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Local Area Chairman Northampton County GOP. #OperationRinoHunt #Constitutionalist Gamer. #MechPilot

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@AFPhq I have another job that's working its way through the process if you guys are going to hire me i need to hear something soon.HS in SC forced students to remove American flags from their trucks commemorating 9/11 claiming it was “inflammatory" http://t.co/C5C5S4npz3
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Hecate40 @rockiwithani @secupp @willcain Unfortunately i'm forced to agree. I dont even want to know the convo that sparked that tweet...And if you cant make it to see them in El Paso @GasMonkeyGarage has #DriveInSaturday on discovery watch! #GYSOTGrilling food and annoying the gun grabbers at the same time #gunsense http://t.co/7H32TZruTy
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinIts Saturday Do you know what that means? #DriveInSaturday BEER ASSISTANT #FastNLoud@JosephMRyan1 @AngryCBrown There is no rift. Until the joint chiefs walk into the oval and lay their stars on the Resolute Desk.@AbirTweetz @PolitiBunny Yeah yeah blah blah blah. All talk no action.@TexasCruzn @BarracudaMama And yet they do NOTHING.@PolitiBunny @Atrotic And the M-79. And the M-134. And the AK-74's and the Saiga 12 with Drum. And the Rockets #heavilyarmedbunny....“@chedz007: This is the best picture I've seen thus far on Twitter....!! RT the hell out of it...!! http://t.co/rYa5AYibXl”@stvedatoo
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinIts a saturday. Do you know what that means? BEER ASSISTANT! #GYSOTHuge Border Protest Was Just Cancelled for a Disturbing Reason http://t.co/J4t4eN2Xfr via @theblaze@darkesword .....if only.
@yesnicksearcy ...daaaaaaamn. #Jealous@scause1701 @APLMom @PolitiBunny I dont have to imagine. I've wargamed that scenario out. It isnt pretty.@APLMom @scause1701 @PolitiBunny Yes. They havent repealed the 2nd amendment. YET.Until the #JointChiefs are willing to walk into the oval and lay their stars on the desk. There IS NO RIFT between the pentagon and WHNo such rift exists.No matter what people say concerning the supposed 'rift' in the US military with Obama. Until a general drops his stars on the desk?@MatthewBerryTMR Manning or Cutler? (I was the lucky dog that got both.)@MatthewBerryTMR Dont have him. Would have in a heartbeat if i did. He will NOT play another game this season. #Putitontheboard.@TeamCavuto @TheImusShow Fist fite?Who's that dude behind #BillAyers ??? (I mean dude in the surfer sense for those who want to call me racist) http://t.co/wfYuN1XGwA
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@marklevinshow Yeah. But the Constant politicking and the progressive nonstop onslaught on every day drives me INSANETo those daring to talk like a pirate. #Ninjas are all i have to say!...... evil >@APLMom< @PolitiBunny @PointlessPol @UniteRight@PolitiBunny @jodikyman @PPact @CecileRichards @Artist_Angie They ran out of indoctrination videos or something.This is going well. http://t.co/4zgxm8uyc9
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinDont #SendMeToDerpConBecause I want my spot to go to the derp KING Roger Goodell!“over the past several weeks, we have seen all too much of the NFL doing wrong; that starts with me.” and Roger Goodell will not resign.@UniteRight @PolitiBunny @JDTomba @MadPatsFan1954 @PointlessPol @Artist_Angie and you deserve it! #Bastage! ;P@PolitiBunny @UniteRight @MadPatsFan1954 @PointlessPol @Artist_Angie I havent filled out Paperwork yet. Still waiting. Its hopeful though.Good ol Roger Goodell fucking the league over again something pretty fierce.@PolitiBunny @UniteRight @MadPatsFan1954 @PointlessPol @Artist_Angie Now as long as nothing pops on those. I SHOULD get the job.@PolitiBunny @UniteRight @MadPatsFan1954 @PointlessPol @Artist_Angie Got the call back for a drug test and BG check within 2 hours. (2/2)@PolitiBunny @UniteRight @MadPatsFan1954 @PointlessPol @Artist_Angie Welp. I thought i'd need to wait longer for a call back... (1/2)@PolitiBunny @UniteRight @MadPatsFan1954 @PointlessPol @Artist_Angie ojeeze.... The fun things i miss when i go out for interviews..Your prayers are appreciated and welcome as i wait on the background check to come back as the Casino is making sure everything is good.CALL BACK ALREADY! out the door again!The last two votes in both house and senate show how few numbers we ACTUALLY have @BuckSexton We need to increase THOSE numbersGood people are what we need. @BuckSexton Not more Jeff Flakes to fill the boxes.@GasMonkeyGarage #GYSOT @gmgchristie #GYSOT!#Repost from gmgchristie --- I got to sit in the @gasmonkeygarage Dragster! Let's do this! #NhRAhttp://t.co/tTTzhMC9Uq
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@RepJeffDuncan #ninjas. In the Eternal War of Pirates vs Ninjas I side with the Ninjas! And so does @Playwarframe ;)Shines Like a Diamond in a Goats Ass! @GasMonkeyGarage @RRRawlings @gmgchristie Now that's what I call #FastNLoud http://t.co/21JrCwy59M
