasels to run nothing but Kincannon Twitter Account ads statewide through election day. DO IT!!!
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin#ScaryStoriesIn5Words Kittens Steal The Bunny's Chainsaws.@PolitiBunny She's losing by 10+ points. She's nothing.
Hey @Twitter before i go to work. #VerifytheBunny @PolitiBunny k? thx. Bai.@kuhb00m If you're the same one i've heard about on @DocThompsonShow I cant believe you have so few followers.Getting ready to go to work. Another 12 hour day =/ But i'm employed! :DI hate to brag, but some would say we do. RT @seriouseats: Okay, Philly! Who makes the best cheesesteak?
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinSo this is what @glennbeck is like 'on the clock'? @theblaze@PolitiBunny @LLMajer @ScotsFyre @otter272 @TonyStiles @CrissySpeaks79 Cowards!@PolitiBunny @WayneDupreeShow Obola. Not Ebola. Though if you were doing it like the Ricola yell..Hey @TheBlaze we're not in the Dune Universe. #ClimateWeirding come ON people.@gberardelli @PolitiBunny @BEL_Radio Well of course they are. Our Toys are bigger. #Grin@glennbeck honest question. When are you NOT 'on the clock'? I mean...come on man.@PolitiBunny @gberardelli @BEL_Radio I know exactly who you are. Doesnt change who she is. #Godbunny. Good Morning =)To bed i go. 4 days straight of work ahead.@PolitiBunny Yep. I havent been as active due to work. But when i was same stuff happened to me. Punch'em in the face.I have been... Banned. Threatened. Stalked. Harassed. Blocked. Reported. Happening to conservatives all over. #StayStrong #FlipTheSenate
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny @izzyjsmom Here's to another 150 and twice as many lil foos. #hugs :D@PolitiBunny @gberardelli @BEL_Radio That's more like it. Now we dont have to worry about renting that cement mixer. They're expensive ;)@PolitiBunny @gberardelli @BEL_Radio Except you're the #Godbunny. He's supposed to be paying tribute to you! ;P@ConchGunny @GIJenn4VETERANS @bottomgun1 @tiny_smallwood @03cruss @timthejarhead Yeah you just got blocked.@GIJenn4VETERANS @ConchGunny @The13th_Ghost @ImSilentJ @tiny_smallwood @03cruss Uhh... No something says he's a puncher not a spitter.So @PolitiBunny Did they pay their Tribute at @BEL_Radio? Or does someone need to start sizing up Cement Shoes? #Godbunny@BillMaher09 @PolitiBunny @SlickeryTrigger @GOPMommy @NeoMayanEra HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stop the bunny....riiiight
When will businesses start suspending employees for pics like those kids for homecoming?If schools are suspending children over social media. Can businesses be far behind?@colorfullizard I havent updated in awhile. But i'm a lone wolf and soon (Possibly next time i update.) Timberwolfs.@PolitiBunny @BEL_Radio @gberardelli I hope they have their Carrot Tributes. #Godbunny.@joynell4Him Morning.@glennbeck 50k. Not 100k to knock over Jolly Ol England.Goal: @Barrett_Jackson: 2016 Scottsdale. The Car Guy's vacation.Priced out my first real vacation. I cant take it until 2016. And thats if i keep the job. But its a goal to work towards.I am The Elegant One. What is your name's hidden meaning? on @bitecharge http://t.co/nsNfO3QYFK Be Honest with yourself.*hugs* @PolitiBunny I call him fuckerberg. He's earned that title. =) Crap like this is why i focus on Twitter.@PolitiBunny @WayneDupreeShow @facebook Idiot book is something i very rarely use. Bullshit like this is why.Mass Effect 3 - Hope (Fan Tribute): http://t.co/nsVziKtXUM via @YouTube Never. Give. Up.
@PolitiBunny @mrzmazz You ever end up in my Neck of the woods lunch will be on me.@mrzmazz Too funny. I was recognized in a Starbucks here once, guy bought my coffee. lol
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinWell twitterwifey @Artist_Angie, your tag creation #LiberalHalloweenTraditions is still trending at #1. You badass you. xo
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny I must wonder with this chicken ad in iowa why there isnt a Talking Bunny ad in Wyoming. ;)@PolitiBunny #hugs buy @APRcoffee ;) Good morning Politibunny. :D@kevinsafe1 @PolitiBunny @followed Wat da. o.O
i make muscles. not excuses.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinJust did your day 1 beginners workout... @blogilates I think i'll be feeling this tomorrow. #LongJourneyI hope @TheBlaze will prove @marklevinshow wrong tomorrow morning picking up the story he just reported concerning @GovChristie@EJB751 @michaeljohns @ReagansLegacy @dajojenk No. No he's not. he's worse. He screws over conservative candidates internally.@PolitiBunny @SHannitysHair @Artist_Angie @PointlessPol @liars_never_win bwahahahaha =) he did not.@PastorFrisbie @PolitiBunny The Wyoming Chainsaw Massacring Politibunny rolls off the tongue better.@PolitiBunny I'm a fan of the Politibunny on the attack. =)Yep that was the #Cuppinator on @bucksexton@zenvis @APRcoffee buying my first batch in 2 weeks #cantwait @DocThompsonShow @skiplacombe@rockiwithani little spais ;-)No #gunther. The GOP is not being outmaneuvered. THEY ARE AIDING THE DEMS WILLINGLY!!Put my Christmas gift to myself on layaway today@rockiwithani working 40 with travel. Yeah I missed it. Sounds like that's gonna be the new Buck show timeslot@PolitiBunny @thegame346 @mark_my_words and if you think the army is bad. We are worse. #bunnyguard@rockiwithani isn't real news on just a lil later?@rockiwithani subscribe!!!!!@rockiwithani yeah. I subscribe to web blaze this afternoon. #cantwait@rockiwithani you mean in the radio?Really? A mention of Wilkow on the Blaze from Glenn? Bring him back. Bring Real News Back. I miss Will, Tara, Buck and guests.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinThe bunny berzekers vs the kitten kommandos this week on politibunny on the ATTACK!#YesWeDid weaponize government agencies to attack conservatives and their message in order to steal an election.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny Hey @twitter #VerifyTheBunny NOW.#YesWeDid completely and unabashedly destroy healthcare as we know it.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin#YesWeDid open the border to millions of illegals who will do a day's work for $20 and a taco, putting Americans on the unemployment line.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin#YesWeDid try to get @Todd__Kincannon Silenced.@Todd__Kincannon He will make sure everyone ignores the Stain of James Buchanon before his 2nd term is done.@Todd__Kincannon Nope. He's right in how successful the Son of a BITCH has been in changing this country.#YesWeDId Intentionally put the american people at Risk.#YesWeDid insure the old corrupt media would be properly paid off for their hard work.#YesWeDid try to take your guns and we'll do it again.#YesWeDid insure Guilty until proven innocent is a thing of the past.#YesWeDid and #YesWeDo insure voter fraud is among us.#YesWeDid Do all i have said and more. You fuckers will pay for this in this life or the next. Karma is a bitch.#YesWeDid turn brother against brother and father against son.#YesWeDid Openly lie to help fix an election.#YesWeDid insure our children will not recieve a better life than we did.#YesWeDid Ignore that fire will burn us and water will wet us.#YesWeDid hug those who wished to kill us with open arms.
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