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@kingdazy Oh it makes perfect sense to one who is sane. #Fuckoff@kingdazy as a hater of satanists and their supporters i kindly invite you to choose whether or not you would jump in a woodchipper. Thanks.Stop calling it "health care." No one goes to the doctor to get their arms ripped off ... and then have the doctor sell them.
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@seanhannity It will not be We The People. #WeThePeopleSayFUCKYOU@DocThompsonShow @skiplacombe I'll mock you i'll mock skip i'll mock the hell out of Jeb and all the Ghouls at Planned Parenthood.@HouseCracka @worldnetdaily @NASCARNAC Vegas should be suing the NFL for game fixing.@DocThompsonShow @skiplacombe Oooh ooh can i just mock everyone?@GooGwaba yep. You see it too.@GooGwaba They arent going to care about rules they arent going to care about the law. Things will just snowball...@GooGwaba *nod* Yep... I fear what comes next. Because someone like me is gonna say Enough...and when that happens...@GooGwaba I have been on a Rage all damn day. I dont see it ending any time soon. >.<@GooGwaba When we cant find sixty people to say what planned parenthood is doing is NOT OK? I've lost all faith in humanity.@GooGwaba Its not an Electorate any more. Its subjects subjects to a 21st century crown. Ready To revoltYou dont need horror this Halloween. Just look at Washington DC.@GooGwaba Oh i dont care at this point about finding a candidate.@LibertyBritt @dave_usmc He changed his vote. It is as simple as that.@LibertyBritt @dave_usmc No. I dont give a damn. He is a coward and a ghoul. His vote is on record. No Lies no Tricks. He had a choice.@GooGwaba Oh i think i can find a few people who could infiltrate that debate stand up and start swinging...@GooGwaba Oh i have been. All damn day. >.<@GooGwaba I think its time for people to step on that stage and kick their asses.@GooGwaba Fuck the debates. Fuck all of them. Shove the progressives into a damn woodchipper more entertaining AND productive.@TriciaNC1 was a bad job today... and may god's anger only reach us in nightmares...we deserve worse... :s@izzyjsmom @griff_golf In the wake of Today's Crap i honestly am not sure i give a damn.@PolitiBunny Yes they are high and i'd like to smack them with a bag of hammers.Laundering money for Democrats #DescribePPin4Words
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@HeidiL_RN @PolitiBunny It was surprising for me... It realy was. This is barbaric...this is an atrocity. The proof is out there....@larryvan111 @Colony14 @PolitiBunny And that was his intent. He's trying to pull a ropeadope we cant allow that. The Damn GHOUL@kenjmack Hey Ghoul Go Fuck yourself.Truck breaks down Apartment Falling through my fingers Congress continues to force Americans to fund PP A week cant start much worse.@TriciaNC1 #WeThePeopleSayFUCKYOU. Should be the damn Hash Tag.@SenatorKirk You serve nothing but Satan. God have mercy on you...You are up against a conspiratorial media structure, academia, Hollywood and a lawless admin. What are you prepared to do?
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@redsteeze we;re gonna find out.. Stuff i am thinking about i wont type thats for sure...Okay folks now what are you prepared to do? Now what?
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinI suggest you take it up with them. And you stop being polite abuot it.If your senator happens to be one of the 46 who voted AGAINST defunding planned parent hood as the Senate recesses.@Stick_Man_Says @PolitiBunny But Congress is in DIRE need of a WRECKONING with the american people.@Stick_Man_Says @PolitiBunny I'm...a lot's happened in the past 5 hours i'm ready to explode i didnt need this to begin with.@Colony14 @PolitiBunny @larryvan111 I dont give a damn if there was or wasn't. He wont take a stand. The coward. Dead to Me.HEY KENFUCKY YOU'RE STILL DEAD TO ME! THANKS A BUNCH ASSHOLES!@auntieamy90 @PolitiBunny And we can all thank Senator RAND PAUL for that....I want to march into payroll on wed and tell them to stop withholding my fucking taxes. The Will of Congress. WE VOTED THIS GARBAGE IN!?Yeah i'm pissed tonight. I'm Very much pissed off. And i am humbled and frightened... God has every right to destroy us for this..and should@burgessev @GrantGambling people fucking disgust me.@TriciaNC1 #WeThePeopleSayFUCKYOU@GomesBolt @PolitiBunny There is no excuse. He's a disgusting Satan Worshipping PUKE who needs his FACE KICKED IN!I will catch levin on the replay tonight. he's gonna be as pissed as i am right now and my anger would only grow to dangerous levels.Unbefuckinglievable. The trends on my list disgust me.@PolitiBunny And yes Bunny i am Incensed.@PolitiBunny This is a Post Constitutional Governemnt. it is TYRANNICAL in its application. Why do we suffer this? WHY ARE WE NOT SHOOTING?!@PolitiBunny I honestly dont know if i can care any more Bunny. They're all dead to me. They're all fuckign Zombies.@PolitiBunny YOU CANT FIND SIXTY GODDAMN SENATORS TO SAY ENOUGH TO THIS!? The body needs to be disbanded.@PolitiBunny GOD HIMSELF SHOULD WIPE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US OFF THE FUCKING EARTH.