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Local Area Chairman Northampton County GOP. #OperationRinoHunt #Constitutionalist #N7Academy Shepards will rule 2014.

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Family photo with @tkibbe #wewillnotconform @FreedomWorks http://t.co/56jhkykHhm
Retweeted by Hyperion N7@TheLionGhost Of course =)@PolitiBunny @TheLionGhost If i gotta take a pin to it: It will happen without warning. :PWelp @TheLionGhost if the @PolitiBunny is following you. That's good enough for me!@JeffyMRA At least its something@CuteEmergency and what a fluffy squad it is. wish it was mine. =s@PolitiBunny @JustinRWalton @GOPMommy @HollyRFisher I was right. You guys just didnt want to waste time with that pile of Excrement.@Jay_Severin @glennbeck If i remember correctly it was in the 2nd half of hour 2. 10:30 ishEarlier on Beck's show they were talking about Conspiracies and got into the president's Birth. @Jay_Severin @glennbeck Check the podcast!@PatKasprik Man you're just a little punkass bitch arent you? Ever think they just dont want to waste the time with a pile of excrement?@HollyRFisher You know when they go to weight they got NOTHING. #shallowratfuckers.well @glennbeck your own @Jay_Severin does.@TrennaKeating @HannahCheesman I wonder what your character has to say about: http://t.co/KSf4zWVoan (aids smart bomb developed)I get Gaza. I get Russia. But Thomas? and Tony? Stitch? Come on people there are more important things to talk about today.Could we have finally cracked the riddle?! Aids Cure Potentailly discovered! http://t.co/nZl1AiZOkq via @theblazeMorning everyone. Please go to #WeWillNotConform tonight if you can make it. I sadly can not.and so the chasing of the @PolitiBunny and her cohorts resumes. All for that elusive shining moment where they have a rabbit crown.@DocThompsonShow because if the media actually used the real terms the president would FALL. Its all about protecting him.
@skiplacombe @texasyankee77 @DocThompsonShow You guys moving down there can not come fast enough!NOW on @FoxBusiness: Is @BarackObama doing a poor job handling multiple crises at once? RT=YES. REPLY=NO. #CAVUTO
Retweeted by Hyperion N7@robbiehart21 @skiplacombe @glennbeck @JeffyMRA Photo bombing!! o.O Well done Skip!@glennbeck @TheBlazeRadio did everything i could to try to get there. In the end failed to do so. =/ Good luck tomorrow night!RT @TheBlazeRadio: RSVP on facebook if you're going to #WeWillNotConform tomorrow night! We're getting excited... https://t.co/3ooTygxDw5
Retweeted by Hyperion N7RSVP on facebook if you're going to "We Will Not Conform" tomorrow night! We're getting excited... https://t.co/VYPK86c0Qi
Retweeted by Hyperion N7The whacked out nutjobs high on something attacking the #WomenAgainstFeminism tag need to CHILL.@PolitiBunny @JeffRaykovich If people keep #burningbiscuits i'm gonna get annoyed. #HugsdatbunnyThis would be soo clutch 😩😩😩 http://t.co/tp21rGJHVY
Retweeted by Hyperion N7And Jay is defending the cops that murdered a man in broad daylight for breaking up a fight.Jay is gonna make your heads explode if you're listening. Fair warning.I don't always carry a gun.... http://t.co/SDVfIRlxjc
Retweeted by Hyperion N7@Comcast and @DIRECTV continue to engage in speech suppression by not picking up @theblaze yet they pick up NEWSMAX? the fuck is going on!?Holy...wow. @glennbeck is laying down the friggin law...
@HouseCracka @PolitiBunny @LeftDial this gag order BS is working against Todd.@HouseCracka @PolitiBunny @LeftDial Its a friggin disgrace. I finally got a chance to figure out what was going on. SC should be on FIRE.@PolitiBunny @LeftDial Are you able to have Todd on your show at all? I just saw this http://t.co/Iqh6o2jwDE ugh #nowsomeoneburnedmybiscuitsYou want the real story on @Todd__Kincannon go here http://t.co/Iqh6o2jwDEFinally we know what the hell is going on with @Todd__Kincannon and so help me god SC YOU SHOULD BE ON FIRE RIGHT NOW FOR THIS BULLSHIT!...Someone's burning the Bunny's biscuits again? They really oughtta start running. @PolitiBunny @LeftDial o.o #runandhideassholes!MH17 One Week In http://t.co/yLdSSbtv1y via @tickerguy
Retweeted by Hyperion N7Support Israel/RT! Hamas Leaders in Qatar Living in Luxury While Sacrificing Gaza Civilians! Criticized by Arab TV http://t.co/2l2Jv3QMMa
Retweeted by Hyperion N7@iMattBrooks @MadPatsFan1954 @HollyRFisher And Bunnies with Chainsaws. Cant forget them! #FooTangClan @PolitiBunnyLiberals check under the bed for @HollyRFisher before they go to sleep.
Retweeted by Hyperion N7@dmbatten2 @ChuckCJohnson There can be no graceful way for him to step aside. He's too deep. Disgrace is the ONLY option.BOOM! RT @ChuckCJohnson: Report from multiple sources in the know: Cochran is looking for a graceful way to step aside for McDaniel. #mssen
Retweeted by Hyperion N79 AM on a sunday morning. And i feel like stomping through cities in a mecha half a mile tall. #PacificRimDays ago, we warned civilians in Shuja'iya to evacuate. Hamas ordered them to stay. Hamas put them in the line of fire.