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@BuckSexton Be careful. You're beginning to sound like a GOP apologist.@PolitiBunny @GOPMommy @PatrioticBatman @Shaughn_A @PubliusNV @LeftDial @_HankRearden @Todd__Kincannon @CrankyGordon o.o thanks!Think I just landed the job. Won't know until mondayPreparing to leave the house to go to my interview. Good luck to me@0223allie Interview this morning. It's gonna be rough no matter how i look at it. Hopefully with a solid ending. Enjoy your day.#ScotlandDecides the USA has had a corrupted box for 13 years. LOOK WHERE WE ARE! Dont be the USA! Keep the box clean!Did #ScotlandDecides? I'm not so sure. It is on all parties to investigate ANY case of voter fraud to the FULL. GET THIS RIGHT.#Paris celebrating 70 years of liberation from #Nazism only to find itself occupied by #Islamism http://t.co/se0A1YL5mO
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinNo no Kal its @skiplacombe's FACE that is crazy. That's the response you use right there! :p
@GOP @McConnellPress tell me this Local Area Chairman should vote for the GOP? Please?78-22 In the US Senate voting to give weapons to ISIS in our name. Hey @GOP hey @McConnellPress (1/2)@marklevinshow There is NO ONE in the millitary disagreeing with this president. NOT A FUCKING ONE! (2/2)@marklevinshow Unless the chairman of the joint chiefs is willing to walk into the Oval and Throw his stars down on the resolute desk (1/2)Great day shooting at the Georgia Dome with The Atlanta Falcons for @SundayBrunchC4 #TBvsATL http://t.co/YcQMPqKoOZ
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinWhile #Scotland votes whether to secede from England today, there's a movement across the pond also gaining traction. http://t.co/bnJ1wY6ujP
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinBECAUSE WE'RE GONNA END UP LIKE THAT OR WORSE IN THE NEXT TEN YEARS WITH SHIT LIKE THIS!Just another day in the Ulcerfied Despotic States of Asserica. WONDER WHERE THE FUCK I GET THAT NAME FROM? WATCH V FOR VENDETTA!Hey you republican apologists out there. What do you think now that your govt has signed off ARMING ISLAMOFACISTS!Interview Tomorrow cant find a tie or get my suit jacket cleaned... I'm nervous now.well... that puts me in a fucking bind.#RuinAPresident Barack Hussein Obama. No changes required the man is a fucking train wreck.@Todd__Kincannon The only viable action in #GamerGate will be gamers forming their own agencies and actually restarting journalism.@Todd__Kincannon Too many companies. They MIGHT have but would holder prosecute? I doubt it.My followers live in USA (95%), Canada(1%)... Get your free map too: http://t.co/g9YUs9IMaN http://t.co/HC3BkweXtjTo any republican in the House who voted 2 arm Syrian Rebels, yeah same ones killing christians This is why your base doesn’t trust you
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@theblaze I dont have the ability to watch for the record (Being broke sucks) Will there be a text article of last night's reporting?I will break the first rule of #Skipclub every day and twice on sunday. #Whatilearnedtoday @skiplacombe @hyperion5182 #baconfest@PAccaria @WayneDupreeShow @replouiegohmert Hell yes i do. #IStandWithLouieGohmertHow many of you support @replouiegohmert and his decision to vote against arming Syrian rebels! #IStandWithLouieGohmert < Do you?
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@DocThompsonShow Denver might be outrageous. But the US house of reps last night voted basically TO ARM ISIS! That's more outrageous.
Another day has come to an end. Get your rest, the bunny chase will resume with the sun rise. ;)One of two podcasts in the can.@littlebytesnews arm ISIS pray they dont kill more amiercans hide it from the people.@MonicaCrowley @theMRC Yeah but uhh. Who is bothering to cover the Arm ISIS vote that passed the house or the surrender CR to fund our govt?Hey. @mkibbe @TPPatriots If after today's votes you said a pox on both houses and started farming your own candidates. I'd vote with THEM.US House of Reps votes 273 to Arm ISIS. Assad i'd sadly start running.And The US House just voted to arm #ISIS. Congrats. You've just lost the election Republicans.@Gem2Flyy @nfl D'antoni had a great regular season record. But never won a damn ring.@Gem2Flyy @nfl amazing how you guys dig tweets up 15 months later. When we're only 2 games into the season both were heart attack sessions.Uhh did Iheartradio go completely nuts for anyone else?I would hope @Jay_Severin that #BenCom and @TGowdySC are on the later agenda. ;)@PolitiBunny @benzo1666 @LeftDial .....Oh its already ugly. This fat little fucktard is trying to tell me my friend isnt dead more or less.Well @PlayWarframe about your console issues i only have one thing to say. #PCMasterRace. ;PBuck decided to go live to the president here's what you need to konw: He's saying 'Derpaderp herpaderp derpderp derp' Over and over.@JaredMSewell Difficult to say right now.@RRRawlings One thing's for sure. If i get it. I dont plan on selling it. Unlike the guy who won the nomad!@Frogtox @GOPMommy that sounds more like Derpistan.Hug the fluffy things. Fluff up the Huggly things =)@Origin1859 The best way to make it happen and make it look not intentional is by degrees.I see the #Viqueens decided to flipflop as much as Smashed Potato Face (John Kerry) assholes.Tom Wolf to Wayne County Farmers and Landowners: “Drop Dead” #theDMS http://t.co/a2Y1C0wn53
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@ReadingEagle That's even a question? On your previous tweet you talk about the Treasury loan we wouldnt NEED with out the pension mess!Hey i gotta say. You guys are gonna bring the Snark to Snarkansas #Whatilearnedtoday @DocThompsonShow @skiplacombe@Origin1859 Nope. Not on that one. Goodell's record speaks for himself. He's a progressive trying to destroy the NFL #FireGoodell
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