@PolitiBunny No it doesnt. Fight Ends. Fuck The Senate. Fuck them all. Its time for scorched fucking earth. We cant get behidn THIS??@deb4liberty @PolitiBunny very believable that fucking coward.@LarryB_in_OK The senate can offically fuck itself.Congrats US Senate. Your final act of impotency.@KarenDoe50 @johnglenpdx and the vote fails. Not the 67 required to override a presidential veto.. *sigh*@KarenDoe50 @johnglenpdx 5 more no votes and its gonna be fugly.Every time you exhale you're giving a child asthma. I hope you're happy, child-killer.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinI thought i needed prayers just to get the i need a miracle. I'm...good lord...this SUCKS.Well i'm looking at an unexpected 150 dollar hit. Potentially. 5 runs from work with Uber. That will wreck my budget and cost me the apt.@PolitiBunny everyone is punching back against those assholesInteresting - the left starts the #SignsYoureRightWing tag to attack and insult the right - then they get upset when I punch back. Typical.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Lg4Lg @Sen_JoeManchin it's ok. It's an honor to be attacked by someone who supports no restrictions on abortion. They're human beings.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Dwarfclone yes the @PolitiBunny is DC yes she is #hugabunnyBreaking:GovBobbyJindal terminates all Medicaid contracts w/PP doesnt represent values of ppl of LA, shows fundamentl disrespct 4 human life
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@idrawrobots would that include senator Blumenthal's balls?.@SenAngusKing says he will not vote to defund #PlannedButcherhood
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslinother people's successes are NOT your failures.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinThe bill that the Senate is voting on tonight will actually increase taxpayer funding for women's health. That funding just won't go to PP.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@SenBlumenthal ⬅️ this liar is standing before the Senate talking about Planned Parenthood saving lives you are a despicable evil devil !
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinDear @GOP, you wouldn’t have @realDonaldTrump to deal w/ today if you leaders would’ve supported We the People when we BEGGED you for it.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin#YouKnowYoureASheepWhen -you cry about a lion and care nothing about the butchered unborn.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinToday's GOP vote to defund @PPFA is nothing more than a political stunt. We should be fighting to expand healthcare access, not reduce it.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@SenBlumenthal I stand with every effort to impeach you. #ghoulToday I #StandwithPP & the millions of women who benefit from their services. I vehemently oppose every effort to defund this vital org.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@SenBlumenthal and you sir officially are aiding and abetting in ghoulish activities god will not have mercy. Nor should your state. Coward.@suscitate *grumble*@suscitate fuck having class they don't deserve it. Flip those Shitbags off and let everyone see you do it!Really need prayers right now. Someone else is after the same apt I am...@Tek_Roo bahahahaThank you @SenatorFischer for speaking out on policy around tissue "donation." We are grateful for your honesty on the floor. #DefundPP
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Tek_Roo booyah!@Hecate40 stabby stab stab. #nodnodLunch break Twitter is making me feel all stabby. Better get back to my screens.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Tek_Roo would you like 1 dose of hulk rage red bull or two?Fear NO MAN!
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinWe live in a society that kills babies AS PUBLIC POLICY! How is that not as disgusting as slavery? Really, we kill babies?! #DefundPP
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinFLASHBACK: "My energy plan will make electricity costs necessarily skyrocket" -Obama
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Hecate40 ew...imageryNecessarily skyrocket. FU Obama. Helthcare up, food up, energy up what else will you do to rape my wallet?
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinObama's my bitch. How to make him yours too. by A. Khemeni @ConservativeLA
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny some one in that state ought to smack himHe looked like some loser mob boss reading a script he hadn't bothered to even skim - what a dick.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinMark Levin: The Republican Party Won Its Majority on a Lie via @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinNotice @SenatorReid has done nothing but use women... just like @PPFA has done for decades. Women deserve BETTER. #DefundPP
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PolitiBunny @SenatorReid @PPact all of it most likely...Bullshit @SenatorReid - clearly you didn't write what you're reading so this is not your ideas - how much of this crap did @PPact write? smh
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