Retweeted by Hyperion N7
Yep. 2.1 was worth the wait.Sweet Injustice Mobile 2.1 is on my kindle fire.Whew that was weird. Cleared up the cashe and everything works again.Wish i had a heavy bag. =/The church must act! We can impact the #BorderCrisis w/@glennbeck, @Mercury1Charity & @DavidBartonWB #ServantHearts http://t.co/2JZUFluF42
Retweeted by Hyperion N7@mrmikedude100 Going out of my mind.I pray to be a fly on the wall of that truly epic meetup.Uhh @PopMathobela @gntlman you got that reversed. They stood down for six hours and ate 50 fucking rockets.I picture one day a giant round table with The talk radio types and the twitter bosses.@hyperion5182 ROBIN SAGE AWESOME!!!!
Retweeted by Hyperion N7@DocThompsonShow @KAL79 And dont forget the mocking! Plenty of mocking with #MockOnDemand!! ;)@GIJenn4VETERANS A wrong turn into awesome? I hope?@Thuno1 @UmassAlum28 the man hasnt been on any meds in the first place.@rockiwithani @PureOpelka @stuntbrain And he's gonna have @HollyRFisher on! :D@DrawandStrike just made the case for us to not respect any authority ever.
@MingNa @Sunfire2109 Probably makes you wish you could borrow the repaired Lola. Which Guardian do you want to see the most?@PolitiBunny Well I hope she's a guest! :D@PolitiBunny well this one has gone sideways. So what do you think? Could you do what @KacyCatanzaro did? xD@TeamCavuto @FoxBusiness You mean the ones in clear violation of the 2nd amendment blocking the Saiga shotgun and AK-47 from sale?@GIJenn4VETERANS @Tenflare @Julesatlanta Sorry i have to give a shout out to the Rocket Racoons. #GuardiansI want a transcript of this past hour of Mark Levin for future use.This Weekend: 250 Protests In All 50 States Could Send Law Enforcement Into A Panic - http://t.co/mgwvxTueAj http://t.co/OHzr0b7GGm
Retweeted by Hyperion N7@CuteEmergency And hopping right into my arms. Come here! O.OCould we have expected any less in a world where the law only applies to the plebs like us? http://t.co/S9yy3us7nf via @YahooNewsUp up up and yet while i try to rebuild my employment record i cant find a job anywhere in PA. #Disconnect so fucking tired of this shit...@PointlessPol @PolitiBunny @Artist_Angie @HollyRFisher @VeronicaLewis @amr033 @Shaughn_A @CrankyGordon I thought i told you to RUN. >.<Holy shit, the ppl on the #DetroitWater tag are idiots. lol "Mean ol' rich white men want to privatize WATER!" Ummm, it's a city thing? derp
Retweeted by Hyperion N7Those who believe in #DetroitWater probably do not believe in self defense.Tis about that time. Hug all the Fluffy things, Fluff all the huggly things.@PolitiBunny @Artist_Angie @PointlessPol Pol i recommend RUNNING! *hides the chainsaws* I'll buy you a minute!@stuntbrain @HollyRFisher @camskyechloeluv @PureOpelka @TheBlazeRadio Shameless plug! Gotta love it! Will be listening!Here are two destiny Beta codes if anybody wants them. #PS4 #Destiny #FreeStuff http://t.co/w4qRjhYgi0
Retweeted by Hyperion N7@BuckSexton and people still defend what the hell he did. Like if there were no americans its not our problem.. #JesusChrist...Welcome to my newest followers.Well @PolitiBunny you've seen that vid. What do you think? =)Jackbooted NYPD Thugs Murder man on street in broad daylight. Caught on Camera. http://t.co/YTIBako3Sd via @theblaze#Follow these "cabana boys": @Patriot_Musket @TickedOffMic @Brickhouse143 @LeftDial @hyperion5182 @UniteRight @DestroTheNoble @atm_show
Retweeted by Hyperion N7Phone #FF (part deux) @GaltsGirl @ScotsFyre @APLMom @hyperion5182 @boogiefinger @weknowwhatsbest
Retweeted by Hyperion N7@PolitiBunny @Patriot_Musket @TickedOffMic @Brickhouse143 @LeftDial @UniteRight @DestroTheNoble @atm_show hahahahaSen. Ted Cruz Announces He Will Be Joining Glenn Beck at the Border This Weeken... http://t.co/PZsQRybgic via @theblazeBecause i gotta tell you. I know what i'd say to Glenn in Stu's position.I have to say. Stu's being pretty damn restrained.Here ya go! @PolitiBunny https://t.co/rRHLYPxBTG@TheWeldingRoom @DocThompsonShow @skiplacombe @KAL79 @JasonBiggs that was quick. However isnt it #mockondemand? ;)@PolitiBunny If you didnt i'll just send you the link now. You gotta have @KacyCatanzaro on before the rush. =DThat Glenn was a Drop the Microphone moment.@PolitiBunny Yesterday or 2 days ago.Good morning! @PolitiBunny Did you see my DM? :D #HugsMorning everyone.
If anything fluffy wants to walk up and hug me, or some good news walks up to my door i wouldnt mind tonight. #SadHyperion@GooGwaba We're talking George S Patton style.@GooGwaba If i had. I wouldnt be able to post there ever again. I was gonna go unfiltered.@GooGwaba I unfortunately cant talk in those terms in where i was dealing with this particular group@binggreen @Lg4Lg Listen to Levin instead.
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